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php – Displays the same independent comment form if the user is logged in

I want to display the same comment form for logged in and connected users. With the fields Comment, Name, Email.

Modify the form via functons.php I know, I just did not understand how to ignore the verification of the logged in user.

Even if the administrator is logged in, the form should appear as if it was a visitor.

Thanks for your advice.

Front-end download tool disconnecting the user when he tries to download an image

I'm building a community site where users can post short blogs similar to Twitter.

I've created a widget that allows the user to post a message, regardless of its location on the site (as long as the widget is used on that page).

In addition, I have a button that loads the media library to allow users to add images to their publication.

It seemed to work … at least if I simply select an image from the library. However, if I try to download an image, regardless of the user level, I get an error, but no error code (simply says a referral error). In addition, it also disconnects the user.

Thinking it was because of user roles (although for the moment everyone is set to Author for debugging reasons), I added this code …

                function allow_contributor_uploads () {
$ contributor = get_role (& # 39; contributor & # 39;)
$ contributor-> add_cap (& # 39; upload_files & # 39;)

if (current_user_can (& # 39; contributor & # 39;))
add_action (& # 39; init & # 39; allow_contributor_uploads & # 39;);

In addition, while trying to fix the error, someone suggested to include these files, which I added to my functions.php file.

                require_once (ABSPATH. # / wp-admin / includes / image.php & # 39;)
require_once (ABSPATH. & # 39; / wp-admin / includes / file.php & # 39;);
require_once (ABSPATH. & # 39; / wp-admin / includes / media.php & # 39;)

I know that my library loading code works, as well as getting the URL of the selected image … but just in case I use this code to call wp .media ()

(function ($) {
$ .wpMediaUploader = function (options) {

var settings = $ .extend ({

target: -al-uploader, // The class that wraps the text box
uploaderTitle: 'CHOOSE OR DOWNLOAD AN IMAGE', // Title of the multimedia content download popup
uploaderButton: 'SET PICTURE', // the button text in the media download popup
multiple: false, // Allow the user to select multiple images
buttonText: & # 39 ;, // Text of the download button
buttonClass:'al-upload ', // the download button class
previewSize: "100px", // the size of the preview image
modal: true, // is the download button in a modal bootstrap?
buttonStyle: {// style the button
border: "no",
background: "no",
padding: "0",
Float on the right,
viewing block & # 39;

}, options);

// $ (settings.target) .append (& # 39;& # 39; + settings.buttonText + & # 39;& # 39;);
$ (settings.target) .append (& # 39;

& # 39;) $ (settings.buttonClass) .css (settings.buttonStyle); $ (& # 39; body & # 39;). on ('click', settings.buttonClass, function (e) { e.preventDefault (); var selector = $ (this) .parent (settings.target); var al_media_uploader = wp.media ({ title: settings.uploaderTitle, button: { text: settings.uploaderButton } multiple: settings.multiple }) .on (& # 39; select & # 39; function () { var attachment = al_media_uploader.state (). get (& # 39; selection). first (). toJSON (); $ (& # 39 ;. al-img-preview & # 39;) .attr (& # 39; src & # 39 ;, attachment.url); $ (& # 39 ;. al-img-input & # 39;) .attr (& # 39; value & # 39 ;, attachment.url); if (settings.modal) { $ (& # 39; modal & # 39;). css (& # 39; overflowY & # 39; auto #); } }) .open(); }); } }) (jQuery);

user behavior – Why do businesses often maintain half of locked double doors?

My girlfriend works in a shop where both doors are open all the time, whatever the weather. That's pretty much everything about sales. A number of studies have been done over the years, and my girlfriend herself has done some studies, which indicate that closed doors are an obstacle for people. And strangely – to the extent that it's just a door – this hurdle is enough for people to not walk around.

My friend closed the doors one day when she knows that it's normally a busy day – her sales have almost halved.

The amount of occasional patrons "wander around and have a look", with customers dropping dramatically, such as people with "extra luggage" (strollers, strollers, etc.) or, oddly enough, groups two or more.

There may be other reasons cited, safety, airflow, and so on. – and all can be valid reasons, but by and large – it's a sales case.

Think of the phrase "My door is always open" or "It has an open door policy". All that is supposed to be welcoming is the place where the door is always open for you, unhindered. Lazy, but true.

terminal – Failed to delete user from single-user mode – MacOS 10.14

I'm trying to delete a specific user account while avoiding the traditional SysPrefs method. FileVault is enabled and I use version 10.14.
That's what I tried in single-user mode:

/ sbin / fsck -fy
/ sbin / mount -uw /
sudo dscl. delete / Users / user name

It gives me the errors:

Unable to read path = / System / Library / LaunchDaemons / com.apple.DirectoryServicesLocal.plist, error = 2: no such file or directory
No task access server configured! The system will not go very far.

When I try the dscl command in recovery mode, the DS-14009 error appears. A clue as to why that is?

html – The best way to implement a simple HTTP server for the user interface in Python?

I create a web scraping tool and I want to be able to exploit the power of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. Before, I was an independent web developer and I am much more comfortable creating a web page than designing a graphical interface.

Until now, it seems that trying to implement my own HTTP server is a clutter of code and takes longer to create than the scraper itself. Are there any good options specifically for this type of thing?

plugins – Multiple connections with different IP addresses but the same user name

I'm new to the forums here, and very new to WordPress in general. I work on a WP site with a buddypress and Learndash integration. We also use All In One WP Security to help us manage access to the site.

When checking the list of currently logged in users, I noticed that a particular user is with 5 records, 5 different IP addresses on the same username.

Is there an explanation for this? Are there any problems with that? Should I be concerned?

Thank you for any help

interaction design – Best way to let the user select something under another object

For an application I'm developing, I've been thinking about an aspect of the user interface. Imagine I have an application that allows me to draw shapes. I can select drawn shapes by clicking inside. But there is a major problem: overlapping shapes are allowed. If one form completely overlaps the other, a user can still see it because it is transparent, but it has no way of selecting it. To be able to select somehow is necessary.

Is there a mechanism commonly used or considered intuitive, in addition to a list of forms in which the superimposed form can be selected? I've been thinking about it for a while and I was looking on Google. I can think of an option: when you click on a shape, I can display next to the shape of small buttons that hide the shape or show the overlapping shape again. But I think it's not really ideal because it might be unintuitive / impossible to discover.


Thanks in advance,

How to customize the header for the guest and the user logged in to magento2 programmatically?

I want to change the header of the guest in "Hello Guest" + login option. Once logged in, it should say "you are logged in and the login option should not be present. How to run it programmatically?"