windows – How do you kill a process by name for all users?

Currently I have this command:

taskkill / im process.exe / f / t

However, I would like it to kill process.exe for all users currently logged into Windows 10. Is there a way to do this? I can only find solutions that relate to specific users.

I just want to kill every instance of this process, regardless of the user who runs it.

Reseller Hosting – Main Features and How to Isolate Users?


We are service provider, VMware & Veeam provider, cPanel partner, etc.

Now we are interesting to manage the reseller hosting business.

Basically we would like to run this biz on cPanel virtual machines

for now, we plan to use these features:
– cPanel / WHM
– JetBackup + sftp external storage
– Bitninja
– Softacole

All under backup company for DR (Veeam)

we tried cloud linux but there is an alternative for


1. What are the best features or suggested features?

2. how to isolate the reseller inside the VM?
we try the linux cloud, there are other solutions?
We make a low population for VM but need to isolate for better performance.

Thank you all for any suggestion or help

android – Not clear to users which team he / she plays

I have a sports app in which you can set the results of your football (soccer) matches. In one screen, you need to define if you played for the home / away team, the match result and the names of the teams (being the team name of your mandatory team) and the other, optional.)

I came up with this screen:

enter description of image here

As you can see, there is a toggle button in which you choose if you have played at home or outside, then below, you define the result, and the team names, in order, first the home team, then the away team.

But, this is not clear to users, here are some examples of scenarios that occur:
– Sometimes they ignore the toggle buttons, so they correctly define the names and order of the teams, but they may have played for the away team, but they don't define the toggle button they played for the away team.
– At other times, they put the toggle button, but they always put the team for which they played in the first edit text.

So, I think that somehow I have to stress which team you define you play for. I have a few ideas but maybe I can get some feedback:
– Use the elevation on the image, so for example, if you set that you played at home, the home team kit would have an elevation.
– Place the user's photo next to the editing text you are playing for. So, you would see your photo before the name of the home team, if you set that you played for the home team.

Any suggestion?

linux – Error providing a sudo script / pair of users without password

I am creating a desktop application for Linux that interacts with certain ubuntu system files. So, when installing my software by the end user, I have to generate a file in /etc/sudoer.d/ giving a certain number of scripts access to the system files without knowing the password. The user will enter their password during installation, but after that they should not have to do so. During installation, they will run which contains the following bash lines:

echo '$USER ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD:' >> /etc/sudoers.d/moss-priv
echo '$USER ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD:' >> /etc/sudoers.d/moss-priv
echo '$USER ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD:' >> /etc/sudoers.d/moss-priv
echo '$USER ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD:' >> /etc/sudoers.d/moss-priv
echo '$USER ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD:' >> /etc/sudoers.d/moss-priv
echo '$USER ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD:' >> /etc/sudoers.d/moss-priv
echo '$USER ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD:' >> /etc/sudoers.d/moss-priv
echo '$USER ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD:' >> /etc/sudoers.d/moss-priv

It is supposed to create a file called moss-privand add the lines needed to run my scripts without a password. I have 8 scripts, so I add 8 lines of code. The echo controls work well, moss-priv is generated and its content read:


This is when the problem occurs. Instead of giving a scriptless sudo to the scripts, it prints a stack trace indicating that an error has occurred on each line (1-8). Not only that, but if I try to call sudo for some reason, it says "Authorization failed" and traces batteries. As such, I completely lost sudo access and I couldn't even go back to delete the file that was causing this problem. I ended up having to reinstall the entire operating system just to bring it back to normal.

Now that I have recovered sudo, I'm ready to try again as soon as I find out what's wrong with the moss-priv file. I can't understand it however, I think it looks good. Help me?

I would be happy with a solution to this problem or a good alternative method. Thanks in advance.

If e-mail can replace SMS / MMS, why their use is "imposed" on users of phones / smartphones

Over the past two years, I have been minimalism of use of web applications;
I have generally stopped completely using any web application for general communication outside of my email account. For example, generally I will not use:

  • Facebook, or any product from Facebook, inc (I haven't had a Facebook account for two years now).
  • VoIP applications such as Line, Kik, Viber, Tango, Telegram And so on.

I usually only use email, phone and SMS;
In general, so far, this has made me happier and has given me a lot of time for other activities.

I am not against the use of "old-fashioned" communications such as pneumatic tube, Fax, and SMS or MMS and I use the SMS myself about once every two days.

I think Pneumatic tube and Fax, for example, are excellent practical technologies for transferring secret messages in closed organizations.

My problem

As I am not an IS expert, I find it hard to understand why, since the publication of the World Wide Web to the general public in 1993 (electronic mail existed since the 60s and 70s but only between government institutions and universities), are SMS / MMS is always necessary, at least as a standard "imposed" on all users of phones / smartphones on this planet.

I think I won't be the only "minimalist" to ask a question about it.

My question

If email can replace SMS / MMS, why is it "forced" on users of phones / smartphones?

I insist that I have nothing against SMS / MSS and as I think, I use them often but I just wonder why I should do it, although a "minimalist "as described (I would ask if there is a way around this need but also from 2020, I don't think it is possible with telephony oriented devices).

windows 10 – How to track device transfer to users?

I have a problem with a device transfer. Our company provides laptops and monitors for each employee. So we have to keep track of each device for which it was given and update the Excel file all the time like. So my question, can anyone suggest a program or software that could make my life easier? Thank you for your reply!

sharepoint enterprise – Read-only guests / users see a different search layout for administrators

I had a great time doing a custom search for our site.
I removed the ability to view the library, share, edit, etc. and I even added additional column details in the search results. I was happy.

I did notice, however, that read-only guests / users don't see this customization. They see the same results, but in the standard share point format. File name, text, file URL.

I had research on both screens, one read only, one administrator and they are different. Why is it? How do I get invitees to see the custom search results view I see?

php – How do I hide the "Add media library" wordpress dashboard from front-end users?

I am running a wordpress site for multiple authors, and users can publish content directly from the front end of my site.

My problem: downloading files is directly authorized on the front-end of my wordpress site.

My goal: I want a situation in which, when users click the Add Media button on my post submission form on the site, instead of displaying the wordpress dashboard to select and upload photos, i want him to direct them to the camera to select and upload photos.

I am trying to hide this wordpress media library from all users, while retaining the Add Media functionality for all users.

I need users to select and upload images directly from their devices respectively, not through the WordPress Add Media Library dashboard.

I have BlueStacks 4 installed on Windows 10. C: Users Bgarr AppData Roaming Microsoft Windows Start Menu

I would like to move the entire 1.99 GB program to the SD card on my (F: Do I have to uninstall / reinstall or is there an easier way? Not being very lucky with the app AppMGR111 No need to transfer the file for the file.

registration – Data that shows users gained by offering a single sign-on option versus not offering it?

It would be interesting to see if there is data available on the use of single sign-on by the provider and whether the offer of single sign-on equals a gain in registrations d & # 39; users.

For the record, I have noticed a general decline in the use of single sign-on for Facebook in recent years. I guess it has something to do with their confidence problem.

Any idea is appreciated. Thank you :]