timelapse – Will making time-lapse videos for several hours with my DSLR wear out the sensor?

Sensor wear usually means burned pixels. This only happens when shooting continuous video without letting the camera cool down. Since timelapse doesn’t mean continuos recording, sensor wear that would be of concern.

Shutter wear, on the other hand, is a valid concern. Every camera has an average shuttercount limit (check this website for actual numbers). To conserve as much of your shutter’s lifetime as possible, I suggest what @juhsit also mentioned: If your camera has a way to set the timelapse to use mirror-lockup and electronic shutter, use that, as it should mean only one shutter actuation per timelapse.

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Share YouTube Videos VS ?

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Canon EOS M100 won’t record videos

I was using my Canon EOS M100 in recording a video. It suddenly stopped recording without me pressing the red record button. When I tried to record again, it creates a continuous beeping sound and it won’t record anything anymore. I tried checking the memory card and deleted files. I also took out the battery and put it in again. Nothing seemed to work. Would you anyone know how to fix it?

Publishing videos with Google Cloud Storage -HELP!

Hello wjunction users.

I want to publish videos with Google Cloud Storage.
But I encountered a high price in 1-2 attempts.
How can I play videos at low cost with Google Cloud Storage.
I have 1M user visits daily.

Does making time-lapse videos for several hours with my DSLR makes the sensor worn out?

The title says it all. Does making time-lapse videos for several hours, makes the sensor worn out?

YouTube Live – Unlisted Videos, Private or Public

Is there a way to detect if a channel is live using an unlisted video link and secondly to find the ID of that unlisted video link without logging in with the Gmail account that owns this channel?

No, there is none.
here are the main differences between Public, Unlisted and Private videos on Youtube.

|                       Feature                       | Private | Unlisted | Public |
| Can share URL                                       | No      | Yes      | Yes    |
| Can be added to a channel section                   | No      | Yes      | Yes    |
| Shows up in search, related videos, recommendations | No      | No       | Yes    |
| Posted on your channel                              | No      | No       | Yes    |
| Shows in Subscriber feed                            | No      | No       | Yes    |
| Can be commented on                                 | No      | Yes      | Yes    |

Please see the official help site for more information.

Note: After all, if there was a way, then what would be the purpose of having them unlisted or private?

YouTube watched hidden videos

what are the videos watched on YouTube hiding?
it is a small software that will hide youtube videos watched from youtube site, it will give you a clear list, stop wasting time in old videos and start to discover new things
you can access the addon parameter to set your channel ID to avoid hiding your favorite songs / videos etc.
note: https://www.youtube.com/feed/history will not be hidden, to prevent this functionality from becoming useless on youtube

for firefox

it is also available as a user script for other browsers:
download the user script add-on for your browser first if you don't already have it:

then download the script

see preview works >> image gif
[IMG] "data-url =" https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-dx-00Wd0hoQ/XM9FTpO-DTI/AAAAAAAAFOM/hrcadMuAsgINpt1g4hnL3Um0YBEwbyMgACLcBGAs/s320/ffffw.gif