dnd 5e – If I run True Polymorph on my dummy and focus for the duration, will re-launching Simulacrum still destroy it?

Dummy States:

If you cast this spell again, any currently active duplicates you created with this spell are instantly destroyed.

Does this mean that if I take my dummy and constantly transform it using true polymorph in, say, a dragon, that if I throw dummy again, would that instantly destroy this dragon I just produced?

statistics – Delicate questions about true or false statistics

a) () If A and B are mutually exclusive events, they are also independent.
b) () Let X and Y be random variables independently and identically distributed and let π‘ˆ = max (𝑋, π‘Œ) and
𝑉 = min (𝑋, π‘Œ), then 𝐸 (π‘ˆ) = 𝐸 (𝑋) + 𝐸 (π‘Œ) – 𝐸 (𝑉)
c) () The type II error is the probability that we will fail to reject a false null hypothesis.
d) () In simple linear regression, the test statistics for 𝛽1 = 0 follow a distribution t with n-1 degree
of freedom.
e) () In multiple linear regression, the regression line minimizes the sum of squared errors.
f) () The advantage of using an analysis of variance is that it excludes confounding variables.

a) I am sure this is wrong
b) I think this is true, but I'm not sure
the rest is not sure either

lo.logic – The theory of a model of a theory that knows all the true formulas in almost all of its models

We are in a first order logical world.

Let $ sigma $ be a finished signature and $ T $ a coherent theory of $ sigma $.

Due to the LΓΆwenheim – Skolem theorem, we can consider the $ underline {set} $ of all the most countable models of $ T $.
Let $ mu $ be a non-main ultrafilter, denoted by $ Omega ^ T_ mu $ the ultra product of
all of these models when it comes to $ mu $.

Obviously, the theory of $ Omega ^ T_ mu $ are formulas that are true for almost all models of $ T $.
In particular, this theory, call it $ T ( Omega ^ T_ mu) $, at $ T $ as a subset.

My questions are:

  • Does equality $ T ( Omega ^ T_ mu) = T $ hold on?
  • Does it depend $ mu $? Is the intersection on all $ mu $ equal to $ T $?
  • If they are not equal, what does the difference mean? In addition, we could consider a sequence of theories $ T subset T ( Omega ^ T_ mu) subset T ( Omega ^ {T ( Omega ^ T_ mu)} _ { mu & # 39;}) subset ldots $. Does it stabilize?
  • Is $ T ( Omega ^ T_ mu) $ Completed $ T $ in the right direction?

I suspect that all of these questions are classic and have already been answered, but I don't know where
look for them. Just before the pandemic, I finished my first course in mathematical logic and I have been wondering about this object since.

SSDnodes review – when something is too good to be true, it's probably

I have been with SSDnodes to try one of their VPS on an annual basis. The offer seemed far too good to be true

[B] TL / DR; It was too gooey … | Read the rest of https://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1801672&goto=newpost

Is it true that COVID-19 is constantly decreasing?

Guys! – First of all, it's all a hoax –

Now, China is lying about a drop in cases of something that was a hoax to start with!

Definitely – what the f ** k!

It was a hoax!

Is China Lying Now?

Are there really more cases in the United States now? – Or is it media fiction?

I can't really follow you anymore, your head is spinning and smoke is coming out!

(Error, error, error …)

User research – Is it true that in the enterprise, web analytics and UX document their ideas separately when it is really necessary to combine them?

I am working on a graduation project on the centralization of information in organizations.

From what I understand, especially in large organizations, teams like UX-research have their own tool / dashboard to collect information. When in reality, much valuable information can be found in other teams that complement each other. – Correct me if it's wrong.

Since the web analytics data shows the "what" data and UX the "why" data, these two teams really complement each other. But does collecting their ideas also bring this value to web analytics?

Probability that 7 consecutive True / False questions are incorrect out of 100 questions [closed]

What is the probability?
There are 100 True / False questions.
The answer may be right or wrong.
What is the probability that 7 consecutive questions are incorrect?
Explanations are also needed with the solution.

javascript – Is it possible to change the function of the "Cancel" button? when an item is displayed in EditForm.aspx? … printit = true

We have a form that users can print by clicking on a Print button.
After clicking on it, the item opens in a new tab and looks like this with the link in this form:

sharepointsite / Lists / Request / EditForm.aspx? ID = 8035 & IsDlg = 1 & printit = true

enter description of image here

Is it possible to close the tab if the user clicks on "Abbrechen" (Cancel)?
If so, how?

Thanks in advance!

Is it true that the product of matrices of rank $ n $ is at most of rank $ n $?

The context is when we do $ A ^ TA $ for a matrix $ A in M_ {m, n} ( mathcal {R}) $ say. so $ A ^ TA $ is invertible if the column of $ A $ are independent (I'm not sure about that either)?

clocks – Which of the following statements about the shift register are true?

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