entities – Create a view of the first entityreferenced child item from a multifield for a list of parent nodes

I have a node type A containing a multifield of entityreferences to another node type B and using only the views admin interface I want to create a list of the first type B child entityreference on every node of type A.

I think its possible just can’t quite figure out how to do it.


big sur – How to view my custom VPN service listed in a terminal in order to export it?

When I execute this command to list my network services:

networksetup -listallnetworkservices

I only get Wifi, why my VPN configuration is not listed here (it’s in the Network Preferences list) ? And how can I get it listed in the terminal ?

My goal is to export it via a terminal, edit the configuration manually ion a text editor and re-import it.

How to filter published content using view with REST

I’m using drupal 8 and i’ve created a view with REST, and i would like to filter my content, so i’ve created a field criteria and i’ve added a Published field and exposed,
When i use /my-view-path?status=1 show me published content,
when i use /my-view-path?status=0 show me unpublished content,
those are working good but i would like to use /my-view-path?status=All and show me published and unpublished content,

This is how i’ve configured published field:
enter image description here

but i dont know how to do that,
Could you please help me?


internet explorer – What EXACTLY does Compatibility View do in IE8?

Compatibility View in IE8 basically renders the page as it would appear in IE7. IE8 is far more standards compliant than IE7, but pages designed for IE7 may not appear correctly using IE8 standards mode, thus compatibility mode was introduced to make the page fall-back to the IE7 way of rendering.

If you really want the detail of what is going on then read Just The Facts: Recap of Compatibility View from the IE MSDN blog.

Incidentally, if you hit F12 whilst using IE8 you will see the developer toolbar. At the top there are two options to change the document mode and the browser mode which will let you explore how a page appears using the compatibility view options.

finder – How does macOS get “pretty” hostnames in Network view?

In computer networking, “hostnames” are limited to alphanumeric characters, with dashes (no whitespace or other punctuation).

However, when I open the “Network” in Finder…

Finder - Locations - Network

I can see some devices (usually macOS) show up with spaces, punctuation, and UTF-8 characters in the name:

Network devices. MacBook has spaces

Ultimately, I’m looking to have the Raspberry Pi on my network show up with a pretty name. However, in my searching on how to do this, I’m finding I’m not even clear on how macOS gets these pretty names to show up. Searching for this yields too many results of articles explaining to people how to change the hostname of their mac, which I don’t need help with.

On my Raspberry Pi, I can run hostnamectl and set the “pretty” name, but that doesn’t seem to affect anything.

Anyone know how this is achieved?

join – What is the correct way to organize tables for a SQL view?

I’m new to data modeling. Currently working at creating a personal contact manager but I need some help with modeling the table relationships for a given view.

The final view columns I’m shooting for are:

  • orgName (that a PERSONAL_CONTACT belongs to)
  • contFirstName
  • contLastName
  • phnNumber where phnType = “Primary”
  • socHandle where socType = “Primary”
  • emailAddress where emailType = “Primary”
  • addrAddress where addrType = “Primary”

The current ER diagram is:
enter image description here

This table setup doesn’t look correct to me.


Is this the correct way to organize these tables or am I approaching the relationships incorrectly?

Display a certain page in a view

Here is what I’m trying to do is display a certain page in a view instead of all of the basic pages.

How would I go about doing that?

8 – View slideshow is too broad in some resolutions

8 – View slideshow is too broad in some resolutions – Drupal Answers

layout builder – How to set an ALL option on contextual filters passed to a view with twig tweak?

In Drupal 8, I have a twig tweak embedded view that passes variables from the Layout Builder dialogue to filter results in a custom block.

{% set event_type = block.field_filtered_events_event_type.value %}
{{ drupal_view('events_group_content', 'filtered_events', event_type, center_id, cat) }}

The filters all work great except I need an option for ALL results if the user doesn’t select anything from the filter. I have the “Display all results for the specified field” checked under “When the value is NOT available”, but it does nothing. If I try to insert the block without making any selections, it posts and empty block.

Is there a way to add an ALL option as the default values passed into the view?

Adding my attempt to unset if not selected –

  {{ title_prefix }}
  {{ title }}
  {{ title_suffix }}
  {% if block.field_filtered_events_event_type.value|render is not empty %}
    {% set event_type = block.field_filtered_events_event_type.value %}
  {% else %}
    {% set event_type = 'all' %}
  {% endif %}
  {% if block.field_filtered_events_center_id.target_id|render is not null %}
    {% set center_id = block.field_filtered_events_center_id.target_id %}
  {% endif %}
  {% if block.field_filtered_events_samhsa.target_id|render is not null %}
    {% set samhsa = block.field_filtered_events_samhsa.target_id %}
  {% endif %}
  {% set upcoming = block.field_filtered_events_upcoming.value %}
  {% set qty = block.field_filtered_events_qty.value %}
  {% if upcoming == 1 %}
    {{ drupal_view('events_group_content', 'filtered_events', event_type, center_id, samhsa) }}
  {% else %}
    {{ drupal_view('events_group_content', 'filtered_events_past', event_type, center_id, samhsa) }}
  {% endif %}

xna – Basic Projection & View matrix

Currently writing a camera component for FNA (basically XNA), and can’t for the life of me figure out why my matrix transform isn’t working as expected. This is how I calculate my view & projection matrices:

// projection
// WorldSize is something like 16x9, 20x10, etc. Basically the "simulated" world size.
// Zoom is just a float to zoom the camera.
var left = Zoom * -WorldSize.X / 2;
var right = Zoom * WorldSize.X / 2;
var bottom = Zoom * -WorldSize.Y / 2;
var top = Zoom * WorldSize.Y / 2;
const float near = 0;
const float far = 100;
var projection = Matrix.CreateOrthographicOffCenter(left, right, bottom, top, near, far);


// view
// Position is the position of my Camera, e.g. (10, 15), (6.51, 16.612), etc.
var position = new Vector3(Position, 0);
var target = position + Vector3.Forward;
var up = Vector3.Up;
var view = Matrix.CreateLookAt(position, target, up);

// Combine them
var combined = projection * view;

This should, by all the sources I’ve checked, double-checked, and triple-checked, be correct. However when I apply this matrix to my batch or effects it doesn’t show anything at all:

// I would expect a white square to be rendered in the middle of the screen. Since WorldSize is
// 16x9 I would expect a 1x1 square to be clearly visible.
var batch = new SpriteBatch();
batch.begin(/* the rest */, combined);
var texture = new Texture2D(Game.GraphicsDevice, 1, 1);
texture.SetData(new (){Color.White });
batch.Draw(texture, Vector2.Zero, Color.White);

// Also tried just rendering lines, shows nothing
var effect = new BasicEffect(graphicsDevice)
    VertexColorEnabled = true,
    View = view,
    Projection = projection
graphicsDevice.DrawUserPrimitives(PrimitiveType.LineStrip, vertices, 0, vertices.Length - 1);

I have checked so many sources and they all do exactly like this. I even tried copy+pasting the matrix source code for a Java project I made some time back that I know works, and that didn’t work either so I don’t think the Matrix transforms are to blame. Anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

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