Organize the checkbox and radio button for vertical to horizontal alignment on the new form of the SharePoint online list

We have multiple columns of check boxes and radio buttons on our SharePoint online list form. We want to change the display of all check boxes and radio buttons horizontally.

We have tried the script below, but all of the check boxes and radio buttons appear on one line (please refer to the screenshot below). We want columns based on horizontal alignments.

Any suggestions on how to do it?

Thank you

enter description of image here

Script tried:

typography – Should vertical spacing ensure that each list points to a paragraph?

Very often, lists in continuous texts are composed in such a way that the vertical spacing between the points is greater than the regular spacing of lines in the same text. Well, like the lists here at SE:

  • just a sample point,
  • look at this spacing above!

Although the list items are placed on a new line each, they still form a sentence, so increasing the spacing between them breaks the "text – paragraph – sentence – word" logic. In addition, these lists are much less dense compared to the rest of the text.

What is the purpose of additional spacing in this case? Wouldn't it be better to densify the lists so that the text does not fall apart?

layout – Vertical and horizontal scrolling patterns

I have seen sites that have horizontally scrolling content as primary content. For example, Trello and Jira have many columns that extend horizontally. The page then allows scrolling. I've always heard that web pages are supposed to be endless in the vertical direction and that was the model to try. I guess it would be easier to follow a vertical pattern and use normal scrolling than to conform to horizontal scrolling.

I am wondering if there is a vertical pattern that could be used in these cases or if it is now just a standard to support horizontal scrolling.

angularjs – IOS Inappbrowser vertical scroll plugin does not work

Vertical scrolling does not work at all in IOS. I looked in the documentation, but I saw nothing to talk about or anything that helps me. Thanks if you can help.

My code:

let browser = this.browser.create(this.urlRedirect, '_self', 'location=no,zoom=no,fullscreen=yes,hidespinner=no,suppressesIncrementalRendering=yes,toolbar=no,usewkwebview=no,enableViewportScale=yes,disallowoverscroll=yes')


film – What are these vertical lines on my negative?

I think there are three plausible possibilities in general:

  1. shutter problem with a focal plane shutter;
  2. scanning problem;
  3. developmental problem, probably restlessness;
  4. light leaking into the camera or around the edges of the roller, or keeping the roller somewhere, there is a very bright light.

From what you said, (1) and (2) can be excluded: the camera has a sheet shutter, and the lines are on the negative.

I don't think it is (4) because the lines seem too close together: whenever I have had problems with the light with 120 (due to the exposed roller seeing strong sunlight), it is clear that light infiltrates the ends of the roll, and also through the backing paper in a wide strip. So I don't think that's it.

So I think it must be (3): restlessness or some other treatment problem. And while you are treating it yourself and the color is difficult to shake because it is designed for continuous shaking, I think it is very plausible. The easy answer is & # 39; buy a Jobo & # 39;, although they are awfully expensive (and the one I had was not electrically safe).

catalina – Enable vertical scrolling in the Books app in MacBook Pro

Is it possible to enable vertical scrolling in the MacBook Books app instead of using the default horizontal scrolling?

Since MacBooks do not have a touchscreen interface, it is not intuitive to use horizontal scrolling to scroll pages as a physical book while using the trackpad

dnd 5e – Does the Wall of Wind spell have to be vertical, or can it be tilted or even curved?

Let's break down the wording:

A wall of strong wind rise from the ground at a point you choose in the range. You can make the wall up to 50 feet long, 15 feet high and 1 foot thick. You can shape the wall as you wish as long as it makes a continuous path along the floor.


  • The wind must rise (rise)
  • Dimensions must not exceed 50 feet long, 15 feet high and 1 foot thick
  • The wall can be shaped in any way as long as it is continuous along the floor.

The question is, "can she raise herself, and go aside? "The answer seems to be no. The wind picks up and nothing else.

We can also shine some information on the intention of the fate of the subsequent rules:

Loose and light materials introduced into the wall fly up. Arrows, bolts and other ordinary projectiles launched at targets behind the wall are deflected upwards and miss automatically.

This reinforces the idea that the wind can only go up. In your second diagram, it wouldn't make much sense for an arrow to be deflected upward when hitting the base of the wall. Likewise in the 3rd diagram by hitting the top of the wall.

This is a fairly weak interpretation

Elevation means any movement from a low position to a higher position, not just up. The information in the second part does not really dictate the shape of the wall, just the mechanics. In addition, the rules state that you can shape the wall in "any way" (as long as it is continuous along the ground).

Ultimately, it seems that intention is the first interpretation, but the rules are not strong enough to completely prevent further reading.

plugins – Add a vertical hamburger menu to wordpress


I have the main menu at the top and I am looking to add an additional menu like:

The right menu when hamburger the icon is clicked.

How do I go about it? Do we have plugins that can set up a menu like this?

What is the name of this component with three vertical periods in Google Gmail?

What is the name of this component with three vertical periods in Google Gmail?

enter the description of the image here

What is the name of this component with three vertical periods in Google Gmail?

What is the name of this component with three vertical periods in Google Gmail?

enter the description of the image here