google sheets – the string & # 39; TRUE & # 39; can it cause a problem in a request?

I receive information from an external workbook with the following query.

= QUERY (IMPORTRANGE ("1eOxqZX9078WcGlR-vxVs4njjHrM9U7cH0TDxGTp60Tw", "core! A: E"), "Select Col1, Col2 where Col5 =" TRUE ", 0)

I can select a string of text in any other column, but when I try to get the value with the string 'TRUE & # 39; in Col5, it returns no value.

5th dnd – If a dragon under the effects of its Change Shape function is cloned, can the cloned dragon return to its true form?

Some dragons have the Change Shape feature. For example, the shape change feature of the ancient gold dragon reads as follows:

Change shape. The dragon magically transforms into a humanoid or beast whose challenge is not greater than his own or his true form. He resumes his real form if he dies. Any equipment that he wears or carries is absorbed or worn by the new form (the choice of the dragon).

In a new form, the dragon retains its alignment, health, dice, ability to speak, skills, legendary resistance, actions, scores in Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma, as well as that action. Its statistics and features are replaced by those of the new form, with the exception of class features or legendary actions on this form.

This seems to make it eligible for the Clone spell, which reads as follows (that's me pointing out):

This spell develops an inert duplicate of a living creature and average like a
protect against death. This clone forms in a sealed vessel and
reaches its size and maturity after 120 days; you can also choose from
have the clone be a younger version of the same creature. He stays
inert and lasts indefinitely, as long as his ship remains

At any time after the clone, if the original creature dies,
his soul is transferred to the clone, provided that the soul is free and
ready to come back. The clone is physically identical to the original
and has the same personality, the same memories and abilities, but none of the
the equipment of origin. The physical remains of the original creature, if
they always exist, become inert and can not be restored later.
life, since the soul of the creature is elsewhere.

Now, probably if you were using Clone on a creature under the effects of True Polymorph, the spell would be only clone the active layer of True Polymorph, which means that the base creature below will not be cloned. However, the Change Shape function of the dragon gives it specifically the opportunity to reconvert itself into its true form with an action. I guess my confusion is just what it means for the cloned creature. Could he still return to his dragon form with an action, or would his "true form" now only be his cloned form, rendering this action essentially useless?

[ People with Disabilities ] Open question: True or false: is it difficult for you to think of anything other than sex?

[People with disabilities] Open question: True or false: is it difficult for you to think of anything other than sex?

dnd 5th – Can True Polymorph create creatures with the Spellcasting feature?

Yes, you can morph a creature into an NPC casting a spell.

The text of the rules is quite clear about this.

You turn the creature into a different creature … The
the transformation lasts for the entire duration or until the target falls to 0
points of life or dies. If you focus on this spell for the full
duration, the transformation lasts until it is dissipated.

Creature in Creature. If you turn a creature into another type of
creature, the new form can be whatever you choose, including the challenge
the score is equal to or less than that of the target (or its level, if the
the target does not have a challenge rating). The game statistics of the target,
including mental ability scores, are replaced by the statistics of the
new form. He keeps his alignment and his personality.
The creature is limited in the actions it can perform by the nature of its new form, and it can not speak, cast spells or perform any other action requiring hands or speech, unless its new form is capable of such actions.

If you want to form a true Polymorph of a level 12 or CR 12 creature into an archmage NPC, CR 12, you can do it and he will be able to cast his spells.

Archmage (PRS pp. 395)
Medium Humanoid (any race), any alignment
STR 10 (+0) DEX 14 (+2) CON 12 (+1) INT 20 (+5) WIS 15 (+2) CHA 16 (+3)
Saving Int +9, Wis +6 jets
Skills Arcana +13, History +13
Damage Resistance to damage caused by spells; knocking, drilling and non-magical tapping (from stone skin)
Passive Senses Perception 12 languages ​​all six languages
Challenge 12 (8,400 XP)
Magic resistance. The archmage has the advantage of saving spells against spells and other magical effects.
Spellcasting. The Archmage is a 18th level spellcaster. His ability to cast spells is Intelligence (saving DC 17 spell, +9 against spell attacks). The archmage can launch to disguise oneself and invisibility at will, and has the following wizard spells prepared: {mine in bold, spell list changed for brevity}

* The archmage casts these spells on himself before the fight. (Empty spirit, mage armor and stone skin are listed as spells marked with an asterisk)

See this answer for a detailed breakdown of what's in the statistics block of a creature.

Delete cell element if the field is true on a display page

I have a table views page in Drupal 8 that displays the node titles. On the node, there is a checkbox field that, when checked, indicates on the view table page that this title should not display.

I thought about prepocessor_views_view_field To do this, my question is the function of processor views hook below correct?

 * Implements hook_preprocess_views_view_field()
 * @param $variables
function pnc_views_overrides_preprocess_views_view_field(&$variables){

  if ($variables('field')->field === 'field_display') {
    if($variables('field')->getValue($variables('row')) === 1){

Search for a provider offering TRUE best effort support when installing third-party software


I am looking for a dedicated server provider that would give 100% honest absolute support at best for third-party software. I do not have a budget, I will not pay anything so much that the price is reasonable compared to other big hosts of good reputation.

Basically, I want to order a dedicated server managed so that my provider can handle all updates, security, etc. from my server and since I do not have an RDP protocol, I need it to be able to install my third-party software for me. . Regarding the use of the script, I can handle it alone. I do not need them to play with the settings or anything. But I need a company willing to install the script for me once I have sent them the files and make sure everything is installed / configured / properly configured for me. I will not need any help to know how to use the software, I can get direct assistance from the software publisher. I just need a company willing to install it and ready to troubleshoot the installation if it becomes difficult to install.

Please let me know if you know of any good server providers that would take care of me. I'm trying this road first. If I can not find a supplier, I will simply get a self-managed server and hope to be able to hire a user / third party company to help me. But I prefer to work with one supplier if possible.

Thanks in advance!

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exploits – When using True Shapeshifter, does the change trigger a healing transformation?

True Shapeshifter (level 20 Druid Feat) says

… Under the effect of Wild Shape, you can use any other form from your Wild Shape list …

I wonder if this triggers a healing transformation

… If your next action is to cast a non-cantrip polymorphic spell that targets only one creature … restores health points …

I think the cast of Wild Shape triggers the healing transformation because it uses focus, but does True Shapeshifter trigger the wild form and thus the healing transformation?

Abstract algebra – How to apply the theory of "homology" to the Goldbach conjecture using the result of Helfgott (ternary Goldbach true)?

The result of Helfgott: every odd integer $ n geq $ 7 is the sum of $ 3 $ (odd) bonuses. I saw somewhere in the newspaper the mention of odd prime numbers. It means that every single integer $ n geq $ 10 is the sum of 4 odd prime numbers (you just added a $ 3 $ to each odd number).

Let's first assume something bold, to simplify the discussion, that for each integer $ x geq $ 13, the even number $ 2x $ can be expressed as the sum of $ 4 $ distinct prime numbers: $ 2x = p + q + r + s $. To handle all cases, I'm sure it's possible, because it would take either an enumeration of the small set of cases, or a combinatorial argument. Reason is $ x geq $ 13 is because: $ 3 + 5 + 7 + 11 = 26 = 2 cdot $ 13 is the smallest even number which is the sum of $ 4 $ distinct odd primes.

If you are not familiar with the basics of simplicial homology but you know what the free $ Bbb {Z} $-module on a set of symbols is, then google "introduction to simplicial homology". You basically need limit cards: $ partial_n: C_n to C_ {n-1} $ who take each element of the module $ C_n $ at its "limit" in $ C_ {n-1} $, its border being represented as a formal element in the free module, whatever the border map, it must be a $ Bbb {Z} $homomorphism -module and satisfy also: $ partial_ {n-1} circ partial_n = 0 $.

So, according to Helfgott's result (and the net distinction hypothesis), each integer $ x geq $ 13 is such that the even number $ 2x = p + q + r + s $, or $ {p, q, r, s } $ are distinct odd prime numbers. As a result, there is $ {4 choose 2} = $ 6 ways of forming even smaller numbers (by adding two of the prime numbers involved in the sum of $ x $) $ 2x_i, i in {1, dots, 6 } $ such as $ 2x_i + 2x_j = 2x $ or equivalent $ x_i + x_j = x $. Now, there is another problem with duplicates as $ x_i = x_j $ is a possibility. But for now, suppose that $ x_i neq x_j $, for reasons of discussion. So, to recap, everyone $ x_i = u + v $ or $ u, v in {p, q, r, s } $.

So, if we associate each $ x_i $ with the official symbol $ bar {x_i} $ which might not be an integer (for the moment) then we will call $ bar {x_i} $ the faces of the simplex $ bar {x} $. But $ bar {x} $ could also be a simplex face of another integer! It is therefore possible to obtain a long-chain complex eventually.

So we have at least $ Delta = { bar {x}, bar {x_i}: i in {1, points, 6 } } $ like a complex. This does not necessarily correspond to an abstract simplicial complex in which $ forall sigma in Delta, $ if $ tau subset sigma $then $ tau in Delta $. Since for one, we have not defined the $ bar {x_i} $ to be sets – these are just formal symbols.

Another approach would be?

remember that $ sum limits_ {i = 1} ^ 6 alpha_i x_i = x $ or $ sum limits_ {i = 1} ^ 6 alpha_i = 2, alpha_i in {0, 1 $. It's a bit like a "convex combination". Anway, as you can see, I took elements of simplicial homology and tried to adapt it. Do you have any ideas on how to proceed?

threat modeling – Logic card manufacturers [Legitemate] are working on this issue some of them? True or false?

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