Do you like the video?

Do you like the video?

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Videobin is a video hosting provider. We offer online storage, sophisticated download and video streaming solutions. Videobin allows you to host your videos and play them online from a browser / mobile device.


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  • The API is available.
  • Multiple download options, including FTP, remote download. Zoom support available soon!
  • Quick and responsive support available 24 hours a day.
  • Different video resolutions available for all types of viewers.
  • Many features such as subtitles are also available.
  • Simple and easy to navigate design.

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video – Android: save the camera front and back and save in separate files

As a title, I want to simultaneously record the front and rear cameras and save them as separate files. I write code based on the Android Android Camera2VideoJava example. However, instead of using MediaRecorder, I use MediaCodec to encode into an h.264 file, and then read and decode it in mp4 format. The previews of both cameras were correct, but when I tried to start encoding, the application worked for a while, then crashed. The errors appear in the logcat:

A/libc: Invalid address 0x7e9d4ec880 passed to free: value not allocated
A/libc: Fatal signal 6 (SIGABRT), code -6 (SI_TKILL) in tid 20876 (CameraBackgroun), pid 20843 (id.camera2basic)

My question is: is there another way to save both cameras and save it as separate files?

Thank you.

sharepoint online – Webpart Image Carousel SPFx with video as source

I want to link a video in the carousel to the source, which is a hypertext link in the carousel.

I am able to link images but not to link a video as a source. How to upload videos with images?

{, key) => { return (
{/* */ } < video src = { imageList.Image ? imageList.Image("Url") : '' } > {/* */ }

{ this._onClickItem(imageList.Title) } }> { imageList.Title } < /p> < /div>) })}

DropMega.Com File Sharing and streaming video streaming Awesome | NewProxyLists


Hello WJ users

I would like to introduce the beta Dropmega Website sharing file and video hosting, which can be used to share your file or stream your videos online on any device.
we do not have a PPD, but we only have one ad pop up in video stream

  • Maximum size of the download file : 30 GB / free users -100 GB / Premium
  • Storage space : Unlimited / free unlimited / premium
  • Video streaming : we convert the file to mp4 720
  • Download volume : Unlimited
  • Send URL remotely : Youtube, verystream,, openload, streamango, streamcherry And all the websites supported by youtube-dl
  • Support for download accelerators : Yes
  • CV of downloads : Yes
  • No download time : Yes
  • Captcha no downloads : No
  • No advertising : 1 pop-up / free users – No / Premium
  • When are your files deleted? 100 / users – never / Premium
  • maximum flow : 2mb / s

example of video stream:
mp3 audio:
zip file:
images View

Is there a way to see a preview of all my video clips in Windows Explorer, hovering over the mouse, like on YouTube?

Windows can not do this natively.

There are a number of reasons why. For example, the large number of video file types and codecs. While Microsoft supports a wide variety, they can not, or do not choose to support everything. They leave that to third-party programs. In addition, the size of the file is a problem. Hovering over a large video file, especially on a low-power computer, means that Windows will try to load that file, resize the image to a smaller size, and browse the file. This can take a lot of resources, not to mention older or poorly created videos that do not support cleanup.

YouTube bypasses these issues by converting all downloaded videos into a streaming format. In addition to that, he creates several versions of this stream in different resolutions, including the thumbnail. When you hover over a YouTube thumbnail, the thumbnail stream is read in a format that your browser can read natively.

The may to be a third-party software that does that, but I do not know any of them. In addition, the software recommendations are outside the scope of this channel.

Education – How to determine if the user has watched / "completed" the video?

I am building a course website. It is relatively simple and I have to follow the progress of the project by measuring only the number of videos viewed, for example.

Course 1
5/12 watched

The question is how do you understand that the user has viewed the video?

Some options are:
– the user has opened the video, for example clicked on "play"
– the user has watched a certain percentage of the video (what would be the correct percentage?)
– the user watched the whole video

The point here that if the user has opened the video, watched for example 10 seconds and jumped to the next, would that count as "finished"?

For some users probably yes, because it has explicitly ignored or deemed irrelevant. Others may come back to it, so they might assume that it is not over yet. – A Host Of Fast Streaming Video Earns Up To $ 30 / 10,000 Views | NewProxyLists

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Hello WJ users

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Video Game Manufacturer – How to Get a Collision Box Width Player

I was coding the wall collision system for my game and I wanted to do it using intersection boundaries instead of checking every step if they are off the screen. When the player crosses the limit, it is brought back to the half of the sprite, but as the intersection boundary uses the collision area, it seems to tremble when you enter the wall. Is there a way to get the width and height of the collision box so that I can move them away from half of the wall?