url – Bloat Index Killing My SEO Site

I have a strange problem with my WordPress site that has no common solution.

It's been two months since I was turning my Lifestyle blog site into a book-based blog and removing over 400 posts.

I only have 94 articles left, but the fact is that search engines are now indexing thousands of URLs on my site. Google has hit more than 23k urls while bling is at 1.4k.

After much research online, I found that this problem is called index index and it is common for e-commerce sites to delete a lot of content.

Solution? Use txt robot to ban each of these thousands of URLs. This kind of work is out of the question.

I ran a site: searching for mysite.com on google search and saw thousands of these URLs. It's mainly my home page and my repeat blog pages, again and again, thousands of times. Originally, I went from blogging to WordPress, and then I successfully changed the URL structure from .html to /. Now all these dead URLs have become alive, every URL that has existed on my site, even those added by a malware, a year ago, that I have cleaned with 2 reinstalls of WordPress. Thousands of URLs are now indexed but the traffic is zero!

It's been over 2 weeks now and no change. What do I do? Get another domain or just wait?

Personally, I would prefer to have a new domain because the number of dead URLs on this site is now shocking, but I'm afraid Google will take some time to index the new domain and generate traffic.

Note: I can not help but wonder if my site has been hacked. A strange e-mail sent to Yandex Webmaster asking me to change my settings when I did not have an account, this only added to this concern.

Trying to access the URL passed from window.open ()

I'm trying to access the URL of the parsed URL from window.open. I know it may sound silly, but I would like to get the value of the URL after the user has done some actions.

Here is the snippet of code with which I played,

What's a friendly URL for SEO?

His SEO techniques consist of using user-friendly URL structures for SEO. A good structure can help the process of indexing your website, but unfortunately, many websites use incorrect and suboptimal URLs.



macos – Fading Safari URL Bar

In Safari (12.0.3 and probably earlier), the URL bar may have an element of fading. I think it depends in part on the content / colors of the displayed page, because the degree of fading changes from page to page and seems stronger for pages whose colors are darker below the discolored section.

Unfortunately, this discoloration can mimic the symptoms of degeneration of the macula if you look at this place on the screen. As such, I want to rid myself of it.

How can I turn off this discoloration?

enter the description of the image here

php – Adds a variable in the URL so that the user is redirected

Hi everybody How are you?

So I develop a prototype for my startup and I end up having some difficulties.

I use WordPress and, basically, the user will have access to a series of offers after registering / logging onto the platform.

By clicking on one of these offers, the user is redirected to the partner site with a tracking link in order to be able to identify that we are the ones who generated this traffic.
Example of a link followed by the partner: "http://ad.zanox.com/ppc/?XXXXXXXXXXXT"

The question is: we must also identify to whom the user is redirected. To do this, we need to add a unique parameter and identifier for each user.
Example: http://ad.zanox.com/ppc/?XXXXXXXXXXXT&zpar0=546785

O.B.S: This parameter (zpar0 =) is standard, you must always repeat … the identification that must be unique for each user.

I've used PHP to retrieve information from the logged-in user (user name + cpf)

O.B.S: "um_user" is something specific to the member plugin I'm using.

I'd now like to know how to add this variable "$ id_unico" in the URL, when the user clicks on the company's image and is redirected.

I started taking basic web development courses and I study the subject, but I am still very profane. Your help will help me SO MUCH.

thank you so much

categories – get_category_link () returns the site URL plus a slug, the result is http://site_url.com/http://site_url.com/my-slug.

I use the following code to access my categories:

<? php
$ categories = get_categories ();
foreach (categories $ as category $) {
echo & # 39;
  • html – The web server redirects to the root URL, causing problems in analysis.

    Creation of some UTM utm campaigns with Google. Here is an example:

    but every time I click on the URL, it goes to the appropriate website, but on the root URL www.sweetspottees.com. It seems that everything is deleted after the .com, which prevents Google Analytics from not tracking when the user clicks on the URL.

    Does this have anything to do with the server settings or something in the htacces file that makes it change the url?

    No suggestion?

    Thank you. This is a wordpress site from elsewhere.



    The inspection of Google Index in URL is incorrect

    The "Google Index" tab in "URL Inspection in the Google Search Console" displays incorrect information (https://www.dropbox.com/s/dvifnkv144noanj/incorrect.png?dl=0), while the "Live Test" tab displays correct information (https://www.dropbox.com/s/bkh1je2ntybmoco/correct.png?dl=0). As far as I know, the results should be identical, with perhaps some delay in the next indexing, but the results remain different for a long time. Finally, in the search for masks, he shows me the incorrect version (https://www.dropbox.com/s/7yiiv3062mjl8d7/result.png?dl=0).

    SP2013 Designer Workflow Creating a URL to Send by Email Opens a Document Format Element Doc

    I have created an InfoPath form and have it published in a form document library in SharePoint 2013. I create a workflow in SharePoint Designer that sends an email with the URL of the 39; form element to the approver for that he clicks and approves. I can not create the appropriate URL to open the form I created in edit mode.

    Yelena T posted this at one time or another, but I continue to receive the message. Does anyone see a flaw in this or have another suggestion? Thank you

    Here is a link for workflow email to the form element of the SharePoint 2013 Forms Library.

    [%Workflow Context:Current Site URL%]/_layouts/15/FormServer.aspx?XmlLocation=[%Workflow Context:Current Site URL%]NameofYourLibrary /[%Current Item:Name%]& ClientInstalled = true & DefaultItemOpen = 1

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