macbook pro – My Touchbar isn’t responding. If I tap, it works but im not able to view the functions. How can I solve this problem?

macbook pro – My Touchbar isn’t responding. If I tap, it works but im not able to view the functions. How can I solve this problem? – Ask Different

mobile – Best practices for pinned banner alerts in iPhone X view?

iphoneX with pinned bottom alert

Hey everybody,

I’m experimenting with pinning a full-width banner on an iOS app I’m working on, but as you can see it looks a little awkward with the bottom curvature of an iPhone X-12. I debated bumping it up slightly but then there would be a strange gap between the banner and the bottom of the screen. Is there a best solution for this scenario, or do full-width banners and iPhone X’s just not mix?

(and FYI the app uses top navigation, not shown in the screenshot. And I did consider pinning the banner to the top but it was too disruptive and blocked out a lot of key info)


Can we create separate SharePoint List View for each Security Group?

I have the SharePoint List where a few SharePoint Security Groups are having unique permissions.

Now, I want to create a separate view (personal view) for each of that security group, so that, the other group member can not see the view of the rest of the security groups.

How can I achieve the above behavior? Is it possible to set the permissions on List Views?

I am using SharePoint Online Modern site.

WordPress media library attachment-filter: Different set of mime types are appearing in List and Grid view modes

I have an array of mime_types like the following:

$mime_map = array(
    /** Data types */
        'name' => 'Comma separated (csv)',
        'mime' => 'text/csv',
        'ext'  => 'csv',
        'name' => 'Spreadsheet',
        'mime' => 'application/excel',
        'ext'  => 'xl',
        'name' => 'Microsoft Excel',
        'mime' => 'application/',
        'ext'  => 'xlsx',
        'name' => 'Microsoft Excel (xls)',
        'mime' => 'application/x-xls',
        'ext'  => 'xls',
        'name' => 'Spreadsheet (odf)',
        'mime' => 'application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheet',
        'ext'  => 'odf',
    /** Image types */
        'name' => 'Image (gif)',
        'mime' => 'image/gif',
        'ext'  => 'gif',
        'name' => 'Image (png)',
        'mime' => 'image/png',
        'ext'  => 'png',
        'name' => 'Image (jpg)',
        'mime' => 'image/jpeg',
        'ext'  => 'jpg',
        'name' => 'Image (jpeg)',
        'mime' => 'image/pjpeg',
        'ext'  => 'jpeg',
        'name' => 'Image (svg)',
        'mime' => 'image/svg+xml',
        'ext'  => 'svg',
        'name' => 'Image (WebP)',
        'mime' => 'image/webp',
        'ext'  => 'webp',
    /** Video types */
        'name' => 'Video (3gp)',
        'mime' => 'video/3gp',
        'ext'  => '3gp',
        'name' => 'Video (3gpp)',
        'mime' => 'video/3gpp',
        'ext'  => '3gpp',
        'name' => 'Video (avi)',
        'mime' => 'video/avi',
        'ext'  => 'avi',
        'name' => 'Video (mp4)',
        'mime' => 'video/mp4',
        'ext'  => 'mp4v',
    /** Audio types */
        'name' => 'Audio (mp4)',
        'mime' => 'audio/mp4',
        'ext'  => 'mp4',
        'name' => 'Audio (mpeg)',
        'mime' => 'audio/mpeg',
        'ext'  => 'm4a',
        'name' => 'Audio (mp3)',
        'mime' => 'audio/mp3',
        'ext'  => 'mp3',
    /** Document types */
        'name' => 'Photoshop Document',
        'mime' => 'application/octet-stream',
        'ext'  => 'psd',
        'name' => 'PDF Document',
        'mime' => 'application/pdf',
        'ext'  => 'pdf',
        'name' => 'Office Word',
        'mime' => 'application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document',
        'ext'  => 'docx',
        'name' => 'MS Word Document',
        'mime' => 'application/msword',
        'ext'  => 'doc',
        'name' => 'MS PowerPoint',
        'mime' => 'application/',
        'ext'  => 'ppt',
        'name' => 'Office PowerPoint',
        'mime' => 'application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.presentationml.presentation',
        'ext'  => 'pptx',
        'name' => 'Document (odt)',
        'mime' => 'application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.text',
        'ext'  => 'odt',
    /** Text types */
        'name' => 'Text (Plain)',
        'mime' => 'text/plain',
        'ext'  => 'txt',
        'name' => 'Text (RTF)',
        'mime' => 'text/rtf',
        'ext'  => 'rtf',
    /** Archive types */
        'name' => 'Archive (gzip)',
        'mime' => 'application/x-gzip',
        'ext'  => 'gz',
        'name' => 'Archive (7zip)',
        'mime' => 'application/x-7z-compressed',
        'ext'  => '7zip',
        'name' => 'Archive (zip)',
        'mime' => 'application/zip',
        'ext'  => 'zip',
        'name' => 'Archive (rar)',
        'mime' => 'application/rar',
        'ext'  => 'rar',
        'name' => 'Archive (tar)',
        'mime' => 'application/x-tar',
        'ext'  => 'tar',

I am using the above array to populate attachment-filter dropdown with specific file types for better filtration. The filter works well in both list and grid view modes but the list of mime-types that appear in the said modes are different!

In list view, correct mime-types are appearing, i.e. only those which have at least one media was uploaded to. But in grid view, all available mime-types in the above array are appearing.

add_filter( 'post_mime_types', array( $this, 'wpmf_custom_mime_types' ), 10, 1 );
function wpmf_custom_mime_types( $post_mime_types ) {
    $media_mime_types       = new Media_Filter_Mime_Types();
    $types                  = $media_mime_types->media_types;
    foreach( $types as $key => $mime ) {
        $post_mime_types($mime('mime')) = array( __( $mime('name'), 'text-domain' ) );
    return $post_mime_types;

Screenshot (List view mode)
enter image description here

Screenshot (Grid view mode: more items are appearing)
enter image description here

Update #1
I added the following in the array

    'name' => 'How about this',
    'mime' => 'text/hath',
    'ext'  => 'hat',

I tried to upload a file (how-about-this.hat), which as expected, failed to upload and this mime-type is not visible in the filter for list view either. But it does appear in grid view mode.

Update #2
I emptied the function body to look like this:

function wpmf_custom_mime_types( $post_mime_types ) {
    // Nothing here

And, as expected, the attachment-filter in both view modes become synchronized. But whenever I am putting the code back in the function body, the said problem starts to appear.

Is there anything I am missing or something specific is required to be done to synchronize the items because I am adding them through code?

What size lens will give a 2ft by 2 ft view at a range of 2 ft?

The easiest way is put a zoom lens on your camera and figure out what focal length you need empirically.

Since you don’t say what your sensor size or camera model is, you’ll need to do the maths yourself.

Angle of view for your situation is about 2 * arctan(1/2) = 53°.

From a Wikipedia article: angle of view = 2 * arctan(d/(2*f)
Where: d = distance; f = focal length
d, in your case, is 610mm = 2 feet.

Solving for f: focal length = d/(2 * tan({angle of view}/2))
For a full frame sensor and using the 24mm dimension, you’ll need a focal length of 24mm.
For an APS-C sensor, 16mm.

Some caveats:

  • distance is measured from the film (sensor) plane to object. Decent cameras have a marking on the body where the film plane is located.
  • The equation for finding focal length is for a simple lens. Camera lenses aren’t simple, especially when shooting close up.
  • When focusing at closer ranges, the magnification of your lens will change. Unless you calibrate your lens, you’ll be slightly off from the equation.

linux – Is there a way to transfer SMS mesages from a Samsung Galaxy S5) to an Ubuntu PC, in a form in which I can view the SMS messages on my PC?

I want to transfer the SMS messages on my Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone to my PC (with Linux Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS), in a form in which I can open and view the messages on my PC as I do on my smartphone.

I know about the apps which can back up smartphone data, such as Kies and Smart Switch for Samsung phones and ADB and Android File Transfer for Android devices. But as far as I can tell, these only back the SMS data up rather than save them as files which can be opened on PC desktop.

applications – Any apps or ways to categories group apps folders in menu view

Question :- Any apps or ways to categories group apps folders in menu view

Is there any apps or way setting to categories group move apps installed icons in folders as there is jumble of apps to search in alphabetical order which cant be moved or.clubed in Android 6.0 unrooted mobile phone.

I had searched Google and.finded smart launcher go launcher x or drawer to. Circle launchers but all just change wallet create widgets folder organizer manager but no one manages the menu view

Yes I know we can create folder in home (mobile desktop views) but making it jumbled slow down booting Android starting and many time it don’t display icon image on reboot of mobiles.

Can we create self menu (as start menu in Windows properly organised) through app and hide the original menu and replace our own menu. I have seen a recreated by some apps.

Any stable good app to create organize categorise apps icons shortcuts in a menu or app it’s self.

where on earth – From what point could you view the most countries?

I’ll take a stab at answering this.

The near-quadripoint works, you can see four countries. I’ve been there myself:

But, there are a few more candidates.

The Wakhan corridor (in Afghanistan, is so narrow (8 miles at its narrowest), that I presume there will be peaks from where you can see Afghanistan, China, Tajikistan and Pakistan.

The eastern edge of Kazakhstan and the western edge of Mongolia nearly meet, separated by a 30km gap where Russia and China border. The border here is fairly mountainous, so it’s likely there will be multiple points along this corridor where you will be able to see four countries.

Technically, if you stand on the south pole, you can see land claimed by 6 or 7 countries:

There’s a road that connects Igdir (in Turkey) to Nakchivan (in an Azeri exclave). The road goes through a Turkish corridor that, at times, is only some 2k wide. There, Iran is one side, Armenia on the other.
Beyond a doubt, you’d be able to see four countries here, from multiple locations.

So, the question is, besides on the south pole, where can you see five countries from the ground?

magento2.4 – How to show a footer link for only specific language store view? – Magento2

How can I make a footer link show only a specific store language view?

For example, I want to show this custom footer link only for English store view, not other language store view. So I can setup different footer links for each store view.

<referenceBlock name="footer_links">
    <block class="MagentoFrameworkViewElementHtmlLinkCurrent" name="custom-link-1">
            <argument name="label" xsi:type="string">My new footer title</argument>
            <argument name="path" xsi:type="string">path-link</argument>

query performance – How can I achieve predicate pushdown in my view

I have a reporting table (about 1bn rows), and a tiny dimension table:

CREATE TABLE dbo.Sales_unpartitioned (
    BusinessUnit    int NOT NULL,
    (Date)          date NOT NULL,
    SKU             varchar(8) NOT NULL,
    Quantity        numeric(10, 2) NOT NULL,
    Amount          numeric(10, 2) NOT NULL,
    CONSTRAINT PK_Sales_unpartitioned PRIMARY KEY CLUSTERED (BusinessUnit, (Date), SKU)

--- Demo data:
INSERT INTO dbo.Sales_unpartitioned
SELECT severity AS BusinessUnit,
       DATEADD(day, message_id, '2000-01-01') AS (Date),
       LEFT((text), 3) AS SKU,
       1000.*RAND(CHECKSUM(NEWID())) AS Quantity,
       10000.*RAND(CHECKSUM(NEWID())) AS Amount
FROM sys.messages
WHERE (language_id)=1033;

--- Artificially inflate statistics of demo data:
UPDATE STATISTICS dbo.Sales_unpartitioned WITH ROWCOUNT=1000000000;

--- Dimension table:
CREATE TABLE dbo.BusinessUnits (
    BusinessUnit    int NOT NULL,
    SalesManager    nvarchar(250) NULL,

INSERT INTO dbo.BusinessUnits (BusinessUnit)
SELECT DISTINCT BusinessUnit FROM dbo.Sales;

… to which I’ve added a reporting view used by an application for OLTP-style reporting.

CREATE OR ALTER VIEW dbo.SalesReport_unpartitioned

SELECT bu.BusinessUnit,
FROM dbo.BusinessUnits AS bu
    --- Regular sales
    SELECT t.BusinessUnit, t.(Date), t.SKU, t.Quantity, t.Amount
    FROM dbo.Sales_unpartitioned AS t
    WHERE t.BusinessUnit=bu.BusinessUnit
      AND t.SKU LIKE 'T%'


    --- This is a special reporting entry. We only
    --- want to see today's row. In case of duplicates,
    --- get the row with the first "SKU".
    SELECT TOP (1) s.BusinessUnit, s.(Date), s.SKU, s.Quantity, s.Amount
    FROM dbo.Sales_unpartitioned AS s
    WHERE s.BusinessUnit=bu.BusinessUnit
      AND s.(Date)=CAST(SYSDATETIME() AS date)
      AND s.SKU LIKE 'S%'
    ORDER BY s.BusinessUnit, s.(Date), s.SKU
) AS s

The idea is that the user application will query this view with a SELECT query that filters on a range of dates and one or more BusinessUnits. For this purpose, I’ve chosen a CROSS APPLY pattern, so that the query can “loop” over each BusinessUnit, seek to a range of Date, and apply a residual filter on SKU.

Example app query:

DECLARE @from date='2021-01-01', @to date='2021-12-31';

FROM dbo.SalesReport_unpartitioned
WHERE BusinessUnit=16
  AND (Date) BETWEEN @from AND @to
ORDER BY BusinessUnit, (Date), SKU;

I would expect a query plan that looks like this:
Desired query plan with predicate pushdown and no Filter operator
Desired plan

However, the plan turns out like this:
Actual query plan seeks only on BusinessUnit with residual predicate on SKU, adds Filter to the end of the plan
Actual plan

I expected SQL Server to do a “predicate pushdown” on the Date column, allowing the Clustered Index Seek to look for a single BusinessUnit and a range of Date, then apply a residual predicate on SKU. This works on the Seek in the “s” branch (the one with TOP) – probably because it has a hard-coded Date predicate in the query – but not on the “t” branch.

However, on the “t” branch SQL Server only seeks to the specific BusinessUnit with a residual predicate on SKU, effectively retrieving all dates. Only at the end of the plan does it applies a Filter operator that filters on the Date column.

In a large table, this has a very significant performance penalty – you could end up reading 20 years of data from disk when all you’re looking for is a week.

Things I’ve tried


  • Converting the view to an inline table valued function with @fromDate and @toDate parameters that filter the “s” and “t” queries will enable a Seek on (BusinessUnit, Date) as desired, but requires rewriting the app code.
  • Moving the UNION ALL out of the CROSS APPLY (from CROSS APPLY (UNION) to CROSS APPLY() UNION CROSS APPLY()) will enable predicate pushdown. It makes one more seek on the BusinessUnit table, which is perfectly acceptable.

Fixes the Seek, but changes the results:

  • Surprisingly, removing the TOP (1) and ORDER BY for the “s” query makes predicate pushdown work on “t”, but can give return too many rows from “s”.
  • Eliminating UNION ALL by either removing the “s” or “t” query will enable predicate pushdown, but generate incorrect results.

No change or not feasible:

  • Replacing TOP (1) with a ROW_NUMBER() pattern does not change the Seek.
  • Changing the CROSS APPLY to a forced INNER LOOP JOIN fixes the Seek on “t”, but actually changes “s” to a Scan instead, which is even worse.
  • Adding trace flag 8780 to allow the optimizer to work on a plan for longer does not change anything. The plan is already optimized FULL with no early termination.

A common thread seems to be that changing/simplifying the “s” query (removing TOP, ORDER BY) fixes the problem on the “t” query, which feels counter-intuitive to me.

What I’m looking for

I’m trying to understand if this is a shortcoming of the optimizer, if it’s the result of a deliberate costing/optimization mechanism, or if I’ve simply overlooked something.

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