Need 30 days of website traffic for 345 URLs

Hello to all website traffic providers.

I have a big customer who needs 30 days of website traffic for 345 URLs.

I need around 250 visitors a day for 30 days.

Traffic must come from mixed social media sites, FB, Twitter, Insta, Tumblr, etc.

It must be global traffic, the majority of which comes from level 1 countries, the United States, the United Kingdom, etc.

Please tell me your best offer / price.

Send me a message or add me on Skype.


Thank you!

seo – How to avoid indexing the URLs requested by AJAX without also blocking the page from which the call is made?

We use AJAX to include dynamic context-based content in a normal HTML page. The response to this HTML call is an HTML segment without HTML headers.

The problem is that Google indexes these pages.

We tried to use robots.txt to avoid indexing, but Google complains about (GSC) because it is actually content (not too interesting though), and still indexes and gives these URLs in the results.

We tried to add a "noindex" HTTP response header to the AJAX page, but this led to deindexing the main HTML page because it inherited the X-Robots-Tag HTTP tag.

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Adding identifiers to URLs to open a namespace – SEO considerations?

I work with a site that has millions of pages in the sense of:

One of the problems is that, especially for personal names, there are a lot of duplicates, so we end up with

Rather, we want to switch to an url scheme (much like StackExchange) like: (where 1234 is a unique ID).

I guess if we:

  • put 301 redirects from each old page to a new page
  • updated our sitemap with new URLs

then we'll be pretty much covered. But could there be any short term SEO implications that we should expect? (Dips in traffic, etc.?) Are there any pieces of this puzzle that we are missing?

how to scrape instagram urls, then followers, etc.

This is my method on how to scrape usernames in scrapebox, then (not in scrapebox) my own personal method on how to scrape information such as

Number of subscribers
user email
bio user info
no follow-ups
is a business account


tls – how full URLs are exposed when encrypted by HTTPS

The article states that:

a connection was discovered with a web filtering application created by Conor

Since it was a web filter and it was able to log URLs, we can infer that it was a a Man-in-the-Middle proxy (MITM) that decrypted requests, filtered based on the unencrypted request, then re-encrypted and forwarded the request to the actual destination. And unfortunately, he recorded these requests, and this log was compromised, hence the leak.

This type of MITM would require the installation of a CA certificate on the client so that the proxy can present certificates for each website visited. Presumably, Conor had a way to deploy this change to customers; there may be "filtering software" for customers who choose web filtering as a package.

Adsense does not show ads due to unexplored URLs with query parameters

Hi, I have a problem with my website / AdSense if I post a profile of a user of my website on Facebook. Facebook always adds a query parameter which is fine, but adsense things every new query parameter is a new page and has to crawl it before it can display ads but it's still the same site just with a different query parameter.

wordpress – Will the redesign of my site harm my SEO if my URLs and content remain the same but the DOM structure of the pages changes radically?

I have a great working WordPress site with which I am making money because SEO has been perfect for ages now. I really want to rethink the site (the design is now 12 years old) and I want to use Elementor.

The URLs will stay exactly the same and the content will stay essentially the same, but the "DOM" structure will change a lot (mainly because Elementor adds tons of DOM elements.

Will it affect my SEO?

mageto2 – What is "everything" for in the Magento 2.3 Rest API URLs?

To get the client token following the URL work.


But the following URL does not.


I have seen that this "everything" is also used in other API URLs. What is it for?

htaccess – How to create clean URLs such as what is currently in a parameter goes in the way?

My url is http://localhost/store/product-detail.php?p=prod%name%test
i want it to look like this
or something like that other stores do http://localhost/store/p/prod-name-test

I have tried so many codes on .htaccess that none of them worked. This is my current code

# mod_rewrite starts here 
RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME}.php -f

RewriteRule //product-detail.phps(.*) http://localhost/store/p/?p=Dress$1 (R=301,L)

#RewriteRule ^users/(d+)*$ ./product-detail.php?p=$1
#RewriteRule ^?((a-zA-Z0-9=_-)+)$ product-detail.php?$1 (NC,L) 
#Options +FollowSymLinks
#RewriteRule ^/?$ /product-detail.php (QSA,L)

I also tried window.history.pushState("", "", "/p/");.
It does not work.

The most important thing is that the link respects SEO. I should also be able to use the request method ?p= even if it's hidden.