What is normal verified links number in Tier 1/2/3?

What is normal verified links number in Tier 1/2/3?

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how to recover previous created verified link

Hello all

Need Help, Today after GSA SER update and restarted, the previous created verified and submitted link list are disappear . How can I recover it


Use verified URLs of >> [Multiple Projects]

Use verified URLs of >> [Multiple Projects] <<

I made Tier 3 using the above option.

I aimed at Tier 2 project in the setup of Muliple Projects. Tier 3 > Tier 2

And there are about 120,000 links in my site list. 

Will 120,000 backlinks be created for Tier 3 > Tier 2?

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godaddy – Firebase hosting: www.example.com redirect to example.com says “domain not verified”

I have bought a domain from GoDaddy, and I want to host a static website using firebase hosting. When connected to firebase, example.com works. But when I want to redirect www.example.com to example.com, it doesn’t work. I already put token generated from Firebase into GoDaddy registrar.

It says ‘Domain not verified’.
enter image description here

This is my records in godaddy.

enter image description here

I have waited for a day, still it doesn’t work.

What could have gone wrong in my setting up the redirection? This is my first time setting up hosting, sorry if I’m making silly mistakes.

complex – How can I understand the 2nd solution of this equation? (theoretically correct, but doesn’t work while being verified)

I’m trying to solve these two equations:
cosleft(frac{gamma’}{2}right) = g_0qquad e^{ibeta’}sinleft(frac{gamma’}{2}right) = g_1

Where $g_0$ is real and $g_1$ is complex. From the discussions on the math channel, we can find that
gamma’=2cos^{-1}(g_0),qquad e^{ibeta’}=pmfrac{g_1}{sqrt{1-g_0^2}}qquadbeta’=-ilogfrac{g_1}{sqrt{1-g_0^2}}+kpi, text{where} kinmathbb{Z}$$

However, I’m still having trouble understanding the solution when $k$ is an odd number, say if it equals $1$, then I’m trying to verify the solution using Mathematica:

Given that

g_0 = 0.8974187611347583, g_1= -0.33540402107889095+0.28660723962849705*I

We can find $gamma’ = 0.913825694123124 , beta_1’= 2.434484141132717 , beta_2’=5.5760767947225105$ (differ by $1*pi$).

However, when I tried to use Mathematica to verify the solutions, only $beta_1’$ and $gamma’$ works, by which I mean $e^{ibeta’}sinleft(frac{gamma’}{2}right)-g_1=0$.

When I plug $beta_2′, gamma’$ into the equation, it returns 0.670808 - 0.573214 I. Why the second answer doesn’t work? Thanks a lot for the help!!

PS: This is what I tried:
Exp(I*5.5760767947225105)* Sin(0.913825694123124/2) - (-0.33540402107889095 + 0.28660723962849705*I) // Simplify

How to increase verified links

I need increase verified links in my order so please help me.

Need Help for multiple moneysites how to send verified links

How to multiple moneysites how to send verified links to each money sites.