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Spain Schengen Visa – Travel Battery Exchange

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Belkin wireless travel mouse f5l017-driver download

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air travel – Why does Ryanair allow me to book this trip through a third party, but not through its own website?

Yesterday I booked a trip to Rome.

enter the description of the image here

I found this trip in Skyscanner and booked through

Before booking with Kiwi, I tried to search the same flights directly with Norwegian Air and Ryanair, to see what the prices were. With Ryanair, I could not find the flight at all. Ryanair has said that they do not offer any flights between these cities. They tell me that again.

enter the description of the image here

In seeking this question, I discovered that I can Look for individual flights on, but not on the entire CIA-OSL route. The idea came to my mind that they might want to avoid selling the entire trip on one reservation, so as not to be held responsible for missed connections, etc. but it seems to me that whatever they get out of it should be much less than the lost. income from not offering the trip at all?

UK Visa UK – Travel Stack Exchange

I am a Nepalese national residing here in Italy for my PhD studies. I wish to apply for a British visitor visa, but my permesso di soggiorno has expired and I have requested to obtain its renewal. So I only have the receipt (ricevuta). Am I eligible to apply for a visitor visa and a trip to the UK and to return to Italy with the receipt I have?
Waiting for the answer. Thank you in advance.

JOURNEY – Travel to 100,000 subscribers on YouTube | NewProxyLists

First of all,

Why on earth all 400+ videos have been removed from my YouTube channel Beer and Money Forum?

Well, nothing special except this morning, I have a Community strike directive to one of my clips, was posted last year but the reason for the strike was "repetitive content, generating traffic from youtube to my site", fact that is not allowed according to their terms and since that I promote my forum in each video, not to receive 2 additional keystrokes and to lose the whole chain that I decided, it is better to delete all the videos, except for the most popular.

At this point, here are the statistics of my channel:
Subs: 4,475
Views: 405,000
Cash: $ 885

I was doing about $ 5 a day and some days there were peaks of $ 7 a day. In general, everything was fine except that I've promoted my LOLz forum too much. That is why we are doing so well on the forum and that there is a lot of activity and traffic. but that breaks the terms of YouTube. From now on, I will try to create content that respects these terms. Honestly, I was not aware, but it's not an excuse, I understand, that's fine.

The first video will be uploaded later in the day, quality is now the priority and will do my best to put it online daily. This is my job, after all, I choose that.

USA – Can you still travel to America with the ESTA exemption program if you have been to Iran in transit?

My wife and I traveled to Southeast Asia in 2017 and on the way back to the UK we had to make a stopover in Iran. We did not leave the airport or have our passports stamped.

My wife would like to travel to the United States soon, but wonders if she will refuse the ESTA application as she asks you if you have traveled to countries like Iran since 2011? She would like to travel in the next two weeks and is aware that if she were to take the US embassy route, she might not be able to do it on time. Please let me know your thoughts.

Austrian citizens – Middle name missing in travel documents

I know that I have a middle name as it appears in my birth certificate and that many documents from my childhood include it (for example, school records), it is also used for elections but it does not has never been included in my national identity card. passport.

I am an Austrian citizen and I have traveled many countries where this could have been a problem, but I have not had any problems so far, not even in the United States. However, I plan to visit Russia and Belarus soon, and I do not know those countries.

I have a valid national identity card and a passport that both say my name without the middle name.

Can this affect trips, especially in Russia or Belarus? Do other countries know or care about my middle name?

uk – What should non-EU / Schengen citizens do when traveling in the common travel area (CTA)?

Some basic facts:

The Common Travel Area (now CTA) includes the United Kingdom, Guernsey, Jersey, the Isle of Man and Ireland.

Between the UK, Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man, the border is fully open without immigration control. In addition, Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man apply the UK entry rules and issue UK entry stamps on passports. As a result, the UK is now required to include these territories.

With Ireland, the situation becomes more complicated as Ireland is do not fully in line with CTA's concept of open borders.

More specifically, non-EU / Schengen citizens must receive an Irish entry stamp, even if they arrive from the UK. For visa-free nationals, this will allow them to stay in Ireland for up to 3 months, while for Irish visa holders visa requirements apply.

On the contrary, those arriving from Ireland to the United Kingdom are do not receive an entry stamp in the United Kingdom. Non-visa third-country nationals who have entered the CTA by Ireland are allowed to remain in the whole of the CTA (including the United Kingdom) during the period allowed for entry into Ireland. British visa holders being subject to the visa requirements in force in the United Kingdom.


Travel Ireland-United Kingdom

If you enter the CTA via Ireland, non-EU / Schengen citizens receive an Irish entry stamp. If they also hold a British visa (or are exempt), they can then continue their trip to the UK without any formalities. Although on-the-spot checks take place at British seaports and at the Irish land border, no British entry stamp is issued and none are required.

On the other hand, this means that the time spent by travelers without a British visa in Ireland is also allowed to stay in Ireland, which also includes the rest of the CTA. For travelers exempt from the visa requirement for the United Kingdom and Ireland, this exemption is 6 months in the UK, but only 3 months in Ireland; as such, if for example A US citizen visitor enters the CTA via Ireland; they only have three months in the whole CTA.


Travel United Kingdom-Ireland

By plane

In Irish airports, all international arrivals will pass control of the Irish border. As a result, passengers arriving from the United Kingdom requiring an entry stamp will receive one without difficulty.

By the sea

Arriving by sea from the UK, border checks are often done, but not always. If there is no check, pedestrians and passengers by car should go to INIS (in Dublin) or Garda (in Rosslare) to receive an entry stamp. If you are traveling by bus, they must contact the border control in advance (for Dublin,; for Rosslare, +353 539 133 204), indicate to them the bus in which you will take and tell them that you need an input stamp. .

By land of Northern Ireland

As also stated on the INIS website, non-EU / Schengen citizens who enter Ireland via the land border must go to the INIS (in Dublin) or local authorities. Garda station (elsewhere) as soon as possible to get an entry stamp.

Do the undersigned not know if all Garda Stations process foreign entries, or only dedicated entries – this is verified with Garda.

History of criminal travel

I had two crimes in my file for 2017.

Burglary of an unoccupied structure (unarmed)
Property Damage ($ 1,000 or more)

Both found guilty

Both were DISMISSED as part of the diversion program.

I am a permanent resident here, but would these burdens prevent me from returning home, even if they were fired?