LowEndBox Weekend Update for July 24, 2021

LowEndBox TV Weekend Update for July 24, 2021This week we covered free cookies (that you don’t want), hard drives driven hard, cyber insurers driven crazy, Afrinic crackdowns, and more! We also had an interview, three tutorials, multiple offers, and some news on one of our community advertisers. It’s all here in the LowEndBoxTV Weekend Update for July 24, 2021.



I’m Andrew, techno polymath and long-time LowEndTalk community Moderator. My technical interests include all things Unix, perl, python, shell scripting, and relational database systems. I enjoy writing technical articles here on LowEndBox to help people get more out of their VPSes.

android – How many users you lose when forcing a mobile app update?

I’m evaluating if forcing my android & iOS users to upgrade their apps by disabling the “default functionality” of the app and only showing an “update message” is a good idea.

Thats why I ask to any experienced folks out there: How many users (on average) you lose when forcing an update?

P.S: Any resource that would help me answer this question is welcome!

I want a plugin to update all product price on a page

I am working on a woocommerce website that sells blinds, How do I get a plugin that automatically updates (with a single click) the price of all products on the shop page once a custom size (width and height of the window) is been selected…

javascript – Update displayed File URL in Media Library modal when it’s changed

I’ve added a Select custom field for all Attachments using Advanced Custom Fields plugin.

When user selects something in that field, the attachment file is moved to a sub-folder, so the path changes from wp-content/uploads/file.jpg to wp-content/uploads/protected/file.jpg. Is there a way to reflect that change immediately in the File URL, without reloading the page?

I noticed there’s an AJAX called being made when the changes are saved. It returns a JSON with the new URL but I couldn’t figure out a way to hook to that data.

enter image description here

unity – moba online game important server game state (update)

I’m creating an online arena game server that players can fight together. 2v2 or 3v3.the game is similar to Battlerite.

i choose client/server architecture with Deterministic server that tells clients about positions and actions , etc. I assume every things is ok and players have good connection so for now i don’t care about prediction or lag compensation. also i use static state update that server sends all needed data to players even if a player didn’t move i send his position. i use udp for my network backbone and 50 ms tick rate on server side then using interpolation for players so they are in past. if command to move, after a period when you get next update you will move.

here is my client code:

    public void loop()
        while (client_started)
            catch (Exception e)
                throw e;
            catch (Exception e)
                throw e;
    private void send()
        if (disconnected)
            foreach (var item in need_ack_packets)

            if (command_sample.has_data)
        catch (Exception e)
            throw e;
    private void receive()
            var data = client.Receive(ref receive_endpoint);

            if (data.Length == 0)

            var pack = udp_packet.from_bytes(data, aes_crypto);

            if (pack.is_ack)
                need_ack_packets.TryRemove(pack.ack_to_message_id, out _);
            if (pack.need_ack)
            if (pack.has_body)
                    on_data_receive?.Invoke(this, pack.body);
        catch (Exception e)
            throw e;

as you see in client side i send data after each server update receive and if an important packet must be sent i send it again and again until server ack for that (i send sample in 50 ms rate too). the movement or attack not important for me but spells are. by the way perhaps i decide to ask for ack on every things i send from client and seems there should not be peroblem.

but my problem is on server side. Let me give you an example :

  • player no 1 send a spell/skill cast assume it’s a powerful strike
    with sword or a roll forward.
  • the packet drop.
  • client send it again.
  • server got it and ack. (100 ms delay until now)
  • in next update server send to all, player no 1 want to cast spell.

  1. what if our own player didn’t get this update ? (as i said there isn’t prediction so he wait until server command)
  2. what if another player didn’t get this update ?

i searched a lot about this subject but can’t find this scenario answer. all documents speak about movement and if an update drops don’t worry it will be sent soon again (50 ms latter).

  1. but what if we have important data like this ?
  2. should i wait until all ack the spell then run it’s animations?

if we ack for those updates perhaps we have next update before important one. and probably we need to ack a lot packets because game based on spell cast and attack etc. and we got network congestion. after all in this scenario we have about 200 ms delay for a spell cast.

by the way please correct me if i have mistake in any step of my work.

postgresql – Postgres per-statement update trigger relationship between old and new transition tables

Is there anyway to associate rows between the old transition table and new transition table for a per-statement update trigger in Postgres? docs

My use-case is that I have a “shadow” table of an existing, concrete table. I’d like to update the shadow table on every UPDATE statement on the concrete table. I know I can use a per-row trigger to accomplish this. Can I use a per-statement trigger instead?

As a concrete example on Postgres 13.3, I’d like something like:

CREATE TABLE product (id bigint, val text /* many more columns */);
CREATE TABLE shadow_product (id bigint, val text);

CREATE FUNCTION update_shadow_product() RETURNS trigger AS
  old_data text;
  new_data text;
  UPDATE shadow_product
  SET id = t.old_id, val = t.new_val
  FROM (
    -- How to handle case where ID changes between old and new?
    SELECT ot.id as old_id, nt.val as new_val  FROM oldtab ot
      INNER JOIN newtab nt USING (id)
  ) t
  WHERE id = t.old_id;

  RETURN NULL; -- per-statement triggers should always return null
$fn$ LANGUAGE plpgsql;

CREATE TRIGGER update_shadow_products_trigger
EXECUTE FUNCTION update_shadow_product();

As a test case:

-- Seed initial data.
INSERT INTO product (id, val) VALUES (1, 2), (10, 20);
INSERT INTO shadow_product SELECT id, val FROM product;

-- Update the primary key which makes it hard to match old to new rows.
UPDATE product SET id = 2 * id WHERE TRUE;

-- Show rows that differ between product and shadow_product.
-- Ideally there's no null values, indicating the tables are the same.
SELECT p.id, p.val, sp.id AS shadow_id, sp.val AS shadow_val
FROM product p
  FULL OUTER JOIN shadow_product sp USING (id, val)

 *  Returns:
 *  +----+----+---------+----------+
 *  |id  |val |shadow_id|shadow_val|
 *  +----+----+---------+----------+
 *  |NULL|NULL|1        |2         |
 *  |2   |2   |NULL     |NULL      |
 *  |NULL|NULL|10       |20        |
 *  |20  |20  |NULL     |NULL      |
 *  +----+----+---------+----------+

I’m not sure sure how to associate rows between oldtab and newtab if primary key changes. One thought I had was relying on row_number on oldtab and newtab without an order clause. Some quick tests seem to indicate the row_number order is stable but I’d prefer a more bulletproof method. Is there a better way?

magento2 – Why the massive product update via admin isn’t working?

The queue system is managed via RabbitMQ, saying that, if you don’t have it configured you won’t have it working. Configure it via the official DevDocs tutorial.

Forcing the execution

To force it via terminal you just need to run this command below.

php -d memory_limit=-1 bin/magento queue:consumer:start product_action_attribute.update

SharePoint 2019 shows blank pages after the KB5001945 Security Update

After installing the SharePoint 2019 KB5001945 Security Update, today all document libraries and lists show nothing but a blank page. This occurs even on the Central Admin site. Does anyone know the best way to fix it? Should we roll-back the CU? Anyone is facing the same issue?

Similar issue is reported here yesterday.

applications – Spyware called System Update Service has been installed on my phone. Rather than removing it, can I reverse attack?

applications – Spyware called System Update Service has been installed on my phone. Rather than removing it, can I reverse attack? – Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange

Why cant I update my business address on my facebook page?

Everytime I try to update my address it says "something went wrong". It is displaying my businesses old address in another city.

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