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wireless flash – Is the transmitter Yongnuo 622C TX working with Neewer Vision 5?

Does the transmitter Yongnuo 622C TX work with Neewer Vision 5?

I have a Canon MarkDIII, a Canon Flash 580 EX ii, multiple YN 568 EXII flashes, multiple YN622C receivers and 2 transmitters TX YN622C; I am looking to buy the Neewer Vision 5 manufactured by Visico (their 400w monolight outdoor portable stroboscope). I want to use the trigger provided with the Vision 5 strobe connected to my camera to control everything and work in ETTL mode with the strobe AND to work with my YN receivers on the YN flashing all in ETTL mode or in other modes , OR I want to use my YN 622C TX transmitter to work with the Vision 5 strobe and control everything on the camera.

Or, if nothing works, will the Canon ST-E3-RT work with the Vision 5 Strobe in ETTL mode and other modes, as well as with my YN Flashs and YN 622C receivers?

In other words, I just want to use the trigger that works on my camera, either the transmitter YN 622C TX, or the trigger Neewer Vision 5 (818x), or the trigger Canon ST-E3-RT to control the Neewer Vision portable flash and my other flashes that are connected to receivers, all at the same time from the location of my camera, is it possible, compatibility issues can be a problem? Thank you.

Nexril | Unmanaged Supermicro Dedicated Servers – Protected Against DDoS Attacks – Dallas, TX

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  • System based on Supermicro X8
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  • 48 GB of ECC DDR3 memory
  • 250 GB hard drive
  • Bandwidth of 30 TB at a port speed of 1 Gbps
  • / 29 IPv4 subnet and / 64 IPv6 subnet on a private VLAN

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Hard disk upgrades (Up to 4 disks in total)

  • 250 GB hard drive
  • 1 TB HDD
  • 2 TB HDD
  • 250 GB SSD
  • 500GB SSD

Bandwidth Upgrades

  • 50 TB
  • 75 TB
  • 100 TB
  • 200 TB
  • 300 TB
  • 1 Gbps Not Measured

Additional IP addresses

  • / 28 IPv4 subnet
  • / 27 IPv4 subnet
  • / 48 IPv6 subnet

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Looking Glass:
IPv4 test:
IPv6 test: 2604: fbc0: 1: 1 ::

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transactions – How to search for TX using only the public key associated with these TXs?

The quest is to define a search method for TXs on the Bitcoin blockchain using only a HEX public key – as opposed to searching for TX by popular terms such as wallet ID, TX ID, hash, and so on.

I did not find such a method. Does it exist?


Bob holds a compressed public key on the form.


In theory, Bob does not have any other information and wants to poll the Blockchain to find all TXs associated with the public key above.

If Bob succeeds, he finds this transaction

Is this type of search in Blockchain possible?

bitcoin core – access to the TX ID of the destination from the transaction output of the TX message

As you know, in the Bitcoin protocol and more specifically in TX messages, we have an input and output part. we can access the transaction ID of the previous transaction via previous_output as input. we can also access the output address via a script in the tx output part. I want to know that there is a section in the tx output part to which we can access the transaction ID of the destination?

Get the source address of a Tx message from its signature script

You can not.

If all you have is a wired traffic capture for a single tx, you can not (always) calculate the actual address.

In a certain subset of cases, such as standardized scripts such as P2PKH or P2SH multisig, you might be able to: assume the sig script must match one of them, if it has the right data.

The script shown is for a segment address, and is typically used as an exchange script for segment addresses encapsulated by P2SH.

However, note that the fact that a sig script matches the expected form for an address does not mean that the actual output corresponds to that address. For example, a P2PKH address would have a sig script with two snapshots (one for the signature, one for the public key) – If you wanted, you could create an exit script that simply consumes the first two elements of the stack, and create an output that will accept a P2PKH script sig as valid, while having absolutely no relation to the P2PKH address.

In general, if you want to know the source address, look for the current transaction and use the lock script of this vout.

script – separating the signature and the public key in a TX message entry transaction in Bitcoin protocol

I am interested in the Bitcoin protocol and check the validation of a transaction.

in a TX message, we can see one or more input transactions and each input transaction has a previous transaction and a script.
As you probably know, the script contains two components, a signature and a public key. The public key must match the hash specified in the exchanged output script. The public key is used to verify the issuer signature, which is the second component. How can I separate the signature of the public key and in what follows, how can I validate a transaction from this public key?

transactions – Signature of a Tx that has multiple UTXO

Using the Go language, I try to create a BTC transaction using multiple UTXOs.

  1. I add the UTXO by doing this: Tx.AddTxIn (TxIn)
  2. by creating the TXOuts one for the amount to send and one for the change to be returned to the sender.
  3. The calculation of the sigScript and each TxIn script signature is set to sigScript.
  4. Source CalculationPkScript, _: = txscript.PayToAddrScript (sourceAddress.AddressPubKeyHash ())
  5. For each TxIn, when I do it:
                vm, err: = txscript.NewEngine (sourcePkScript, Tx, index, flags, nil, nil, netAmount) // netAmout is the amount to be transferred to the recipient
if err: = vm.Execute (); err! = nil {
fmt.Println ("wrong vm.Execute call for index", index)
fmt.Println (err)
return Transaction {}, err

For the first UTXO, the vm.Execute () pass but for the 2nd UTXO, the vm.Excess () fails with the error msg: wrong vm.Execute call for index 1
the signature is not empty in case of check failure

Even for the 3rd UTXO, it fails with the same error message.

All thoughts, suggestions are very much appreciated.

Thank you

New concrete company in Austin TX.

I am looking for comments on my website. I am in the concrete industry and we are looking to get more work from this site. Does it sound good enough?

Thank you for any help.

bitcoind rest api tx endpoint

I have a problem with the bitcoind REST API endpoint to retrieve the transaction information. According to the documentation, he should return confirmations among the recovered data. But my bitcoind do not have this present in the answer. j & # 39; I rest = 1 and txindex = 1 so everything should probably be ok.

I chose a random txid to demonstrate the answer

That's what I got from the REST API tx endpoint (with wine/vout ):

"hash": "669a1302ee3ccb482cc545f56cca9112a2d24a7959f1da18f87603640ff9288e",
"Vout": [ ... ],
"weight": 896,
"Hex": "0100000001e96d13340057a99320702b9482a93114fb7ed0d27345242dd61a6ba967fe70a5010000006b483045022100833c21acd4e87aec7f794804606ef1699db2a5cc420f80af500243a43970cb8a0220617b9f55e2c6383f3093a4683af9fcdaad668b66e942553a6928b07e241141120121035deb8e150be5ccbfcca2a978d9bc3e2990afb61d08b49ce0494f39b10173c828ffffffff02dc9b68000000000017a91418b3b7d346e3f32cc4b3e0617fdf61e23d5ea2cc87cc8e6f1a000000001976a9140ae8e97489b9412f3f2ca6a63882f762174b368788ac00000000"
"blockhash": "0000000000000000000d5cfef192ed15ed37881cd5f0930d5613ac92a6b1b6e6",
"wine": [ ... ],
"txid": "669a1302ee3ccb482cc545f56cca9112a2d24a7959f1da18f87603640ff9288e",
"version 1,
"closing time": 0,
"vsize": 224,
"size": 224

And here's what I got from bitcoin-cli getrawtransaction 669a1302ee3ccb482cc545f56cca9112a2d24a7959f1da18f87603640ff9288e 1 (with truncated wine/vout ):

"txid": "669a1302ee3ccb482cc545f56cca9112a2d24a7959f1da18f87603640ff9288e",
"hash": "669a1302ee3ccb482cc545f56cca9112a2d24a7959f1da18f87603640ff9288e",
"version 1,
"size": 224,
"vsize": 224,
"weight": 896,
"closing time": 0,
"wine": [ ... ],
"Vout": [ ... ],
"Hex": "0100000001e96d13340057a99320702b9482a93114fb7ed0d27345242dd61a6ba967fe70a5010000006b483045022100833c21acd4e87aec7f794804606ef1699db2a5cc420f80af500243a43970cb8a0220617b9f55e2c6383f3093a4683af9fcdaad668b66e942553a6928b07e241141120121035deb8e150be5ccbfcca2a978d9bc3e2990afb61d08b49ce0494f39b10173c828ffffffff02dc9b68000000000017a91418b3b7d346e3f32cc4b3e0617fdf61e23d5ea2cc87cc8e6f1a000000001976a9140ae8e97489b9412f3f2ca6a63882f762174b368788ac00000000"
"blockhash": "0000000000000000000d5cfef192ed15ed37881cd5f0930d5613ac92a6b1b6e6",
"confirmations": 5,
"hour": 1558449750,
"blocktime": 1558449750

Is there anything I'm doing wrong that I do not get the confirmations from the endpoint of the REST API, as shown in the documentation?

Bitcoind version v0.17.0.0