Can a node broadcast a valid signed raw transaction during synchronization?

Built and signed a native UTXO bech32, but when I try to stream from my testnet node with the help of the command sendrawtransaction it returns "missing entries". I do not have private keys in my wallet and the testnet node is still in sync, but I was able to stream it correctly with a testnet API service that allows you to serve signed transactions.

Is it possible to broadcast a raw signed transaction over the network while synchronizing?

admin – Issue 2.2.3 to 2.2.10 upgrade The class argument is not valid: xxx xxx Ui Component DataProvider DataProvider

I have a store that has had a major upgrade.

Past 2.2.3 to 2.2.10. I've already treated a lot of problems. Frontend looks good.

Have a problem with the backend. Get errors when loading the administration grids. So, just by logging in, see the errors like this:

Class argument is invalid: MagentoAdminNotificationUiComponentDataProviderDataProvider

I therefore disable administrator notifications via composer / CLI.

Then see a similar error MagentoReleaseNotification

I therefore disable publication notifications via composer / CLI.

Can connect (or bypass the dashboard) but go to Catalog> Products for example

Class argument is invalid: MagentoCatalogUIDataProviderProductProductDataProvider

Generally, so there seems to be a problem with the grids of administration

I've googled and read about the changes in the XML syntax but I can not possibly have any problem with all the basic modules?

Has anyone experienced the same problem? Or can I lead in the right direction?

Customs and Immigration – A Canadian citizen living abroad with a refused Canadian passport renewal – wants to return home to visit his family with a valid NZ passport

I am a Canadian citizen born in 1958. I left Canada in 2005 to live in New Zealand with a wife born in New Zealand. I am now a New Zealander citizen and I have a valid passport. My Canadian passport has been revoked for non-payment of support. I wish to return to Canada to see my family and understand that I need a valid Canadian passport to do so. I applied for the Canadian passport and the renewal was refused due to the issue of child support. From the discussion thread above, it seems that I can not apply for an ETA as a Canadian citizen. I have not broken any law, I have no criminal conviction, I have no arrest warrant pending, I simply could not continue to pay child support once I left Canada. Do I have a way back to visit my family and return to New Zealand? – Google Tag Manager: Generate a valid schema during the Window Loaded event

When using GTM, is it possible to generate a valid schema after the Window Loaded event?

By valid, I mean a schema that will use data layer variables created after the DOM Ready event and "taken into account" (does not know if this term is correct) when Google generates SERPs.

Currently, a tag generates a page-mode schema, but it is usually empty because the data layer variables are not yet created.

The website is a simple page.

A British passport valid for two months of travel to Germany after Brexit?

If I understand.

In the context of the brexit agreements negotiated by the government but rejected by Parliament, there should be a transitional period of at least until the end of 2020. Freedom of movement would continue. during this transition period. You will be able to travel in February with your current passport.

On the other hand, in the event of a brexit without a transaction, it is highly likely that the Schengen area would treat British visitors like other foreigners, which means that one passport would have been issued within the last ten years and at least six months later. validity beyond the end of your trip, your passport would not be acceptable.

Is this an example of valid coinduction evidence?

Define a sequence corecursively by $ u_n = sqrt {n u_ {n + 1}} $ or $ n $ is understood to belong to $ mathbb N cup { infty } $ and $ u_n $ belongs to $ mathbb (1, + infty) $.

First of all: Is it a valid cor recsive definition? And why is it valid exactly? Is it because the square root operation is monotonous? And if I change the game that $ u_n $ belongs to $ (0, + infty) $ or $ (+ infty, + infty) $?

Then we have a proposition that we prove by coinduction. To know that $ u_n leq sqrt {n + 1} $ for each $ n $. Proof (??): Suppose the hypothesis is true for $ n = N + 1 $; we then have that $ u_N = sqrt {Nu_ {N + 1}} leq sqrt {N (N + 2)} $ who by AM-GM is at most $ frac {N + (N + 2)} 2 = N + 1 $. $ blacksquare $

Is the proof above correct? Is this an example of a corursive definition and a coinductive proof?

Web application – how can I check if the API key of the FBconnect application is valid or not?

I am new in api tests and I have found a fbconnect API key and the id of a webapp.
I have reported it and its triage status currently.
but the analyst asked me to check the key if it is valid or if we relied on a program to check the key. the problem is that the program can change secret key in 2 minutes if they do not want to pay. then is it possible for me to check if it is valid or not?

So, how can I use it to access or login to the app for verification.
also suggest a safe way to test this if you can.

real analysis – Is this version of Clairaut-Schwarz's theorem valid when mixed partial derivatives are of order greater than $ 2 $?

I've asked this question on MSE here. A person gave an answer but then deleted it because my version of Clairaut-Schwarz's theorem is stronger than his. I meant that my version only requires the continuity of a mixed partial derivative while its may require continuity of all partial mixed derivatives.

It seems that this question will not receive any answer in MSE, so I can only post on

I usually meet the theorem of Clairaut-Schwarz where the mixed partial derivatives are of order $ 2 $, that is to say.

$ textbf {Clairaut-Schwarz theorem:} $Let $ X $ to be open in $ mathbb R ^ n $, $ f: X to F $, and $ i, j in {1, ldots, n } $. Assume that $ partial_j partial_i f $ is continuous to $ a $ and that $ partial_j f $ exists in a neighborhood of $ a $. then $ partial_i partial_j f (a) $ exists and $$ partial_i partial_j f (a) = partial_j partial_i f (a) $$

I would like to ask if the Clairaut-Schwarz theorem is valid in the case where the mixed partial derivatives are of arbitrary order $ m $, that is to say.

Let $ X $ to be open in $ mathbb R ^ n $, $ f: X to F $, and $ m in mathbb N $. assume $ j_1, j_2, ldots, j_m in {1, ldots, n } $ and $ sigma $ is a permutation of $ {1, ldots, m } $. Yes $ partial_ {j_1} partial_ {j_2} cdots partial_ {j_m} f $ is continuous to $ a $ and $ partial_ {j _ { sigma (2)}} cdots partial_ {j _ { sigma (m)}} f $ exists in a neighborhood of $ a $then $$ partial_ {j_1} partial_ {j_2} cdots partial_ {j_m} f (a) = partial_ {j _ { sigma (1)}} partial_ {j _ { sigma (2)}} cdots partial_ {j _ { sigma (m)}} f (a) $$

Thank you very much for your help!

Is this a valid Boolean expression?

one of my friends asked me to look at some of the questions he was working on for practice, and I came across the question.

Prove the following Boolean expression:
(X v (YZ) ≡ X v Y X v Z)

Unfortunately, I can not take the lead, unfortunately there were some minor typos earlier in the paper. So I thought that was the case, but replacing (Y≡Z) in the expression does not solve anything, because writing the truth table for X v Y and X v Z shows that they are not equivalent independently. At a loss, any help would be welcome.

My apologies for not using MathJax. For some reason, the logical operators have not been converted correctly.

How can I turn this XML injection into a valid XXE?

I was testing the site and found a form vulnerable to XML Injection. It sends the details that you insert into this form as an xml attachment via email to my email address and also to the CMS administrators by email. It works with XSS but my question is, can this also work with XXE? and if so, which xml code can I inject to demonstrate the presence of XXE?

The point of injection is as follows


Yes yes

The injection occurs in label. Can this be turned into a good XXE?