[ Politics ] Open question: Richard Grenell, ignorant and loyal to Trump, will be the acting director of national intelligence. How can we support this?

This should scare us all. Not just a cheeky politicization of intelligence, but also someone who is totally incompetent in an important security role. The railings have disappeared.

[ Politics ] Open question: do you believe Trump will actually reduce the national debt?

He added $ 5T.

Why did Donald Trump forgive an established liberal Democrat from Illinois?

I think it's neutral.

1. Trump didn't pardon Blago, he commuted his sentence.

2. It hardly matters in the scheme of things. He was sentenced to 14 years in prison. He served eight or nine years, depending on the media you read or listen to. Either way, it's almost two-thirds of his sentence. He would have been eligible for parole in one minute, and since he is in his 60s and his crime was a non-violent crime, he would likely have been released on parole the first time he applied.

3. Trump commuted Blago's sentence. This means that his conviction remains known, so it's not like he could go on to become an investment banker after that.

4. Trump is the President of the United States. He has the power and authority to forgive or commute the sentence of anyone he wishes.

5. Blago may have been a bad guy, but he was not convicted of killing someone, obtaining life without parole, and then to have commuted. Obama commuted or pardoned 1,715 prisoners, 504 of whom were sentenced to life. You don't have life for stealing candy from babies or soliciting bribes. You get life almost exclusively for capital crimes. It’s the one that bothers me.

Personally, I wouldn't have done it, but I also don't have the information that Trump has. Blago could be sick, dying, could have paid restitution, who knows? The news reports that he was a model prisoner, teacher, tutoring, etc. He is no longer in office so he can no longer do what he did.

President Trump today pardoned a convicted governor. Is it removal material?

1. He has not forgiven her. He commuted the sentence, which simply means that he was released from prison 4 years earlier. He still has a criminal record.

2. The constitution clearly gives the president the power to forgive criminals or to commute their sentences, so this cannot be viewed as an abuse of power or a wrongdoing.

3. However, the constitution is intentionally very vague on what is considered a "serious crime and misdemeanor" – effectively giving the House of Representatives the power to indict anything they are not against ;agreement.

4. It would be highly ironic for Democrats to impeach a President for commuting the sentence of a Democrat convicted of corruption.

[ Politics ] Open Question: Why did 200 political scientists rank the presidents in order of magnitude and President Donald Trump came last?

[Politics] Open question: Why did 200 political scientists rank the presidents in order of magnitude and President Donald Trump came last?

Why would Republicans prefer to vote for a failed businessman like Trump rather than a successful businessman like Bloomberg?

What is your definition of "failed"? A businessman who has companies that make profits around the world doesn't seem too "missed" to me. Your argument may have been at least partially valid in 2016 when there was no case on which to execute. Now it does. It is here.

What Trump has done in the past 3 years is to transform the economy into the strongest economy the country has known at least in the past 15 years. He has tackled difficult problems that other presidents have thrown for decades. This includes illegal immigration. He understands trade problems with China as well as problems with them on American intellectual property. He has just passed a major new trade partnership between the United States, Canada and Mexico (USMCA), eliminating a number of problems with the old one (NAFTA). He took a very visible position with the pro-life movement.

Conservative voters are fed up with politicians who forgot why they were elected when they visited Washington. They get caught up in politics, political details and lose the courage to do what they see fit. Many conservative voters thought they saw something in Trump and thought he wouldn't be inclined to it. They turned out to be very fair, more than they had ever thought. This is why support for Trump has only grown since 2016, even for those who are put off by his cheeky antics.

This is what Trump is running for now. Not how he did it in the business world!

[ Government ] Open question: Trump thinks he can do whatever he wants with Article II. That said, could he then be able to cancel the 2020 elections?

Why do Trump supporters think it is wrong to be "progressive" and "not to get stuck in the 1960s"?

You are certainly sorry.

I believe in equal rights for ALL CITIZENS. I don't believe in stripping certain groups of people (i.e. LGBT, people of color, women and the poor) from their livelihoods just because it hurts me ;easy.

What I DON'T believe is that YOU steal MY money and give it to yourself. I do NOT believe in the explosion of the budget to the point of insolvency. I do NOT believe in bankruptcy in the United States.

Maybe you don't believe these things either. Maybe we could have a civil discussion on what would be the best method to make sure people are taken care of.

BUT, if I started the conversation with "You are a pedophile", I doubt that you would be very open to a real discussion, isn't it ???

SOO when you pretend I am a racist and sexist homophobe, because I like things like … Trump doesn't start wars … my first gut response is to tell you to go f – – your mother in the ^^^ * @ #% $ * and @ * & $ # ^ @ * and @ ($ & ^ @ * &% $ you * (& ^ @ %% $ @%.

[ Politics ] Open question: do Trump supporters realize that Jesus would have been a liberal?

[Politics] Open question: Do Trump supporters realize that Jesus would have been a liberal?

Are Trump supporters proud that their boyfriend turns into a dictator because they think it makes them so powerful?

Their pride is fragile and delicate …….

You see it in Trump.

His actions don't justify your thoughts🙃

He doesn't demean women and now you think it's insulting women …… real sign of clones ….. 🤑

Especially if you can't handle the reviews ….

Why do you think the Jews are silent when the anti-Semitic shield is removed? 🤨