Failed to install and uninstall the SQL Server 2017 instance

when it comes to running sql server 2017, it will not start the installation process,

the installation process page and it just disappeared and did nothing.

SQL error

and also he will not let me uninstall the existing instance.

plugin wp seo yoast – uninstall yoastseo

I've installed the YoastSEO plugin on my site. And the site is live. Also, I have already done the configuration by plugin. But, now, I want to uninstall it because of its limited free features.

Does this affect the performance of my site? Can you advise me another better plugin?

How to uninstall Netbeans in Ubuntu 18.10?

sudo apt-get remove netbeans
Reading package lists … Done
Build a dependency tree
Reading status information … Done
The package & # 39; netbeans & # 39; is not installed, so not deleted
0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 18 not upgraded.

How to find the msi to uninstall GlobalProtect in Windows 10?

Could anyone help me solve the problem of the impossibility of finding an .msi file when uninstalling Global Protect under Windows 10?

enter the description of the image here

Can not uninstall an application

I downloaded a location application not via Google Play and, after having disabled all permissions, still in my apps.

Root Access – Can I still update apks currently on my Android device with an apk updater app if I uninstall the package installer?

If I had to find a way to disable the installation via ADB, install an APK update application that automatically updates the applications, then uninstall the package installer, the updater apk would it be always able to update existing applications on the user could not install new applications if no other installer had root permission? If not, how can I do it without installing parental control apps or monthly subscriptions?
Link to the previous question for reference here

applications – How can I make an application impossible to uninstall or at least very difficult too?

I want "DisableChromeIncognitoMode" to be uninstalled or at least very difficult to uninstall. I would also be unable to change its settings to "off" (which means I can use the incognito mode). Or I would just be unable to use incognito mode on chrome. (It makes me waste time when I use it for … (° ͜ʖ ͡ °) … purposes)

I will only use my phone as a last resort, but breaking the warranty seems to be a little too much just to remove incognito.

windows – Uninstall the USB DEVICE driver completely (mouse or keyboard)

Is there a way (in addition to the device manager) to uninstall and easily remove the device driver, since the PC has become as it was before the driver was installed?

details: I've plugged in a new USB mouse, everything worked fine (without it being necessary to install a driver). However, I also installed the "Recommended Driver" software for this mouse, but after that this mouse started to behave incorrectly. I've tried all the uninstall methods, but the problem persists. I want to uninstall everything related to this.

Unable to uninstall Ubuntu – Ask Ubuntu

wanted to try Ubuntu and was disappointed. It's too difficult to work with the system used for MACOS and Win.

I have tried to uninstall Ubuntu and I can not do it. Guides followed with ways to remove Ubuntu.

  1. Tried boot disk repair
  2. Tried uninstall the operating system of Ubuntu directly

Do not work.

The prompt is "No operating system found on the system", that is, there is nothing to delete.

I am stuck and I can not use the computer as I want it.

Please help!

  1. I want to go out Ubuntu
  2. I want Windows 10 to come back on



My phone restarts when I try to uninstall this application and it remains installed.

This application named "Handwriting Fonts for Samsung, Oppo and HTC Phones" behaves like a virus. Whenever I try to uninstall it, my phone restarts (or probably reboots) and the application is not uninstalled. When I checked the reviews, there were other people with the same problem. Please help.