high sierra – WDF VIOLATION blue screen after upgrade from iMac (21.5 inches, mid-2011) to Windows 10, update (May 10, 2019) (1903)

I have upgraded from a previous version of Windows 10 to the current version. The Windows 10 ISO file has been downloaded from the official Microsoft website. Then the Mac would get the following "Blue screen of death" Error message.

The Windows Support Software has been downloaded using BootCamp Assistant. I have confirmed that the files are identical to those that can be downloaded from the Boot Camp 5.1.5621 support software website. I have installed Windows 10 at boot of the legacy BIOS.


You will find below information about my configuration.

iMac (21.5 inches, mid-2011)
High Sierra Version 10.13.6
BootCamp version 5.1 (version 5621)
Windows Update May 10, 2019 (1903) English edition.

I've also tried a clean install of Windows 10 and it made no difference. The error has always occurred. How can I avoid receiving this error message?

Error upgrading to Ubuntu Server 18.04.2 LTS Upgrade [Python dependencies]

I would like to finish upgrading to Ubuntu Server 18.04.2 LTS, but (as far as I understand), some dependencies do not allow it.

What can I do to solve this problem?

enter the description of the image here

unit – There is no upgrade to convert the LWRP?

I use the version of the unit 2019.1.6f1. I'm opening a new scene with the LWRP temple project. I note the message of all the materials of the scene that I could not understand how to solve it. For example, the puzzle appears in my scene but in the console window, a message tells me

Jigsaw_Mat hardware has not been upgraded. There is no upgrade to convert the Lightweight Render Pipeline / Lit shader into a selected pipeline
UnityEditor.Rendering.LWRP.LightweightRenderPipelineMaterialUpgrader: UpgradeProjectMaterials ()

Any materials showing this message, and I do not know what to do to repair these carpets !!?

Upgrade – Magento is not supported on Windows OS and Mac OS?

I'm trying to move from the community edition of Magento 2.3.1 to the Enterprise Edition of M2. I'm using this Image docker for M2 CE and I'm trying to move to M2 EE.
I have tried the means below:

Upgrading from Open Source to Commerce Magento 2

How to switch from Magento 2.3.1 CE to Magento 2. *. * EE?

but no luck at the moment. I'm always trying and came across this link:


Here is a statement: Operating Systems (Linux x86-64)
Linux distributions, such as RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian and others.

Magento is not supported on:
Windows operating system,
Mac OS

I did not understand this point. Can any one clarify this? I know that Magento runs under MAC OS and Windows. Is there a stack requirement for Magento not to upgrade to Enterprise Edition?

Upgrade to Windows 10 after you have restored the free upgrade to Windows 7?

I have a laptop provided with Windows 7, I have accepted the free upgrade to Windows 10 a few years ago. I had a software problem and came back to Windows 7.

I have replaced the hard drive with an SSD and the problem software has been updated to work with Windows 10.

How to install Windows 10 at this point? I would like to make a new installation if it is possible.

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Reviewed by Davidbendy sure
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Evaluation: 5


Can I upgrade SSIS 2008 packages directly to SSISDB SSIS 2017?

I'm planning a migration of a SQL Server 2008 instance running the Database Engine and SSIS. SSIS is deployed on the file system. Can I copy these SSIS packages to a directory of my new SQL 2017 machine, open them in SSDT 2019 and then deploy them on SSISDB? Or is there another intermediate step or process that I should follow?

Software Update – Mojave Upgrade Notification No Longer Displays

After repeatedly delaying the upgrade from High Sierra to Mojave, the Mojave upgrade notification has not been displayed for more than a month or two and does not show up. more in the Update panel of the App Store. Other software updates still appear.

I could just download it and install it, but I'm not sure that it will keep the files and configurations as it usually does for system upgrades. For example, the installation program requests the target disk, but not the updates.

Is there a way to restore the Mojave update notification, or get and start the update, or any other appropriate method?

My configuration: High Sierra apfs macbook pro mi 2014

Sharpness – Does the upgrade from the P900 to the Nikon D500 and a 200-400 lens make the bird pictures sharper?

While it is true that better material will not make you a better photographer, it is also true that any photographer is limited by the capabilities of the material used.

There is an old adage that has been talking about photography for a very long time:

Speed ​​does not matter.

This is certainly true, but it is only half the truth. The rest of the truth is this:

The speed does not matter – until that is the case.

When the technical capabilities of your equipment are not up to the photos you want to capture, then and only then, the important thing will matter.

When your equipment is important, you will know. This will matter because the material you use will prevent you from doing the work you want to do and you have the skills and knowledge to do it. Until you reach this point, the material you are currently using is perfect. for you.

In the end, equipment with superior capabilities can certainly help. But a better camera will not make you a better photographer. This will simply allow you to make more use of the skills, knowledge and experience you have gained along the way. Part of this experience and knowledge contributes to the ability to choose the best tool for working from the available options.

For more information, see: When should I update my camera body? The answer is equally applicable to goals or whole systems.

I understand what you say ~ thank you. The photo I posted is good but not enough. The wings of the butterfly are not sharp, any more than the antenna. It also seems to have a little too much contrast that I can not delete.

You will probably gain more by improving your technique than by buying different equipment that will still not give the desired results until you improve your technique. It is only when your technique exceeds the limits of the current report that a better report will give you better results. If your current results are at the actual limits of this camera / lens, choose a better lens and camera (in that order). But I bet better results have been achieved with the P900 under similar conditions.

In the case of the photo as an example, the main reason why the butterfly is not sharper is that the center of the target was slightly behind the bird. Look at how much the thorny vine on which the bird is perched is sharper behind the bird than in front of the bird!

enter the description of the image here

It's a technical problem: knowing how to ask the camera to focus on what you want rather than what the camera thinks you want. Your goal was pretty neat, it was just not focused on what you wanted.

browser – after the upgrade, Firefox 60 does not display the check box on the Web site

I have updated Firefox to Firefox Quantum 60.7.0-esr.

The new version of Firefox does not show a check box on a particular website:

enter the description of the image here

for comparison, here is a website correctly displayed in Chromium:

enter the description of the image here

The older version of Firefox correctly displayed the same web page.

How can I solve this problem?