[ Politics ] Open Question : True or False: anchor babies are valid U.S. citizens?

[ Politics ] Open Question : True or False: anchor babies are valid U.S. citizens?

2013 – Provided certificate is not valid for encryption/decryption

I am getting this Cert error in code, i installed the SSL Cert in IIS and MMC
Provided certificate is not valid for encryption/decryption. There may be insufficient permissions to its private key in the windows certificate store or the certificate itself may not have the correct purposes. If you only want to use it for signing, set the Use property to Signing (CertificateUse.Signing). at xxx.Internet.FBA.CONTROLTEMPLATES.xxx.FBA.IAMRegisteration.Page_Load(Object sender, EventArgs e)
at System.Web.UI.Control.OnLoad(EventArgs e)
at SIMAH.Common.BaseClass.Base.OnLoad(EventArgs e)

sharepoint server – The URL is invalid. It may refer to a nonexistent file or folder, or refer to a valid file or folder that is not in the current Web?

To narrow down the issue:

  1. Do all libraries have this issue?
  2. Check for the ULS logs, which will tell you more information.

Browse to the content database for the site in the SQL Server Management Studio
Expand ‘Databases’ and right-click on the content database to select “Properties”.

Select “Options” from the left pane in the pop-up window.

The option “Auto Create Statistics” must be set to “False”. If it is set to “True”, it must be toggled to “False”.

I have both a German student visa and a French Schengen visa (for travel), now the student visa is expired but the French Schengen visa is still valid

I am a non-EU student who has both a German student visa and a French Schengen visa (for travel), now the student visa is expired but the French Schengen visa is still valid.
I entered the Schengen area (arrived in Paris) on 02/Oct/2019 (and got a stamp on the French visa page), and my German student visa is valid from 01/Oct/2019 to 31/March/2020. My French visa is valid until 24/June/2020. I’ve applied for the German student visa extension but I haven’t received it yet
For further information, I got my French C-type visa (issued on 25/June/2019, valid till 24/June/2020) before I received my German D-type visa (issued on 01/Oct/2019, valid till 31/March/2020). I entered the Schengen area on 02/Oct/2019 (at this time I have both visas already, and both of them are un-used before this date)
In this case, can I still travel inside the Schengen countries (and leave before 24/June/2020?

I have both a German student visa and a French Shengen visa (for travel), now the student visa is expired but the French shengen visa is still valid

You have a valid Schengen visa for travel so you can use it to travel to any of the blue/green countries on this map:


(image source)

As you stated you entered on your French visa:

I entered the Schengen area I got the stamp on my French visa page

This will indeed exceed the 90/180 day rule:

As of October 18, 2013 your stay should be “no more than 90 days in any 180-day period”. In particular, you should have been present less than 90 days during the past 180 days when leaving the Schengen area.

algorithms – Issue with Campaign problem to find distinct valid campaigns

I have encountered this problem as part of tech interview prep. However, I am not able to identify on how to solve the problem.


An email campaign is a sequence of email messages, where each email
message belongs to one of two types, transactional or marketing.

M T T M M T T M M T Marketing messages are subject to a cooldown of
length k. Within a given campaign, there must be at least k
transactional emails between any two marketing emails.

For example, if k=2, the campaign

M T T M T T T M T is valid because between any two marketing emails
there are at least two transactional emails. However, the campaign

M T M T T T T M T is invalid because there is only one transactional
email separating the first two marketing emails. Note that, thus,
there can never be two consecutive marketing emails or the pattern M T

Given the campaign length n and the cooldown length k, find the number
of distinct valid campaigns. For example, there are 9 distinct
campaigns of length 5 with k=2:

Sample solution:


My Approach:

My initial thoughts were around generating all the valid permutations for each scenario and then counting it. However, I am not sure if that’s the way to go!

Would appreciate any insights.

algorithms – Delete rows or columns of matrix containing invalid elements, such that a maximum number of valid elements is kept

Originally posted in stack-overflow but was told to post here.

Context: I am doing a PCA on a MxN (N >> M) matrix with some invalid values located in the matrix. I cannot infer these values, so I need to remove all of them, which means I need to delete the whole corresponding row or column. Of course I want to keep the maximum amount of data. The invalid entries represent ~30% of data, but most of it is completly fill in a few lines, few of it is scattered in the rest of the matrix.

Some possible approches:

  • Similar to this problem , where I format my matrix such that valid data entries are equal to 1 and invalid entries to a huge negative number. However, all proposed solutions are of exponential complexity and my problem is simpler.

  • Computing the ratio (invalid data / valid data) for each row or column, and deleting the highest ratio(s). Recompute the ratios for the sub-matrix and remove the highest(s) ratios. (not sure how many lines or columns we can remove safely in one step), and so on until there is no invalid data left. It seems like an okay solution, but I am unsure it always gives the optimal solution.

My guess is that it is a standard data analysis problem, but surprisingly I could not find a solution online.

plugin gravity forms – WordPress – Gravityforms https:// is not a valid url

I have a WordPress based website that uses gravity forms. I have the gravity form loading in a jquery model window. My issue is the form seems to work except for after submission the form just stays on the screen and I see the below error in the console.

Uncaught DOMException: Failed to set the 'href' property on 'Location': 'http://' is not a valid URL.

I am not sure why this error would occur and how http:// not be a valid url

design patterns – Can a GoF Builder implementation be considered valid without an explicit getProduct()?

For studying purpose, I’ve tried to create a simple PHP implementation of Builder GoF (not the Joshua Bloch’s one) inspired on this slide.

The main goal of this example is to encapsulate the construction of data files from diferents inputs (Directors) and outputs (Builders)

Lots of Builder example (including the wikipedia’s one) define an explicit “getProduct/getResult” on the Builder Class.

In my case, I thought the creation of output file would be considered the literal product, so I have opted to not use a method to get the file.

So, I would like to know if the absence of this method would invalidate it as Builder GoF implementation.

namespace BuilderGoFEnglish;
abstract class Builder {
    protected SplFileObject $output;
    public function __construct(string $outputFileName) {
        $this->output = new SplFileObject($outputFileName, 'w');
    abstract function addHeader(array $header);
    abstract function addLine(array $linha);
    abstract function finish();
abstract class Director {
    protected Builder $builder;
    public function __construct(Builder $builder) {
        $this->builder = $builder;
    public abstract function build(string $inputFileName);
class XmlDirector extends Director {
    public function build(string $inputFileName) {
        $document = new DOMDocument();
        $document->preserveWhiteSpace = false;
        $root = $document->firstChild;
        $item1 = iterator_to_array($root->firstChild->childNodes);
        $this->builder->addHeader(array_column($item1, 'tagName'));
        foreach($root->childNodes as $child){
            $item = iterator_to_array($child->childNodes);
            $this->builder->addLine(array_column($item1, 'nodeValue'));
class JsonDirector extends Director {
    public function build(string $inputFileName) {
        $jsonArray = json_decode(file_get_contents($inputFileName));
        $this->builder->addHeader(array_keys((array) $jsonArray(0)));
        foreach ($jsonArray as $jsonObject) {
            $this->builder->addLine((array) $jsonObject);
class HtmlBuilder extends Builder {
    private DOMDocument $document;
    private DOMElement $table;
    public function __construct(string $output) {
        $this->document = new DOMDocument('1.0', 'utf-8');
        $this->table = $this->document->createElement('table');
        $this->table->setAttribute('border', 1);
    private function createTableRow(array $linha, $tipo = 'td'){
        $tr = $this->document->createElement('tr');
        array_map(fn($v) =>
                $tr->appendChild($this->document->createElement($tipo, $v)),
    public function addHeader(array $header) {
        $this->createTableRow($header, 'th');
    public function addLine(array $linha) {
    public function finish() {
class CsvBuilder extends Builder {
    private array $csvArray = ();
    public function addHeader(array $header) {
        $this->csvArray() = $header;
    public function addLine(array $linha) {
        $this->csvArray() = $linha;
    public function finish() {
        foreach ($this->csvArray as $linha) {