[ Politics ] Open question: Should the image of President Trump be placed on Mt. Rushmore now or at the end of his term in 2024?

and will he eclipse others? .

The unemployment rate is less than 4%. Will the Liberals have to create a crisis to defeat Trump?

No, Trump has already created one or two. Because of the repression of its immigration, the United States is suffering from a serious shortage of agricultural workers, which now threatens the food supply. And the other crisis, which it has not triggered and which has certainly worsened, is global warming / climate change. This also threatens the food supply.


Do you believe that Trump was racist when he criticized the four women of Congress? (Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Omar and Pressley)?

Trump had the nerve to point out that the quartet (4 riders / women) stood up with intense vitriolic hatred and hid behind his protected class race to conceal his hatred. AOC among the quartet is the least odious just more silly than the rest. All 5 can have their opinions, but only one does not hide behind the victim.

Analyze the context: make your home country prosperous and great, then come back and teach the United States how to do it. Even the cities they represent are in very poor condition, controlled by (D) for decades. But rather than focusing on their city, they act as leaders of the congress and the country. It was a challenge to the immature arrogance of the quartet (4 riders / women) revolving around their expertise in government when the only accomplishment they had was to be elected and to hunt down taxpayers. The Ideal and the system of government they supported did not work or did not work or were not in any strait in any version of socialism.

Sweden turned to socialism in the 1960s, but abandoned socialism after 1994 while Sweden suffered economically under socialism. PBS had a documentary on why Sweden is not a socialist country after 1994.

The final game of any socialism (theology, fascist, tribal, nationalist or communist) is ultimately the total authoritarian control of the government (monopoly) and the people at the top derive the benefits.

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[ Politics ] Open question: Do you agree with Trump "My racist tweets are not racist at all".

[ Politics ] Open question: Do you agree with Trump "My racist tweets are not racist at all". .

[ Politics ] Open question: President Trump is not a racist. Why do libraries try to fabricate this lie? Is it really all that they have now, the race card?

[ Politics ] Open question: President Trump is not a racist. Why do libraries try to fabricate this lie? Is it really all that they have now, the race card? .

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – has become a defining face for the party with a crucial group of flexible voters. Will she help Trump win?

Ocasio-Cortez was recognized by 74% of voters. 22% had a favorable opinion.

Minnesota representative Ilhan Omar – another member of The Squad – was recognized by 53% of voters; 9 percent (not a typo) had a favorable opinion.

Capitalism was favorable at 56%; 32 percent unfavorable.

"Socialism is toxic for these voters," said the highest Democrat.



Trump tells liberal congress women of color to return to their country | Promotion Forum

"WASHINGTON (AP) – US President Donald Trump has strongly criticized Liberal Democrats, and said four women of color should return to" infidel "countries, ignoring the fact that all the women are US citizens and three were born in the US His attack provoked a blistering condemnation from the Democrats who described the remarks as racist and divergent breathtaking.

After a familiar scenario, Republicans remained largely silent after Trump's morning defamation against the four women. But the president's nativist tweets led the Democrats to put aside their internal divisions to rise up against the president. "

————————————————– ————————————————– ————-

So we have a president who said that there were "very good people from both sides" during the riots in Charlottesville and who is now calling a group of Liberal women of color who are ALL NATURAL-BORN CITIZENS to return in their country. There are at least four white men in Congress who are not born in the United States. Why does not Trump call them? I wonder why …

[ Politics ] Open question: what happened to the big Trump ICE raids today?

Apparently, the raids did not take place today.


Was Trump wrong to tell congressional legislators to "come back from where they come from" or not?

No, he did not say that.

It's just that you invent sh * t up, as evidenced by your own "most likely" comment, which means that you assume something that happens to be in keeping with you politically.

That's why I hate verminrats like you. Not an ounce of credibility or truth among you. It's really pathetic. You are really pathetic.


Edit: j – Do you want proof that you are a stupid f * ck? Here it is: you want to deny what I've pretended to be wrong, but you could not explain why it's wrong, let alone prove it.

It's just that you're a worthless parasitic backpack that deviates …… get it? Of course not.


Why do Trump supporters criticize the Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky affair when Donald Trump did exactly the same thing with Stormy Daniels?

Trump had a bj after being elected to the oval office by a woman who was not his wife … and then openly lied about it in front of Congress and the American people … even with fingers that we agitate?


That's it. Slick Willie is caught with his pants, he says .. he did it when he lied about the aborted missile strike against bin Laden, too.