lg v30 – Can not launch Android Auto, continues to ask to activate the drawing on other applications

In recent weeks, I've had a problem with the non-launch of Android Auto when I was connecting to my car's Bluetooth. Whenever I try to launch Auto, a dialog box informs me to enable drawing on other applications. I click on the Continue button, I need the setting and it is already activated. To return to Auto, he always asks for this permission. If I click on the "No thanks" button, the application will close, which means that I can not even use it with reduced capacity.

I've already tried a few things, including disabling and re-enabling the setting, uninstalling and reinstalling Android Auto. None of this has worked. I do not remember getting a system update during this time, but it's quite possible (even likely) that Android Auto receives an update that has somehow broken it.

What should I do for Android Auto to work again?