Tasks – Sharepoint 2013 workflow list item not updated

I have a list and a to-do list.

In my list, I created a "Reason for rejection" column.

In my task list, I created a custom column "Reason for rejection".

in my workflow if the approver rejects a request and completes the Reason for Rejection column in the task list. This should update the reason for rejection column in my list in the submitted form. But it does not work. Can anyone help me?

How are db microservices updated and synchronized during scaling?

1. In case I have MS "MS-1"
2. The orchestration detects a high volume
3. The orchestration creates an additional node with cloned MS "MS-2"
4. "MS-2" get request and updates its database

How MS "MS-1" will be updated with the new insert "MS-2".

Is there an updated (non-Nmap) list of the first 100 or 1000 common ports?

I know that Nmap has an nmap-services file which gives us the list of the first 1000 ports / services found on the Internet. But this list seems obsolete, because the Nmap top 1000 list does not include several services used today (like 27017 / mongoDB, 6379 / redis, 11211 / memcached, etc.). Is there a source other than Nmap, which can provide the updated list of the top 1000 common ports / services used on the Internet?

Can dynamic DNS clients keep updated URL Redirect Records on Namecheap?

Can a URL redirect record on Namecheap be updated with a dynamic DNS client?

I want to serve a website on a non-standard port and therefore cannot use a type A record. I would like it to work as follows:

t1]: server @ x.x.x.x:12345, example.com => x.x.x.x:12345 
t2]: server @ y.y.y.y:12345, example.com => y.y.y.y:12345 

I don't want to have to type example.com:12345. I still want to host to the server port 12345.

Type: A DNS record on Namecheap can be updated by a dynamic DNS client. It’s well documented. What about the type: URL redirection records according to the Namecheap web portal? Can a dynamic DNS client modify these records? Apparently, this is not a real type of recording, but simply a convenience.

php – Find a way to retrieve updated data via the metabox plugin to the web page

I have developed a client metabox plugin to save user details to db and retrieve them from the Contact Us page of my website.

But I have been looking for a way to recover the data to contact us and I have not found a way.

Please review this code and kindly tell me a way to retrieve the updated data via metabox.php at page-contact.php


ID, '_wp_page_template', true);

        if($pageTemplate == 'page-contact.php' )
                'owt-cpt-id', // $id
                'Contact Details', // $title
                'wpl_owt_book_function', // $callback
                'page', // $page
                'normal', // $context
                'high'); // $priority

   /**********Callback function for metabox at custom post type book******************/

 function wpl_owt_book_function( $post ) {
    //echo "

Custom metabox for custom post type

"; define("_FILE_", "_FILE_"); wp_nonce_field( basename(_FILE_), "wp_owt_cpt_nonce"); echo "
"; $phone_num = get_post_meta($post->ID, "telNo" , true); echo "

"; echo "
"; $email = get_post_meta($post->ID, "email" , true); echo "

"; echo "
"; $hours = get_post_meta($post->ID, "hourofOps" , true); echo "

"; } add_action("save_post" , "wpl_owt_save_metabox_data" , 10 , 2); function wpl_owt_save_metabox_data($post_id, $post){ //verify nonce if(!isset($_POST('wp_owt_cpt_nonce')) || !wp_verify_nonce($_POST('wp_owt_cpt_nonce'), basename(_FILE_))){ return $post_id; } //verify slug value $post_slug = "page"; if($post_slug != $post->post_type){ return; } //save value to db filed $pub_tel = ''; if(isset($_POST('txtPhoneNum'))){ $pub_tel = sanitize_text_field($_POST('txtPhoneNum')); } else{ $pub_tel = ''; } update_post_meta($post_id, "telNo", $pub_tel); $pub_email = ''; if(isset($_POST('txtEmail'))){ $pub_email = sanitize_text_field($_POST('txtEmail')); } else{ $pub_email = ''; } update_post_meta($post_id, "email", $pub_email); $pub_hours = ''; if(isset($_POST('txtHours'))){ $pub_hours = sanitize_text_field($_POST('txtHours')); } update_post_meta($post_id, "hourofOps", $pub_hours); } ?>




Phone: 0450749863

Email: info@itsshowtimetowing.com.au

Hours of Operation


Terms And Conditions Click Here

Thank you!

IPad mini will not be updated on iOS 10

I have been trying to update my iPad mini. But I don't know which version it is. And I tried it on the Mac computer, but it says that the current update is iOS 9.3.5. And that won't allow me to create a new Apple account.

Is there a way to effectively test if a newly inserted / updated row matches an SQLite query?

I have an SQLite table in my application which periodically INSERT/UPDATE statements executed against him. I would like to display a view in my application that reflects a query executed on this table and keep it constantly updated as the contents of the table change. Since the table can be large, I would avoid having to rerun the query each time the table is updated so that I can update the view.

One idea that I had was to use SQLite data change notification reminders to be notified whenever a INSERT/UPDATE occurs against the table in question. In my reminder, I have the rowid of the newly updated row, and I would like to see if it matches the query. Assuming the request is available in prepared form sqlite3_stmt, what would be the most efficient way to test if the line would match the query?

uwsgi – Docker compose does not reflect updated docker image

Uwsgi fails with chdir unable to find the directory. Initially it was found that it was because of the change in Dockerfile and to fix this we modified the Uwsgi.ini file / home / cb / mwapi / and forced docker construction with –no-cache.


docker-compose -f docker-compose.prod.yml build –no-cache middlewareapi

After reconstruction when we try to rerun the container still the same problem

docker-compose -f docker-compose.prod.yml up middlewareapi

api_base | node name: 00b1998d2ef4

api_base | machine: x86_64

api_base | clock source: unix

api_base | pcre jit disabled

api_base | number of processor cores detected: 1

api_base | current working directory: / home / cb / mwapi

api_base | binary path detected: / usr / local / bin / uwsgi

api_base | chdir () to / home / cb / mwapi / app /

api_base | chdir (): no file or directory of this type (core / uwsgi.c
line 2623)

api_base | chdir (): no file or directory of this type (core / uwsgi.c
line 1647)

api_base | PostgreSQL started

Strangely, if I launch the docker as a standalone image, I don't see this error

(uWSGI) obtaining the INI configuration from /home/cb/mwapi/uwsgi.ini

* Start of uWSGI 2.0.18 (64 bits) on (Sat 14 Dec 02:21:28 2019) *

compiled with version: 8.3.0 on December 14, 2019 01:19:31

os: Linux-4.15.0-69-generic-78-Ubuntu SMP Wed 6 Nov 11:30:24 UTC 2019

node name: 991302b9ce74

machine: x86_64

clock source: unix

pcre jit disabled

number of processor cores detected: 1

current working directory: / home / cb / mwapi

binary path detected: / usr / local / bin / uwsgi

chdir () to / home / cb / mwapi /

the size of your memory page is 4096 bytes

maximum number of file descriptors detected: 1048576

lock engine: robust mutex pthread

thunder lock: disabled (you can activate it with –thunder-lock)

socket uwsgi 0 linked to UNIX address /home/cb/mwapi/app.sock fd 3

Python version: 2.7.17 (default, 15 November 2019, 07:50:39) (GCC 8.3.0)

Python main interpreter initialized at 0x563d9e241710

support for python threads enabled

the listening backlog of your server socket is limited to 100 connections

your pity for gracious operations on workers is 60 seconds

1,443,554 bytes mapped (1,409 KB) for 12 cores

* Operational mode: preforking + threaded *

WSGI 0 application (mountpoint = & # 39; & # 39;) ready in 1 second on the interpreter
0x563d9e241710 pid: 1 (default application)

* uWSGI works in multiple interpreter mode *

uWSGI master process generated (pid: 1)

uWSGI worker spawned 1 (pid: 7, kernels: 2)

uWSGI worker spawned 2 (pid: 8, kernels: 2)

spawned uWSGI worker 3 (pid: 9, kernels: 2)

uWSGI worker spawned 4 (pid: 10, kernels: 2)

uWSGI worker spawned 5 (pid: 11, kernels: 2)

uWSGI worker spawned 6 (pid: 14, kernels: 2)


docker run -it api_base

I don't know what the problem could be:


COPY ./app/ / home / cb / $ {APP_NAME} / RUN chown -R $ {APP_USER}: $ {APP_USER}

/ home / cb / $ {APP_NAME} USER $ {APP_USER}: $ {APP_USER}

RUN chmod + x /home/cb/${APP_NAME{/entrypoint.prod.sh

ENTRYPOINT ("./entrypoint.prod.sh")

CMD ("/ usr / local / bin / uwsgi", "–ini", "/home/cb/mwapi/uwsgi.ini")

dcoker compose


container_name: api_base

restart: always

image: api_base

to build:

context: ./middlewareapi

dockerfile: Dockerfile.prod


– api_data: / home / cb / mwapi

– / opt / media_data: / home / cb / mwapi / media


– ./.env.prod

– ./.send.email

depend on:

– db_bd

Need advice

2016 – PnP Powershell – Updated search parameters

My site collection on SP2016 looks like:


I have 3 pages of search results under ../Search:

  • results.aspx
  • results-A.aspx
  • results-B.aspx

Under Site Collection Search Settings and Root Web Search Settings, it uses results.aspx.

For TopLevelSite-A and all sub site below, I want it to use results-A.aspx.

For TopLevelSite-B and all sub site below, I want it to use results-B.aspx.

This is the script I'm using, but it doesn't seem to define it. What do I forget here?

$SiteCol = "https://myDomain/sites/mySiteCollection"
$WildCard = "*/sites/mySiteCollection/TopLevelSite-A*"
$SearchResultsPage = "/sites/mySiteCollection/Search/Pages/results-A.aspx"

$conn = ConnectPnPOnline -Url $SiteCol
$webs = Get-PnPSubWebs -Recurse -Connection $conn | ? { $_.ServerRelativeUrl -like $WildCard }
$webs | % {
    $web = Get-PnPWeb $_ -Connection $conn
    $allProp = Get-PnPProperty -ClientObject $web -Property AllProperties
    Set-PPPropertyBagValue -Key "SRCH_SB_SET_WEB" -Value "{'Inherit':false, 'ResultsPageAddress':$SearchResultsPage, 'ShowNavigation':false}" -Web $web

If I inspected the bag of properties after making the call, it was updated, but on the search parameters page itself, it still inherits from the parent.

Apple Script – How to check if an iCloud Drive file has been updated from another device?

I need to embed code in an AppleScript script I'm working on that is waiting for the update of a specific file, and then, when it has been updated, does XYZ . How can I do this?