Need help fixing contact form and email verifications for new users

I have a site at

I need help fixing the contact page, there is a link on the bottom of the site.

Also, when a new user signs up they are supposed to get an email to confirm upon signup. The email is not getting sent and I need help getting this to work also.

If you can help please provide a price and estimated time to fix. I can pay via PayPal. Thanks!


plugins – How to apply discount for registered users

I have to build a learning platform where users can buy courses. I have decided to use LearnDash. But a unique scenario here is that I have to apply a 20% discount on the course price if the user registers as a member. I am using Memberpress for members’ management. A similar plugin “Conditional Discounts” is available for WooCommerce, but how can I do this for LearnDash? Any idea?

users – Track installation numbers of a mobile app

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Should I remove almost all users in Ubuntu?

I want to defend my ubuntu server from unauthorized logins. I have an all users list. There are a lot of users. You can see a list on screenshot. Should I remove all the users except mine?

I want to do it but I dont wanna to break down a system. Thanks!


email – Mail Server allows users to send from [anything]

Hello dear serverfault commnity,

I have not been a server admin for too long, so please excuse me if I don’t have knowledge of everything.
Every problem so far I was able to solve by asking others or simply googling.

I am currently managing a newly setup Plesk Server, which should act as a mail server (It uses a standard configuration, so Postfix, Dovecot, and Roundcube)

Well, now I have encountered an issue with the mail server, which nobody that I know how to fix, and google also couldn’t help me (maybe I had the wrong search parameters, but I also don’t know how to phrase the question for google).

My Problem is, that any User logged in their Webmail, can just send Mails from other adresses by adding new Identities (that’s what’s it called in Roundcube) where they can just set a new sending address.

Thank you for all of your help in advance

**Thank you

design patterns – What architectures allow for letting users author custom domain logic?

Are there any prescribed patterns or systems for allowing a user to create custom domain logic? Consider the following scenario

An application exists that allows users to run complex calculations on the applications datasets(these calculations would be the domain logic). The owners of the application are a team of mechanical engineers, they want to update the available calculations often and frequently.

This specific problem is one im facing at work, but the problem feels generic enough that I wondered if there’s a common solution. For what its worth our current intended solution is to have the mechanical engineers write the calculations in vb using raw sql and handing us a dll to redeploy. So literally anything is better.

How can I invite other private users to a private Trello Board?

I’ve setup a private Trello board and wish to invite some private users to it.

But when i click on invite it asks me to setup a team (see screenshot below)

screenshot of Trello invite button

My understanding is Teams are a paid feature of a Business plan. I only want to add private users to a private board so don’t need a Business Plan.

How can I invite other private users to a private Trello Board

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How aware are typical users of browser zoom functionality?

Ideally I’m looking for quantitative research on this, if it exists, but I’d also be interested in anecdotal evidence from observing user behavior.

To what extent is the average user aware, of and comfortable using, the browser zoom feature? This can be either via menus, Ctrl++/-/0 (or Mac equivalents), or Ctrl+ mouse wheel?

The reason I ask is because scaling issues seem to be pretty commonplace with multi-screen setups where one screen has a different pixel density. To what extent should this be a UX concern in terms of optimizing for all possible display setups, or to what extent will users “instinctively” know they can just zoom in/out as needed?