windows 10 – Blocking standard users (Win 10) from adding Chrome extensions

Use Group Policy. This is supported by chrome.

It's pretty well documented how to do that:

Allows you to specify extensions that users can NOT install. Extensions already installed will be disabled if they are blacklisted, without the user being able to activate them. Once an extension disabled due to the blacklist is removed, it will be automatically reactivated.

A value of & # 39; * & # 39; Blacklist means that all extensions are blacklisted unless they are explicitly listed in the whitelist.

You can define other settings, such as whitelisting or forcing specific extensions. Do not try to create your own schema using custom permissions on parts of the Chrome user profile directory.

How can users improve your SEO strategy? – SEO help (general discussion)

The user's characters are fictitious characters that are typically used in the user-centric design process to represent the different types of users of a website. However, they can be useful in your online marketing campaigns. In this article, I will explain how they can be applied to your SEO. They can help you find the right keywords for your target audience and create the right content. They can also be a useful tool when identifying targets for link building.

Sharepoint Online – Users with the Change permission level can access site navigation, but will get denied access when they attempt to submit the change.

we have a classic team site collection with the publishing features enabled + we have a subsite where the publishing features are not enabled.
Now, I've granted some users the Edit permission on the subsite and read on the root site. where these users will be able to access the navigation of the subsite site as follows: –
enter the description of the image here

and these users will also be able to add new links and change the order of the navigation links >> but when they attempt to submit the site's navigation page, they will generate this error: –
enter the description of the image here

so it's strange that users can access site navigation + add / remove links but can not submit changes .. no idea what's going on?
Thank you

Waiting Users – Best Chat Practice Chat "Please wait"

We are currently integrating a web-based discussion feature into a utility website, where customers can view their bill, edit their plans, and more. with their electricity bills. (This will be available to all customers, whether they are connected or not).

The online chat will be placed at the top right of all ads, and once clicked on it will start an online chat session. In case of bottleneck at the beginning of the discussions, we have to design a pre-screen before the discussion starts with an agent. I can not find any information on the best practices here. I therefore thought to provide the following information while the user is waiting:

  • An apology message stating that the discussion agents are busy.
  • Current waiting time: XX minutes.

Would this be considered an information sharing with the customer? Or is visibility and transparency appreciated and considered good Ux? All the hats thrown in the ring on this one are very appreciated! A brief mockup is something that I gather below during a first pass:

enter the description of the image here

Marketing – How Can I Find Crypto / BTC Users Likely to Join an Affiliate Offer That I Have?

I really believe in the mission of the website / group that I would like to share with others because it offers all the education a crypto rookie would need without looking too complicated – the founder The group did a great job with this and he sincerely cares to help others exchange, invest and eventually grow their wealth through Bitcoin. Within this membership site that is totally free to join and use, for those looking for additional opportunities, there are some "products / services" that cost money, but obviously, as I am I said, the goal is to help people increase wealth so that they are very, very trustworthy opportunities. I know for a fact that the founder VIE for Bitcoin and has created a new way of life through collaborations with other people present in the space and with extensive research. Anything that could be added to the site could be an additional opportunity for others. When he does that, he ALWAYS also sends mass messages to all those who have registered to warn them so that they do not run the risk of losing and, in addition, includes any possible training including a completely new person. might need … really. goes beyond expectations and communicates with members who participate in their webinars to ensure they answer everyone's questions, etc. I strongly believe in the offer, but every time I try to share it on Facebook groups or something (strictly for BTC), no one even clicks on it. Of course, it would be good to earn a bit of bitcoin if someone signed up, but I want a lot more to help others in a space. I think a lot could benefit … obviously, there are a million and a half other ways to make money online, including BTC, but I feel that too many people want a quick fix to their situation or have the impression that I only care about making a commission and that I feel "sold" to … how can I share it successfully. ..?

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linux – OpenVPN Access Server – Split tunnel to selected users

Not sure this is the right platform to ask. Here is my question:

I have OpenVPN Access Server 2.6.1 currently configured with split tunneling and its working well. I have two VPN users, X and Y. I would like X to continue to use split tunneling, while user Y will route all traffic through a VPN gateway. How can I get there?

design – Best way to inform users about when to submit

I have an application where users can submit photos at a very precise time.

So, if I have a rule of the type "You can submit every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, between 8 am and 11:59 pm, 3 times a day, and your target number of applications must be 85 to be successful." 100 to win ", what would be the best way to represent this in a compact way?

I thought of creating a table with time, frequency, target number of submissions as line name and for its values. I thought to put "Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 8am to 11:59 pm", "3 times a day", "85 to pass / 100 to win" But that still does not seem fair to me.

Someone has better solutions?

Windows 10 – How to have a custom boot layout only for new users?

I want to have a custom startup presentation for my company's Windows 10 machines before migration. I found the cmdlet Import-Layout powershell, but to my knowledge, this only applies to the current user.

I've also found a Group Policy setting called Start Layout. But the description says that it also locks the Start menu, not allowing users to edit it.

This basic custom solution is simply to meet the essential needs of all employees. A lot of them have other programs that are not standard and they will probably want shortcuts in the boot menus.

I want a custom boot menu that only applies to new users, not existing users, and allows users to customize their boot menu even more. What is the best way to do this?

Percentage of Android phone users, whose phone has a "notch"?

I'm trying to determine "pretty much" how common these phones are in nature. But I can not find anything.

Notched telephones

I found slightly indicative information on sales:

The register:

A survey of 150 new devices published to date in 2018 revealed that 22% were copying Apple and introducing a notch

Counterpoint search:

Global smartphones with notched design