MultiBit HD Portfolio showing an unconfirmed amount

another idiot here with an old MultiBit HD wallet that has lost the words of the wallet.
I've had some hard drive issues on my laptop and after solving them, my wallet suddenly shows that the balance equals 0 and that the amount is not confirmed. This is incorrect in fact because I can see that everything is confirmed correctly in the blockchain:

A strange thing happened at the first time after solving the hard drive problem and syncing, the MultiBit HD complaining that the system time on my computer was incorrect, which was true. Maybe this caused an incorrect synchronization?

As I said, I do not have words in the wallet, I only have the password and the .wallet file.

I have tried the option "Wallet Repair" several times without result.

I'm using version 0.4.1 and this prompts me to upgrade to version 0.5.1, which I have not done yet

If any of you can give advice, I will consider you as my hero

blockchain – bitcoin lost due to an unconfirmed transaction

someone on blockchain support is asking me to tell him my reserve fund in 12 words in order to reverse my bitcoin that was not confirmed in my transaction

Sorry to say that you have been permanently scammed.

You can not reverse a bitcoin transaction that way, the scammer just told you that to give them the 12-word expression. With this sentence, the scammer could recreate your wallet on another device and steal your coins.

Never do give someone your private keys, start phrase, PIN code, password, and so on. Any legitimate customer service will not ask you.

unreal 4 – Why is my project overlap canceled / disabled / unconfirmed?

I finally discovered the problem that haunted me for some time, which made me ask these 3 questions:

How to make overlap detection more accurate?

Foolish mistake in the overlap between 2 warriors and a tower

The overlap detection does not work properly when there is more than one warrior colliding with the tower

In programming, you learn very early that if something goes wrong, guilt belongs to you, a wrong variable, a wrong condition, commas, etc.

The only possible answer when it's not your fault (directly) is something you do not know about the engine / program or a really unexpected result.

For this reason, in the questions above, I thought it was an error in my code because I had a bit of trouble communicating between plans. That's why I thought it was my fault.

I've made a code so that every second is written if the warrior rides the tower:

enter the description of the image here

Again (for all those who have already seen other issues), I notice that when only one warrior rides the tower, all is well:

enter the description of the image here

Now, when several warriors ride the tower simultaneously, it's not right:

enter the description of the image here

I thought the problem was maybe due to the fact that I wanted the warrior to stay to try to go to the tower when it was overlapping (just to not put an end to the overlap caused by the arrival of a new warrior) and I tried to stop him. move as soon as she rides the tower, but the error persists:

enter the description of the image here

The increase in the size of the collision box worked on a simpler test than the one I did on another project, but I think the cause of the problem is not that. In addition, the collision box of the tower is already huge in this project. I would like to know how to make sure that the overlap between the warriors and the tower is not broken for no reason.

altcoin – Transaction show unconfirmed alternately- Litecoin fork

I have a litter fork. I just installed an automatic miner for the transaction in my altcoin network. I then try to send a piece from one node to another, the transaction is confirmed alternately. This is the first transaction state as Status: 2 / not confirmed and the second status is 0 / unconfirmed, in memory pool. This process continues alternately. In addition, I mention that I have set higher fees for each transaction. I wait a long time and mine more blocks to confirm the second transaction. But no result. Do you have suggestions or solutions to solve this problem? Any help is grateful.

Thank you

bitcoin core – Sendmany unconfirmed parts (minconf = 0)

can anyone help me understand the opportunities if bitcoind RPC.

How to send unconfirmed parts? With the command RPC & # 39; sendmany & # 39; and param & # 39; minconf = 0 & # 39; for an impossible reason. But how to do this kind of transaction, as does the hardwallet Trezor?

And another question. How to send to an address in one transaction (example:
Sendmany also do not allow it.

Thank you in advance.

Unconfirmed Transactions – Why does the Bitcoin-core Wallet application not transmit payment?

Why does the Bitcoin-core Wallet application not transmit payment?

Bitcoin-core Wallet app no ​​delivery transaction.

From March 18th until the date, the Bitcoin-core Wallet application keeps my satoshis with the message "this payment has not yet been transmitted"; they invite you to increase the amount of network charges in the order of 0.000288 satoshis, increases that I paid 2 on 18 and 2 and over the 19 for a total increase of 0.001152 satoshis, more than generous attract the attention of minors (these increments do not record any address). The address generated by
The Wallet Bitcoin-core application after being received and consulted with explorers as blockchain records that "There is no transaction for this address". As additional data, the Bitcoin-core Wallet app received satoshis from the paper wallet. As you can see, it took more than prudential time to get results. I do not know what can happen in the menpool, I do not know who can
to be responsible for the delay, I do not know who to complain about, I only have the Bitcoin interested community that continues to be decentralized. For this reason, if someone can answer by clarifying what is happening with this deficient delay, we will be very happy.
In short, use the Bitcoin-core wallet application to receive a paper wallet, an accepted acknowledgment and the generation of a new address, invite to increase the commission of the network of action which is constituted several times, until present impossible to use the satoshis. Once again the community interested and competent to answer, thank you so much.

Unconfirmed transactions, with low fees

Is there a way to estimate when a transaction or a set of transactions of the same party will be exploited? For example, suppose the company pays a small fee for the transactions.

How could I estimate how long this bitcoin transaction hashing will take?


Thank you

Unconfirmed transaction please help

Please help. I have probably paid the fees too small and now I wait 10 hours until now and the transaction is not confirmed yet.

Is there anyone who can help speed it up?

Transfer from btc blockchain to an electronic wallet, still unconfirmed

I transferred blockchain btc to Elect portfolio. he has as 132 confirmations but on blockchain he is still waiting: 0/3 Status of confirmations. I paid a fee and everything. Is this something normal or is something happening? it's my first post here. thank you so much

unconfirmed transactions – Bitcoin transfer from Localbitcoins to bitcoinblender has never happened?

I am new to this field and would like to ask the following questions:

Last night, I bought bitcoins from localbitcoins. After a few minutes, they were in my wallet. All good.

Then, I initiated a transfer of this portfolio to the address of my deposit bitcoinblender (successful account registration).

The problem is that it has never been presented as an unconfirmed or outstanding balance and is still due – after more than 12 hours of waiting.

I've checked my transaction ID with blockchain info and trade block and it says it's now over 60 confirmations.

Can any one please explain what happened and if my pieces are recoverable or lost?

I am happy to provide more details if necessary.

Thank you very much for your time!