Do you think that Lewandowski, in his idiotic testimony, contributed more to implicating Trump in the obstruction of justice that he did to defend him?

The pathetic sycophant with the imbecile face acted as a witness for the crowd!

What a silly little man, acting like he did, he perfectly explained that Trump is guilty!

Oh, but of course, he's running for the Senate race in New Hampshire and hopes Trump will take him there. The silly is just another silly sap that will sing like a canary in years !!!

Can you name a president in history better than Donald J Trump? I bet you can not. Those who do not agree can be blocked, thank you?

I will do better: do you like our national parks? Then, thanks TR
Do you like Japan and Germany as allies? Then thank FDR, Wilson and Truman.
Do you like not being a British colony? Thank you Washington and many others
Do you like the country not divided into N and S? Thank you Lincoln and Andrew Johnson.
Do you enjoy the suffrage and the reforms of the blacks? Thank you JFK, LBJ.
Do you enjoy voting as a woman? Thank you Wilson, Harding.
What did Trump do that you appreciate?
Draw your own conclusions.

Trump does not he look like a little brother who hangs out with the Big Boys, like when he got the Russians in the oval office and spit on?

I think it's partly that – he's trying to buy the respect of foreign leaders, mainly the wrong kind. He admires the worst kind of dictators. In fact, he sees himself as a dictator and not as an "executive".

But also Trump leads the foreign policy by photo-op. He enjoys being photographed sitting alongside other world leaders. It looks like he's in the club. He does not know how to conduct a coherent foreign policy. For him, everything is about optics!

"The Taliban killed at least 48 people on a bloody day before the Afghan elections" It was the radical Islamist Trump terrorists invited to US soil?

The Carter administration has almost no lasting success: to start at Camp David and start negotiating a peace treaty between Egypt and Israel that has been going on since today. Was it wrong?

Negotiating with our enemies as an alternative to mass murder and / or a permanent occupation of Afghanistan (ask the Russians and the British how it worked for them) is a sensible alternative. I was frankly surprised that Donald Trump thought it was a good idea. Positive proof that even a broken clock is right twice a day.

We also know that Taliban leaders can not control their own extremists any more than Republicans and Democrats can control their own extremists. Should other countries refuse to meet us because we have morons who shoot at synagogues and schools?

It is time for us to bring those troops home and spend billions of dollars on taxes to reintegrate into our own society and let the Afghans determine their own destiny. We should, however, offer the Afghans who have worked for us the opportunity to come with us because their loyalty will lead to their probable assassination.

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[ Politics ] Open question: How did Trump propose to Melania Trump?

[Politics] Open question: How did Trump propose to Melania Trump?

Why do the Liberals give no proof that Trump is "racist"?

He said that a judge of American origin could not be impartial because he "is Mexican".

Jake Tapper, of CNN, then asked him: "If you say that he can not do his job because of his race, is not this the definition of racism?"

Trump replied, "No. I do not think so at all." …

Happy to have been able to help.

Who will you vote for in 2020? I vote again for Trump.

Who is not Trump.

For the moment, my preference is for Warren, but if the Democrats move a carrot, I agree with that. (or green, if they put up a carrot).

Trump is a corrupt clown who takes care of corrupt GOP affairs without even realizing it because he's smart and he's silly. He is a game show host. It's great to be in front of cameras, but he does not understand anything of it. The crooks at the GOP understand it well. That's why they defended all his crime. it is convenient.

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[ Politics ] Open question: Are you in charge of Donald Trump?

[Politics] Open question: Are you in charge of Donald Trump?

What would you do if Donald Trump died?

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