Can a rocker trigger appear?

I was wondering if a toggle button could trigger a screen / modal mode? But it's not a modal / pop-up confirmation screen.

Trigger workflow based on updating column values ​​in the SharePoint list

I have a SharePoint Online list with cases that staff must review regularly. When the case review is complete, staff selects "Finish" from a drop-down menu in the field titled Review Case. I'm trying to create a data feed that sends an email to a specific group when an item has that field labeled "Case Analysis" marked "Completed." I've looked at some templates, but I do not see how to specify that, when a field is changed to a specific value, an email must be sent. I am very new on SharePoint Online. Does anyone know how to do that?

Thank you.

unit – How to trigger OnMouseDown in the parent object from the child placed on it?

I learn the unit from a book. The example is to create a 2D memory game as follows (seen in perspective view).

enter the description of the image here

The green (bottom) to z = 5, the purple diamond (front card) to z = 0 and the red (back card) to z = -5 for example. The front card is set as the parent of the back card in the hierarchy window.

A Box Collider component (2D) and a script below are only associated with the parent.

Public class FrontCard: MonoBehaviour
public void OnMouseDown ()
Debug.Log ("test 1, 2, 3!");

When I play the game and click on the back card, the OnMouseDown is invoked.

How the OnMouseDown to be summoned when I click on the back card considering that the script is attached to the front card game object that is placed under the back card?

c # – Sprite button does not trigger "On Click ()" event -Unity

Hello, I created buttons from sprite and I added image components and buttons.

enter the description of the image here

enter the description of the image here

I'm just using sprites because in my game, the camera can be moved to x and y. But I do not want my button to move and, as the buttons on the UI are moving with the camera, that's why I do not use them.

Here is the GIF to explain the scene:

enter the description of the image here

wordpress – How to disable a code in GTM trigger on the home page

The easiest way to not display Google Tag Manager on the home page is to check with php.

You can insert GTM into the header.php folder of your child theme like that:

GTM displays everywhere except on the homepage (home page of blog posts), nor on the homepage (the static page that you may have defined as being the home of your wordpress).

Then, if you want it on the product pages, the possibilities are many because there are many types of product pages (category page, single product page …).

But if you want to display it only on a few types of product pages, you can choose to display it only if it is the correct type of page.

You'll find the woocommerce conditional tags here: where you can choose what condition you want your GTM to display or not.

wireless – Godox AD 360II-C can not find my XPro C trigger?

Suddenly, my second AD360 is not recognized by my trigger (XPro-C). All settings are the same as those of the other cookie that works. The only difference is that the "Canon" recognition does not appear (as in the other one that works). I used it the other day as a slave and everything worked fine, but I must have touched something that changed it, and now I can not operate it anymore! Does anyone have any suggestions on what I may miss ???

Amazon Web Services – AWS Trigger Automation CloudWatch Scheduled Event

I have the following event source type "agenda" – 20 18? * SAT *.
The target is SSM Automation.
I have the following option checked "Create a new role for this specific resource".
When I continue to create a rule section, the following error message appears:
An error occurred while saving the Community-FullStop-Dev-Environment policy.
Details: The Automation definition used by an SSM automation target must contain an Assume role that results in an IAM file.

The role is supposed to be created automatically, which I miss, the documentation is really hard to follow.

How do I know if my trigger or Godox flash requires a firmware update?

Find out what the latest firmware for your device is and what it does by visiting the Godox Downloads webpage.

The Godox page lists the current version of each firmware image, its release date, and its action (a bit) in the table containing the download links. If you are interested in previous versions, you must download the firmware download .rar archive and extract the PDF file that contains the full version history in both Chinese and English.

How can I get my Godox trigger and my flash to work close to one of the other?

Yes. There is a "close" mode that you can use on X1T and XPro transmitters that will help trigger a flash more reliably when it is close to the transmitter. This mode has been added in the firmware updates of the Canon, Nikon and Sony versions of the X1T. Therefore, if you have one of these versions, it may be necessary to update the firmware. To check the firmware version currently loaded on an X1T, hold down the MODE button while turning it on (see also: How do I know if my trigger or Godox flash requires a firmware update?).

"Close mode" has been added in the following firmware versions:

  • X1T-C (Canon) v15
  • X1T-N (Nikon) v16
  • X1T-S (Sony) v13

The X1T-O (four thirds) and X1T-F (Fuji) as well as all XPro transmitters were in closed mode on their initial firmware versions and did not require firmware update to run it.

On the X1T, to activate the close mode: press and hold the TEST button while turning on the transmitter until the status indicator flashes for two seconds. The setting will clear when you turn off the unit.

On the XPro and X2T, press the MENU button, then use the adjustment and adjustment knobs to adjust DIST function of 1-100m at 0-30m. The setting will "stick" between the feed cycles until it is changed.

microsoft excel – VBA – The class module trigger has error 381

The following code gives me a "run-time error 381: can not set the list property". The LBPayrollSum drop-down list has two columns. The first column is text, the second column is numbers (Rowsource = "EmpTable1", which is a range name). I want to align the numbers to the right (second column). This is done with a CListboxAlign class module, no problem, but when calling, I get a 381 error. I think that's because I have to repopulate the drop-down list? Do you know how I can repopulate with a line source to fire my CListboxAlign class module without the 381 error? Thank you in advance.

    Set MyListBoxClass = New CListboxAlign
LBPayrollSum.List = "EmpSum1"
MyListBoxClass.Center UserForm9.LBPayrollSum, 1