Missing unconfirmed transaction from trezor


Hello guys, I sent this transaction like every other time from trezor, the fee was set on high. But this time I cant even find it in any blockchain explorer by its ID and the btc did not come

mining pools – What unconfirmed transactions in Mempool get into a block?

I have a question regarding picking unconfirmed transactions from the mempool. Let’s say, there are 1000 transactions in the mempool. Can I randomly select some transactions, say, transaction a, b, c, d from them, and work on the nonce and create a new block? Is there any criteria about what transactions need to be in the next block?

Why should I care about my transactions ever reaching the blockchain if I can spend them while unconfirmed?

From what I understand, I can use unconfirmed transactions because they are essentially already confirmed, they just need to reach the blockchain. This can create a chain of unconfirmed transactions, but that’s fine because they will all eventually be confirmed and added to the blockchain.

If that is the case, why should I care about my transactions ever reaching the blockchain? I don’t see a reason why I should care, and with that, I don’t see a reason to include a fee with my transactions.

unconfirmed transactions – Instantly Accept Bitcoin Payments (0 confirmation trx)

GAP600 is a service (that has processed $5 billion in cryptocurrency) which allows exchanges and payment service providers to process Bitcoin payments instantly (0 confirmation trx). It guarantees a transaction against double-spend, expiration or other fraud even before it is confirmed by the Bitcoin network:

GAP600 facilitates instant, risk-mitigated cryptocurrency commerce by
enabling exchanges to recognize unconfirmed Bitcoin.. transactions as
final using a proprietary risk engine, which analyzes and performs
live risk scoring for each transaction as it reaches the mempool.

How is it possible to guarantee a transaction against double-spend, expiration or other fraud before it is confirmed by the Bitcoin network? What kind of “risk analysis” might be performed to achieve this result?

How do light clients using compact-block-filters get relevant unconfirmed transactions?

There’s no design consideration in Neutrino / BIP157 for unconfirmed transactions, but it’s not as much of a concession with context. A light wallet can effectively do nothing with an unconfirmed transaction, as they can not verify anything about its validity to begin with. At best it is a suggestion that a transaction may have occurred, but this is even weaker than a normal unconfirmed transaction sent to a fully validating wallet.

It has always been an issue with “SPV” wallets that they can be duped into showing completely absurd false data, for BIP37 especially it was completely possible to sniff the incoming filter and dynamically produce transactions paying to the addresses that likely matched it billions of dollars. The client, as dumb as it is, can only show them to the user and hope that common sense prevails.

mempool – Unconfirmed transaction for 6 days now. need assistance for using CPFP

I have an unconfirmed transaction that has been sitting there for 6 days now.
The fees only got higher sins i’ve made the transaction and i do not feel comfortabel waiting.
I’m unable to use RBF sins trezor thus not support this and i’m nor sure on how to use CPFP
the TX is : 8b5032bcc435ebc612128fb66c30d85af19febd6f03dafb9114253dac6a9e0cf

After the transaction i’ve noticed that the recieving wallet is a legacy one, while i’ve send it from a segwit. could that cause any problems?

Is there any risk comming with waiting any longer?


Unconfirmed transaction for over five days

I sent a transaction to someone that makes use of quidax wallet, from my blockchain, and for over five days it has not being confirmed, what could Happened and is it possible for me to get back my fund

Unconfirmed Blockchain Status

Need Help,

Transaction invalid: some outputs that it attempts to spend have been already spent or are no longer valid.

This is the message appearing on the Summary report from block chain. It was process last January 08,2021 and the result until right now is Invalid and no progress at all. How to fix the issue.

Thanks in advance…

Bitcoin.conf setting for CPFP – how can I enable longer ‘chains’ of unconfirmed transactions?

I often receive an -32700 ‘Insufficient Funds’ error when attempting to create ‘child pays for parent’ (CPFP) transactions using unconfirmed change output. This can be problematic since it can prevent me from sending further transactions until the parent transaction is confirmed.

My question:
Is there a bitcoin.conf setting (or other workaround/solution) that would allow for the acceptable length of chains of CPFP transactions/unconfirmed change outputs to be increased, and thereby avoid being stuck, unable to broadcast further bitcoin transactions until parent txs are confirmed?

A related side question – I have not yet discovered the logic behind how bitcoin core decides to allow an additional CPFP transaction to be chained, and when it gives an ‘Insufficient Funds’ error. It seems to be anywhere between a chain of 1 to ~5 (i.e. sometimes I get ‘Insufficient Funds’ error when there is only a ‘chain’ of one tx, other times, up to around 5) and it is not clear to me how this is determined. What is the logic here?

unconfirmed transaction 1/2fdlhhxj

I have seen a transaction in my wallet that was not made by me how can I stop it please it’s still on 1to6 unconfirmed