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Yeah, I know why are you searching for the query of How to earn money from shrinkearn. Because Earning money from a URL shortener is one of the best ways of earning money online.

There is much reason behind to tell this method the best method of earning because it doesn’t require any specific skills and invest to earn from it. Only you have to promote some shorten links and get click on it to earn money



earn money from shrinkearn

earn money from shrinkearn


But there is a big problem in earning from link shortener like shrinkearn. You have to bring clicks on your links which is not an easy task.

If you do not know the correct way. If you want to know, then this post kept going through concentration. is a URL shortener from where you can shorten any longs URL.

For shortening longs URL from shrinkearn it pays u a small amount of commission which shrinkearn earns from showing ads between long URL and shorten URL.

You should use shrinkearn link shortener because of the following reasons which are given below:

  • It pays $ 15–20 for every 1000 clicks or visits.
  • Easy to use and user-friendly interface for users.
  • Provide you a 20–25% referral commission.
  • 1-day payment.
  • All payment options are available (bank transfer only for Indian users).
  • Great CPM compared to other websites.
I think all those reasons are enough to from link Shortener.

Now, you know about why you should use links shortener site. After that next question that comes in your mind was

How to join the Shrinkearn URL shortener site?.
Let’s Digg into it and know how to sign up in shrinkearn.

Joining URL shortener sites is not very complicated. All you have to do is open the signup page & enter your email address and create a password for that particular site.

Steps for Signing Up in Shrinkearn URL shortener site are:

For signing up into shrinkearn Url shortener first you have to visit the shrinkearn signup page.



Shrinkearn Signup page

Shrinkearn Signup page


All you have to do after that is sign-up and create a password for and then log in and you will see a dashboard as shown in the image below.



Shrinkearn Analytics page

Shrinkearn Analytics page


Now you have successfully joined the shrinkearn link shortener site, but now you have to shorten any link to share it and make money from this Url shortener site.

First, copy the long URL you want to shorten. After this, login to the Shrinkearn dashboard.



Shrinkearn Link shortener page

Shrinkearn Link shortener page


Paste your long URL into the long URL section and then click on the short button. Then you will get your short link. Now copy that link and share it wherever you want to share it. Dashboard Dashboard


You can share shorten links in your WhatsApp group, Youtube channel, and website. You earn up to 50- 100 dollars per month. Your earnings depend on the traffic on your link.

Shrinkearn provide the following payments option for income withdrawal



Shrinkearn Payment options

Shrinkearn Payment options


  • PayPal minimum withdrawal limit is 5$
  • Skrill minimum withdrawal limit is 20$
  • UPI minimum withdrawal limit is 5$
  • Bank transfer is the only available for Indian and minimum withdrawal limit is 10$
  • Web Money Z minimum withdrawal limit is 5$
I have shown my earnings in the image below and I only share this URL in my YouTube channel description.

This is a proof of my link shortener earnings and I have only earned 91$ from 



Shrinkearn Payment Proof


Shrinkearn Payment Proof




If you work continuously on this site then you can earn more than me. If you like this post, pls share it with your friends and family on WhatsApp.

After reading this post, You can now earn money from the shrinkearn URL shortener site easily but you have to do some works.

If this post on shrinkearn link shortener helps you pls make sure you share this article with your friends and family.

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i cants read all the content of my Api data…except through the url

AfDB President, Akinwumi Adesina. The President of African Development Bank, AfDB, Akinwumi Adesina, has responded all the 16 but one allegations levelled against him by whistleblowers. In Adesinas… [+9891 chars]
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Custom function in google sheets, that sees URL (web-link)

I am trying to write a custom function in google sheets.

I am trying to create a function to joint the content of two cells. It works for text, however it does not work if the text contains a web-link (URL). The link is removed.

The code

function combine(...theArgs) {
  var result ="";
  var is_first = true;
  theArgs.forEach( function (value, index){
    if (! is_first) {
      result += "nn";
    result += value;
  return result;

Usage =combine(ref, ref) e.g. =combine(a1,b1)

Acceptable answers: include how to get this function to work, and “Why are you using a custom function, why not use the built in function …?”

mac – I want to write a script to open a fixed URL + whats in the clipboard. Ex: Open Safari to Url+clipboard contents “ contents”

Will this applescript work?

Tell Application "Safari" to open location
end tell

Tell Process "Safari"
   Keystroke "l" using command down

Tell application "System Events" to key code
124 using command down

Tell Process "Safari"
   Keystroke "v" using command down
   Keystroke return
end tell

8 – Fix for “‘csrf_token’ URL query argument is invalid” error during logout

I am creating a set of API endpoints for a mobile app using Rest. For User authentication, I am using the default API endpoints supplied by Drupal. That would be

/user/logout?_format=json&token=<logout_token obtained from login api response.>

I wanted to remove the _format=json from the URL parameter and so I created a custom route with the existing controller just for this purpose. However, I am getting an error.

"'csrf_token' URL query argument is invalid

I am not able to figure out how to remove this error. I had added a csrf_token as an additional parameter with the one I got from successful login. It seems however that the csrf token being validated against is generated somewhere else.

I can remove this error by removing the csrf token entry from the routing file entry but that would be a security violation. How do we fix this error or is there a better way to handle the user logout api endpoint.

google – Error : URL will be indexed only if certain conditions are met

I’ve got a few pages on my site that didn’t index yet. acctually, I removed all url from serp becuase their have an simple style and I wanted to change them (avoiding to error 404 or another error). after that, i tried to index them but i can’t! please give me a guide that its better to i remove all urls from google and then sumbit my site in search console again or try to index them (i try to be patient !);

note: The age of my site is 1 month!

domains – Can I mirror a website and change the URL paths?

Is it possible to mirror a website under a different domain with different subpage urls?

For example:



In this scenario domain b should always update new pages dynamically when new content is added to domain-a?

Is something like this possible assuming I have access to both domains?

Magento 1.9 GET Order List via API URL

Magento version:

Trying to come up with a SOAP api GET request v1 or v2 to bring all the orders list.
Have already read the documentation:

Have already created an apiuser and apikey from the System backend SOAP/XML-RPC with admin permissions.

Tried this with no result.

Im trying to come up with a working URL so i can then import the order list into a Google Sheet.
Can’t use Zapier or Integromat for this.

Uncaught (in promise): Error: Cannot match any routes. URL Segment: Angular

hice un login y lugo redirijo a otro ruoter y en este aparece el header y el footer pero no muestra lo componentes que se cargan en el
introducir la descripción de la imagen aquí

introducir la descripción de la imagen aquí

introducir la descripción de la imagen aquí

php – Url rewriting is not working in filezilla

My url rewriting is not working in filezilla,but it is working in localhost

 RewriteEngine On    # Turn on the rewriting engine
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteRule    ^blog/((A-Za-z0-9-)+)/?$    blog.php?title=$1    (NC,L) 
RewriteRule    ^news/((A-Za-z0-9-)+)/?$    news.php?title=$1    (NC,L) 
RewriteRule    ^success/((A-Za-z0-9-)+)/?$    success-stories/healthcare.php?title=$1    (NC,L)
RewriteRule    ^success-stories/((A-Za-z0-9-)+)/?$    success-stories/download-form.php?id=$1    
RewriteRule    ^download-pdf/((A-Za-z0-9-)+)/?$    success-stories/Download-pdf.php?id=$1    (NC,L)