GSA SER – Duplicate target URLs become a real problem


Recently, I have seen a sharp increase in the number of duplicate URLs and the speed at which they grow. I have seen installations where, in a week, dup target URLs have increased by 20 GB

At the moment when GSA SER does not automatically check the dup target urls.

I understand that doing real-time checks would really slow things down, so please, @Sven can you consider adding a scheduler to remove duplicate domain \ urls at defined intervals.

Thank you

woocommerce – Own URLs are changed to URLs based on GET settings when saving

I'm working on a multilingual WordPress website with WooCommerce based on the Orgafresh theme and I'm having a problem that I can not for life find how to fix this problem.

Whenever I save a custom post, the page and publication links of this post are changed from a standard slug-based URL and are replaced by a link to parameter-based URLs. GET.


changes to

changes to

I wonder if a plugin could be responsible for this, but I did not find anything on Google or StackExchange. Maybe WP Bakery is behind that? So many users however, this seems unlikely. I also use WPML for multilingual management, so I have the impression that it may be the cause of the problem, but I have worked with several sites without problems, so I'm not quite sure.

Has anyone ever encountered this problem? How could I solve this problem?

How can I get GSA just to submit to a special list of URLs?

How can I get GSA just to submit to a special list of URLs?
I have a particular list of URLs that I want to post, but when I set up a new project, GSA guides me through the usual questions about entering keywords, etc.

How can I simply get it to submit my psots to these URLs?
Thank you

Some URLs listed in this Sitemap have a high response time.


My google webmaster displays this warning for a
Warning – "Some of the URLs listed in this Sitemap have a high response time, which may indicate a problem with your server or the content of the page."
A solution for this? Or do I have to contact the helpdesk?

I have loaded 100 new URLs to a new target and I have "already scanned".

I have run 10k links to site 1 on project 1 and 100 good quality links have been established.
I then took these 100 and put them in project 2 on site 2
But I get the message "already analyzed"
Why did GSA fail to install them?
I'm using 10 proxy in rotation.

she are my parameters

GSA AA list, remaining URLs constantly targets on the rise?

In general, I download about 200,000 to 300,000 target URLs in order to try to send messages to increase my AA list because I am constantly scrapping with scrapebox, but after a few days I checked the box "remaining URLs of the target" and indicates for example 8k, the next day, I check and it is written 3k, then the next day, 5k, then 7k, then 3k, then 6k, etc.

It changes all the time, what does it mean ???

Also gets a LOT (90% +) of "No Engines Match" even if I scratch with integrated GSA footprints …

I use 100 threads for 24 proxies.

.htaccess – hiding URLs with htaccess returns a 404

I have the following problem. I am creating a business whose domain and email address are hosted at a local web host that I have used for years. usually no problem because the content of the site is usually hosted on their servers. for this new project, the content of the website will actually be located on a different server (I pay for a managed website, the content is therefore on the servers of this management company). I want to keep my hosting in the state (especially because of the messaging hosting) and use a type of URL hiding to redirect traffic to the site to the other server without that the user sees …

I've tried to achieve this with an htaccess and mod_rewrite:

RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond% {HTTP_HOST} ^
RewriteRule ^ (. *) Http:// [P]

but get the following 404:

Not found

The requested URL / was not found on this server.

In addition, a 404 Not Found error occurred while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

Looks like it's the [P] in the htaccess configuration that the server does not like, like when I use other settings in the [] it works (but the URL is changed so that it is not hidden).

An idea of ​​what is happening here and how to achieve what I need?

Thank you very much in advance

False Positive Last verified URLs

I noticed that Gsa was recently reporting that she had checked links posted on sites that I own and that have no type of form on the page. I check this by selecting the verified URL, clicking on it with the right mouse button (to be sure to be on the right page), choosing "Open URL" and confirming that there is nothing posted or waiting for verification.

How to move an entire site with long URLs to WordPress?

I have hundreds, like 500+ on a former static HTML site.
It has a decent link juice and a logical structure that I do not want to confuse.

Can I just create articles (place the text and images) and then simply "save as" the old "URL"?

Some of my URLs contain codes such as 0542369abc.htm, which makes sense in my mind (to organize articles, structure, etc.).
And there are hundreds of interconnection URLs like this, which I just have to "move".

Another thing is that all my URLs end with page.php, but I see that WordPress has the habit of cutting the extension like: page/
Yes, all my pages are in .php format to install more scripts.

Not sure whether it's a redirect or WordPress simply "forgets" the extension or whatever …

themes – correcting page URLs

I have this page to correct, but I am a newcomer to WordPress, so I was wondering if anyone here could help me.

There are URLs in the header that should direct you to pages like[flat-rent]/[city]but these do not work yet. However, I noticed that when you open an advertisement, you have a breadcrumb, with a structure like [flat-rent] / [city] and if you tap it, it will point you to that page, but add the prefix to the URL. The URL becomes:[flat-rent]/[city]. So my question is: how can I lose this prefix "type of property"? The idea is that if I lose the prefix "property type", the header pages would start working.

ps.s.If my question lacks information, thanks for asking again. I am fairly new to this field. I could not provide crucial information.

p.s.s. The site uses the theme "Houzez".