AppleScript to quickly advance YouTube videos

I'm trying to use AppleScript to quickly advance 10-second YouTube videos in Chrome, but the following code does not work. I receive missing value out, instead. What is wrong with me?

tell application "Google Chrome"
    repeat with t in tabs of windows
        tell t
            if URL starts with "" or URL starts with "" then
                execute javascript "
            var player = document.querySelector('video');
            player.seekTo(player.getCurrentPosition() + 10000);
                exit repeat
            end if
        end tell
    end repeat
end tell

Where are the Instagram videos stored on my device saved?

To be clear, these are videos that I took on the camera using Instagram, not videos of other peoples. His videos I took then pressed the "Save" button before sharing / publishing. I want to download several videos over time on my PC.

It seems that the only way to find them even on the device is in the Instagram app where you will post on a story and that browses all media on your device. If I scroll the screen for a moment, I can see the videos, but it is unfiltered or organized.

I have browsed the IE storage device

This PC Pixel 3 Shared Internal Storage Android data

To find only a few files there. They must be on the device because I can search for them when publishing in the timeline / history, but I can not find them.

Tip for making Youtube videos to rank | NewProxyLists

  1. Angelscorpio

    July 24, 2016
    I like receipts:
    Trophy points:

    • create 30 videos using either camtasia or find a way to run them …
    • create your 30 video titles that will have to be copied and pasted manually …
    • Add in your descriptions + tags (this can be done by default) …
    • Set the default settings to make sure videos are downloaded in "private" mode!
    • Manually download your 30 videos and wait for them to be processed …
    • Take cold drinks and food to have nearby for the next step!
    • Get these 30 video titles you've created and start copying and pasting …
    • Copy and paste them 1 by 1 in each video, then click Save + Wait.
    • Kill about 40 minutes by doing this while your mouse finger becomes numb!
    • Go back in all the videos to make sure you do not miss the + hotfix …
    • Click on the "process" button and wait for the videos to be uploaded to the channel.
    • Go on the channel and then make all the public videos at the same time!
    • Take your cahnnel URL and add it to the "Google add url" page.
    • Wait about an hour or more (sometimes longer depending on the keyword)
    • Have a look on Google+ Youtube for your video titles.
    • Get super pumped when you see your videos everywhere!
    • Go take a nap because your eyes are sore from cpoying + sticking headlines!
    • come back and start to copy + paste the urls for your channel linkwheel …
    • Spend an extra 40 minutes doing it, then save them.
    • Check again that the URLs are correctly placed …
    • Correct those you missed because it's not a real closed wheel!
    • Go back and add your video money hubs to your descriptions.
    • Go take a nap because your eyes are painful to copy / paste again
    • Be afraid to start on the next channel (although it works fine!).
  2. a3vincent

    October 4, 2016
    I like receipts:
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    Thank you for sharing! I'm going to try!

  3. Longpiahfx

    December 2, 2017
    I like receipts:
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    Omg..create 30 video ..

  4. sny07993
    New member

    Nov 8, 2016
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  5. saisaanvi
    New member

    June 13, 2019
    I like receipts:
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    You must target the same keywords in the description that you are placed in the title and the visuals must be attractive

    Mobile Application Development Company in Dubai

How to resize MP4 videos using the command line on a mac terminal?

I try to write scripts that automatically resize photos and videos to specific sizes / percentages of the original.

However, I have not found a solution for the videos. Ideas?

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Review: Mr Dead Links | Protect your videos against DMCA | NewProxyLists


Who am I !

Mr Dead Links Project:

I am a system based on PHP and Javascript,

I'm here to help protect your readers from DMCA "dead links", I can protect any video host such as:

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