Upgrade / migration / site -> question on site collection in Sharepoint 2010 and Sharepoint 2016

Hoping for some thoughts / advice on the approach for this. I'm in the middle of an upgrade / migration project from an SP2010 to SP2016 environment. Due to gaps in versions, the approach we take is to provision an SP2016 environment, create the required topology, and then use a migration tool (most likely Sharegate) to actually migrate the content from the ; old environment to new environment.

Existing usage is fairly straightforward (there is not a lot of customization) but the volume data is not trivial – it is at least a few hundred GB, currently all in one database content data. For this reason, in the context of migration, it makes sense to reorganize a bit and ensure, for example, that site collections have their own database.

Anyway, the question / advice: there is a sub site from the root site collection which has a lot of content and this is the one I would like to move to its own site collection so that its data can go into a separate content database. The problem is that the URLs will have to stay the same after the migration because they are linked to another system.

I will try to illustrate! Currently, there is a SP2010 server, which we will call SP2010SERVER. There is a CNAME in DNS that points to (with AAM configured AFAIK), for example, SHAREPOINT. So, for now, you can browse the content in SP2010SERVER using the DNS name of SHAREPOINT. There is a subsite, which we will call SUBSITE1, and the URLs are there for example, http: // sharepoint / subsite1. (Note: there are many other subsites and site collections with managed paths, etc.)

We have the new SP2016 server; which let's say is called SP2016SERVER. Once done, the idea is to switch the DNS record so that SHAREPOINT is now pointing to SP2016SERVER.

I need to move the current SUBSITE1 to its own site collection in the new environment while keeping the URL of http: // sharepoint / subsite1. Migrating content to the root site of a new site collection is pretty trivial, I think, but the question is how to keep the URL. I cannot use a managed path (afaik) because if I configured for example, “ subsite1 & # 39; & # 39; as a managed path, it would still need a site collection name after the path.

I have studied host-name (d) site collections as a possible solution. I think in this case you can more or less specify any URL for the site collection, but I haven't used them before and all of the examples I've seen tend to use a sort of subdomain.domain.tld. type configuration.

Would it work for my needs? If not, are there any other solutions or options for this?

I imagine I could get the same thing with some sort of IIS magic / redirect, etc., but I was hoping to avoid that if possible.

Thanks for any thought / help!

Need a suggestion to upgrade to dedicated C2750


I am currently using a dedicated server in the United States with Intel Atom C2750 (8 cores, 2.4 GHz), 8 GB DDR3, 240 GB SSD, 100 Mbps without measurement for $ 12 / month.

Can anyone recommend another dedicated American server with SSD / NVMe and an unmeasured bandwidth of less than $ 30 / month which has better specifications (CPU in particular) but with similar value?

Thanks for your suggestions.

hosting – What is the advantage of being able to upgrade services separately?

One of the advantages always said when using microservices is that you can scale your services separately, so a most used service can have N times more machines / resources than one less used .

However, in doing so, when the least used service is not used, the machine / resource is not used and therefore wastes resources.

The only advantage I see is that the code will be smaller on each machine because each will have a microphoneservice instead of all machines having all the code, but that doesn't seem like a very good advantage, at least no bigger than the disadvantage, to really influence the decision, the code should be overwhelming

So what is the benefit of splitting hosting services?

trains – Can I upgrade my SNCF intercity night ticket once purchased?

I recently booked 2 x London St Pancras – Briançon. This trip involves a change of night train in Paris. I reserved a 6-berth berth because when I tried to switch to a 4-berth berth, I was also upgrading my Eurostar leg. It made the ticket too expensive for me.
So my question is: does anyone know if you can only upgrade the SNCF part of the trip? The ticket is already booked.

Main – Upgrade from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013 – Appearance and usability have not been upgraded

  1. Find out if there are any compatibility issues and resolve them before upgrading the user interface
Test-SPSite http://SPWeb.Com/sites/siteCollection
  1. Actual user interface upgrade
Upgrade-SPSite http://SPWeb.Com/sites/siteCollection –VersionUpgrade -Unthrottled 
 #Unthrottled flag starts upgrading immediately
  1. Find the current status of the upgrade
Get-SPSiteUpgradeSessionInfo –site http://SPWeb.Com/sites/siteCollection

Unable to upgrade Samsung 4 tablet firmware to CM13.0 or Lineage 14.0

I have a Galaxy 4 tablet, SM-T533, running the original firmware 5.1.1. I want to switch to Android 6 (CM13?) Or Android 7 (Lineage 14?) Because the hardware is in good condition. I need at least Android 6 to run a version of Skype that allows screen sharing. I'm not an Android expert at all, but I can follow the basic instructions. I managed to root the tablet using KingoRoot and "exposed" development options. When I try to install CWM or TWRP (which I think are required to install new custom firmware / ROM), I get a "signature error" with messages like

Find update package …

Opening the update package …

Checking the update package …

E: No signature (188 files)

E: Verification failed

When I restart the tablet, I get the Samsung dialogs for Android 5.1.1 to configure the tablet name, my name, my wifi password, etc. I can start in download mode, HOME-VOL down-Power. But if I try to start in recovery mode (?), HOME-VOL up-Power, the SAMSUNG start screen is displayed, then turns off and that does not do than turn. I can get the screen to select a ROM to install.

I have tried this upgrade about 6 times and have read as many different instructions as I can find on the XDA developers or on the YouTube videos that I can find. So I think I'm going through all the necessary steps – but maybe not. Or maybe the firmware I downloaded just doesn't work for my tablet. Can anyone help me update the firmware of this device – I think the hardware still has a lot of life – and I don't want to exchange it if the firmware can be upgraded at the level. Thanks in advance.

upgrade – migrate a sharepoint subsite 2013 to 2016

What is the error you get when migrating the content database, could you share it here? About common troubleshooting in content database migration, you can refer to the article below:

SharePoint migration: basic tips and tricks in a migration project

In a second approach, you can use the third-party migration tool like sharegate, Metalogix or the Microsoft SharePoint migration tool.

Sharegate and Metalogix – a trial version is available, you can download it and the Microsoft SharePoint migration tool is a free version, you can also use it.

Upgrade my Nikon D60 camera … should I look at a used D300 (s)?

my Nikon D60 is a great little camera, but again it's limited in the range of lenses that can be mounted, flash sync speed, shooting options, degraded quality of image at higher ISOs etc. It's good, but I'd love to try something a little more advanced. If I could buy new, I would probably go for a D7500, but the body alone is quite expensive (at least in the 500-600 EUR range), so I was thinking of buying older refurbished or slightly used models (format APS-C).

Now the Nikon D300 (and the upgrade 300s) are both models from the time of the D60's release (2007-2009) – which means they're quite old! Of course, their age means that shooting in low light and high ISO will not be as good as with newer models, but they do have the advantage of being reasonably priced. (200-300 EUR). And, at the same time, they were designed as professional quality APS-C cameras.

I would like to get a model that I won't have to replace soon and that will have all the features I could reasonably need. The video is nice (300s), but it's not a break.

Are these two models still a good buy today? Or should I look for newer used models in the 5xxx or 7xxx range?

Magento 2.3.3 after the upgrade address is not returned

I just upgraded the Magento store to the latest version after upgrading wherever printing address formatting instead of address

enter description of image here

does anyone have any idea how to debug the same …?

sharepoint server – The database is too old and the upgrade required for the service application database

I am facing the error "Database is too old and upgrade required" in Central Admin for StateService and SecureStoreService database, but when I ran "Get-SPContentDatabase", the NeedsUpgrade property "False" is displayed for the two databases above. Can someone help solve this problem and how to upgrade these databases.