apache – What can be a reason of a “The requested URL / was not found on this server” error in case of an addon domain?

Let’s say I have a site hosted on a.example.com. I’m adding an addon domain to the server (shared hosting): b.example.com and point this domain to the server IP address.

Visiting b.example.com provides the same site as a.example.com, since they point to the same server. That’s OK.

Then I’m adding an other addon domain c.example.com and point it to the server IP. When visiting c.example.com I get the error: The requested URL / was not found on this server.

Can you tell me a reason how this could happen? I don’t get it.

How join an existing Google Meet meeting from widget, with an URL?

We have a regular “chat” meeting in our group, and we use a Google Meet URL for this meeting, always the same, and we meet at known times a day. I’ve just received one list with all meets code. How can I insert this meet from my schedule without any e-mail? How can I create “widget” with this received link?.

website – What is a endpoint in a URL query?

I’ve seen a URL that has a query and and endpoint to redirect, such as /i?u. An example is

I understand queries ( which I think it the u=?) and redirects but what it the i end point? If I replace the i with any other character the redirect fails.

Thank you

iis – How to use Application Request Routing and URL Rewrite to redirect a http request to another server transparently?

I have a DNS that is pointing to two servers.
When the http request arrives on any of those those servers I need to redirect to another server (and port)

I need something like this:

http://www.contoso.com/something arrives on server1 or server2
server1 sends the request to http://server3:8888/something and return the response transparently to the requestor, as if the response was sent by itself.

I’ve already installed URL Rewrite and Application Request Routing on the two front servers.
But I don’t know how to write the rules.

Any help is apreciated.

url rewriting – Access files at new location using old file paths

I have a bunch of posts that contain images with urls that follow this pattern:


I’ve imported the posts into a new install of wordpress on the same domain with file structure where the files now reside at


Because “example_directory” is now a category slug, I cannot simply update the new directory structure to mirror the old one.

How can I make the files inside new_directory appear when my browser tries to visit urls at directory/files?

android – Como podria hacer un Get Random para sacar imagenes de una URL

Estoy haciendo una app y quiero que en uno de los Fragment tenga un ImageView y que la imagen sea sacada de una URL que conecta a mi VPS. Me gustaría que me digan como puedo sacar una URL random de la carpeta img de la URL https://imagerandom.com/img(Esa URL es de ejemplo) y proyectarla en el ImageView

Which URL shorterner can post on FB without get ban?

I been using lots of url shortner never spam but easily get blacklisted on FB thus get temp ban post in group

I got site , one section the url is long because is link with affiliate redirect

I do post my site url that long url , but find it too long

Can I use Google Analytics on URL shortener redirects powered by PHP?

I have a short URL website like Bitly which currently redirect users with PHP from my site to a site of their choice. I want to add Google Analytics to the redirect pages but I am stuck on the problem where Javascript is run after the PHP code is executed so it wont work.

Bellow is the last part of the PHP code that redirects users from the short URL to the URL they shortend. I wonder if there is anyway to make this work OR change my code somehow so that Google Analytics can be executed either with PHP or something else that can do the “redirection”?

$shortUrlObj contains the short url code. If the short url is https://example.com/1234 $shortUrlObj contains 1234. fullUrl is the website destination they choose to shorten. So if the user shortened https://stackexchange.com, fullUrl contains https://stackexchange.com

switch ($redirect)
        header('HTTP/1.1 302 Moved Temporarily');

plugins – How to show affiliate URL on mouse hover on add to cart button?

I have an amazon affiliate website. I want to show the affiliate URL i.e the product URL when hover on the ” add to cart button”. I am using Hello theme and elementor pro and for affiliate, I am using the woozone plugin to import products from Amazon.

Please see the image below;enter image description here

sync – Best way to share Shortcut to File stored in SharePoint – Can’t access URL in File Explorer without Opening IE First

I’m trying to find ways to share a shortcut to a file (Excel Add-In) I have stored in MS Teams/Sharepoint.

So far I’ve gotten it to work via “Sync/Shortcut” and by opening the files in explorer and creating a shortcut then copying it.

I looked into opening files via “File Explorer” without using a shortcut/sync feature by using “Classic Mode” in IE to open files, but I noticed that FE wasn’t able to get back to the FE URL unless the user has first opened it via IE and even then, it must be done each restart of the computer! So, that method seems out unless somebody knows a fix for that.

I tried using:

start "" "%systemroot%explorer.exe" "\domain.sharepoint.com@SSLDavWWWRootsites..."


"%systemroot%explorer.exe" "\domain.sharepoint.com@SSLDavWWWRootsites..."

Today I resigned to at least get it working, and setup instructions on how to use “Sync” which is the reccomended method by microsoft, but then I found when I tried to hyperlink the “deploy” script, that MS Word doesn’t allow Environment Variables (%USERPROFILE%Sharepoint...) inside Hyperlinks in a word document!

Now I’m wondering if there is a way I can prevent users from accessing/downloading files unless access via “Sync”, but I don’t like how “Sync” doesn’t make a shortcut under File Explorers “One Drive”.

I see now that if I add a shortcut AFTER sync, it won’t place a shortcut under “One Drive” in FE, but I’m wondering if I add a shortcut, then sync, do I get the benefits of Sync and it’s under File Explorer? Note: I just tried to sync after shortcut and it says “You’re already syncing a shortcut tot a folder from this shared library”.


As it stands now, I think I’ll direct users to hit “Add a Shortcut”, then navigate via “File Explorer” as I can’t use Hyperlinks still to reference “One Drive” in the MS Word document that details this process and then create the shortcut/run the deploy script.

Does anybody have suggestions on a best approach for this?

See https://superuser.com/questions/1434775/hyperlink-to-a-file-using-the-current-user