sms – Can I send a message online in Turkey?

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adults pay for turkey

Hello, I live in Turkey and I will do pornography. But Turkish banks do not accept pornography payments. Please advise me a company that i can take payments outside cosmopayment, payout, payoneer, paypal, paxum and paysera. And I want Visa to type in a credit card. It will be so good if they are all free.

Turkey – Can you use mobile boarding cards at Antalya Airport?

Both facilities may differ from one airline to the other. For example, Turkish Airlines has self-service kiosks at Antalya Airport, but does not have a mobile pass service.

Antalya airport

Pegasus Airlines indicates that it only has self-service kiosks for passengers traveling without baggage.

Currently, Pegasus self-service kiosks are intended for passengers
without Adana luggage, Ankara, Antalya, Bodrum, Dalaman, Istanbul
– Ataturk Airports, Istanbul Sabiha Gökcen, Izmir, Konya and Lefkosa – Ercan.

Why do not the Liberals rent Trump for a cease-fire deal with Turkey to save the Kurds?

Because all of this amounts to limiting the damage, the damage it has caused!

And if you think that a five-day ceasefire will be an end and a solution to all of this, then you are even more stupid than you already speak it !!!

It's Erdogan and Putin working on him, throwing him crumbs so that he can try to regain a minimum of credibility for the benefit of his half-wit!

It has only brought embarrassment, shame, and dishonor to this country, and every American general, every admiral, and every senior officer in the American army knows it!

And despite the increase in our military spending, I do not think the United States has ever been as weak as it is today in terms of respect and influence around the world, and it is becoming more and more obvious why Putin wanted him president !! !

The United States sanctions oil prices in Turkey by 3%, gold as a safe haven has boosted the rebound, the dollar has stopped falling, the pound is back

Currency Exchange Index:
Trump said the United States and China were "very close" to ending the trade war, pushing the trend early in the session, followed by 60-day moving average pressure, and the UK Finance Ministry. proposed a warning regarding the budget report on the Brexit in the afternoon, thus causing the pound The United States lost a hundred points, pushing once again the US dollar to cross the highest rate of the day, then the output of the euro industry was better than expected to bring the euro to rebound, which also caused a further fall in the dollar. The Queen of England said that the priority of the UK was to leave the EU on October 31st. As a result, the US dollar fell below the new low and dragged the euro down, which also resulted in the rebound of the US dollar, still affected by the shock of the pound sterling: the dollar American was brought around the 60-day moving average and ended up rising.
MT4 daily level online chart, a shadow of the white candlestick station to the 60-day moving average, Trump said that the United States and China are very close to the end of the resumption of the trade war, the short-term moving average is still in the downward direction, after the long black candle continues The candle represents a rebound, and recently, the short-term sales head has formed: the short-term moving average could reach 98,316 moving average over 5 days and the pressure will drop. Today, waiting for the release of economic data in the euro area, the market expects the euro to drop its rates this month, it is possible that purchases resume. US manufacturing data continued to be affected by the trade war in the evening and the dollar will likely sell and correct. Today, the speeches by Bank of England officials Carney and the Fed could once again affect the volatility of the dollar.

Forex EUR / USD:
Talks between the United States and Europe showed a tendency to adjust, but until the resistance zone of the US dollar rebounded in the afternoon, it was held back by the pound in the afternoon, pushing back the euro and the United States. Supporting the 1.1000 mark, the industrial production of the euro allowed the gains to break through the highest price of the day: the Queen's expectations regarding the Brexit ended on the evening of October 31 and the pound is fell below the lowest price of the day and caused the euro to fall. The US dollar is in a shock consolidation trend and the final decline is about to end.
According to the MT4 line drawing, a black candlestick running from a spindle line oscillates between the high and low prices of yesterday, the short moving average is rising or the average in the middle line.After three weeks of adjustment , the station returning to the 1,000 mark becomes an important support and the KD indicator is overheated. Prior to the resistance zone in September, Europe and the United States could experience a trend of shock consolidation over the last two days. Today, pay attention to the economic data of the euro area affected by the trade war.The bad data released this afternoon could be negative for the euro.The US manufacturing industry remained weak last month.If the dollar drops it will push the euro to rebound, paying attention to the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve. The officials spoke and caused a great chance to cause shock in Europe and the United States.

Forex gold:
Syria was threatening the Turkish geopolitical risk that threatened gold, as hedge funds pushed gold up, before stabilizing shockingly before the 1490 mark. In the afternoon, the market worried that the US would start imposing tariffs on trade, causing the European and US stock markets to fall. Gold broke the 1490 mark and finally reached 1,497. In the euro zone, industrial production was better than expected, which led to the rise in the stock markets and the drop in sales pressure. l & # 39; gold. In the evening, the Queen's speech on the completion of Brexit on October 31 Once again, risk-averse funds managed to retain the gold to maintain the mark of 1490 and then they were in a shock consolidation trend, and the final gains were made.
According to the MT4 chart, after adjusting the spindle, it was blocked by European and US tariffs and pushed up gold. The 5-day moving average has been blocked. Short term moving averages have been intertwined horizontally and gold might not be biased. The 1495.3 moving average may have significant support to resell at 1480. We are now interested in the economic data of Europe and the United States: the stock market is pushing gold up, it is impossible to remove the barriers of 1495 and 1500. Gold can be in the area of ​​resistance and the sale will fall. In China, the content of Trump's trade negotiations needs to be confirmed after the negotiation. The war has a chance to end and the US stock market will rise in the evening, which will create the greatest opportunity to grow gold.

Forex GBP / USD
The US dollar was traded yesterday on the forex market [GBP / USD] early in the morning, after pressure fell on the US dollar's resistance zone, which pushed the pound to rebound. In the afternoon, the UK Finance Ministry announced the budget report for Brexit. The sale dropped by one hundred points and hovered around 1.2550. In the evening, the Queen's expectations for Brexit came to an end on October 31, bringing the pound back to the bottom of the day, and then to Bank of England Deputy Governor Kan Lif: Personally. Speculative buying supported the introduction of negative interest rates in the UK, resulting in a 130-pound increase in the pound, followed by yesterday's resistance zone showing that the selling price has fallen back below the bar 1,2600. After the afternoon, the consolidation was in shock and unexpected purchases on the late market led to a sharp rise. The last match is still down.
On the MT4 line chart, the long bullish shadow candlestick fell back into the falling resistance line, and speculative evening and late trading purchases were stalled by the previous day's closing price and the short-term moving average showed an uptrend. In the short term, the indicator of overheating is often overheated: if it fails to cross the 240 day moving average today, the big opportunity will be profitable. Last week, it was reported that the Brexit had led to a rise in the pound sterling, but that the release would not have been finalized yet. Today, the United Kingdom will be affected by the publication of British economic data. Brexit has adopted a loose monetary policy, which has given the pound a good chance of falling.

Forex USD / JPY:
Forex USD / JPY rose 100 points in the US market yesterday and has already jumped to 108.50 yen in the morning, after which the market is focused on withdrawing troops from northern Syria, causing the decline of the US market and the sale and diving of the United States and Japan. Under the effect of EU tariffs, the European and US stock markets plunged and the United States and Japan fell under the lowest price of the day, then the economic data of the area euro boosted equity markets, the United States and Japan. In the evening, US stocks showed a volatile upward trend, while the US and Japan speculated. Going up, there was an upward trend, and in the evening it was not possible to rush to the resistance level of early trading, and the selling price was adjusted to the end.
According to the MT4 line chart, the long hatch oscillates between the highest and lowest points of the day before, the moving average is rising or the center line is flat, then recently in the zone of resistance of the sorting box. and the short-term KD indicator appeared in several directions. Overheating can cause a regression of the sales pressure. Yesterday, the Chinese official said that Mr. Trump was about to end the trade war and that he preferred to remain cautious and that it was necessary to negotiate again to confirm, so that US stocks could not rush to the resistance zone Friday and that the economic data released by Europe and the United States could be affected by the trade war. On the stock market, once the stock market has experienced a profitable sale, it will once again hedge the yen as a safe haven, which will again cause the fall of the United States and Japan.

Crude oil exchange:
Foreign exchange crude oil opened in the resistance zone yesterday, sales declined, the number of US drilling has increased by 2 Saturday, the Asian opening has brought downward pressure on crude oil sales, the afternoon market worrying about the decline in tariffs of the US Team EU, resulting in the collapse of European and US markets Oil prices fell below the $ 54 mark and economic data from the euro area has already caused the rise of the stock market, but the purchasing power of the oil price was low and increased only marginally. After 53 dollars, the Russian Energy Minister said he would maintain his production cuts, which would bounce the price of oil.
The MT4 line chart, the shadow of the long candle in the initial resistance zone decreased, the intraday movement fell below the US dollar and eventually rebounded to return to the 5-day moving average, the average 5-day moving average or medium-term moving average held down over the first two weeks. Below $ 52, there is a net profit and there may still be a short-term rebound. We found today that US equities rebounded after yesterday's positive news, as OPEC representatives and its representatives kept making public speeches on production cuts, paying particular attention to the short-term correction of the stock market caused by the publication of today's prices. The 5-day moving average of US $ 53.6 will rebound, taking into account the higher resistance price of the 20-day moving average of 54.9 and the 60-day moving average of 55.4. Last week, US EIA inventories rose but were below market expectations, while the increase in US crude oil drilling volume will benefit crude oil inventories on Wednesday morning in the United States . The increase in IPA stocks could be detrimental to oil prices.


Do I need a transit visa for Turkey for a stopover?

No, you do not need a transit visa – as long as you do not leave the transit room. But be sure of your change with the airlines / aircraft, as there are two airports in Istanbul. You can read detailed information on the website of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Edit (not by Mahmut) to include an excerpt from a part of the referenced site:

Question: I will fly to Europe. I know our planes are going to land in Istanbul. I do not plan to leave the transit lounge. Do I need to obtain a transit visa?

Reply: If you do not leave the transit room at the airport, you are not required to have a transit visa.

The above in an attempt to clarify that, in the above circumstances, the nationality of the traveler does not seem relevant (although "I will fly to Europe", and the line of luggage is not covered by the excerpt).

Why did Trump allow the captured Islamic State fighters to escape detention after Turkey attacked the Kurds?

🥴 There is a dxckface after more money and business. Do not worry about the war on terror.

The protection of Saudi Arabia is the origin of our oil. Hence the reason he ranks on the Saudi side rather than the Kurds

That would make Trump sound like a hero, right? 🤔

If only he did not accidentally make our allies, our enemies … and our enemies, our allies.


Yes baby. This is a traitor, produced by the right wing. Anyone Is someone surprised?

Am I allowed to stay in Turkey beyond the period of my tourist visa if I have applied for a residence permit online but have not been questioned yet?

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turkey – Sheets and towels destroyed in a Turkish hotel

One of my friends and I had drunk a turkey night too much and he ended up making a sheet and a towel unusable.

The hotel now wants compensation and I wonder how much they will charge us. The manager will not come back for several days and he will decide the cost.

How much do Turkish hotels charge for new sheets and towels?

The clothes are very cheap here, so I can not imagine that it will be too expensive. The hotel is a mid-range with excellent service (but no porters).

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