Twitter Calls For Feedback on Verifications Policy and to Restart Program Early 2021

Twitter calls for help to shape new approach to verification.

twitter – How do you see all the tweets made by a person?

I am using a browser and going to

I am at a person or organization’s page, that is, I see only three or four tweets from that person under the Tweets tab. It is also the same under the Tweets & Replies tab.

How do I get a list of all tweets ever made by a Twitter user?

How does Twitter decide which liked Tweets get the “stochastic retweet” behaviour?

As mentioned here, sometimes we see other people’s likes in our Twitter feeds. Some have semi-jokingly characterized the treatment of liking Tweets as “stochastic retweets”.

I was wondering, are the specifics of this behaviour documented anywhere?

Obviously Twitter doesn’t put every single liked Tweet in our follower’s feeds (otherwise they’d be overrun with liked Tweets). Is there any criteria that Twitter uses to determine which of the Tweets you liked gets pushed onto your follower’s feeds? Is there a certain ratio of your liked Tweets that it puts into your followers’ feeds? Does it do it indiscriminately to your followers, or does it take the engagement patterns of your followers into account? e.g. if a Tweet you liked appears in one of your follower’s feeds, does it necessarily appear in all of your follower’s feeds?

Suppose you make a Tweet and another person with n followers likes the Tweet. Can we make any inferences about how many additional people that Tweet might be exposed to because of that like?

Or is this all Twitter Algorithm™ black box magic?

attacks – What are examples of threats and vulnerabilities that a company like Twitter faces?

I was wondering what sorts of threats a company like Twitter would be prone to, as well as what vulnerabilities they may have. I already know some such as Social Engineering, Spear-phishing, Human Error, Third-Party Apps and Suppliers, Disgruntled employees, Man in the middle attacks, DDoS, so I was wondering if there are any other types of threats out there. Thanks!

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Is it possible to target Twitter ads to the followers of given person?

When marketing my website through twitter ads, is it possible to target followers of a given person? So as ad will be displayed to those specific people.

If so, how would I do so?