usa – Will a refusal to enter the US mean I can’t enter Canada either?

There is no automatic ban for Canada if you are banned from the United States.

However, because you have to apply for a visa to visit Canada, you will be asked to provide any information about visa denials, refusal of entries as well as deportation/removal proceedings against you in other countries.

Because your incident happened fairly recently, you will face significant challenges when applying for the Canadian visa. You will have to convince the Canadian authority that you will leave at the end of the stay and will not do any unauthorized work during your stay.

A deportation record from the U.S. for immigration intent or presumption of employment will be a heavy mark against you in this regard.

In your case, I do not think it will be worth it to even try, at least not without advice from a qualified Canadian immigration consultant/lawyer (who might also just tell you the chances are slim to none).

But due to the Covid situation, I would not recommend you to apply for a visitor visa for non-essential reasons anyway.

usa – Planning on visiting Canada for the first time

I was deported, on arrival(at the airport), and barred for 5 years from the U.S. during a 5 day vacation. I was travelling on a visitor’s visa. I would like to visit and engage some of my ex coworker friends in Canada. The US CBP officers asked me a ton load of questions but I am not completely sure which laws I might have violated when I told them I would be renewing my U.S. driver’s license again. I was immediately placed in a cell. The deportation papers stated “presumption of employment”. Am I barred from Canada too?

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usa – Traveling to US for only 4 days. What will happen with Biden’s mandatory quarantine?

I have a flight to the US (from Argentina) on Feb 14 arriving Feb 15, departing Feb 18.

I wanted to buy some things on President’s day, and go to Universal on 16th, and Disney on 17th.

USA already requests negative PCR test before traveling.

So what now? What problems could I face if I stick to my plan?

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usa – What sorts of insurance can I get when using a service like AirBnb?

What you’re looking for is called “third party liability insurance” and is widely available worldwide. In the US it is usually sold as part of homeowners/renters insurance. Outside the US I’ve seen it sold as a separate product. Some travel insurance companies also include it as part of their package. It will cover accidental damage to other people’s property and even more than importantly they have a team of lawyers on hand to scare off various scammers trying to charge you for no good reason. That being said, insurance is quite often a fraudulent product too and I strongly recommend avoiding to buy a policy without first finding several verified reviews where people received an actual payout after a claim. Unfortunately there’s no such centralized website for insurance reviews, so you’ll have to do some Googling for each insurance company.

Another option is often self-insurance. If you don’t expect the claim to go over whatever you’re comfortable spending in case of an accident, you don’t need to buy insurance. A flooded toilet is probably a few thousand dollars at most, which might be okay depending on your income.

Finally some countries offer legal insurance where you pay a small fee each month and have access to a lawyer in case of a legal dispute. Having a lawyer send a strongly worded letter to the other party is often sufficient to stop them. If not, having a lawyer on hand is very useful to defend yourself in court. Remember that the other party can’t just charge you willy nilly. They have to prove you’re at fault in a court of law if you dispute their claim.

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Taking medicines from USA to India for someone else in air travel

Q1: It is not legal to carry prescription medications for someone else.

Q2: They’re asking you to not tell Customs because they know or suspect that Customs will confiscate the medicines.

Being caught with medicines not your own may also result in your being charged with the criminal offenses of smuggling and/or lying on your Customs Declaration. Any such discovery by Customs will make future entries by you back into India significantly more difficult. None of this would be enjoyable.

All in all…just say no.

usa – What can I wear to avoid getting frisked and crotch searched by TSA at the airport?

As others have noted, metal will often get you flagged. For this reason, if you need to wear pants with some type of suspension, you should definitely opt for something like sweat pants with a cloth drawstring. Of course, there are many belts which have no metal parts, but if your pants have a zipper or button or any metal fasteners, then having a non-metal belt will likely be insufficient to avoid a pat-down. I have a pair of outdoor hiking pants with removable lower legs and a nylon belt with a plastic buckle. All the zippers are very small/lightweight; but because it has zippers near the knee (which I’m sure shows up as anomalous density in the pant legs), I get a pat-down when wearing them.

As others have said, having a scrunched-up tissue in your pocket is enough to trigger a pat-down. So when they say “empty your pockets”, make sure there is nothing more than tiny pieces of lint left in them.

I like to wear shorts myself (athletic wear, not Dockers), but the plane can get cold depending on time of day/airline/duration/alignment of the planets/etc. So baggy sweat pants with no metal is likely the safest bet. FWIW, I think tight-fitting pants would reduce your chances of getting a pat-down, because the fibers would be stretched, and therefore more transparent to scanning. However, as long as your pants are not unusually thick, I don’t think it is really necessary to resort to such measures.

If you want to maximize your clothing transparency to millimeter wave detectors, which is the same as saying “look as naked as possible at millimeter wave frequencies”, then you can tweak things even further with your material choice, courtesy of the US Army. Take note of Figure 5, on page 6. Transparency, ranked from best to worst is:

  • rayon
  • nylon
  • silk
  • naugahyde
  • denim
  • leather
  • linen
  • wool

Of course, I’m hand-waving a bit here, as each material overlaps the other on some data points (frequencies), and I have no idea what wavelength is used by actual scanners, or whether it’s common or varies a lot. The ultimate source for this data comes from another study (again paid partly by the US Army), which has this helpful summary in the abstract:

All samples were usefully transparent at millimeter-wave frequencies
(up to 300GHz) based on a 3dB criterion, but became progressively
opaque at higher frequencies in a highly sample-dependent manner. This
is explained by the samples becoming “optically dense” in the THz
region, so that the transmission becomes exponentially dependent on
sample thickness. The attenuation in the IR region is very high
(⩾25dB) except in two samples (rayon and nylon), whose exceptional
transparency (e.g., −12dB in nylon) is attributed to pores intrinsic
to the material.

So, if you really wanna get your “airport security naked” on, then go for the thinnest nylon or rayon pants sans metal that you can find. I’d recommend pantyhose, but that will probably get you flagged for other reasons. 😉 Note that material thickness also matters, so if you go the sweat pants route, thick, heavy sweat pants will work against your goal. Silk or nylon pajama pants sounds like the winner.

usa – Can I make a leisure trip to California (vacation) in the current covid-19 situation as of 2021?

I am planning a vacation trip out of state to California, found a deal that will work for the president day trip but then there was this warning to check the california travel rules]1 updated as of Jan 6, 2021. That link says

  1. Non-essential travelers from other states or countries are strongly discouraged from entering California, and should adhere to
    the quarantine procedures set forth in Paragraph 3.

And then para 3 basically says that you should quarantine yourself for 10 days when you arrive in or return to california.

My question is, can I take a leisure travel to california by Air out of state? Will my quarantine be mandated? Since I will be travelling for few days, my trip would be useless if I had to quarentine myself. What is sane advice that I should take? How much of risk I am putting myself and others in the current covid-19 situation?