How do I double spend using electrum for fix unconfirmed transaction

I have two wallets.(Both of them are mine)
Some days ago i did a big mistake.
I sent 1100$ From wallet #1 to wallet #2. (10.0 sat/vB > As you see this is very very low) (TX LINK)
And i sent that 1100$ to my friend from wallet #2 after the transaction upper immediately. (99.3 sat/vB) (TX LINK)
Because of low fee in first transaction, both transactions have n’t confirmed yet.
I asked people to fix these unconfirmed transactions.
They told me use another wallet like Electrum wallet and double spend those unconfirmed transactions.
So i installed Electrum in my windows 7 os.
For double spend using electrum i found this link :
But it seems it has deprecated.
I could n’t understand one part of this tutorial :

Re-create the transaction, but this time put a higher fee.
Sign your transaction, and save it to a file, it should end with .txn extension

My questions :

  1. As you know Blockchain.Com has no RBF option. So those two transactions have n’t RBF flag.
    In this situation can i use double spend with electrum?
  2. How can i create a transaction in offline mode and sign and save it?
    I tried it.But after setting fee and click send button electrum tried to broadcast.And i could n’t find an option for sign or save transaction with .txn ex.
    Would you please share a complete step by step tut about this.
  3. If i double spend first transaction what happen to second unconfirmed one? (I am a bit confused about this)
  4. Should i double spend two unconfirmed transactions with two temp wallets in electrum or double send of first one is enough?

transactions – I used edge wallet to send my bitcoin from my wallet to my cash app but i used a low fee soo its been unconfirmed for 10 days what can i do?

So it looks like your transaction does not have RBF (Replace-by-Fee) enabled, so you won’t be able to bump your fee in a replacement transaction.

And there’s no change output, so it seems you sent all your money in one go, so you wouldn’t be able to do a CPFP (Child-Pays-for-Parent) transaction.

One suggestion is to use ViaBTC’s Transaction Accelerator service. You can pay them in Bitcoin Cash to have them include your transaction in the next block they mine. So, you’ll lose money still by paying for the service, but your transaction would be confirmed sooner.

bitcoin core – Can a unconfirmed transaction be lost or modified?

I am beginner and I am still learning fundamentals of block and bitcoin network.

Suppose, I do a transaction on bitcoin network, it is marked as unconfirmed transaction and is stored in mempool of full nodes.

This unconfirmed distributed over network, at some point a minor will create a block which will contain this transaction.

My question is where these unconfirmed transactions are stored before being included in block or hence block chain?

Can they be modified before a minor put them in blockchain?

Unconfirmed tx with blockchain

It’s been a month now and my tx still is unconfirmed. I know it’s because of my low tx fee. I tried using Viabtc and paid them a fee of $117.00 and nothing happened. I’m still stuck waiting not knowing how to get my money. I really need help.

My Bitcoin transaction remained unconfirmed for 20 days now

I sent a bitcoin transaction from one of my wallets into another wallet meant for trading. Its been 20 days now and the transaction remained unconfirmed. Please I need help because I sent this coin from my wallet. I need step by step assistance on how to use the RBF or CPFP on wallet

my unconfirmed transactions hold for over 1 day

I have following 2 unconfirmed bitcoin incoming transaction for one day, can you please advise how to speed up?



Missing unconfirmed transaction from trezor

Hello guys, I sent this transaction like every other time from trezor, the fee was set on high. But this time I cant even find it in any blockchain explorer by its ID and the btc did not come

mining pools – What unconfirmed transactions in Mempool get into a block?

I have a question regarding picking unconfirmed transactions from the mempool. Let’s say, there are 1000 transactions in the mempool. Can I randomly select some transactions, say, transaction a, b, c, d from them, and work on the nonce and create a new block? Is there any criteria about what transactions need to be in the next block?

Why should I care about my transactions ever reaching the blockchain if I can spend them while unconfirmed?

From what I understand, I can use unconfirmed transactions because they are essentially already confirmed, they just need to reach the blockchain. This can create a chain of unconfirmed transactions, but that’s fine because they will all eventually be confirmed and added to the blockchain.

If that is the case, why should I care about my transactions ever reaching the blockchain? I don’t see a reason why I should care, and with that, I don’t see a reason to include a fee with my transactions.

unconfirmed transactions – Instantly Accept Bitcoin Payments (0 confirmation trx)

GAP600 is a service (that has processed $5 billion in cryptocurrency) which allows exchanges and payment service providers to process Bitcoin payments instantly (0 confirmation trx). It guarantees a transaction against double-spend, expiration or other fraud even before it is confirmed by the Bitcoin network:

GAP600 facilitates instant, risk-mitigated cryptocurrency commerce by
enabling exchanges to recognize unconfirmed Bitcoin.. transactions as
final using a proprietary risk engine, which analyzes and performs
live risk scoring for each transaction as it reaches the mempool.

How is it possible to guarantee a transaction against double-spend, expiration or other fraud before it is confirmed by the Bitcoin network? What kind of “risk analysis” might be performed to achieve this result?