Backup TO URL S3

Can I do a SQL backup to AWS S3 URL from an EC2 machine
I know that Azure side is possible but I do not know if it is possible AWS side
thank you for your advice

html – Problema ao carregar URL com WebView Kotlin

Estou tentando abrir um html dentro do assets no Android Studio, porém a página fica completamente em branco.

OBS: Quando coloco qualquer link externo, ele funciona.

class MainActivity : AppCompatActivity() {
override fun onCreate(savedInstanceState: Bundle?) {

    val webView = findViewById<WebView>(

    val webSetting = webView.settings
    webSetting.builtInZoomControls = true




Esse é meu XML

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<FrameLayout xmlns:android=""

        android:layout_height="match_parent" />


8 – Ability to show source url in Content view for nodes who have redirects associated with them

I have a content view which displays all nodes on the site in a table with fields. Some of the nodes have redirects associated with them, which means that they have a source url associated with them. I need to display the source url along with the other data in the original view table if it exists.

I planned to use view_hook_query_alter to join to the redirect table but it seems that there are not common fields that we can use to join the table.

web development – Sharing url link does not show thumbnail image on facebook but only title

I try to use FB Debug tools, it’s very useful information. It said support WebP image extension?

but the Question why some posting support ( this one showing )

this one show Image

this one Title only

I’m still finding out the problem, but FB debug tools very useful

Thank you

Can I (dynamically) specify displayed columns using URL for list?

I know how to create a URL using defined (i.e. static named) views for a list/lib. I know that a URL can be created to specify filtering and sorting on a column of a view.

But can a URL itself actually specify which list columns to display?

This is done without creating a named view to specify the display of a list’s columns and then referencing it in a URL. I know that a list’s static/named view is specified in an ASPX file that itself specifies what columns are displayed, but can the URL basically modify & override that specification, and why can’t a list be displayed without the use of an ASPX file? I am aware of the practical length limitation of the URL in SP (400 chars?) but I only want to indicate the display of 5 columns of the list.

The URL is generated from a web application.

What to do when you have sitemap.xml AND canonical url?

On a project, there is two different URL, that has a lot of the same content. As an example, let’s say:


The https://second-url.example/text/my-post page has defined <link rel="canonical" href="https://first-url.example/text/my-post" /> to suggest to Google that first-url.example URLs should be preferred in Google search results etc.

What should I do or how should I think about what to put in sitemap.xml on the second-url.example site? Should it be the same as the canonical URL, or should it just point to it’s own URLs? How should I think about this?

seo – Do sub-URLs redirected to root URL pass link juice from external links to those deep pages?

Google does not like redirects to the home page. It treats redirects to the home page exactly like the page returned a “404 Not Found” status. Google calls such redirects “soft 404” errors. Redirect to the home page appear in the soft 404 report in Google Search Console.

Google documents this practice it

Google treats 410s (Gone) the same as 404s (Not found). Returning a code other than 404 or 410 for a non-existent page (or redirecting users to another page, such as the homepage, instead of returning a 404) can be problematic. Such pages are called soft 404s, and can be confusing to both users and search engines.

If you want to capture SEO value from these external links you will need keep their old content on their old URL, or on some other deep URL to which you can redirect without triggering soft-404 errors to Google.

seo – What Happen If My Sub-URL Backlinks Redirected to Root URL?

I have a domain that before now, has backlinks to its sub-url like or

Now I want to use this domain and redirect all those sub-url to root url ( because my website is one pager. Does the root url will get extra quality from these backlinks from old sub-url or not?

Can someone who understands SEO / something like that explain to me?

payment methods – how to redirect to external url from observer sales_order_place_after

I want to redirect to my external payment method after place order is Saved, I create an observer for event sales_order_place_after.

Inside execute I put this code

$this->responseFactory->create()->setRedirect($this->url->getUrl(//ExternalURL like http://localhost))->sendResponse();

but I get an error cors and I don’t know how to fix or an alternative to redirect with dynamic variables inside URL like http://localhost/example?variable1=example