9.0 Pie – Are there any shortcuts to adjust the brightness unintentionally on a Huawei Nova 3i (Android 9)

I try to help a visually impaired older person with his phone. She found that when the automatic brightness setting is turned on, the screen is too dark for her to see.

Without the automatic brightness enabled, it somehow manages to reduce the brightness by mistake. I wonder if there is a shortcut that reduces the brightness.

gm techniques – How can I manage a player (unintentionally) fly the spotlight?

Recently, I replaced a friend as a DM for a D & D game.
During this match, I came across something that I did not expect: one of the players was too good.

When I say "too good", I'm not talking about his character being mastered, but the player himself having the time of his life playing the role of his bard.

Now, I have no problem with someone who likes role playing, quite the contrary, the problem comes from the fact that the rest of the party (3 players) was not all to made at the same level of intensity.

This disparity meant that the game was turned into a 1-on-1 with the bard. Usually, in this kind of situation, I tend to pay more attention to retired players, interacting a little more often with them. But in this case, every time I did that, they almost always found a way to give the spotlight back.

A simple example:

At one point, the group witnessed the irritation of a girl by a group of thugs. I therefore asked one of the other players (a paladin) what he was going to do, his answer was, word by word:

I think we should let the bard handle that.

That's the kind of answer I got for almost every problem I asked them.

Another example:

The adventure is strongly based on riddles, fighting is rather rare. The DM had prepared a dungeon with a custom puzzle for each class.

  • 1 puzzle for the paladin, where the goal was to identify which object
    among many was mean.
  • 1 puzzle for the ranger, where the goal was to guide the party
    through a labyrinth that took the shape of a forest
  • 1 puzzle for the cleric, where the goal was to reconstruct a story
    fragment, related to different deities
  • 1 puzzle for the bard, where the goal was to sing the good song for
    a creature to lull him to sleep

Of all these riddles, only the paladin solved his enigma without asking the bard to do it for him. All the other puzzles were essentially done by the bard, at the request of the other players.

So my question would be:

In this kind of situation, how can I prevent a single player from monopolizing the attention, while all other players still refuse to be in the spotlight?


This problem was also noted by the usual SM of the group and he did not find a solution either.