Contest – 18.80 USD 8 simple emoji contest

Dear all,
I have my new website layout now


Right now, I just need to find a designer for the 8 emoji. Only this 8


1. Happy
2. Angry
3. Sad
4. Laughing/Joy
5. Drunk/Dizzy
6. Sleepy/sleeping
7. Curious/wonder/questioning
8. Awake / Surprised / Shock

For contest entries, please paste your 8 emoji into my layout so I can see what is the best. You can put a “X” line across each emoji it will be ok.

The emoji style, is free and easy, any style that is good, I will consider.
But the few below are also possible:
1. Ragnarok online “Purin” style (color semi translucent blob with cute face) – but cannot be same as RO. Can be green, can be pink, light blue, lime green, yellow green, semi light purple. Up to you.
2. Can follow “Taiwan/Japanese” style arts – full black dots for eyes, “3” shape for mouth

(But I don’t want a bear, just a emoji)

3. US disney/neopets style:

(Again I just want a round face emoji, or a “blob” at most)

Flat color, or “gradient blob”, or with some translucency, all are ok.

I’ll pick the winner, based on which one suits my website layout the most.

Each emoji should be vector, or 150px 150px (but in the preview, I just need it to be 46px x 46px (or 50px x 50px) AND 22px x 22px (to 24px x 24px)

Because it is only 8 emoji, once you get the first style right, the rest are just expressions-edit or adding small details. I hope 18.80 usd is ok for this contest.

Bonus points: For all good designers, I’ll also take note of you, if you can draw cartoon, illustrators, logo arts, or web designs. I always have projects incoming.

Thanks a lot. I will pick a winner on saturday
Provided there are good enough entries to win. (Some minimum expectation)


Contest – 25 USD layout design contest – Wireframe all given

Hi all,

I’m creating a new website, the URL is in the wireframe below.
(Please visit the website to have a look as well)

The top and footer and the background color are the actual layout.

This is the actual layout, do not change. (Use for your reference only, if there is a repeat of header styles, use the same as this)

Font-family: TeX Gyre Adventor bold

This is the empty blank layout:
(Don’t change, except for minimal changes that is really making the layout better)


This is my wireframe, which I need you to design the actual layout:




As the layout is already there for you to see the wireframe etc, less thinking involved, I only need the design styles etc.

25 USD to the winning entry if ok – and subsequently I’ll also find you for layout designs.
Good designers but with non-winning entries I’ll also take note, so that I can also find you for layout designs for my client works.

So minimum “goodness” in the design must be met in order to have a winner.
(My own mockup would be a fail grade)

* Feel free to also replace words with icons instead. e.g. Videos can be Play button. Language world can be an earth icon etc. You get it, just like some websites you are already using.

Update: I’ll also need a “simple messenger” on the bottom right that can expand – same like facebook

Update 2: The top header “Language World” should be clickable, and then the languages, all other language worlds can appear, via a horizontal scroll bar, or full page)



【QUIZ BOUNTY】xHumanity 📌📌📌 120 USD Prize Available (2 HOUR QUIZ)


Adaptive Social Media System


emxqWGt.png                  nJE9CMU.png                 8skXz1k.png                 rIhjUJi.png                 ubTAc3x.png                 GMQAo5s.png


Dear Users, 


We have some exciting news for you all: a Quiz Contest! 

There will be some questions related to the xHumanity project and participants who are able to answer the quiz correctly and as quickly as possible will be rewarded for it. 


We will be running the Contest live on our Official Telegram Group ( ) – this Sunday, September 06. The quiz consists of 12 questions and for each question there are 10 minutes allocated for you to find the correct answer. The quiz will run for 2 hours (120 minutes). 

The first person to complete the quiz correctly will be rewarded 10 USD worth of tokens. Also, participants will 3 have lives, so when they give 3 incorrect answers, they are disqualified.  

If any questions are left unanswered, they will be skipped after 10 minutes and the next question within the quiz will be displayed.

Best Regards,

xHumanity Team

$USD 60 IS THE NEXT STOP OF LTC. What do you think about this cryptocurrency? | NewProxyLists

Análisis BTC LTC 31 07 2020 01.png

Despite the huge boom and interest in BTC at the moment, the queen currency remains close to its historical supports regarding the LTC.
Its value has risen little with respect to the LTC.

most crypto are kindof directly affected by bitcoin’s price , whenever bitcoin price rises their prices also rises, though I think people now are going to altcoins like litecoin because transaction fee for bitcoin is rising

Many currencies have much cheaper transaction fees than BTC and are more useful, but BTC remains the eina, which sets the standard.

Litecoin is one of the main cryptos so I think it will shadow bitcpin unlike some of the lesser known crypyos which will follow their own path.

I have not analyzed the other currencies, but compared to ETH, LTC has struggled not to lose price compared to BTC, the opposite happens if we look at the BTC / ETH chart.

Altcoins don’t really rely on the price of bitcoin to rise anymore especially at atime when the transaction fee for bitcoin was high the price of litecoin was rising when bitcoin was dripping. The current price of $58 gives better hope for $64 mark any time soon.

I agree with you, the LTC is going to reach its next resistance in the short term and seeing that it has struggled with the BTC not to depreciate with respect to the queen currency, then the LTC is one of the currencies that has performed better in these days.
That is very logical, there are many more transactions with LTC due to its low commissions and faster speed.
The BTC in these moements is only a reference, but most of the critical currencies have more utility than the queen currency.


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$ USD 480 IS THE NEXT STOP OF ETH. What do you think? | NewProxyLists

View attachment 134502

Most of the people have focused on BTC and have put ETH aside.
Doing a simple technical analysis of your chart at 1 week, you can see without any problems the strong resistance it had at $ USD290 and the next strong resistance it has is at $ USD480.
The detail is knowing how long it will take to reach that price.
What do you think?

Times similar to 2017 are coming, take advantage of this second opportunity that the cryptocurrency market is giving us.

air travel – In general, and very roughly, how much would it cost all in all in USD for a one-two-week trip to an exotic location such as Thailand for one person?

I’ve numerous times wanted to “quickly look up” what it would cost for me to finally go on that vacation I’ve never had in my life. Growing up, our family never had any money to go anywhere, and sadly, it has not changed in adult age so far. Still, even though I’m not actively looking to go on such a vacation, it would be very interesting for me to know a very rough estimate for such a trip.

I don’t mean just the plane ticket to go there and back in the cheapest and quickest possible manner. I couldn’t stand stopping at a location and switching airplanes, so I guess I would have to pay more. And while I’m not expecting to live at a luxury hotel, or stay there for months and months, I wouldn’t want to sleep at some wooden bench in a hut for one night either, or just exit the “big metal bird” and walk around for a couple of hours before I need to go back to the airport and prepare for the trip back home.

The entire process of traveling to/from airports, dealing with whatever is done at an airport, and the flying, is perhaps an even bigger problem to me than the purely financial issue. I wish I could skip all of that and just teleport from my chair to a tropical beach. People who claim that “the trip is the destination” must be crazy. Perhaps it was true back in the day when this world wasn’t over-analyzed beyond the sub-atomic level and optimized and streamlined for a person quite different from the “pioneering adventurers of times past”. Even modern cruise ships seem more frightening than inviting to me, although they do appear to be much safer… I’ll give them that.

I basically wish to know in extremely rough terms how much money in total I would have to spend for such a trip, perhaps for one or a couple of weeks.

I’m very well aware that it will vary a lot depending on a lot of factors. I’m just wondering if it can be done (without pinching pennies) for something like USD $1,000, or if we’re talking more like USD $10,000. Perhaps even more? And again, I’m not the kind of person who takes some kind of pride in finding the absolute cheapest of everything just to be able to brag about how little money I spent. Obviously, I also don’t enjoy (nor have the financial means) to just “burn money” mindlessly.

I somehow suspect that it would be close to ten grand than one grand. That $1,000 likely would just pay for the plane ticket and possibly a basic “survival-tier” hotel/food, if even that. Even if things can be cheap, there’s a high probability that my circumstances cause such an “price-optimized” vacation to be a practical impossibility. That’s why I’d like to know more of an “average” total price rather than the best (or worst) possible configuration.

Also, please don’t fixate on Thailand. It’s just an example which is far away from me in Europe. I don’t really have much desire to go there in particular. I just don’t really have any clue what a “proper vacation” costs, having always assumed that it was out of my reach based on the flight prices which alone cost a ton but are just one part of the overall cost.

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