powershell – Set-PnPDefaultColumnValues ​​Error while applying default column values

I try to set a default value for a taxonomy field on a SharePoint document library by using a PowerShell script. The GUID is the guide to a term copied from the term store.

Set-PnPDefaultColumnValues -List "Documents" -Field "CustomTest" -value "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000"

The error I receive is

Set-PnPDefaultColumnValues: Error Applying Default Column Values

The rest of the error simply states that there was an exception. I have the same error with that

Set-PnPDefaultColumnValues -List "Documents" -Field "CustomTest" -Value "TermGroup|TermSet|TermName"

I have also tried the following. There is no error but the field does not update

$field = Get-PnPField "CustomTest" -List "Documents"
$field.DefaultValue = "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000"

I have looked at the documentation and the first seems correct. The column is there and functional. CustomTest is the internal name and the full name.

Has anyone ever seen this problem?

Codeigniter between two values

I have the following query in the codeigniter template but it does not give me any results because the problem lies in the interval between the date and date variables arriving from the controller but I need that the field is up to date with the query form mysqli it works but I can not translate it into codeigniter Thank you very much

// query with mysqli

    $sql = ("SELECT entradas.id_entrada as id, productos.name as name, entradas.cantidad_ent as cant, entradas.date_ent as fecha, entradas.receptor as receptor, usuarios.user as usuario, entradas.remito_ent as remito, productos.nro_expediente as expediente  from entradas, productos, usuarios where date(entradas.date_ent) between '$fechad' and '$fechah' and entradas.id_area='$idarea' and productos.id_producto= entradas.id_producto and usuarios.Id_usuario= entradas.id_user order by entradas.date_ent desc ");
$query = mysqli_query($conn, $sql);

// Query in codeigniter

public function getentr($id_area, $fechah, $fechad) {
    $data = array();

    $select = "entradas.id_entrada id, productos.name name, entradas.cantidad_ent  cant, entradas.date_ent fecha, entradas.receptor receptor, usuarios.user  usuario, entradas.remito_ent remito, productos.nro_expediente expediente";
    $entre = "date(entradas.date_ent) between  '$fechad'  and '$fechah'";
    $this->db->where('entradas.id_area', $id_area);
    $this->db->join('productos', 'productos.id_producto = entradas.id_producto');
    $this->db->join('usuarios', 'usuarios.Id_usuario = entradas.id_user');

    $consulta = $this->db->get();

    $resultado = $consulta->result();
    return $resultado;

// I've assigned the line between the $ variable between

postgresql – Boolean default values ​​are TRUE or FALSE only in Postgres

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How to duplicate the generated HTML table, but using the Javascript Array values?

I do not know if I do not insert the array correctly, but the values ​​in the pd tables are not returned: I need 4 tables. I do not know how to call the board.

More specific question how to call or bring specific array data from HTML

J attachment of work in Fiddle

views – how to display multiple values ​​of the reference entity

I have the content "a" that uses the reference of the user
so a user basically has more of a "one" content
Now I have the view that shows the user and adds the relation of the field used in the content "a".

so I add a field to display the title of the content "a" that has a link with the user

I can show it, but if a user has more "a" content, it creates a new line instead of the same line, so I have a duplicate / redundant user line and I do not Do not want it.

How can I get there?

python 3.x – Python3: Required while: Program that asks for two numbers, displays the values ​​between them in descending order.

As I indicated in the title, use obligatorily while I have to create a program that asks me for two numbers x and z, print all the numbers between x and z and order them in descending order. Do the descent but do not stop it according to the lower value. I leave what I have until now. Thank you in advance the community.


while i < n1:
    print (n1)

java – Takes two values ​​in one scan for the user

"Can not find symbol" error when taking two values ​​separated by a space:
For example, the user writes: 20 100
It is expected to take 20 in one variable and 100 in another variable. (always in 2 variable and not more).

import java.util.*;
public class separadoporespacio {
   public static void main(String() args) {
       Scanner myObj = new Scanner(System.in);
       System.out.println("Introduce dos numeros separados por espacios: ");
       String mayormenor = myObj.nextLine();
       String(1)  = str.split(" ");
       double menor = Double.parseDouble(tokens(0));
       double mayor = Double.parseDouble(tokens(1));

magento2.3 – M2 | How to print table values ​​in a custom HTML mail template in a loop?

I want to print multiple coupon / gift codes in a custom email template. I receive a unique code like:

$templateVars = array(
            'store' => $this->storeManager->getStore(),
            'customer_name' =>$name,
            'giftcods' => 'VFDFRVXSW43VF'

In the HTML template file:

{{var giftcods|raw}}

And exit as:

enter the description of the image here

But this is a unique code, I want to print several codes in an email.
I went through some related links like:

Magento 2: How to manage array values ​​in custom email templates?

Pass variable and output in a custom email template

But there is no suitable solution available specially on how to treat the value of a table in an HTML template.

real analysis – a set of values ​​dividing an uncountable element defined on two uncountable sets is open

assume $ A subset mathbb {R} $ to be an indomountable whole and let $ B subset mathbb {R} $ to be a set defined by $ in B $ if and only if the sets$ x subset mathbb {R} $: $ x in A $ and $ x gt s $} and {$ x subset mathbb {R} $: $ x in A $ and $ x lt s $are uncountable.

How to prove that B is not empty and open?

I was trying to prove that the whole interior of $ A $ is in the $ B $ so $ B $ is not empty. But how to prove that the indecipherable set must have an interior point?

I do not know how to show $ B $ is open.

Thank you.

transactions – how is the verification of the transformation of the raw values ​​on the blockchain

Is there a solution to check a transformation of the raw values ​​on the available blockchain?

Example: you have a blockchain solution (private, allowed) to check how many apples you have in your storage. New apples arrive randomly every 1 to 5 minutes. Same thing for outgoing apples.

After each hour, you want to calculate the apples arrived during the last hour. After each day, you want to calculate the average number of apples arrived per hour.

Does Ethereum (and others) solve this problem with Smart Contracts?
What are the alternative approaches?

To make things a little more complex: assume that the transformation itself is very complex and can not be stored in a smart contract, as if you were using a neural network that can not be replicated to all nodes. How can other nodes confirm that the transformation was done correctly and is trustworthy and store the result only in the blockchain?