linux – Ubuntu 16.0.4 – How to run PHP 5 in a specific directory

I have a VPS running ubuntu 16.0.4. I have already installed the lamp stack. I have an application I bought from code canyon which needs PHP 5.6 to run.

Main App (directory)
  code-canyon-app (this directory needs PHP 5)

How can I install PHP 5 and make it available to the app directory?

ubuntu – SSH/SCP with public key AND password authentication SIMULTANEOUSLY

The server I’m attempting to SCP a file to requires BOTH a password AND a public/private key. I’m trying to send the file from Ubuntu but I can only get scp to use either key OR password, but not both. If I have the public key in place then scp never prompts for a password, authenticates successfully, then the server drops the connection because no password was provided. Likewise, if the key is not present I get prompted to enter a password, authentication is successful but the server drops the connection because there’s not a private key.

I can successfully login to the server using WinSCP by configuring a password AND key, I just can’t figure out how to do this from Ubuntu.

If it matters, the server in question is ws_ftp running on Windows Server 2008.

ubuntu – Internal devices cannot access VirtualBox centos guest

My host ( Ubuntu ) can access to the webpage-wordpress running on VirtualBox guest centos8. But the other devices on the internal network cannot. The network setting is Bridged. I added some rules to host in ufw and port forward to the guest but nothing happen. In addition I have disabled the firewalld.service in centos for a while.
The ufw rules:

  • 80 ALLOW Anywhere
  • 443 ALLOW Anywhere
  • 80/tcp ALLOW Anywhere
  • 443/tcp ALLOW Anywhere

As you can guess the guest’s IP is .1.72

I have done this before with KVM and all devices can access the server. Is it possible with VirtualBox?

imac – Wiped all disks for Ubuntu installation, but “macOS Recovery over the Internet” still knows my Wi-Fi password

I wiped all disks for Ubuntu installation. The macOS Recovery partition was gone.

Decided after half of an year, to install again macOS with macOS Recovery over the Internet

If you can’t start up from macOS Recovery

If your Mac can’t start up from its built-in macOS Recovery system, it
might try to start up from macOS Recovery over the Internet. When that
happens, you see a spinning globe instead of an Apple logo during

enter image description here

I was very much surprised the this “macOS Recovery over the Internet” knows my Wi-Fi password.

He didn’t ask for password and begin download stuff off the internet.

Can you explain why he remembers my Wi-Fi password?

ubuntu – my laptop can’t discover bluetooth devices neither be discoverable

I’ve just installed Ubuntu 20.04 and Bluetooth is working fine but when I try to discover my phone my laptop can’t find any device and I tried discovering my laptop in my phone but can’t either find my laptop. and then I find some posts that tells to check the software and updates setting for drivers and so but found only one driver :

Software and updates settings Bluetooth settings
Bluetooth Adapter

and I can’t find any solution to fix this problem ,can anyone suggest some solutions to me , I am a new Ubuntu user so I can’t fully comprehend what to do

CPU and Bandwidth Spikes on Ubuntu 18.04 Running WordPress

Hey guys,

I’ve set up a WordPress website on digital ocean with the following server specs 1 GB Memory / 25 GB Disk / LON1 – Ubuntu WordPr… | Read the rest of

9 – Issues with Drush 10.3.5 version in Ubuntu 20.04

I installed Drush 10.3.5 version via composer in Drupal 9.0.7 but I am getting a website error as follows after I ran command drush cache-rebuild. I can not access the admin page as well.

The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later.
Error: Class ‘DrushLogDrushLog’ not found in DrupalComponentDependencyInjectionContainer->createService() (line 257 of core/lib/Drupal/Component/DependencyInjection/Container.php).

I found somewhere i.e. ( that Drush does not support symfony/var-dumper version 5.*. But I can’t change symfony/var-dumper version in Drupal because Drupal core requires symfony/var-dumper v5.1.10 as follows:

$ composer why symfony/var-dumper

drupal/core-recommended 9.0.7 requires symfony/var-dumper (v5.1.0)
symfony/error-handler v4.4.9 requires symfony/var-dumper (^4.4|^5.0)

So please help me to fix this issue.

Please let me know which Drush version I should use with the latest
Drupal version 9.0.7.

The website issue screenshot as follows:

enter image description here

Also how to fix this website issue so that I can see the front page
and admin page.

Thank You

linux – MSSQL, Ubuntu server – failure: remote connection from Win 7

Our analytical lab (chemistry) has an information management system (LIMS) that uses an MSSQL database. Technicians interact with the system through a Windows form application that is closed-source and permits only SQLOLEDB.1, MSOLEDBSQL, and SQLNCLI11.1 (Native Client 11) connections (choices are picked from a dropdown box at login). Our production server is MSSQL 2016 running on Windows Server 2012.

The lab has several analytical instruments that are constrained to Win 7 and Win XP for data acquisition. This is an immutable constraint.

On the production setup, all machines make a connection with legacy SQLOLEDB.1 but Win 10 Machines can alternatively connect with MSOLEDBSQL, and SQLNCLI11.1 as well. Win 7 and XP machines cannot.

I am prototyping an MSSQL Server 2019 upgrade on a Ubuntu server. As configured, no machines can connect to it using the legacy SQLOLEDB.1 connection. The LIMS application is able to connect to it from Win 10 using either MSOLEDBSQL or SQLNCLI11.1. The Win 7 and XP machines cannot connect with any of the protocols.

If this is to work, I have two choices:

  1. Somehow configure MSSQL on the Ubuntu server to accept SQLOLEDB.1 connections.
  2. Somehow configure XP and Win 7 machines to make MSOLEDBSQL or SQLNCLI11.1 connections.

I cannot figure out how to do either one. Please help.

ubuntu – Unable to open file from GitHub

I have downloaded a source code from GitHub to help me understand a specific topic. The main file (I’m guessing it’s a shared library file) which helps me run the command is not opening. I have tried using sudo su and then opening it in gedit but the encoding is wrong.

Can someone help me on opening the file or provide me the code written in it.

The GitHub link is

The file is builds/defender-linux.

I am using Ubuntu 20.04

uploads – 413 Request Entity Too Large nginx/1.18.0 (Ubuntu)

This message occurs whenever I attempt to upload a file greater than 2M in wordpress. I have made the follow changes in order to increase the allowed file upload sizes:

In nginx.conf, I added

client_max_body_size 200M;

In php.ini, I modified

upload_max_filesize = 200M
max_file_uploads = 20
Post_max_size = 256M

In wp-config.php, I added

@ini_set( 'upload_max_filesize' , '200M' );
@ini_set( 'post_max_size' , '256M' );
@ini_set( 'memory_limit' , 256M' );

Even with these parameters set in the three configuration files I am still getting the message
413 Request Entity Too Large nginx/1.18.0 (Ubuntu)

Can anyone help?