visas – One day tour to Istanbul Turkey during an international trip

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[ Birds ] Open question: Are you afraid of the domestic turkey?

[Birds] Open question: Are you afraid of the domestic turkey?

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Turkey – Single or multiple entry for a Turkish work visa if I do not know how many times I will have to leave?

This question is related to: Work visa and exemption from work permit for German citizen in Turkey. Quick summary: I have to go to Turkey for a week to set up a system that my employer has sold through our Turkish partner.

For the moment, only one visit of a week is planned. However, it is somewhat likely that system updates will need to be made at some point, and at least for major updates, our local partner might need some help. Considering that I will be the one who knows the system best, it is likely that I will be the one who will be sent to help with such updates.

So, while only one visit is planned at the moment, is it wise to apply for a multiple entry visa, even if I do not know when or even if I will return?

Can I transport gold from Turkey to Spain without paying taxes?

I plan to take less than 200 grams of gold with me on a return flight from Turkey to Madrid. I wonder if it's okay and if I have to pay taxes.

turkey – Transit time to Sabiha Gokcen

The minimum planned transfer time should be 1 hour and 15/30 minutes for an international flight to an internal flight.

If you arrive on an international flight and continue on an internal flight (or vice versa), the minimum time varies between 1:15. and 1h 30 min. The longer time required for domestic / international transit is due to the passage of immigration, where queues are often long. There are some connections with domestic flights, where luggage needs to be re-checked.


The Accelerated Arrival Card offers a dedicated passport control lane and costs € 25 online. For security reasons, it is recommended to get it, but it's your decision.

Link for more information.

Do I need a transit visa for Turkey for a stopover?

No, you do not need a transit visa – as long as you do not leave the transit room. But be sure of your change with the airlines / aircraft, as there are two airports in Istanbul. You can read detailed information on the website of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Edit (not by Mahmut) to include an excerpt from a part of the referenced site:

Question: I will fly to Europe. I know our planes are going to land in Istanbul. I do not plan to leave the transit lounge. Do I need to obtain a transit visa?

Reply: If you do not leave the transit room at the airport, you are not required to have a transit visa.

The above in an attempt to clarify that, in the above circumstances, the nationality of the traveler does not seem relevant (although "I will fly to Europe", and the line of luggage is not covered by the excerpt).

looking for a turkey or vps dubai

The specifications are as below:

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Air Transport – Are you carrying olive oil from Turkey to Germany in checked baggage?

One of my friends has relatives in Turkey who produce themselves olive oil. Now he is going there to visit them and we are planning to recover this delicious oil on his way home.

Would he have the right to transport about 3 to 4 liters of oil in Germany? Or will it cause problems when controlling borders in Turkey or Germany? I am thinking in particular of any bans on taking food from Turkey to Germany.

The question is related to this one, but nevertheless it's a little different – so I ask.

Adult payment provider for Turkey?

Hello, I live in Turkey. I will enter the pornography sector. But Turkey is not a developed country in the pornography sector. In this case, can you suggest a payment service provider in Turkey? (Please, do not forget to be reliable) Thank you.