blockchain – Why does mining / validation of new blocks have to be complicated / time consuming?

blockchain – Why does mining / validation of new blocks have to be complicated / time consuming? – Bitcoin Stack Exchange

validation – When should the valid visual cue be shown to the user on a pre-filled form field?

It makes sense to show a valid visual cue (eg: green border, green check, etc) when a user is filling a form field and the data is considered valid.

enter image description here

What if the user opened the form with pre-filled data? For example, when editing something.

When would be the appropriate moment to show the valid visual cue on form fields that were not edited by the user?

When the form is loaded?

On focus and blur events?

When the form is submitted?


Validation Upper case not working correctly

I am using SharePoint 2016 and I am trying to enter a validation for a single line text that must be 7 characters in lenght with a hyphen in position for (XXX-XXX).

I have two issue, first I reliased that if I enter a validation it makes the column mandatory so I need to make the column have the option of blank and if not blank then the validation sets in.

The second issue is that the formula does not really work properly as it appears I can have 2 hyphen and the last characters not capitalised.


As soon as I enter the 6th character condition as below SharePoint goes into error without saving the setting.


Any ideas on how to make the entry optional and if information is entered then to be in the format XXX-XXX.

usability – When a client-side action needs to be validated from server-side, is it better to make the user wait or ‘undo’ the action if validation fails?

Interesting Question and Flow.
I am assuming I have understood your question correctly.

Let us check the flow in this case.
1 : User Does a change(on CMS in this example)
2 : The change is validated from server side on some conditions you need to have a check with.
3 : User should be given the +ve or -ve feedback based on validation.

It is a 3 step process happening.
Understand here the first step is action triggered by the user. In UX, the next step user is expecting is feedback for the action taken.
In this case User has made changes and he needs to be updated with what is happening after his action. So, till the validation is complete(depending on time taken for validation) do not make any drastic or significant changes to the UI. You could use some UI tricks like

  1. Show a information message on the screen(that is feasible for your layout) as validation pending or In process.
  2. May be changing the color of the moved item in the list that is being validated.

Use message language intuitively like “Hold on ! We are validating your changes” or “Sit back & Relax. We’ll let you know if the change can be made or any thing like this.

Better than spinner for sure coz spinner can be misunderstood as browser loading or error in network or any other system error.

Post validation. If it is successful. Display the message and mention the change along with it.
Else Show why the change was failed and say that change is not made and it is reverted to its original state.

This will leave no gap in the UX and User will not get frustrated to use your application further.

validation – Input Data is specific format

I have a column set to text (I could change this to number eventually).

I would like to set a validation message for inputting a set of 12 numbers separated by a dash (Total 13 characters) in the following format 123456-123456.

This information is normally copied from another site as a reference number. So the copied value will have a dash included.

How can I achieve this?

Litecoin Fork Compilation Validation Error bad-cb-length, Transaction check failed

I have been working on a fork of Bitcoin/Litecoin, and was able to run sudo make && sudo make install with no issues. However when I run kangrocoind (kangrocoin is name of coin), it will begin to boot and load the wallet, however I then receive this error (genesis and merkle shortened for convenience, each one is 64 characters in length):

ERROR: ConnectBlock: Consensus::CheckBlock: bad-cb-length, Transaction check failed (tx hash 2dce389…) (code 16)
2021-04-11T00:09:47Z InvalidChainFound: invalid block=1a59bed… height=0 log2_work=20.000022 date=2021-04-10T01:21:50Z
kangrocoind: validation.cpp:1294: void InvalidChainFound(CBlockIndex*): Assertion `tip’ failed.

Does anyone know a possible solution? Thanks!

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validation – Validating input in-line or from a seperate field?

NIST stipulates that you shouldn’t pass trusted or untrusted data directly into an event handler, interpreter or compiler.

You should store the value in a separate field and let your handler pull the value out.

Providing validation is performed as it hits the handler, why do we care?

filters – Woocommerce – Remove fields from woocommerce_form_field including validation

I am trying to customise the Woocommerce myaccount page, in particular the edit address page.

I want to display both the shipping + billing address forms on a single page. Ideally, in a single form with a one save button. I also need to remove a lot of the fields, so that it’s a much simpler form of just an address (no name, company, etc).

I have implemented the code found on This Answer. It works nicely in that it shows both forms. However, I cannot remove the fields from the forms. If I try code like this:

function custom_override_checkout_fields( $fields ) {
  return $fields;

It doesn’t work, the field still shows, and it also still tries to validate it. I tried adding a condition to the foreach to not show the fields based on the key, like this:

foreach ( $billing_fields as $key => $field ) :
   if($key != 'billing_first_name' && $key != 'billing_last_name') :
      woocommerce_form_field( $key, $field, $userMeta($key)(0) );

This removes the field from displaying, BUT the validation still exists – and any filter code I add to functions using woocommerce_checkout_fields to remove the validation doesn’t seem to affect this form at all.

Is there a way to either:

  1. Remove fields from this form generated by woocommerce_form_field including the validation?
  2. Create a custom form that allows me to set the input fields manually in the code, and update any fields that are there, ignoring the validation from Woocommerce completely?

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