cpu – Why a valid bit is not used for associative cache in processors

The hot-link cache uses a valid bit to effectively know if data is present in a specific cache location (also called a line / index). If this is the only use of this bit, I believe that once a line has been configured, it will not be disabled before power is turned off.

In addition, I wonder why a similar optimization was not done for the associative cache (complete or k-way). The only reason I can imagine is that, as with every read / write, a cache location will be filled, the cache will soon be filled; and the probability that a box is empty is zero in no time.

Any return will be very appreciated.

sql server – Extended event file of system integrity corrupted with error Not a valid Win32 FileTime file

We are collecting data for monitoring extended system health events and few SQL servers have started to fail with the error below.

The conversion failed when converting the date and / or time of a character string. [SQLSTATE 22007] (Error 241).  

When checked manually from SSMS, I can not open the package.0.event file to view the target data with the error below.

Not a valid Win32 FileTime. Parameter name: fileTime (mscorlib)

—————————— Program location:

to System.DateTime.FromFileTimeUtc (Int64 fileTime) to
Microsoft.SqlServer.XEvent.Linq.Internal.XEventInteropMetadataManager.MarshalEvent (XEEventBufferHeader *
data, XEEvent * eventType,
XE_ISerializedEvent *
parser, XEventInteropMetadataAdapter * pMetadata,
XEventInteropMetadataManager interopMetadata, EventLocator position)
Microsoft.SqlServer.XEvent.Linq.Internal.XEventInteropBufferProcessor.get_Current ()
Microsoft.SqlServer.XEvent.Linq.Internal.XEventEnumerator.MoveNext ()
on Microsoft.SqlServer.XEventStorage.XEStorage.SerializeData ()

What is the cause above and how can I solve this problem.

Note @ problem so far, I've seen on SQL2012 SP3 and nothing about 2014 and above

c # – CareerCup (Bloomberg): Check if the string is valid according to the brackets

Conditions of custody

ArgumentNullException is usually referred to improper use of the API. This is not an exception for the end user, so I will not embarrass an exception message.

throws new ArgumentNullException ("A string is required");

throws new ArgumentNullException (nameof (s)); // maybe rename 's' in & # 39; input & # 39; or & value & # 39;

For the ArgumentException If you throw cases, I would also add the nameof (parameterName) to the constructor. A decent error message is relevant here, so keep the message.

You have a guard on white spaces. I do not see that in the specifications. Is this a requirement? Otherwise, leave a white space open or closed.

if (char.IsWhiteSpace (open) || char.IsWhiteSpace (close))

The next guard checks for duplicate records. Another policy is to skip a record if it is already registered. It depends if you want your API to be prone to errors or act like a sandbox for consumers.

if (openBrackets.Contains (open) || openBrackets.Contains (close))

I miss a guard condition. I doubt open and To close can be the same.

if (open == close) // run ..


You can replace if statements with a ternary operator.

s = s ?? throws new ArgumentNullException (nameof (s));
validator = validator ?? BracketValidator.CreateDefaultValidator ();

Redundant type declarations can be replaced by var. Unlike javascript, var is ok in C #.

Stack openStack = new stack();

var openStack = new stack();

How to get a valid URL in combination of text and field content in VIEWS

The HOSTNAME field returns the IP address.
I have to crush the exit of the field.
Is it possible to change that with a given URL like this:
& # 39; www.ip-tracker.org/locator/ip-lookup.php ip = & # 39; and adding the contents of the HOSTNAME field to get a valid URL?

bitcoin core – Invalid -rpcallowip subnet specification: * .Valid represents a unique IP address, network / netmask or network / CIDR

I'm new and all this in bitcoin, but I'm trying …
I've downloaded BitcoinCore and GUIminer, I did the setup for solo extraction (I created my username and my password, I 've got it). I defined the path of the Bitcoin client), but when I tried to launch the Bitcoin client as a server, I received this message. "What could I do?"

Website Design – Is the 980-pixel screen width rule still valid?

IMHO, I do not think that 980 is a good rule of thumb for anything that is full width on a desktop or tablet, especially because of the "retina" screens. If I had to choose a resolution to govern them all, I would probably go to 1440 or 1920, but you will continue to shoot in the dark over there and hurt poorly connected users.

It depends in part on what cursor imaging is (can it be solved with SVG?), Whether implemented as img tags or with CSS, if the text in the cursor is actually in the image (not accessible), what apparent degradation would be, and what confidence it may have that its users will have high-speed connections.

Ideally, it might ask for Google Analytics data (if it exists), but here are some examples. statistics for global screen resolutions in use. As you can see, the 1366/1440/1920 combine for almost 50% of the use. You can also find mobile statistics on this site.

I also think it would be a mature case for sensitive images (dev-heavy link) and CSS backgrounds, if possible. This would require closer collaboration from developers, to which they might or may not have access.

unit – Order a list does not work. – InvalidOperationException: The operation is not valid because of the current state of the object.

I have this method. This is to control actors and display only those who are in the line of sight with the player.

public Actor OrderActorListByDistance (List list, vector2 pos)
return list.FindAll (d => Physics2D.Linecast (d.transform.position, pos, LayerMask.GetMask ("Default")). collider == null) .OrderBy (i => Vector2.Distance (pos, i. transform .position)). First ();

But this method throws this error
InvalidOperationException: The operation is not valid because of the current state of the object

I have done a lot of research on Google but I have not found any solution.
I would appreciate any suggestion or help. Thanks in advance

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IP test?


India – The Indian passport is almost 6 months old. Will the trip to Australia without its renewal be a problem even if a valid 2-year visa is available?

Passport expires December 15, 2019. Hold a WPLT for 2 years. Expected to travel to Australia around June 6, 2019. Are there any 6-month restrictions on the Indian passport in Australia? Will this pose a problem with immigration services during checks in India and Australia? Would like to receive an honest suggestion about it. Should I get a renewed passport before the trip only?

Is a hash (document) timestamp valid under eIDAS?

I have a document F that I do not have access to, but I have her hash H & # 39; (F) calculated with an algorithm H & # 39; this is not included in the list of hash functions recommended in EN 119 312 (referenced by EN 319 422), but this can be considered secure.

A qualified time stamp of "hash hash" with a recommended hash function, for example SHA256 (H & # 39; (F)), to be valid under eIDAS?