architecture – Data aggregation between microservices in a Twitter application

I am developing a Twitter-like application and I have doubts about my service-oriented architecture.

i have a User Service with a REST endpoint POST /users/{userId}/follow
so that the "logged in" user begins to follow the user userId. After that, this service publishes an event UserStartedFollowing with a payload like this:

{ "followerId": "1234",  "followedId": "77638" }

Then I have a Timeline Service who listens to these events and creates the timeline (comments, or tweets) asynchronously. This service exposes an endpoint GET /messages which returns all messages (aka tweets) from people you follow (previously published using another endpoint) POST /messages). The answer is like this:

  userId: "786387",
  content: "This is an example of a message"

The problem comes here. In the app, I need to show the name of the author of the message. But I don't have this information in the Timeline Service, but only ID. What's the best way to do it?

I thought of retrieving each username from its username in the User Service (from some sort of API gateway), data caching. But it may be too heavy.

Another option could be to include followed username in the UserStartedFollowing event and store it in the Timeline Service, also. So it will be included in the /messages reply.

What do you think

twitter – PWA without Chrome

Can PWA (Progressive Web Application) be run without Chrome but with another Chromium-based browser? I plan to run Twitter PWA with the Kiwi browser.

Review of data relevant to PWA data/data/...webapk.../shared_prefs/org.chromium.webapk.shell_apk.xml there is a channel name runtime_host with I replaced it with com.kiwibrowser.browser and seems to work.

Seeking Twitter funding to develop a decentralized standard for social media

Twitter said it is funding an effort to develop a decentralized standard for social media, the Bluesky Project, and it says its goal is for Twitter to be a client of this standard.

twitter – Quick notification of new tweets matching the search

I wish to be informed (on my Android phone) as soon as possible when a new tweet corresponding to a specific search is published. I've put together an IFTTT recipe that does this, but it's often triggered a half-hour or more after the tweet, which is essentially pointless for research that interests me (a tremor alert from Earth). Do you know faster ways?

What is the difference between Twitter Facebook Snapchat and Instagram?

Hello friends,

What is the difference between Twitter Facebook Snapchat and Instagram?

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What is the difference between Twitter and Instagram?

Hello friends,

What is the difference between Twitter and Instagram?

How to disable Twitter delivery notifications?

Twitter recently started sending me purple broadcast notifications when users that I'm starting to stream live. I find it boring and I would like to disable them.

How to disable Twitter delivery notifications?

the user started a broadcast

phishing – How to hack Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / WhatsApp?

First, let's clarify one thing: PILLING THE ACCOUNT OF OTHER PERSON IS ILLEGAL !!! *. Hacking other people without their consent is a cybercriminality.

First of all, Why are you exactly trying to hack someone else's account? His illegal. If you do not try to study safety, you should probably turn around now. Unless you really want to learn about security and computer hacking, you will not get much benefit from that. You can be ripped off, hacked or even thrown into jail. In addition, hacking is generally illegal. Why would foreigners put themselves in danger to help you do something illegal for free? Regardless, you should at least know Why it's a bad idea to ask these kinds of questions.

Here are some common answers I've seen at such posts on Facebook:

  1. Click here to hack Facebook accounts for free!
  2. You can learn to hack here.
  3. Phishing. You are phishing.
  4. Send me a message.

Answer (1) is probably a malicious link (bad). If you click on it, you will probably be brought to the site of a dishonest guy and possibly a virus on your computer / phone. Any message or website that claims to give you something that can hack anything for free is most likely a scam. This can take you some money or put a virus on your computer. It is best to ignore or report such links and messages.

Answer (2) can be a legitimate source for learning free hacking or just someone trying to advertise their own product or something related to it. If it's the 1st case, it's fine. You can learn to hack. If it 's the 2nd, it' s just the people who are legally trying to make money with you. In either case, you will probably have to be very technical if you want to hack something.

Answer (3) is probably the answer you are looking for. This is phishing. I'll come back to it later.

Answer (4): this can be any of these choices. They can deceive you but in private not to be kicked or banned from the group. They can also try to teach you phish. His All the foregoingbut in private, hidden from the public. Walk with caution.

D & # 39; AGREEMENT. Now, you know what people can tell you when you ask such questions on social media. You could get scammed or tricked into putting a virus on your computer. What should you do?

  1. Do not click on the fish / suspect links. If something seems dishonest, ask an expert or ignore him and go ahead.
  2. Use common sense. If it sounds too good to be true, it is probably the case.
  3. Use 2-factor authentication (2FA) or multi-factor authentication (MFA). You can use an app on your phone such as Google Authenticator or something like a Yubikey. That way, even if someone succeeds in getting your username and password, they will not (hopefully) be able to access your account, at least not without your phone / Yubikey.

Then I'll talk about how you can "hack" people's accounts.

So, how do people get their accounts hacked? Through phishing or spear phishing.

What is phishing? Just like a real fishing, you incite users to do anything you want without their consent. An example:

You receive an email: "Congratulations, you won $ 1 million! Click here to get your prize!"

You click on the link and you get a page asking you to login to your facebook / google / etc. account. to get the price. You enter your username and password and click on "Submit". BOOM! You have just been phishing and your credentials are now stolen.

What is spearing? It's like phishing, but targeting specific individuals instead of masses and the contents of a phishing email are more personal. Here is an example:

A friend sends you a message: "Hey man Joe is organizing a party next week to celebrate our big sale in the business! Here is a link to sign up for the party."

Again, it's a fake (bad) link. If you go there and "log in", you give them your credentials. The difference here is that the message has been made for you, with the name of your friends and the company and other personal information.

This is a very short and simple explanation of phishing and harpooning. More details can be found here and on Google.

Now that you have (hopefully) understood what phishing is, you should be more careful by clicking on the links in the comments, messages, emails, and so on.

Twitter video help.

Hello and thank you for reading, I have been promoting on Twitter for a while and I am asked more and more to promote peoples videos, I know how to post a video, but when I then put a link youtube to the tweet and post, the video will disappear and leave the tweet with the two sets of links, twitter and youtube.

One way I found is to download the video to my phone, compose the tweet with a youtube link, and then view the video from my phone. It's cool, but the video starts from scratch again, it's not a problem for a small video because I can get their feedback very quickly. However, if the video already contains 30,000 and a client wants me to display / promote this video, it would be ridiculous to download and re-launch it.

My question is: is there a way to publish a youtube link to a Twitter video without being the original poster of the video and without having to download from my device and start with zero reading? Again, I know how to add a youtube link to an original video, but when I cut and paste a twitter link and add the youtube link, it spoils the head, thanks for any help.

marketing – How can I save Twitter campaign targeting?

I hope this is the most relevant forum on Twitter
I create my first advertising campaign on Twitter and I have to edit the associated twitter.

I can not find a way to do this and if I want to create a new campaign, I can not save my targeting and reload it.

The only thing for which I found an Excel export and import files, I can not believe that is the only way to do it