php – Pagseguro transparent checkout has stopped working

Checkout worked perfectly, but stopped working after reporting these photo errors.

Note: the code has not been changed.

insert description of image here

dnd 5e – Passive control and transparent lines of the gelatinous cube

Whether it's to ask your players to take an active test or simply to use their passive, it's up to the DM to determine it. The only direct answer is if the player says he is looking for something, in which case you can ask him to actively check what he is actively doing.

Otherwise, using a passive score or asking a player to take an active test is the sole responsibility of the DM and there is no direct rule on this.

Either way, the monsters are also there to tell a story and not just be a bag of XP. It's good for players to stumble across it, that's why it's in the statistics block! But if you want to as a DM, you can also try to provide clues that something is wrong. If they ask you to write a check, you can have them write a check.

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film – A transparent negative when developing 2 rolls at a time

It's been many years since I developed a film, but while doing it for myself, I've always made one tank at a time, with only one roll per tank.

I'm not saying this is your problem, but when you pour through multiple rolls of film it is possible to lose the consistency of the shaking and this could cause problems like this. You don't say what type of tank you are using and how it works. It would be important to know.

You are diluting D-76 more than what is generally considered optimal for sharpness, which is a 1: 1 solution. It has been a while since I used D-76, but it is possible that the low concentration of D-76 without reconstitution and with less agitation at the bottom of the stack could have a contributing effect.

When D-76 is used diluted, it must be discarded and not reused, and not replenished. You dilute it much more than the recommended maximum of 1: 1. And you use it on three rollers, but the advice is to use it only on two rollers, at 1: 1.

The D-76, 1 l, is suitable for 4 rolls and you use 250 ml plus 750 ml of water, on three rollers. In other words, the guide is equivalent to 250 ml for one roll and you use 250 ml for three rolls. Additionally, there may be a restlessness problem. In addition, when you make more rolls, the normal approach is to increase the development time by 10 to 15%.

In summary, you dilute too much, use too little D-76 per roll of film and don't increase your development time as the developer gets more used to it. And we don't know the details of your tank and the agitation of that tank.

Transparent HTTP / HTTPS proxy on Android

So on Linux, I use the transparent mode of mitmdump (mitmproxy without interaction) to create a website filter and I run it as root at startup so that it cannot be killed if user does not have sudo permission.

So I want to configure a similar thing for smartphone. It should be self-contained rather than connecting to the Internet via a PC and letting the PC do all the work. I'm new to Android, so forgive me if I ask stupid questions. My questions are

  1. Many applications like Orbot seem to have a transparent HTTP / HTTPS mode (please recommend if you know something more similar to mitmproxy). But they are based on a graphical interface. How do I convert them (or if they already exist) to a silent background service like mitmdump?
  2. Does any of them allow me to add codes like either directly in the source code, or as that add-on called automatically? (Basically, every time a request / response arrives, my function must be triggered to decide whether to replace or block it)
  3. If there are no apps similar to mitmproxy, what tools do I need to create such an environment (assuming I only want to process requests / responses at HTTP / HTTPS level )?

I don't need to assume specific Android versions. I just need to get things working first on a version. Please tell me the right reference documents if you think they take too long to explain.

Thank you.

python kivy – Error – Transparent application window!

I did the installation of the kivy library, however when running the example available on the official library page, there was an error with the version of opengl, while searching i found the solution with updating my graphics card driver, but now when running an application it opens the window but empty, only with the header, as if it were not fully loaded. This happens in Pycharm and Python IDE. Here are two impressions with the code execution.

Sample code!

Code execution

I'm running Windows 10, Python 3.7.2, Kivy 1.11.1.
Thank you for your attention!
Att. Alex Campos.

html – Where can I host a video with a transparent background?

I tried to upload a .mov with a transparent background to Vimeo, but it seems that Vimeo transforms everything into .mp4 video (does not support alpha channel) .. How can I make a transparent video work online without hosting it myself?

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laravel – How to generate a session on Pagseguro Checkout Transparent?

I am trying to generate a session in the pagseguro API but I am stuck in the error "The string could not be parsed in XML" when I pass the values ​​to SimpleXMLElement () when i try to debug to see if the connection is established correctly, i get an OK and nothing more. Follow the code

$response = (new PagSeguro)->request(PagSeguro::SESSION_SANDBOX, $data);

$session = new SimpleXMLElement($response->getContents());

PagSeguro class ()

$request = $this->requests($url);
$url = $request('url');

if ($request('options')('withBody')) {
    $options('form_params') = $data;
} else {
    $url = $url . '?email=' . $data('email') . '&token=' . $data('token');
    $options = ();

$client = new Client;
$response = $client->request($request('method'), $url, ('verify' => false));

return $response->getBody();

If I echo the variable $response->getContents() it makes me OK

All connection data with API is correct.

networking – Transparent interface switch

Situation: I live in a remote location. I have 2 different internet connections: a fast and inexpensive but unreliable cellular connection and an expensive and slow but still active satellite connection. Both are connected to my router.

Question: would it be possible to switch seamlessly from cell to satellite when the first one fails, and then come back to it when it returns? By perfectly, I mean that the established connections (think for example of video calls) would not be abandoned (well if they are interrupted for a few seconds)?

So far, I have tried to run mwan3 on my openwrt router: it is good for switching between the 2 interfaces, but all connections are dropped and need to be re-established.
I also thought about all the traffic going through a VPN and having the router re-establish the VPN connection every time it changes interfaces, but that doesn't seem to work either.

Any suggestion / pointer welcome!