php – how to update multiple values ​​in codeigniter

I have input data that I will populate with different values, I do several updates

but i have an error which is:

Unknown column & # 39; Tableau & # 39; in the & # 39; list of fields & # 39; UPDATE service TOGETHER
= OERE array id_service = & # 39; 1 & # 39;

how to overcome this?





 public function update($id_service){
      foreach($this->input->post('charges_order') as $data){
        $data = array(
            'charges_order' => $this->input->post('charges_order')
        // echo '
', print_r($data);
        $this->M_report->update($id_service, $data);       


 public function update($id_service,$data){
    $this->db->where('id_service', $id_service);
    $this->db->update('service', $data);

7 – How to display the active filter values ​​in the views of the exposed filter?

I have an obligation to display the selected filter values ​​from the views of the exposed filter.

For example: when I select OptionA of filter-1(select the list) and OptionB of filter-2(selection list), the results will be filtered for sure, but with that I want to display something like,

Active Filters: OptionA, OptionB, Reset

I tried to use the display form as a block and another option available in the views, but I did not respond to the wait. Could someone help me?

html – Get an array of site page values ​​by jquery

I need a csv file like: "Region title", "image file name", "href value" from the site page How to do this by jquery?

I tried to get the items by this code:


But that only shows me the elements of class .item. How to extract innerText, then add to this src image from child elements?
Thanks for any help.

javascript – After sending the code returns an alert if the values ​​entered are set to zero, by pressing the button the page is locked

-I just started learning JavaScript, so I'm a layman on the subject & # 39; – & # 39;
when the values ​​of the entries are set to zero, the good thing was to display an alert and a change in the div, but the page freezes and I can no longer put numbers or click on the button.

function tabuada(){
let ini=document.getElementById('txt1')
let fim=document.getElementById('txt2')
let passo=document.getElementById('txt3')
let res=document.getElementById('res')

if (ini.value.lenght== 0 || fim.value.lenght== 0 || passo.value.lenght== 0){
    window.alert('(ERRO), dados faltando...')
    res.innerHTML='Impossível de contar...'
    let i=Number(ini.value)
    let f=Number(fim.value)
    let p=Number(passo.value)
if(i=f; c-=p){


How to fully sort a data pyramid in descending order by adding the row values?

How is it possible to return a new data frame in descending order which is in this format:

    M1  M2  M4   M5
N1  45  46  54   57
N2  32  36  29   56
N3  56  44  40   55
N4  57  43  42   54

So that the new data frame returns N1 on the first line, because the sum of the line values ​​is the largest, then N4, N3 and finally N2 (because the sum of the values ​​is the smallest). So:

    M1  M2  M4   M5
N1  45  46  54   57
N4  57  43  42   54
N3  56  44  40   55
N2  32  36  29   56

javascript – Remove items from the SharePoint list with specific values ​​in a column

I'm a bit stuck at the moment.
Using JavaScript, I wrote a function that removes an item from a list with a specific ID:

deleteItem: function() {
  let siteUrl = 'mysite';
  let clientContext = new SP.ClientContext(siteUrl);
  let oList = clientContext.get_web().get_lists().getByTitle('Statistics');
  let oListItem = oList.getItemById(parseInt(this.statisticsRecID));
  clientContext.executeQueryAsync(Function.createDelegate(this, this.onQuerySucceeded1), Function.createDelegate(this, this.onQueryFailed1));

The problem I have is that now I have to delete items from a list where I don't know the item ID. (I can search for it, but it is not what I want). This list has a column called CorrespondingListID. And I have the values ​​for this CorrespondingListID.

Is it possible to remove items from this list using their value which is written in the CorrespondingListID column? How else to solve this problem?

Get SharePoint site property bag values ​​via graph

Is there a way to access SharePoint Online site level property bag values ​​via Microsoft Graph?

Using Rest, I can get it using this:

/ _api / web / allproperties

I don't know how to do the same using Microsoft Graph.

packages – Higher values ​​of changed system functions

Suppose someone (for example, the author of a package that I need to use) modifies
the upper values ​​of a system function as follows

Series /: Series(x_foo, rest__) := mySeries(x, rest)

For that assessment

Series(foo(ep), {ep, 0, 2})


mySeries(foo(ep), {ep, 0, 2})

Now, I would like to modify some of these definitions without modifying the source code of a package.

Normally I would do this by loading the original package and then running correction code which
modifies the relevant rise and fall values ​​entered by the package. However, in this case, it does not mean
seem to be possible because


returns an empty list. So I'm wondering where these custom value values ​​are saved and if there is a way to get them back?

PS I am not advocating falsifying system functions, but there are packages (like this one) that do this stuff and have no analogues, so it suffices to use them for the relevant calculations. I am not the author of the package, so I am not able to correct the code and redistribute it to my colleagues (even in private). Loading the original package and then applying custom fix code (which anyone can inspect) is the best solution so far.

swift – Sort an array with random values ​​without using a sort

hello 🙂 this is my first time here and i need help with a task which is to sort an array with random numbers in descending and ascending order showing the 3 arrays (original mess, ascending and descending) I could only generate the original array but I have problems ordering and would like to do it easily, sorry for the inconvenience 🙂

PS: I'm working on an online compiler because I don't have a mac 🙁

var lista_O: (Int) = ()
var lista_Ma_Me: (Int) = ()
var lista_Me_Ma: (Int) = ()
var aux: Int = 0
var suma: Int = 0
var promedio: Int = 0
var z = 0

for i in 1...10 {
z = Int.random(in: 1...10)
suma = suma + z

for i in 0...10 {
for j  in 1...10 {
 if (lista_Ma_Me(i) < lista_Ma_Me(j)) {
  aux = lista_Ma_Me(i)
  lista_Ma_Me(i) = lista_Ma_Me(j)
  lista_Ma_Me(j) = aux

 promedio = suma / 10


postgresql – how to delete null values ​​in a multidimensional array?

SELECT,dt.description,dt.odobj,dt.defval,dt.datatypeid,array_agg(array(dtv.description::text,dtv.odobj::text,,dtv.datatypevalueid::text,dtv.datatypeid::text))as arrayofdatatypevalues
       FROM datatypevalue dtv
       full join
      public.datatype as dt on dt.datatypeid = dtv.datatypeid
      where !='Integer' and !='String' and !='Boolean'
      group by,dt.description,dt.odobj,dt.defval,dt.datatypeid; 

it returns the output as


how can i remove null from this array?