Young, one of two unique and British girls [duplicate]

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  • Where can I find other RPG players?

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  • How to find a friendly and inclusive role play group online?

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  • Looking for RPG players online for a face-to-face RPG campaign?

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Well, I am 13/14 years old, I am a beginner in a football club and I know enough Internet to be quite spawned. I live in Cambridge England and I really want to find a good group. I have never played before, but I start a biweekly campaign at a boys' club (except me and one of my best friends) Warhammer and Dnd. It's warhammer a week and dnd the next and so on. I have a story, drawings and statistics for my elven character, but I want to find a safe place where I could possibly join. Charged schedule but the play can be done. I'm open to dirty jokes, swear words and all that, but I live with my parents, so yes. Sorry if it sounds like an ad, but I'm really looking for nerds to relax and play trpg!

laravel – Why "The email has already been taken." If the field is not unique?

Schema::create('users', function (Blueprint $table) {

How can I fix this error if the field is not unique? and I do not want it to be unique

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linear algebra – Is this augmented matrix coherent? If so, is the solution unique?

Consider the following augmented matrices in which * denotes an arbitrary number and ◼️ denotes a number other than zero. Determine whether the given matrices are consistent. If it is coherent, is the solution unique?

Matrix A

Matrix B

These matrices are similar to this question, but I have trouble understanding the answers to this article and how they came to this answer. Any help with understanding the setup here, as well as tips for thinking about solutions, is greatly appreciated.

SQL Server – Junction Tables with All Lines for Each Unique Column Value

I have 2 tables as follows:

    | A        |
    | ty_date  |
    | ly_date  |


    | B           |
    | locationid  |
    | ty_date     |
    | value       |

Let's Table A ty_date from January 1st to December 31st while Table B from January 1st to, for example, August 1st for each location.

I'm trying to join the table so that in Table B each rental has all the dates of Table A with the field value have null values ​​for all future dates.

I have tried FULL OUTER JOIN SURE A.ty_date = B.ty_date but I still miss the reunion logic for each locationid

Any help on which approach can I try?