branding – unique ID for 2 multiple search fields

Try this jQuery code, it will find all entries that contain an identifier with "Search *", create a value of 0, then add 1 and then change the identifier so that you can individualize it.

$ (document) .ready (function () {
var counter = 0;

$ (& # 39; input[id*="Search"]& # 39;) .each (function () {

var currentID = $ (this) .attr (& # 39; id & # 39;)
$ (this) .attr (id, currentID + counter)
against ++


Sell ​​- Unique Automotive Software Niche Site – Adsense

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It's a pretty simple, easy-to-use and clean-up template that uses WordPress with some clever links – they've generated revenue but have nothing to complain about against it – but that's where the new owner can build it and build it more.

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Real reason of sale, cleaning otherwise I would keep it – totally unique.

As you can see, these are just a few of the keywords from the engines that have already reached the site!
key terms.PNG

How is it monetized?
Google Adsense – Smart Ad Placement

Is this site provided with social media accounts?

How long does this site take to run?

The domain is registered with GoDaddy, so it's free!

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Paid – $ – Hiring a unique social gaming platform | Promotion Forum

A flawless stay

Hive Gamurs is currently looking for people who are passionate about video games.

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You will be part of the forum team. You will help ensure that our forums are clean and free of spam. You will be asked to maintain active status on the forums while performing your moderator duties.

Discord ModeratorOpen / Volunteer
Your role will be to ensure a healthy active environment within the discord. You will help moderate discord at your discretion. We are looking for friendly members able to stay active in the daily discord. Join:

Editor-in-chiefOpen / $ Paid
You will be responsible for a team of editors. You will need to re-read all articles before they are published. You will also need to write articles and reviews from time to time. See below.

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Your responsibility for being a publisher is to write articles and reviews for Hive Gamurs. You will need to create content for the latest news, updates and game trailers. From time to time you will also need to write reviews for the latest games.

The knowledge of the game and its interest will certainly be needed here as well as the ability to search and find content on which to write. You must be fluent in English and have proper spelling and grammar.

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Back-end developerOpen / $ Paid
We are looking for talented developers who might be interested in a unique project to create a custom work. You must be fluent in Python and Flask.

Previous works / portfolios must be available.

All work requiring payment will be paid in advance in USD and only via PayPal.

Contact information:
If you are interested in any of these jobs or game servers and would like to know more or have suggestions, contact us!

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Alternatively, you can also send me a MP on this site!

Hilbert spaces – How many unique ways to add unit vectors?

I'm working in a projective Hilbert space and I've $ n $ vector unit as the basis. I'm trying to find out how many unique linear combinations can be created only by adding or subtracting once from other basic vectors.

My naive attempt was simple to count: for our first vector, we have $ 2 * n $ options: $ + V_i $ or $ -V_i $. So we have as we go through: $ 2n * 2 (n-1) * … * 2 = 2 ^ n * n! $ but that certainly matters, as $ V_a + V_b $ and $ -V_a-V_b $ represent the same vector in a projective space. What is the contribution of these duplicates?

c # – Unique entity identifier in domain-driven design

I'm just learning DDD and a question that comes to my mind concerns unique identifiers in an entity.

Consider this simple method that checks the uniqueness of an entity to avoid duplicates:

                private bool IsDuplicate (BoardGame boardGame)
// that's it
if (Games.Any (x => x.Id == boardGame.Id)) returns true;

if (Games.Any (x => x.Name == boardGame.Name && x.Price == boardGame.Price)) returns true;

returns false;

The first method is very clean and readable.
The problem is that we usually do not have the value of Id
before the item is persisted somehow
because it is managed by the ORM.

The second method is the way an object is considered unique
from a domain point of view. We can evaluate this uniqueness before
persist the object
But the disadvantage is that things get complicated when the uniqueness of an entity becomes more complicated.

Now the question is whether this field of identification is not redundant.
should not we check this uniqueness with domain perspective anyway?
why not have, for example, a composite / composite key on the ORM / Persistence side?

Of course, this is an example. The name or price may change, but remember, I said that in the domain perspective, the name should be unique.

Consider creating a member entity, with its SSN as the unique identifier.

I'm looking for unique business ideas | NewProxyLists

I will share my 3 unique ideas. This could cost you tens of thousands of US dollars at the experimental stage and hundreds of thousands of US dollars if the company failed. But that could make you a multimillionaire if it becomes a success. It's easy to think of a unique business idea – every problem, there is an opportunity.

1. Barber helmet – a kind of helmet that you simply put in your head to have the desired hairstyle in less than a minute.

2. Glass 2 in 1 – a kind of glass that you can put soda on the left side and water on the right side with only 1 hole to sip the liquid. There is a little button that controls the liquid you like to sip.

3. Anti-fogging eye – a kind of glass that stays clear even in foggy weather.

bitcoin core – Invalid -rpcallowip subnet specification: * .Valid represents a unique IP address, network / netmask or network / CIDR

I'm new and all this in bitcoin, but I'm trying …
I've downloaded BitcoinCore and GUIminer, I did the setup for solo extraction (I created my username and my password, I 've got it). I defined the path of the Bitcoin client), but when I tried to launch the Bitcoin client as a server, I received this message. "What could I do?"