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USA – Why can a driver's license number be required for a flight?

My manager is booking airline tickets for an upcoming conference in another state and he asked me for the following three things:

  • my full name as it appears on my driver's license
  • my birth date
  • my driver's license #

The first two seem pretty reasonable but the last element seems … fishy. I do not think that I've ever asked for a driver's license number in flight. I was asked for a passport number during an international trip, but not a driver's license number.

I mean, it seems to me that a driver's license should not even be required to fly. You could be 40 years old and not have a driver's license and you could move exclusively using taxis, buses and public transportation.

I know that a driver's license can be used to verify your identity with the TSA, but the documents you provide to TSA do not need to be pre-registered or anything that is …

usa – Can I transfer SEVIS information for an F1 US visa if I have already paid once for a US J1 visa?

I applied for an American F1 Visa some time ago, for which biometric information has already been submitted; the interview is also coming soon. I had already visited the United States for a summer as J1 summer intern, which involved paying a SEVIS fee and, therefore, a corresponding SEVIS ID. When applying for my F1 visa, I used my old SEVIS ID (from the DS-2019 corresponding to the old J1 visa) by mistake, and the application contained no errors. I was wondering which of the following things should be done by me now:

  1. Request the transfer of the old SEVIS ID (DS-2019) to the new SEVIS ID (I-20)
  2. Pay the SEVIS fee for the new SEVIS ID and request the update of the information in my visa application
  3. Cancel the previous request and start a new application after paying the SEVIS fee

Any help in this regard will be greatly appreciated!

USA – Is it possible to travel to the US without a piece of ID?

On one side, I know that at least 5 million people in the United States do not have a valid government identity card. On the other hand, traveling to the United States requires you to present a piece of identity wherever you go, even when you are taking a greyhound.

So, let's say you're an American with a lot of money in his pocket but no ID. Would you be able to go from New York to San Francisco or Seattle to Miami? If so, what are your options?

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PayPal, bank transfer, skrill, WebMoney, perfect money.


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javascript – E possível had u userauid um usa user.uid información of um no firebase?

Tava faltando apenas is also a dar certo project:

if (user) {
uid = user.uid;

e editar a linha:

var messagesRef = firebase.database (). ref (& # 39;) & # 39;). child (user.uid) .child (& # 39; address); 


var messagesRef = firebase.database (). ref (& # 39;) & # 39;). child (uid); 

E código ficou assim:

// Initialize Firebase (ADD YOUR OWN DATA)
var config = {
apiKey: "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
authDomain: "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
databaseURL: "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
projectId: "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
storageBucket: "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
messagingSenderId: "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
firebase.initializeApp (config);
firebase.auth (). onAuthStateChanged (function (user) {
if (user) {
uid = user.uid;
// Collection of reference messages
var messagesRef = firebase.database (). ref (& # 39;) & # 39;). child (uid);
// Listen to the form to submit
document.getElementById (& # 39; trocoForm & # 39;). addEventListener ('submit', submitForm);
// Submit the form
submitForm (e) function
e.preventDefault ();
// Get values
var troco = getInputVal (& # 39; troco & # 39;);
// Save the message
saveTroco (troco);
// Show the alert
// por alert aqui
// Clear form
document.getElementById (& # 39; trocoForm & # 39;). reset ();
// Function to get the values ​​of the form
getInputVal function (id) {
return document.getElementById (id) .value;
// Save the message in the fire database
saveTroco function (troco) {
var newTrocoRef = messagesRef.push ();
newTrocoRef.set ({
troco_id: troco,

Tava faltando eu deixar claro para o código quem era o uid.

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Hi one of my friends was deported from USA about 30 years

Hello, my friend was expelled from the United States about 30 years ago. He now wanted to visit his sick mother in Canada, but had been denied a visa because he had not mentioned that he had been expelled from the United States.
He was never expelled from Canada and went there several times without any problem.