scalability – Problem caused by unconfirmed transaction chains

I want to create a service that requires sending many small bitcoin transactions to multiple wallets (like a tap).

Since the transactions are small, the fees also need to be reduced, so it takes a while to confirm them.

The system should send many transactions, which naturally creates long chains of unconfirmed transactions. As I understand it, after 25 unconfirmed transactions, the network begins to reject new ones and the system is basically frozen until the previous ones are confirmed.

This limits the throughput of such a system to 25 transactions per confirmation hour (which represents at least a few hours considering the low costs), which makes it completely non-scalable.

Given the above, is there a way to create a (somewhat) scalable service that can send many small transactions? (without having to manage many portfolios)

Creation of an unconfirmed bitcoin transaction

I know it sounds ridiculous, but I have to create an unconfirmed bitcoin transaction that will not be confirmed for more than 2 hours. I have come to the conclusion that I have to create free transactions, but I can't find a solution for do it and spread it. Another variant was to set the min. fresh (1sat / byte), but sometimes it is confirmed after 5-10 minutes. How can we achieve the desired result? – The longest unconfirmed transaction?

A transaction may not be confirmed indefinitely.

The order in which transactions are confirmed is decided by minors and, as a rule, they will be encouraged to include only the transactions at the highest rate, in order to maximize their income.

Even a low rate transaction can possibly confirm, once the mempool is cleared. But there is no guarantee of that, if the mempool is full for an extended period, many nodes can delete transactions at the lowest rate from their mempool, to free up memory resources (otherwise, you could attack the DoS network on the network by posting infinitely small transactions).

Ultimately, once you post a transaction on the network, you cannot be sure if or when it will be confirmed until it is confirmed. By paying a high rate, you can increase the chances of seeing a quick confirmation. On the other hand, a low fee transaction can never be confirmed, because ultimately all nodes can "forget" it.

If you've been waiting for a long time for a transaction to be confirmed, you can post a new transaction that spends the same output, but with higher fees. You may need to force your wallet to forget the old transaction so that it creates a new one (for example, bitcoin-cli abandontransaction "txid" when using bitcoin-core), but not all wallets will include this feature.

Unconfirmed Transactions – Help Me About It

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How to get both confirmed and unconfirmed transaction details of foreign (non-wallet) addresses from the Bitcoin-node server?

How to get both confirmed and unconfirmed transaction details of foreign (non-wallet) addresses from the Bitcoin-node server?
In fact, I generated the addresses using a third-party library and sent btc to them. Now I want to know the confirmed and unconfirmed transaction details using my own local Bitcoin-core node server. Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance.

Altcoin transaction blocked (Status: 0 / unconfirmed, in memory pool) for a long time

I just configured an alt coin from the litecoin source code. And I set up a mining pool for mine for each transaction on the network. I am trying to do the send operation between two nodes. I add appropriate fees for each transaction. But a transaction blocked like for a long time like that

Status: 0/unconfirmed, in memory pool
Date: 24/12/19 11:21
To: DK4nt8umV4oAf4VYny7aMyf2wjPicar6QA
Debit: -95.00000000 CSCN
Transaction fee: -0.00313000 CSCN
Net amount: -95.00313000 CSCN
Transaction ID:      0c2f1621357a1f52afe3bd93cfad8e02487d831c8a9561a798d582f5d42812b8
Transaction total size: 395 bytes
Transaction virtual size: 313 bytes
Output index: 0

Do you have any suggestions to decrease the pending transaction rate … ??

Thank you

Unconfirmed Transactions – Bitcoin Recovery

with my bitcoin floating somewhere.

The Blockchain is the definitive record of where this money is located. Once there are about six confirmations, there is no reasonable doubt as to who now has control over this money.

Bitcoins don't really float indefinitely. They are under your control or under the control of the recipient.

I believe that there is the possibility of a fork in the blockchain and that the network converges on a fork which has your transaction in a block slightly later than the one indicated in your wallet – but that & # 39; is relatively rare and I suspect it would make no difference after about an hour in most cases.

Is there a way to recover the bitcoin?

After about six confirmations, the only possible way is to ask the recipient if he is willing to return the money to you.

Is there a way to allow the use of unconfirmed RBF outputs in transaction building?

Bitcoin Core does not seem to consider unconfirmed outputs marked as replaceable in the input selection. Is there a way around this protection and allow it to be used anyway? The transaction is created with the help of bitcoin-cli.

Unconfirmed transaction issues of BTC deposits from one portfolio to the other with fees paid in advance

I have just started using a BTC portfolio called Luno, but two unconfirmed transactions are still pending while only the transaction has been completed. The first transaction was a test with a small amount sent without charge, which has not been confirmed yet, but the second transaction worked, the fees being paid in advance. my last transaction is now worth a little more BTC and with all fees paid also remains unconfirmed, so I do not know how to make my transaction sorted? the source of my BTC portfolio transaction comes from the Bitcoin Core Portfolio, used up to now only from BTC's operation.

bitcoin core – Transaction unconfirmed. How to make my entire wallet

I'm running a node with an unconfirmed transaction. I have tried to stop my QTC so that the transaction is forgotten. In vain, he continues to retransmit the transaction. I am updating and synchronizing my BTC now. But it takes forever to synchronize. What will happen if I import my keys into a software portfolio, electrum? Will my Electrum portfolio be fully constituted from the unconfirmed transaction? No suggestion? I am no longer in love with the management of a node nor the possibility for my system to recover my transaction. Coinbase was the supposed recipient. It's been two weeks.