seo – Is there any evidence that Google prioritizes indexing for more urgent matters?

I'm curious to know if there is any evidence or comments from Google indicating that they prioritize page indexing based on the urgency of the topic? For example, there is a lot of COVID-19 information that is obviously urgent. Is there any indication that Google would give priority to indexing these pages on pages not related to viruses?

If not, should we assume that the main priority would be based on Google’s domain quality ranking and frequency of published content?

email – Phishing attempt ?? – EML attachment from a "trusted source" can be urgent and important, or malware / phishing

I usually don't feel competent enough to ask decent questions, let alone answer them here. But, it's rather urgent, so be patient with me:

I CANNOT say if the "secure encrypted message" that I received in an email from a "state agency" was genuine or malicious! I was a bit (reluctantly) expecting an email from this service and their email signature seemed authentic. Unfortunately, they may or may not have attached this file, which allegedly contained the body of the message in the form of a "secure attachment message" * .EML.

I couldn't open the secure message attachment, which was the first hint of a problem. (I also don't want to call them and then have them read the message, which would spark a conversation I'm not prepared for, without first knowing what the message was talking about.)

As I started to work hard to open the attachment. As I failed and searched, my discoveries seemed more and more disturbing. I will keep this question up to date with any missing details.

  • Received a seemingly valid email from a known state agency, from a known person, from a known division with which I do business.
  • Message body in plain text:
    "Please find attached." (?? Strange formulation -> "& # 39;FIND"gasket" ??)
  • The (real) message was attached, encrypted and visible only to the recipient of the email to which it was addressed. The attachment then had to be opened by the email client (Gmail-web). I have done this once or twice before, so it is a pain, but not unknown.
  • The ATTACHMENT of the email was then "displayed in a NEW WINDOW" in Chrome and Vivaldi with similar if not identical results: https: // ??????????? ??? .. (etc.) /: WHO SAID:

"You are viewing an attached message. Company mail cannot verify the authenticity of the attached messages.
Your document is finished "


"Mrs. (known person)"
"(State agency known)"

"This PDF is password protected,"
"(KNOWN PERSON) has sent you an important vital file to review."


"Please take a look and let me know if these are ready to print."
(HUH ?? Why let you know ?? And, why print, instead of seeing ??)
"Please open with your professional email."
(HUH ?? "Please", "Professional email "Who speaks like that ??)
"Log in with your email and password to view the file."

  • So, I clicked on the email link and tried to log into my company's GMAIL account.
  • It seems that the connection to my account was successful, but he then told me that I should verify my account and provide (either) the recovery phone or the recovery email address.
  • I provided a valid phone number, which failed with an error.
  • Then I tried my valid recovery email address, which also failed with an error.
  • I have tried Vivaldi and Chrome, and all of them have failed each time. (I assumed it was opening a window without cookies, so the connection to Google came from an unknown new page.)

At this point, I started to googling the URI and other things –

  • Hmmm strange domains (TLD) .TK ?? Search URI = NO hits.
  • Searched (TLD) .TK – not good — He said that 95% of .TK traffic is malware / spam.
  • You searched for the other URI listed above = no results. Uncool.
  • I changed all my PW emails. I have checked the strange connections, but I have seen nothing strange. (If I provided my credentials to the bad guys, they are a bit slow today. So maybe I dodged a bullet.)
  • I checked / scanned the downloaded file with Windows Defender – no detection
  • I have submitted the file to Total Virus – no detection per person.
  • I also submitted the two URIs listed above, and I only found one hit from an unknown security company, which probably reported the * .TK as probably a "bad URI".

At this point, I'm not at all sure what to do … I do NOT want to call them and start a conversation that might later deny "plausible denial of having received this notice". OTOH, I can't ignore it too long either.

RANT: I ​​hate all these "protections", which invite malware to be easily inserted. Then you rely on ordinary users to determine if the attachments are safe ?? Few users are smart enough, and I know I am not. (Although I am not a total security idiot because I am more careful and knowledgeable than anyone I know.)
If Adobe wants to provide tools like this, fine. Then please make it much easier and obviously safe for senders and (very novice) readers. For example, use URIs from and never use TLDs that are also used for malware. If you provide security tools, please do not rely on the IT staff of these agencies to try to train users to use these tools correctly with the public, most of whom have never opened a "secure attachment" , and even less how to open them (OR NOT), safely.

Woocommerce / Sensei urgent question

Hello Woocommerce lovers

I have a very urgent question to ask about Woocommerce and the Sensei plugin. I need a certain user role for people who buy a course from us on our website.

Basically, ideally, I would like to create a user role in WordPress, then when a new person buys a Sensei course from us, they will be named a certain user or group. I can then change the capabilities of this role / user group.

Has anyone ever done this before and has any advice?


Urgent bug – Anchor with UTF-8 character deleted -. :: GSA SEO & Marketing Forum ::.

Hi @sven,

All anchors with UTF-8 characters have their character deleted when they are published.

I am using the new custom import URL / anchor match to post my links.

I just noticed it today and it happens 100%.

Anchor example:


Outings like:


Even the use of the Euro € symbol is completely removed on all anchors.

I just figured this out after posting dozens of links, and now I have to go back and fix them all …

Please let me know if you are able to identify this bug …

Rack911, why don't you respond to CRITIAL / URGENT emails from your paying customers?

The initial configuration and support were excellent, but now they have completely deteriorated. Do you even want us as a customer?

5 to 10 emails already sent to the team, I don't know why they don't respond to their emails. 24 hours have passed since the first email received the answer "Yes".

Everything I need to know is going on and if they can't, I could hire someone who could.

I don't understand why a paying customer is treated this way.

Their phone number 1855-722-5911 is not going anywhere either.

I'm not even talking about server upgrades – no upgrades have been done in 2 years now after multiple requests.

Gentlemen, this is not a serious matter.

Need urgent help to get from Cpanel to Plesk

My current hosting company has just become bezerk and has been offering shit service for 8 weeks.

I have an urgent need to move my websites from their current Cpanel.
The new accommodation is Plesk.

What are the best recommended methods?
Pitfalls to avoid?

A new hosting company says there's an automated change thing … from Plesk.
But I don't want to rely on it.

I am making Cpanel backups – but I assume these are only useful if you are performing a Cpanel restore on another host?
I'm zipping public_html.

DB backup: will downloading the CPanel backup be OK for restoration?
Or should I use PHPAdmin to save?

Thank you.

java – URGENT – ANDROID – Create an application that loads information before any component being initialized

I'm about to take an exam on mobile architectures and I have the following question during an exam from the previous year:

"Consider an application that loads all of the information from a JSON object stored in internal storage (in a txt file), before one of its four typical components is initialized (I assumed that they meant activity, service, broadcast receiver and content provider). Explain all the procedures and objects created to create it. "- I just translated it from the Portuguese, so I'm sorry for any translation errors.

I (think I) know that I need a JSONObject and a JSONArray to decrypt the information, as well as the openFileOutput method to load the information. The only thing I have no idea is when and how. This type of question drives me crazy but that's what it is. Ideas?

(URGENT) Indian passport wires come off, India travels in 2 weeks

I live in the United States and I have an F1 visa and an Indian passport. I am traveling to India in a few weeks and my passport has worn out. The seam that holds the inside pages and the cover comes off, and only 2-3 threads remain.

Will the Indian Embassy solve this sewing problem? Can they do this?

I also plan to issue a new passport. But my appearance has changed a bit, my Indian address is different and my father's name is different (only last name). Can I apply for a tatkaal passport? It doesn't matter if they keep the same information and photo, but when the embassy sees my other support documents, they might see a clear change of address, photo and name. dad.

In addition, if I have a new passport, I should always keep my damaged passport as it contains my visa. Immigration and customs can still stop me from saying that my damaged passport is badly damaged and have the damaged passport delivered to me, right? Is there an easy way to get all my student stamps and visa on my new passport without going to the embassy?

Also, I think my paasport was marked as "damaged" by immigration the last time I traveled

Need a blog on an urgent basis

Hi, I need a research blog of more than 800 words on an urgent basis and today only, please quote only if you are able to deliver the same from here tonight.

The subject is related to Lead Nurturing. Only respond if you are able to provide quality content with research sources and data in the article.

Let me know if you have any questions.

(Urgent) PHP variables and MySQL database

I need help with something I want to do but I can't.
I will explain to you:

I need to give the value of an entire row of my database to a variable

For example, that my variable ($ var1) is the line of ID 1 in my table and that ($ var2) is the line of ID 2, so that when I use $ var1 I can display the data in the row … no I know that if understood, I hope so

I let capture my table
MySQL table
But I don't see how to generate the request …

I also leave my code to see my request and my table where I want to print the result

// Inicializo las variables con valor nulo
$dato1 = "";
$dato2 = "";
$dato3 = "";
$dato4 = "";

$consulta2 = "SELECT * FROM productos";
$resultado2 = mysqli_query($conexion, $consulta2) or die("Algo ha ido mal en la consulta a la base de datos");

Producto Precio Eliminar

I'm trying to show me the data for each row for each button respectively
Buttons and respective TEXT
But I understand that

This is the code for each button
Code buttons
I changed the name and identifier of the third entry to "quantity" after taking the capture.