Verify the installation and uninstall with Tasker

I am new to Tasker, I have just received it today.

I want to set up a profile that examines the apps I'm installing and, if it's on a blocking list, uninstalls it.
I saw this answer (to a related question):
Get the new name of the installed application with Tasker

But I still do not understand.

background – How to make passive applications instead of uninstall?

There are applications that I hardly use but that I use and I need it. If I uninstall them, I have to reinstall whenever I need them. But surprisingly, many of them have antecedents and every time I check apps in the background, I see them and they also use a lot of resources. So I stop them but they start again automatically. My phone does not have too many resources (RAM), so I want them to not work if I need it

How can this be possible?

uninstall – Remove Lubuntu from Windows XP computer

When I installed lubuntu in my Windows XP laptop, I chose the LVM installation. I want to delete lubuntu now. If I remove Lubuntu, would Windows XP still be in my laptop? Or did the installation of LVM erase Windows XP from the hard drive?
Is it possible to delete lubuntu while preserving Windows XP on the hard drive?

magento2 – Magento 2. Declarative diagram. How to uninstall a patch without uninstalling the module?

The official docs say it.

Reversible Data Patch – A patch that can be canceled as a module or patch is uninstalled or deleted.

I know that reversible fixes need to implement Magento Framework Setup Patch PatchRevertableInterface and when a module is uninstalled, the logic of the revert () method is called.

How to cancel a fix without uninstalling the module

Uninstall "Firefox Developer Edition" Installed with tar.bz2

I started working with Ubuntu and followed the instructions given here:

install "Firefox Developer Edition". As a result, I first uncompressed the tar.bz2 directory in my private folder and then renamed it "Firefox_Developer_Edition".

Now I want to delete / uninstall.

The problem is that I do not know how. There is no "readme file" or something similar.

I looked around and tried to remove the program via the command line, trying various commands that I found here and elsewhere, but none of them worked. .
Either Ubuntu told me that the command did not exist or that Firefox was not installed on my machine.

I was wondering if the solution to my problem could be to just delete the folder named "Firefox_Developer_Edition"?

I would really appreciate your help in this matter.

Thanks in advance and best regards

If I uninstall Dropbox, does Dropbox delete files from your computer?

If I uninstall Dropbox, does Dropbox delete files from your computer?

uninstall – Reinstall the uninstalled system application for the current user?

So, I've already posted this on reddit, but I could reach a better audience here.
I've "uninstalled" Google Play games using this guide by XDA. Now I need to reinstall it. Here's how I should be able to reinstall the application: install-existing cmd adb package
But there is a problem: my phone is on Android Lollipop, and the command does not exist there. I've manually tried to install apk back, with adb and with the normal installer of the package. The application Settings always says something like Not installed for the user "(translated from the other language).

I therefore have 2 questions:
1) In which Android version was this command introduced?
and 2) How can I recover this app?

PS: I have root access, but I would prefer a non-rooted solution.

Valet-Linux No Internet After Uninstall

I've uninstalled valet-linux on my machine (ubuntu-18.04) using uninstalling the valet
after the uninstall, I can not connect to the Internet. Thanks in advance

ref: https: //

Can we disable / uninstall Google Apps from Realme2 Pro (Color OS 5.2)?

Let me know, can we disable / uninstall Google Apps like Chrome, Keep etc. Realme 2 Pro (Color OS 5.2)?

If so, please let me know, how?


uninstall – How to remove the package uninstall notification (in the notification bar)?

I installed the game Tower Fortress from Playstore and after uninstalling it, this notification remained stuck in my notification bar and did not go away!
It's been more than 4-5 hours and it stays stuck!

Experts plz help me!
My phone: – Lenovo K8 Android Note Oreo

Screen capture