networking – Ubuntu transmits TTL 0 multicast packets

IP packets with TTL 0 shall not leave host.

But when I start application which multicasts UDP packets with TTL 0, I see packets with TTL 0 leaving host for few seconds, and coming to normal behavior of TTL 0. This most likely happens after reboot and first start of application.

I confirmed packets with TTL 0 leaving host with tcpdump:

05:31:39.048304 IP (tos 0x0, id 14487, offset 0, flags (DF), proto UDP (17), length 1344) > UDP, length 1316
05:31:39.049594 IP (tos 0x0, id 14488, offset 0, flags (DF), proto UDP (17), length 1344) > UDP, length 1316
05:31:39.051601 IP (tos 0x0, id 14489, offset 0, flags (DF), proto UDP (17), length 1344) > UDP, length 1316
05:31:39.053584 IP (tos 0x0, id 14490, offset 0, flags (DF), proto UDP (17), length 1344) > UDP, length 1316

As we can see ttl is not displayed which means TTL 0, as confirmed from tcpdump man page: (search ttl, it clearly indicated: ttl is the time-to-live; it is not reported if it is zero).

There are no any iptables rules running.

uname -a: Linux mydevice 4.15.0-101-generic #102-Ubuntu SMP Mon May 11 10:07:26 UTC 2020 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

lsb_release -a:

No LSB modules are available.
Distributor ID: Ubuntu
Description:    Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS
Release:        18.04
Codename:       bionic

What can be the cause for this behavior, and how can I resolve this?

canon – Can a Godox XPro transmitter for one brand trigger a legacy flash for another brand + X1R in TTL?

No. While the X1R-C and XPro-S are compatible in terms of shooting and possibly M power control, Godox X1R receivers do do not perform an inter-brand TTL as do the radio transceivers built into Godox TTL flashes (TT685, V860II, V1).

If, for example, you were to purchase a Godox TT685-C and its firmware version was v3.1 or later, you could use it outside the camera as a radio slave in TTL with the XPro-S. I use one this way with an XPro – C on my 5DMkII, my XPro-F on my Fuji X100T and my Xpro-O on my Panasonic GX7.

Obviously, however, swapping your 600EX-RT for a TT685-S, V860II-S or V1-S, if you completely switched to Sony would make more sense, so you might have a flash that did TTL / HSS on -Camera as well as off camera. Keep in mind that there is a known bug with Godox and Sony that TTL underexposes if used with aperture parameters wider than f / 4. So, if & Sticking to M and using, say, $ 65 single-pin TT600 or TT600S manual flashes may be another option to consider.

Otherwise, do not use Godox as the trigger system. Cactus V6II transceivers can do inter-brand TTL in their X-TTL system.

Can I use the Speedlite RF TTL flash of any brand with the RF Flash trigger of another brand?

I have been doing photography and videography for a while now, but I have always used the Speedlite flash on my camera and have returned the light to the object.

However, I recently planned to go wireless and bought a pair of Apkina wireless transmitter and receiver, which works great, but for different conditions. lighting or different angles, I manually adjusted the settings of my speedlite as being attached to the modifier and not on my camera body.

I have a Shanny SN586-RF Speedlite that supports HSS and although I am wireless, the speedlite is not synchronized with my shutter, so the HSS does not work.

I decided to buy an RF flash trigger to be able to synchronize my camera with the Speedlite flash and also control my Speedlite flash remotely. My options for RF triggers are (Godox XPro TTL, Godox X2T-C E-TTL II, X1T-C, YONGNUO YN560-TX PRO, Shanny SN-E3-RTs).

Please give your opinion …..

flash – What are the facts regarding the alleged problems with TTL modes outside of the Godox camera at apertures wider than f / 4 on Sony DSLMs?

For example, can a response to A Godox XPro transmitter for one brand trigger a legacy flash for another brand + X1R in TTL? mentions the problems described in the title.

A quick web search seems to produce conflicting and confusing statements, so it would be helpful if someone with knowledge of the facts could document them. Furthermore, how will this system behave with objectives (for example adapted) which are in fact f / 3.5 or wider but which do not electronically signal this opening?

Can I use an XPro-S on a Sony a7riv to shoot a Canon 600EX-RT mounted on an X1R-C in TTL mode, if so, how

I recently switched from Canon to Sony and want to use my Canon flash (600EX-RT) mounted on an X1R-C while using an XPro-S on a camera.

I can use this combination successfully in manual mode, but in TTL mode, when the flash fires, it will not generate enough light to illuminate the scene. Whatever the compensation factor used, the luminous flux remains constant. The same flash and X1R-C used on a Canon camera with an XPro-C works correctly.

My question is this: is an XPro-S compatible with an X1R-C? Obviously, if they are compatible, any help on the parameters to be performed, then working together, will be much appreciated.

Longest TTL varnish for public content?

Are there any drawbacks in longer TTL settings for public content? The default value is 86400. What are the disadvantages if set to 1 month?

Why does underexposure bounce a Neewer flash from the ceiling on a Canon camera in TTL mode?

At 1/2 second, the odd exposure bar is not visible. The images seem quite bright but they are blurred. I also tested 1/40 and 1/80. At these speeds, the bar is not visible but the images are very underexposed.

This pretty much confirms that your problem is in the timing. I assume your camera uses a shutter that opens from top to bottom, which, given an inverted image, means your frame is exposed from bottom to top. Since this is the upper part of your image that has the flash, this leads me to conclude that the flash fires too late.

Normally, the camera sends a signal to the flash to fire when the two curtains are open, making the scene flash and capture it 100% in the frame.

In your case, the timer is deactivated and the curtain already closes when the flash fires, so that it only exposes part of the frame.

With this type of problem, you can usually get varied results by adjusting the shutter speed to more or less expose the frame. Obviously, however, I'm sure you'd like to use any shutter speed up to sync speed, right?

Unfortunately, I have no idea how to actually solve your problem – having no experience with off-brand speed lights. Good luck!

ttl – Bounce flash issues

I am starting to learn flash photography and I bought a basic flash to try it out.
When I use ETTL mode, I get strange behavior by bouncing off the ceiling.

Camera: EOS 1300D
Flash: Neewer 562c

All photos at 1/60 F9.0 ISO: 800

Without Flash:

1/60 F9.0 ISO 800

So I turn on the flash, set to ETTL, point it straight forward and I get:
Flash ETTL 1/60 F9.0 ISO 800

I'm trying to direct the flash upwards to bounce the light on my white ceiling and get:
1/60 F9.0 ISO 800 ETTL Flash pointing upwards

I don't know how this strange exposure bar forms at the top.

If I then set the flash to 1/16 while still pointing up, I get a reasonable picture:

enter description of image here

All ideas greatly appreciated.

fujifilm – HSS and TTL do not work with Fuji X-Pro2 and Godox systems

I own a Fuji X-Pro2 camera. I recently bought a Godox XPro-F trigger and a Godox SK400ii strobe to try flash portraits.

I can easily operate everything at normal shutter speeds and in manual mode on the flash / shutter. However, when I switch to TTL mode on the trigger, things do not work as expected. I do not know how much the problem is related to the ignorance or the error of the user at this stage … Here are the problems that I currently encounter:

  1. In TTL mode on the trigger, the exposure setting does not alter the output. When I set it to TTL mode, the strobe power goes to 0 and the strobe does not fire. No matter what settings I change on the trigger or the camera at this point, the strobe does nothing. I can adjust the power on the strobe, but that cancels the TTL point, right?
  2. In TTL mode and M mode, when I set up the camera and I trigger the use of HSS, everything works perfectly at> 1/250 seconds. When I move the shutter speed beyond 1/250, the strobe stops shooting. It fires again when I change sync mode on the camera in front or back sync instead of FP, but stops when I'm back to FP.

Ideas? I have browsed many youtube forums and videos at this point, and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong … Thanks for the help!

TTL Slave on YN565 from YN568EX II Master

I find the name and compatibility of flash Yongnuo quite confusing. As far as I know, a YN565 will work with TTL sure a Nikon camera but not sure a cannon.
But will TTL work off-camera with a 568EX II master on a Canon?