sharepoint online – How to export a list of service providers with a view called "MyView" with PnPPowershell?

Hi I have this code that works very well. But now, I want to export the list in a view that I created. How can I do that?

$ hashTable = @ ()
$ items = Get-PnpListItem -List "MySchedule"
foreach ($ item in $ items)
$ HashTable + = psobject New-Object -Property @ {
& # 39; Datum & # 39; = $ item.FieldValues.Datum.ToLocalTime (). ToString ("dd.MM.yyyy");
& # 39; 00: 00 - 07:59 & # 39; = $ item.FieldValues._x0030_0_x003a_00_x0020__x002d__;
& # 39; 08: 00 - 16:59 & # 39; = $ item.FieldValues._x0030_8_x003a_00_x0020__x002d__;
& # 39; 17: 00 - 23:59 & # 39; = $ item.FieldValues._x0031_7_x003a_00_x0020__x002d__;
& # 39; Opmerkingen & # 39; = $ item.FieldValues.Opmerkingen;
$ hashTable | Select Datum, '00: 00 - 07:59', & # 39; 08:00 - 16:59, & # 39; 17:00 - 23: 59,, Details |
epcsv "c:  temp  myschedule.csv" -NoT

Gr, P

Adding the `clone` link in view fields

I'm trying to add a clone link in the fields of view

Content: cloning link

and I get the column in the result, but no link, that is, the td is empty

An idea how to get it to display?

See attached img for more information

enter the description of the image here

enter the description of the image here

enter the description of the image here

Add a link & duplicate & # 39; in the fields of view

/ admin / structure / views

I need to add a "duplicate" link to a view

See the following image to add the "edit" link to a view

enter the description of the image here

This results in:

enter the description of the image here

I would like to add a duplicate link as well as edit

How should I do that?

Is there a module for this?

magento2 – How to specify the path of the image relative to the module in the HTML view of Knockout?

I am doing a magento 2 module, usign 2.2.6, trying to display some information at the checkout and I am stuck when trying to add an image to the path of the module.

I do not use PHTML in this case, and I try not to have to

FYI: I've read the question How to specify the skin image path in the HTML Knockout template?

And this one is used to obtain images relating to the path of the theme, not to the module.

Drag and drop with view (movable library)

Someone used the following library
the problem is that i want to drag and drop but by selecting several items, if someone can help me, i would appreciate it.

SQL Server – SQL JOIN 2 tables with similar data from a 3rd table with a view

I create a view to display child elements in a parent element (subcomponents of a main unit)
The problem I encounter is that when I try to combine the third table, it takes the ID of the parent table and applies the same price to each field. I have 3 tables:


167074 AB4112815 (this is the parent element)
51325 AB4XK103 (this is the child element)
12345 TEST


ARTICLE ------------------ CODE ------------------ QTY
167074 AB4XK103 2
12345 TEST 1


PGOODSID ------------------ PRICE
167074 23.67
51325 0.03
12345 0.01

PGOODS contains all the information about the part, SUBGOODS links a child article to the main reference and PRICES manages the costs.

I know I can reference each of these cells from an SQL statement, but I am looking to combine all that information into one view, to make data recovery much faster. Note that this would be a single transaction.



My ultimate goal in this case is to have something like this:

        ID ------------------ CODE ------------------ PRICE
167074 AB4112815 23.67
51325 AB4XK103 0.03
12345 TEST 0.01

Thank you.

How can I view the number of unread messages in the icon of my Android app?

I make an application for Android with Ionic 3 and I have to show the amount of unread messages in the icon of my application, but I can not get anything about it nor in the ionic documentation.

Business Intelligence – View Values ​​by Month in a Chart by YEAR in QlikView

Good night

I have a table in qlikview that indicates the total value of donations per year. I would like to double the year by opening the sum of the values ​​per month. How could I do it?

Currently, I use the dimension year (doacao_sdt_data). And the expression sum (Doacao_mon_valor)

Here is the image of the current graph:

insert the description of the image here

view.js – gmap-marker with View js, Change color

Good afternoon could help me with my problem, I just start with js and google maps. I already have my map on my page with 24 independent markers (semaphores) that will connect to a BD and which, depending on the variable provided, will change color.
My question is:
How to make my bookmarks change color (green, yellow, red) when I get a variable from my database, or how do I change color locally at a certain time?
Everything is with Vue js. I hope you can help me with my doubts. Annex code.