eu – Can I use an Italian passport that expires in December to travel to Germany in August?

I hope someone can help me out. I have an Italian passport that will expire in December of this year. I planned a trip in August to go to Germany for 3 days. Can I use my Italian passport since it expires only in December or do I still have to be valid for 6 months in order to use it?

Thanks in advance!

Transit Visa for Finland – Travel Stack Exchange

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can a 16-year-old travel alone in Russia? (with Russian passports and us)

traveling by finnair, can a 16 year old traveling to st. Petersburg, Russia alone? I have Russian and American passports on me and last year, when I went back with our parents to the United States, we asked a lady of the passport controllers / airports of the United States. airport (sorry … I do not know how she calls her correctly) in Russia and she said that I could travel alone in Russia but that I had to be at least 18 years old to be able to return to the United States alone. United (my mothers traveling there at a later date, so it's not a problem). I just want to make sure that's the case. has not changed in the year

Schengen Visa – Problem of travel dates

My parents will apply for a Schengen visa in India. They will opt for multiple entries.
These are the tentative travel dates to Paris according to the route (August 19 to August 25).
Will the visa authorities issue visas only from August 19th to 25th? What if my travel plan changes after receiving the visa? Will the visa be invalid?

Thank you

Passport canceled without travel history

I am applying for a visa for the UK and I have a passport canceled without visa history, and I also have the new one.

My question is: should I give details of my canceled passport without a travel history in my visa application?

International Travel – Is an EF educational trip to Costa Rica worth it or is it too expensive?

The trip to Costa Rica lasts 10 days and we will do many activities such as the zip line, the visit of the coffee plantation in San José, kayaking, hiking in Monteverde, the rainforest, the canopy, the visit of Sarchi, etc. The cost of everything is included for a total of $ 2995. My family told me that it was too expensive and that I could do it cheaper if I booked it with another company. So I wanted to know if it's expensive or if it's a good price ??

Sidebar Links / Guest Post (Pets / Dogs, Cars, Travel)

Please provide me with your URL and price list for sidebar and guest post links.

Thank you..

air travel – flight time is not clear

I have a flight back to my country with American Airlines.
And I'm just wondering what the time of departure means.
It says 12:45 but when you say 12:45this should mean the middle of the night.
Is it really supposed to be a quarter before 1:00 am ??
I am quite confused with this stuff that we do not really use in our mother tongue, thank you.

169 American Airlines Wi-Fi on board
3:55 p.m.
Arrived on August 3rd
11h 10m 789 Economy 

Travel between Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam as a US citizen

I know it's more a general / generic issue. However, I want to make sure that it is feasible before doing it.

The plan is to go to Chiang Mai, Thailand (United States), then to Luang Prabang, Laos. From there, I will fly to Siem Reap, Cambodia, then to Hanoi, Vietnam. Finally back to the United States. Each of these tickets will be a one-way ticket.

I will not be in any country longer than the expected visa deadlines. So, there are no worries there.

I know that I need a visa for Cambodia and Vietnam (which I can apply online for both), and I will have a VOA for Thailand and Laos.

I know that there are sometimes pitfalls to be aware of when making such trips (Israel / Lebanon, for example).

I'm sure the short answer is no, but will there be problems that go from country to country?

Speeding in Germany – Travel Stack Exchange

I received a notice informing me of a speeding ticket in Germany and I lost the payment information. If I do not pay the ticket, will there be any repercussions on my next departure to Germany? I've read that there is a 6-month statute of limitations for these offenses, is that true too?