Spain – As a former Nigerian citizen, can I travel without a visa with my current Spanish passport?

I have had this question for a long time. I acquired Spanish nationality 6 years ago, I am from Nigeria. Whenever I want to travel to Nigeria, the same question arises: can I travel to Nigeria with my valid Spanish passport with my EXPIRED Nigerian passport and go visa-free? It will be the 4th time I will pay for a visa. I am never really sure I need…?
Any saved information would be really appreciated !!!!
thank you so much

Easy Travel Vendor Problem Algorithms

I'm looking for an easier algorithm to implement to solve the traveling salesman problem (in javascript).
Unfortunately, all of those I have found are really difficult to understand / implement.

The ones I already have are the nearest / farthest neighbor algorithms. Do you have any other suggestions?

Air travel – Will the airline wait for me if my incoming flight is delayed (same airline)?

I am traveling for work and my return flight has a very short stopover (37 minutes) in MSP. I did not book the flight, even if I would not have chosen something like that, I have to deal with it.

This flight is the last available home that day. If I miss it, I will have to wait until the next day. Because I am flying from Kansas to MSP, I suspect that my chances of the incoming flight being delayed (due to snow, etc.) are rather high.

Do airlines generally expect passengers who travel with the same airline and have a short connection?

Both reservations are on the same ticket, both are with the same airline.

Mumbai Travel Guide- Travel + Leisure

Mumbai offers an array of tourist attractions for globetrotters. Mumbai, the business capital of India, is home to India's largest film industry, known as Bollywood. Home to various architectural wonders, restaurants and hotels, Mumbai is an elegant city that does not need to be presented. Mumbai has many tourist sites: Gateway of India, Marine Drive, Colaba Causeway, Juhu beach, Siddhivinayak Temple, Haji Ali Dargah and the famous Elephanta Caves which attract the interest of tourists. The city experiences a hot and humid climate throughout the year and the best time to visit Mumbai is during the months of October to January.

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Russia – Travel to Kaliningrad by train with E-Visa

Since July 2019, there is an e-Visa valid for Kaliningrad, available among others for Austrians. The app website mentions two possible rail border crossings, one in Mamonovo and the other in Sovetsk. RZD mentions restrictions on its website regarding rail travel to Kaliningrad and Leningrad oblasts when using electronic visa, and warns of certain specific checkpoints where electronic visa does not exist. is not valid (Buslovskaya, Vyborg, Ivangorod, Nesterov).

Does anyone know if there is currently a rail link crossing the border checkpoint of Sovetsk and if it is actually possible to take it with e-Visa?

I couldn't find one with RZD or other train providers in Russia, but I found that there appear to have been connections from Klaipeda at some point.

Otherwise, if there is none, is it possible to take one of the trains on the Vilnius-Kaliningrad route via the Kybartai checkpoint? It is not listed as authorized by KDMID, but also not authorized by RZD.

A friend of mine took the train via Kybartai in June 2019, with the exception of the European Games, and was able to cross successfully, the guards taking their time to check his ticket and mentioning something about "Futbol" .

The EU train in Kaliningrad seems very linked, but since the time before the introduction of e-Visas.

Is there any advantage to using a travel agent these days?

Now that you can get great deals and deals on hotels or plane / train tickets on multiple websites and apps, is there an added benefit of going through a travel agent . Do they have cheaper rates or promotions or hidden benefits that are not commonly known?

Air Travel – How Do I Know If An Airplane Seat Upgrade Was Free?

I just flew via Air Canada from the United States to Toronto directly. Before boarding, I asked at the boarding gate if upgraded seats were available. In response, the representative simply gave me a business class seat with no other information. There were a few additional business seats available during the flight, and it appeared that the flight was not completely filled.

It dawned on me later that this upgrade may not be free. The reservation was made through an agency that my company uses, using the company credit card. I am concerned that the upgrade is not free and has been charged to the company credit card.

How do I know if it was a free upgrade or not, alongside (hopefully needlessly) worrying HR?

dnd 5th – Does the Level 6 Barbarian Moose Totem Affect Ground Vehicle Travel?

I am looking at the Elk Totems level for my next level of Barbarian. Currently, most of our travel time is on foot, but our Noble Half-Elf Ranger wants to get a horse-drawn carriage. Could the car's travel speed be doubled? Since walking and walking are covered by this capability, it would make sense for land vehicles to be covered as well. Water and magic vehicles do not be affected.

Coastal Adventurer's Guide to the Sword, p. 122:

Elk. Mounted or on foot, your travel pace is doubled, just like
the travel pace of up to 10 companions while they are within 60 feet of
you and you are not incapacitated (see Chapter 8 in the
Manual for more information on the pace of movement). The elk spirit helps
you walk far and fast.

I have an American refugee travel document and I am currently studying in the UK for a semester, can I travel to certain Schengen countries without a visa?

I am a US permanent resident and I am currently studying abroad in England on a short term student visa. I went to apply for a Schengen visa at VFS, but I was told that I should go back to the U.S. and apply for it (as you can imagine, I can't do it because the return is expensive). I did some research and discovered that I can enter Belgium without a visa if I have a travel document for American refugees, which I have.

I was wondering if there was a way to travel to other Schengen countries without a visa. Thanks for your help – I appreciate it. I am open to any suggestions.

Double entry Schengen Visa – Travel Stack Exchange

I am going to Germany to attend the summer school. I have all the documents required to apply for the visa. But, I also attend an event a month after my departure for Hungary. How to obtain a Schengen visa with double entry? Do I need to submit details of the Hungary event when applying for German visa?
Thank you