Let me create 20 user accounts for your forum / blogs / website for $ 8

Let me create 20 user accounts for your forum / blogs / website

Each forum, blog or website must have multiple members registered on the site in order to assist in ranking and indexing it on Google.

Why not hire or order today to get more users registered on the site for the greater good.


settings – SharePoint Online file viewer seems to preview video files differently for different users

I have received comments from users that our site appears to them differently than it does to me. This is specific to the Web Part of the file viewer when viewing mp4 files (just viewing the page, not reading the files).

I, and most users, see a small player window with video controls on a still image from mp4 video, with a little caption below it. Nothing else.

However, two users see a different image for each video (same video, just a different still image, without video control), immediately below it then displays the name of the document folder where the video files are stored, then it displays my name and the details as a downloader, then finally the legend.

Is there a setting that they may have changed in SharePoint that presents this different view or is it something I need to fix my end?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I am lost as to what this problem could be!

Thanks in advance!


Plugin or code to inform users of the existence of a new message and reload the page

does anyone know a plugin or code that warns the user that there is a new message for him to reload the page, after posting a new message?

Example I am part of my panel and publish an article.

The user is at the home of the site and receives a notice that a new message has been published and to reload the page.

I do not want a web notification, for example a signal, I want a message if possible on the message box that appears.

I have already thanked everyone.

education – Display the percentage of users who obtained a correct / incorrect answer to a quiz

I'm sure there are A LOT of studies on standardized tests that you would probably be able to find by looking for something like Google Scholar, but my first hunch is that it can be a little distracting and can divide users' attention on concentrating on information that is not directly relevant to the best success of the quiz.

The attention of users is a very valuable resource. When taking a quiz, you have to be very calm and focused on remembering and reasoning. Personally, being immediately presented with the answer choice distribution, I would be much more likely to ask a question wrong and keep thinking "well, it's okay, most people got it wrong" rather than focusing on it which is more important: "oh, that's right, there would have have a huge impact … "

I suggest that the choice of answer distribution is more appropriate at the end of the quiz with an overview of responses submitted when the user can afford to change orientation, rather than during the process when the user is interviewed.

Is it ok to display the list of members / users in a modal?


I am currently designing an interface similar to Slack / Discord.

Is it possible to display the list of members in a modal? I am already checking several platforms (Discord, Slack, Quora, FB) but they display the list of users in a designated page.

The main reason why I would prefer a modal so that it is consistent with the other parameters in the chain. So the question "Is it possible to have a drop-down list of users / members with a search field in a modal?

If that is not viable, would the option be to display the list of users in a sidebar? I don't prefer this because it reduces the width of the main section of the screen.

Thanks in advance!

linux – Is there a way to configure postgres to authenticate users based on the user under which they are logged in?

I want to run queries against my PostgreSQL databases from scripts and so on, without having to do what I am currently doing:

sudo su - postgres
psql -U USER ...etc

It is cumbersome because I have to type 2 different passwords. Is there a way to configure postgres so that it sees that I'm already logged in as a user that matches the name of a postgres user and log in like that?

2013 – API to get all users with specific text in the profile

How can I use an API to get all users with specific text (hashtag) in their "about me" user profile field?

Is it the right way?


How can I search for #myhashtag instead of myhashtag?

linux – How to allow or refuse an ssh connection for one or more specific users or groups on an sshd server?

Update sshd configuration

AT Deny an ssh user login, add this to the end of your sshd configuration file (/etc/ssh/sshd_config under Linux / Unix / BSD):

DenyUsers theusername

For groups:

DenyGroups thegroupname

Restart the sshd service

Then restart sshd a service. The following works on Ubuntu 18.04:

systemctl restart sshd

More details

We can add a space-separated list of user or group names, respectively.

the AllowUsers and AllowGroups directives do the opposite.

From the sshd_config manual page:


This keyword can be followed by a group name list
patterns, separated by spaces. Connection is prohibited to users whose
the main group or list of additional groups corresponds to one of the models.
Only group names are valid; a digital group ID is not recognized. By
by default, connection is allowed for all groups. The allow / deny directives
are processed in the following order: DenyUsers, AllowUsers,
DenyGroups, and finally AllowGroups.


This keyword can be followed by a list of usernames
patterns, separated by spaces. Login is not allowed for usernames that
match any of the patterns. Only usernames are valid; a digital user
The ID is not recognized. By default, connection is allowed for all users. Yes
the pattern takes the form USER @ HOST then USER and HOST are separately
checked, restricting connections to particular users from particular hosts.
The allow / deny directives are processed in the following order:
DenyUsers, AllowUsers, DenyGroups, and finally AllowGroups.

See REASONS in ssh_config (5) for more information on the models.

List all available groups and users

Is there a query in SSMS that I could execute that would list all of the following information:
enter description of image here

Without having to use SSMS search in the advanced option?