View formatting on the document library in Sharepoint Online

I am looking to format the view of site pages using JSON formatting. Is there a way to get the Date Posted field and also the page URL?

I see that there is no column formatting on the Name field of a library, but look if there is a tweak to get the url from the page .

FAI in San Jose / Mountain View


I have a client who has problems obtaining services in:
Mountain View CA 94043
San Jose CA, 95131

I am happy to send PM addresses. The client I have is having problems because ISPs are not readily available.
I have been told that one of their facilities is a Windstream circuit which costs more than my rent.

They need redundant ISPs to serve on-premise web servers and e-mail.

WIFI or MIFI can work for their needs as long as the speed is fast enough of 20 Mbps from top to bottom + preferably.

I was not sure who to turn to because the LEC is ATT and they are not quite useful all the time either.
I turned to WHT before and I was very lucky.

Thanks in advance!

c # – Android.Util.AndroidRuntimeException: & # 39; Only the original thread that created a view hierarchy can touch its views. & # 39;

RecuperaPayload = FindViewById (Resource.Id.editTextMultilinhas);



.Where (msg => msg.Topic == "topic1")

.Sign up (msg =>


Console.WriteLine($"Resposta da chamada original  = {msg.Topic} mensagem  =  

{Encoding.UTF8.GetString (msg.Payload)} ");

Console.WriteLine($"Resposta do MQTT = {Encoding.UTF8.GetString(msg.Payload)}");

string Base;

Base = $"{Encoding.UTF8.GetString(msg.Payload)}";                     

RecuperaPayload.Text = Base;

it manages to run the editor and the payload presenting the data in Edittext.text but hangs on the line returning the execution to the IDE:

RecoverPayload.Text = Base;

giving the following error message: Android.Util.AndroidRuntimeException:

"Only the original feed that created a view hierarchy can touch its views."

ios13 – swift 5 -> delete all previous view controllers then present a new one

I have tried several ways to close all previous controllers and open a new one, but so far I haven't reached it and all the code examples I can find are related to versions of swift <5, can anyone point me in the right direction or documentation how to do it?

I have a basic controller where I reuse certain methods, in which I have the following:

    func switchStoryboard(storyboard:String, controller:String, dismiss:Bool)
        let storyboard = UIStoryboard(name: storyboard, bundle: nil)
        let vc = storyboard.instantiateViewController(withIdentifier: controller) as UIViewController
            //this did not work for me
            if let presented = self.presentedViewController {
            //this did not work either
            self.view.window!.rootViewController?.dismiss(animated: false, completion: nil)
            //then when I use this, or the next line of code, the new view controller does not show, and the main one reloads? or maybe just goes back to it?            
            self.presentingViewController?.present(vc, animated: true, completion: nil)
            self.presentingViewController?.presentingViewController?.present(vc, animated: true, completion: nil)
        } else {
            //this works but leaves unused controllers
            present(vc, animated: true, completion: nil)

Any help is appreciated

Two-point OpenGL perspective view – Game Development Stack Exchange

What am I trying to achieve: A perspective with two vanishing points like this

Why I am there: I'm really bad at 3D (obviously) so I'm trying to replace the character models with 2D sprites like in Populous 3, or the quest "The Game" in Fable 3. I also want to have a top view down as in isometric games. Alas, the distortion in perspective completely kills the effect, giving sprites an asymmetrical appearance whenever they are off center.

What am I doing right now:

  gluPerspective(FOV, wndWidth / wndHeight, zNear, zFar);
  // Googling lead me to this MV matrix, alas it's not working for me
  // {
  //  1, 0, 0, 0, 
  //  0, 1, 0, 0, 
  //  0, -camY/camZ, -camZ, 0, 
  //  0, 0, 0, 1
  // }
  // camX = camY = camZ = 50
    camX, camY, camZ,
    0, 0, 0,
    0, 0, 1
  // then I draw a uniform grid -5..5 by -5..5
  // and slightly off-center wireframe box to test if they are drawn correctly

Does it work? No no.

What else I managed to google: Not much, really. I found an example that looks a bit like something I want to achieve, but they place the camera at ground level with a zero delta Z, effectively eliminating the third vanishing point. In another example, they just reduced the field of vision to an absurdly low value, making it look like a two-point perspective to some extent.

I'm afraid of missing or misunderstanding something. I also don't know if the desired output will actually look like what I want, and I won't reject it if it doesn't.

8 – How to get the total number of lines on a block of a view

Sure hook_block_view_alter() I need to get a total number of rows displayed by this block.

For example, I have a view with the following block:

enter description of image here

Sure hook_block_view_alter() I do the appropriate checks in order to eliminate unnecessary blocks and get the one shown in the figure above.

function mymodule_block_view_alter(array &$build, DrupalCoreBlockBlockPluginInterface $block) {
  if (!preg_match('~^views_block:taxonomy_tag_list~', $block->getPluginId())) {

  $view = $block->getViewExecutable();
  // Gets the number of rows
  $totalRows = $view->get_total_rows;

But for some reason, $totalRows contains NULL.enter description of image here

Here is the object of the current view:
enter description of image here

Why can't I get the total number of lines? Maybe i'm using the wrong hook?

android – How to inflate a custom view in a linear layout in a recycling view?

I'm following this tutorial to create an expandable RecyclerView. Here is the complete code. My goal is to inflate this layout instead of a simple text view:




for (int indexView = 0; indexView < intMaxNoOfChild; indexView++) {
    TextView textView = new TextView(context);
    textView.setPadding(0, 20, 0, 20);
    textView.setBackground(ContextCompat.getDrawable(context, R.drawable.background_sub_module_text));
    LinearLayout.LayoutParams layoutParams = new LinearLayout.LayoutParams(LinearLayout.LayoutParams.MATCH_PARENT, LinearLayout.LayoutParams.WRAP_CONTENT);
    linearLayout_childItems.addView(textView, layoutParams);

I need that for each layout created in the linear layout, I can add different text and a different image. Any idea how to do this?

Watch the video that changes my view of money online – MLM & Network Marketing

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Magento 2.3: change the bypass of the store view from the URL

i want to change my url store view is this possible? change bypass of store view from url

android – How can I force my web view to refresh after the method / function is finished

It seems like I won't be able to fix this myself :(. But here's my problem

  1. I have declared a var lastloaded where date and time data will be stored
  2. This variable is used in tappingOnTab() and in this method i will check the lastloaded variable and if it is more than 1 minute I will check the internet connection via checkConnection() method

  3. If its duration is more than 1 minute, it will force the refresh of the web view. But how can I do this after everything is done?

Here is my page code with a web view ():

class _HomePageState extends State {
  final FirebaseMessaging _firebaseMessaging = FirebaseMessaging();
  // WebViewController myController;
  var lastloaded;
  Completer _controller = Completer();

  _exitApp(BuildContext context, Future controller) async {
    controller.then((data) async {
      WebViewController controller = data;
      var goBack = await controller.canGoBack();
      if (goBack == true) {
        print("onwill go back");
      } else {
        print("onwill not go back");

  void initState() {

  void firebaseCloudMessagingListeners() {
    if (Platform.isIOS) iOSPermission();

    _firebaseMessaging.getToken().then((token) {

      onMessage: (Map message) async {
        setState(() {
                  builder: (BuildContext context) => NotificationClicked()));
      onResume: (Map message) async {
      onLaunch: (Map message) async {

  void iOSPermission() {
        IosNotificationSettings(sound: true, badge: true, alert: true));
        .listen((IosNotificationSettings settings) {
      print("Settings registered: $settings");

  void tappingOnTab() {
    final now =;
    if (lastloaded != null) {
      if (now.difference(lastloaded).inMinutes > 1) {
        return _checkConnection();
      lastloaded = now;

  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return WillPopScope(
      onWillPop: () => _exitApp(context, _controller.future),
      child: SafeArea(
        child: Scaffold(
          body: WebView(
            initialUrl: '',
            javascriptMode: JavascriptMode.unrestricted,
            onWebViewCreated: (controller) {
            onPageFinished: (controller) async {
              (await _controller.future).evaluateJavascript(
              (await _controller.future).evaluateJavascript(
              (await _controller.future).evaluateJavascript(

  _checkConnection() async {
    var result = await (Connectivity().checkConnectivity());
    if (result == ConnectivityResult.none) {
      _showDialog("No internet", "You are not connected to the internet");
    } else if (result == {
      _showDialog("Internet Access", "You are connected over mobile data");
    } else if (result == ConnectivityResult.wifi) {
      _showDialog("Internet Access", "You are connected over wifi");

  _showDialog(title, text) {
        context: context,
        builder: (context) {
          return AlertDialog(
            title: Text(title),
            content: Text(text),
            actions: (
                child: Text("Ok"),
                onPressed: () {