Filtering List View by Current User Email

We have a Power app which feeds into a SharePoint list when users submit a form on the app. We don’t use the ‘People Field’ when building apps as they are complicated and cause a few issues. So instead we use office 365 to grab the users info and save that in the relevant Field.

My question is, can I filter the list by the current user based on an email address in a field in the list rather than using the ‘People’ field?


How to view all Facebook comments I have made on news websites, blogs, etc?

I would like to view all Facebook comments I have made on news websites, blogs, etc, which use the Facebook Comments Plugin.

I had tried Activity LogFilterComments, and I can only see a list of activity logs of my commenting in the left sidebar and cannot view the content of the comments. Clicking an activity log of my commenting does nothing. And clicking a “three dots” menu icon, which appears when I hover my mouse cursor over an activity log of my commenting, shows only one option: Delete.

How do I actually view my comments I have made on those websites?

I need to edit some of those comments of mine.

AnyDice: semantics of output headers in “export” view

I hope this is on-topic: In AnyDice, when choosing the “Export” view, output d6 is displayed as:

"output 1",3.5000000000069997,1.707825127661641,1,6

I’m not quite sure what the numbers in the first line signify, the last two (1 and 6) are presumably the range of values that the rolls can take on but what about the other two (3.5 and 1.7…)? I have not been able to figure this out from the documentation.

Webform Template in Email Handler [webform_submission:values] to display Table View?

I am trying to figure out from where does [webform_submission:values] get rendered? This is how it looks right now in the email submittion

Label 1
Value 1

Label 2
Value 2

I want this in a table format. Is there a possibility to change the render code to do this ?


visualization – Visualizing directories–a cleaner view of a helpful older post

I am looking to make graphics of a folder hierarchy, and this old post was very helpful. However, this method gives the whole file path for each node, which makes a complete mess in the directory I want to use it. It must not be too tricky, but I cannot figure out how to get just the last part of the path from each node of the tree structure.

In the abstract, if I have tree = a(b(c,d,e),g(h)), I believe I want some way of performing F(tree) = F(a)(F(b)(F(c),F(d),F(e)),F(g)(F(h))). I am struggling to implement.

In the concrete, I mildly adapted the code from the linked question above:

readDir(currentDirectory_, 0) := FileNameTake(currentDirectory);

readDir(currentDirectory_, level_) := 
Module({}, SetDirectory(currentDirectory);
joinedFiles = 
FileNameJoin({currentDirectory, #}) & /@ FileNames();
unjoinedFiles = FileNames();

(*do a logical test;
if the thing in a directory is a directory,*)
perFile(file_) := 
 file @@ readDir(file, level - 1),(*true*)Sequence @@ {});(*false*)
perFile /@ joinedFiles);

treeDir(dir_) := TreeForm(dir @@ readDir(dir, 11))


This yields the nice tree, but with the less-nice filepaths built in:
enter image description here

Can I either: (1) apply a function to the nested expression that gives me the first graphic, or (2) rewrite the generative code in another way, to give me the following from the directory input:

enter image description here

How to filter my view of Groups to show results matching Term A or Term B

By default, all Filters get added to the same Filter Group (a filter group is just a group of filters that share a logical operator, e.g. AND or OR). The default behavior is to put all filters into the same group with the logical operator AND. This means that if you have Filter A, Filter B, and Filter C, the view will only produce results that have the value from each filter, Filter A, Filter B and Filter C.

You can review your filter operators and grouping by clicking the Dropdown Button for Filter Criteria and choosing the And/Or Rearrange option.

Views Filter Criteria And/Or Rearrange screen showing Filter A, Filter B, and Filter C in one filter group with logical operator AND

However, it sounds like you want Filter B and Filter C to use an OR Filter group, i.e. you want the view to show results where the content has the value from Filter B or has the value from Filter C.

To do this, you need to make sure that Filter B and Filter C are in their own Filter group and that group’s logical operator is set to OR. If you only have the two filters, you can use the original grouping, but change the operator. However, if you have other filters, e.g. my example with 3 filters, you’ll need to create a new group.

After you create a second filter group, you’ll see that you can control the operator for each filter group and you can also control the operator between the filter groups.

In an example with Filters A, B, and C, if I want to display all results where content has the value from Filter A AND the content has the value from Filter B OR Filter C, I would create two filter groups:

  1. Group 1: with only Filter A
  2. Group 2: with Filter B and Filter C

I would then set the logical operators:

  • Group 1’s logical operator would be set to AND (the default, there’s only one filter here so it shouldn’t matter).
  • Group 2’s logical operator would be set to OR (as we want to get results where the content matches either of the Filter B or Filter C, it does not need to match both).
  • The operator between Group 1 and Group 2 would be set to AND

Views Filter Criteria And/Or Rearrange screen showing Filter A in one Filter Group with logical operator AND, Filter B and Filter C in a second filter group with logical operator OR, with the AND operator between the two groups

Is there a way for me to view my Apple Watch Activity data on my mac desktop?

I’d like to be able to view my apple watch Activity data on my mac desktop or laptop.

So for example, workouts, steps, etc, today, and for the last week, much like what I can find in the Activity app on the apple watch.

Is there anyway I can do this?

field of view – What is the focal length on your typical cell phone camera?

Focal length does not change with sensor sizes – what actually changes is the field of view:

FOV (°) = 2 * arctan ( d (mm) / (2 * f (mm)) )

FOV is our field of view in degrees, d is one of the dimensions of the sensor (for diagonal, it is d = √(h² + w²) ) and f is the focal length in millimeters.

In very simple terms, a smaller sensors sees a smaller portion of the lens’s projection – e.g. a APS-C sensor does not fill out a 35mm lens’s image circle, so it cannot see the outer portions (which relate to the outer regions of the frame) and therefore, the field of view is narrower than it would be with a full frame camera.

When we talk about crop-factors, what we really are talking about is the change in field of view by a smaller sensor: The reference is a full frame sensor, which is 36*24mm. Therefore, a 10mm lens on an APS-C camera is still a 10mm lens – it just happens that it offers the same FOV as a 15mm lens would on a full frame camera.

The same of course is true for smartphones – unfortunately, the smartphone market is constantly and rapidly changing, and manufacturers usually do not state focal length or sensor size in their marketing texts, so research is needed on a per-phone-basis (or so I think).

A (at this moment) recent iPhone X offers an equivalent-to-28mm lens and an equivalent-to-52mm lens, the Samsung Galaxy S9+ offers 26/52mm, the OnePlus 6 offers 25mm, the Huawei P20 offers 27mm/80mm, the Nokia 6.1 offers 27mm,…

So it seems we can conclude that 26-28mm (equivalent) are a standard in Q3/2018.

What’s the best encryption strategy to go with when everybody needs to be able to write data but only a select people can view it?

I really just need an encrypted support ticket system essentially. The user who writes the ticket doesn’t need to be able to view it afterward but a handful of staff need to be able to decrypt the data and view it. My backend is Firebase (using Firebase Authentication as well) and the users will be submitting information via the mobile app and the staff will be viewing the information on a web app. Ideally, the encryption/decryption would be done on the client-side.

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