dnd 5e – Curse of Strahd – Does NPC ability trump Inspiration rule?

In Curse of Strahd, the players can encounter an NPC with a special ability.

When the Tarokka reading indicates “Strahd’s Enemy”, “This NPC, whoever it ends up being, gains the following additional action: Inspire. While within sight of Strahd, this character grants inspiration to one player character he or she can see.” Since this ability is an action, it can potentially be used every combat round.

Is the NPC’s use of this ability supposed to be an example of “specific beats general”, where their ability as written within the context of the module overrides the PHB limitation that

You either have inspiration or you don’t—you can’t stockpile multiple “inspirations” for later use.


are we to understand that the ability comes with the implied clause, “subject to the normal rules of Inspiration” or “as long as that character is not currently Inspired”.

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[ Politics ] Open Question : Why is Trump and his administration trying to find ways to discredit Dr. Fauci ?

He’s America’s top infectious disease expert that has served 6 US Presidents.

[ Celebrities ] Open Question : True or false: every beat of your heart calls out "Trump … Trump … Trump"?

[ Celebrities ] Open Question : True or false: every beat of your heart calls out "Trump … Trump … Trump"?

❕NEWS – Donald Trump Wants Secret Service To Fight Bitcoin Fraud | NewProxyLists

US President Donald Trump is laying out a $4.8 billion budget plan for the Secret Service to tackle highly complicated bitcoin frauds. He said that criminals and terrorists around the world are using bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to conduct serious crimes that we don’t even know. I’m pretty sure with this type of funding from the government, the Secret Service will be able to massively upgrade their technology to solve this problem.

Remember when Trump attacked Obama relentlessly during H1N1 and Ebola where only 12k died? Don’t you miss his leadership right about now?

Not even a little bit. I also remember Benghazi, Fast & Furious, IRS targets conservative organizations, NSA mass surveillance, Bowie Bergdahl swap, Secret Service scandal, DOJ seizes journalist records, Solyndra, The Iran deal, Uranium One, Clinton email scandal, AP wiretaps, Trump Tower wiretaps, FISAGATE and of course Obamacare.

Should Trump and Biden even have a Debate, because of the pandemic and all?

If I may rephrase your question, should Biden debate someone who will refuse to answer questions, lie, interrupt him when he’s trying to answer a question, and wander into his shot to draw attention to himself while he’s answering a question? No – Biden should not dignify that sack of crap by debating him. 

[ Politics ] Open Question : 134,000 dead Americans!!! Yea Trump!!! Should we re-elect him so even more people can die?

[ Politics ] Open Question : 134,000 dead Americans!!! Yea Trump!!! Should we re-elect him so even more people can die?

Why does trump think a 75yo grown man having a temper tantrum on Twitter projects an image of strength?

Why do people like you care more about Trump’s tweets than his policies?

Obama ran TWICE on gay marriage being illegal. 

Trump ran on gay marriage being legal and as you can tell by the decisions of his appointees, he hasn’t been attacking gay marriage and only attacking slightly on things like tax-paid abortions and late-term abortions. 

This may come as a shock to you, but most people think it is disgusting that you can beat a baby to death with a hammer as it is coming down the birth canal. I am pro-choice up to the third trimester. In third trimester, only to save the life of the mother. 

Obama got us into two wars. 

Trump has been trying to get us out of wars, but EVERY time he pulls out any troops you leftists freak out. 

So I am supposed to WANT more US soldiers to DIE so that we can spare snowflakes like you being triggered by tweets??? Is that what you are saying?

Is Trump too busy not condemning Russia for killing our troops to care about dooming school children to death just so he can declare victory?

Single, working moms can’t support themselves and feed their kids if they can’t go to work and they can’t leave underage kids at home. They and millions of other parents DESPERATELY NEED — and I mean NEED — schools to reopen. It has nothing to do with Trump or what he wants. 

People are losing their savings, their homes, their jobs, their skills, marriages are falling apart, suicides are spiking…

…and ALL YOU FREAKS can even THINK about is how to get pissy about one human being you’ll never meet: Donald J. Trump. 

This is the most all-consuming, out-of-control obsession probably in history

Now for your bizarre misunderstanding of the Afghan soldier rumor: Russia isn’t accused of killing our troops. The rumor was, Russia paid Afghan terrorists to kill American troops. Now, think about that. All Afghans terrorists live for is what? To kill American troops. Russia isn’t as stupid as you might think. Certainly not stupid enough to pay people to do what they do best and for free. 

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Are we worthy?