How should we use Twitter for marketing?

Hello to all members, Twitter has more than a million users and is great for sharing your content and connecting to other influencers in your area. What is your thought?

How many followers should I follow a day on Twitter – Social Media Marketing (SMM)

I am thinking of writing an article on the best way to get the most members possible. However, to give you some clues:

  • Follow up to 150 to 200 people a day to avoid suspension of your account.

  • Follow the people who are active and relevant to your niche.

  • Check an influencer, a big gun in your area and follow the latest people who follow him. To give you an example, if you are in the niche of SEO tools, you can follow people who follow SemRush, Moz, Ahrefs, etc.

  • Follow the people who are active – they liked or retweeted something from these popular accounts.

  • Use the search function and find people from your niche.

Let me know if an article where I will go into the details of this case will be useful.

Will buy FB pages, groups, Twitter accounts with many followers

The title says it all. I will buy FB pages, FB groups, Twitter accounts with many followers. Interested in all offers and all niches. Most importantly, they are actual and active accounts / pages / groups. The language of these should be in English.
Payment by PayPal or wire.

twitter bootstrap – 4 bucket elements do not respond

enter the description of the image hereI have 4 bucket elements coded with bootstrap and a php loop in wordpress. I want the 4 bucket elements to appear in a row for the desktop and be reduced to columns on mobile. This is the only way for me to make them appear in a row on the desk. However, I can not reduce them using multimedia queries, such as flex-direction: column.


'posts_per_page' => '4',


$blogposts = new WP_Query($args);





admin best emoji support like twitter

admin, we should have better emoji support, just like twitter, customers are used interactively with companies on twitter and many of these posts include emojis that boost sales, i think this use would be an advantage on this forum and make interaction much better and more efficient. we would make the message we write more recognizable by what we write with emoji. Clearly, English, they would be more beautiful and more understandable

now, sometimes, all I see is a question mark when I've spent minutes writing something, only to go back and edit to add the emojis I've already added It's a little frustrating and getting it right the first time, with the emojis that work properly when you send the message would relieve stress and avoid saving time on the forum because they were not supposed to republish a message to see if the emojis were presented correctly !!

Delete current Twitter sessions

It's been a long time since I was on Twitter and when I logged in over the past few days, I noticed that there had been a redesign of the desktop version and that I could not find it. Option to delete all my messages. current sessions for my account that are related to these gadgets.

How can I delete all my current sessions, so that only the last gadget is displayed, when I log in again?

Google / Alphabet and Twitter Deploy AMD Zeny Based Epyc Processor

Google / Alphabet and Twitter Deploy AMD Zeny Based Epyc Processor | Talk Web Hosting

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  1. Google / Alphabet and Twitter Deploy AMD Zeny Based Epyc Processor

    According to this Reuters story, Google / Alphabet and Twitter are deploying servers using AMD's AMD-based AMD Epyc processor in their data centers.

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  2. It's huge for AMD, it should be interesting to see what ends up happening.
    Until now, AMD has been pretty solid.

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How to view downloaded data files on Twitter

Please do not do google search and answer the Google search question.
Go to your account and request a download of your account data. wait 20 min for email.
Open the file and explain to me how to view the attached data.

Please help?!? !!

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