amazon web services – AWS Route 53 Failover DNS with Healthcheck not updating IP (even though health check shows failure)

Our goal is to have a Healthcheck continuously evaluate the health of an endpoint. When it becomes unhealthy, we want the DNS to failover to a different IP address. We have set this up but we now realized that it actually doesn’t work (i.e. when the Healthcheck goes red, no failover happens). Here is our current configuration:

A Record

  • Record name:
  • Record type: A
  • TTL: 30 seconds
  • Routing policy: Failover
  • Failover record type: Primary
  • Healthcheck: www
  • Record ID: www-1
  • Value:

A Record

  • Record name:
  • Record type: A
  • TTL: 30 seconds
  • Routing policy: Failover
  • Failover record type: Secondary
  • Healthcheck: www
  • Record ID: www-1
  • Value:

In addition, we have a health check.

OK – so we recently had an issue, where the healthcheck turned red. We got notified via SNS as expected. However, when doing an NSLookup of it was still returning the value for the Primary. We fixed the issue within less than 5 minutes.

Given the TTL and so on configured above, shouldn’t we have seen the NSLookup update to show the Secondary? Is it possible it would take longer to failover? If so, why?

Is there an error of some kind in the configuration above? If so any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Excel: updating cells, restricted by data-validation, when the original source-data changes

In Excel 365, I have two tables; a list of unique names and a list of unique courses. I have a third table to assign a name to a course (many-to-many), using data validation to create a drop-down list for the name and courses.

When I change one of the values in name/course lists, Excel treats the related chosen values in the third table as invalid. Is there a way to automatically update the chosen values when their original source-data changes?

e.g. If I select from “Frod” in the validation drop-down, but the correct “Frod” to “Fred” in the list of names, every instance where I selected “Frod” is marked as invalid (as “Frod” no longer appears in the name list) – but I would like every instance to be updated to “Fred”.

As an added issue, the file will be used stored in SharePoint, so I was hoping for a solution that runs in online Excel as well as desktop Excel. This isn’t a deal-breaker though.


linux – Updating text in a Markdown document with Bash

This is a small script to update my project’s README file. Notes on improvements from any aspect are welcome!

Here is the document it updates. (Executed like so: ./

#!/usr/bin/env bash

export LANG=en_US.UTF-8
export LANGUAGE=en:el

set -eu

domain_linecount=$(cat black_domain.txt | wc -l)
ipv4_linecount=$(($(cat black_ipv4.txt | wc -l)-$domain_linecount))
ipv6_linecount=$(($(cat black_ipv6.txt | wc -l)-$domain_linecount))

domain_entries=$(printf "%'d" $domain_linecount)
domain_size=$(du -h black_domain.txt | gawk -F't' '{ print $1 }')

ipv4_entries=$(printf "%'d" $ipv4_linecount)
ipv4_size=$(du -h black_ipv4.txt | gawk -F't' '{ print $1 }')

ipv6_entries=$(printf "%'d" $ipv6_linecount)
ipv6_size=$(du -h black_ipv6.txt | gawk -F't' '{ print $1 }')

sed -i 
    -e "s/(<td id="domain-entries">).*(</td>)/<td id="domain-entries">$domain_entries</td>/g" 
    -e "s/(<td id="domain-size">).*(</td>)/<td id="domain-size">${domain_size}B</td>/g" 
    -e "s/(<td id="ipv4-entries">).*(</td>)/<td id="ipv4-entries">$ipv4_entries</td>/g" 
    -e "s/(<td id="ipv4-size">).*(</td>)/<td id="ipv4-size">${ipv4_size}B</td>/g" 
    -e "s/(<td id="ipv6-entries">).*(</td>)/<td id="ipv6-entries">$ipv6_entries</td>/g" 
    -e "s/(<td id="ipv6-size">).*(</td>)/<td id="ipv6-size">${ipv6_size}B</td>/g" ./.github/
# xmlstarlet is probably better to handle this

2012 Mac pro on High Sierra 10.13.6 doesn’t play DVDs anymore. Can this be remedied by updating driver?

So my macbook is getting on but still functioning well for everyday purposes. However the other day I took out a stack of arty DVDs from the local library and not one of them is recognized by mac, which honestly has probably not tried playing a DVD for years. I read somewhere this might be down to iDVD not working on High Sierra. Either way, has anyone else experienced this and knows of something I could do to view DVDs again without splashing out on a new machine? Software or driver etc, ideas welcome

Error after updating Woocommerce plugin

Error after updating Woocommerce plugin – WordPress Development Stack Exchange

man in the middle – Have I just experienced a MitM attack or is my ISP updating my hardware without my permission?

I was casually surfing the web when suddenly the antivirus on my laptop started warning on supposed ARP Spoofing attacks coming from my router’s IP, which got blocked.

The internet on my phone continued to work completely fine, but on my laptop after the blocking occurred all packets sent to IPv4 addresses got timed out. What has happened here? The internet is fine now on IPv4 and IPv6.

Maybe I’m just paranoid and the ISP was somehow doing maintenance or something like that?

P.S. I could only access the router thru the DNS name and not the IPv4 IP address for some reason too…

I am using ESET Internet Security AV solution.

My wordpress theme name isn’t updating straight away

My theme name in the metadata is defined in style.css as

Theme Name: No Contrast
Theme Name: Lap of Luxury

But when I refresh the page in “manage themes” the theme name doesn’t update. Instead it says




I’m using wordpress 5.7.2

ubuntu – Cannot install boost-win32.yml as updating apt-get repository fails

ubuntu – Cannot install boost-win32.yml as updating apt-get repository fails – Server Fault

php – Strict Standards Problem after updating wordpress version : Walker function

php – Strict Standards Problem after updating wordpress version : Walker function – WordPress Development Stack Exchange

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