type theory – What’s the difference between Row Polymorphism and Structural Typing?

The definitions I’ve stumbled across seem to indicate they express the same idea. That’s that the relationship between record types is determined by their fields (or properties) rather than their names. Their Wikipedia pages also seem to indicate the same idea:

A structural type system (or property-based type system) is a major class of type system in which type compatibility and equivalence are determined by the type’s actual structure or definition and not by other characteristics such as its name or place of declaration.

In programming language type theory, row polymorphism is a kind of polymorphism that allows one to write programs that are polymorphic on record field types (also known as rows, hence row polymorphism).

Are there any differences between them?

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keyboard – How to disable black underline when typing Korean

Since a few days ago, the black underline has appeared whenever I type Korean on my MacBook. (I think I might’ve pressed some wrong buttons to make it appear suddenly..) The black line appears under each newly typed-in letter before it moves onto the next letter I just wrote.
It doesn’t happen when I write in English and I’ve checked that spelling check is turned off.
I have no idea how to make the black underline go away. I don’t even know why it started to appear.
Can somebody please please help me? It’s been really bothering me and I haven’t found a solution yet.

The black underline appears as shown

worksheet function – How to sum up a repeating/chained formula in Google Sheets without typing each out?

I’ve got a chain of formulas I need that works out to:



All the way into 100’s of rows, that I then need for subsequent columns. How do I make this cleaner and not have to type out every single (C*A)+etc…. I remember seeing a function at one point, but have failed to find it again.