Output of |git show patch| viewable using the visual difftool?

This seems like straightforward ask but I can’t find an invocation. As the title suggests, I want to type:

git show -p <commit>

and see the results in my visual diff tool, rather than diff. Possible?

Checked Out To column not viewable

I am trying to add the Checked Out To column to my SharePoint library.

I can see the column in the Library Settings here:


But when I go to add the column in the library, it doesn’t show up:


html – How to post files from Linux, viewable from an old device that cannot log into SharePoint?

My workplace provides me with a Microsoft 365 Business Standard account.

I have a Linux computer that just sits in the corner, creating an HTML page with some simple, yet important alerts. The HTML page contains this code, to refresh it every ten seconds:

    window.setInterval('refresh()', 10000);     
    function refresh() {
        window .location.reload();
<blinking>Warning, temperature exceeds 600 kelvin!</blinking>

Meanwhile, I have another device, based on Android 2.1, and not-upgradable, that just retrieves and displays the page, refreshing every it 10 seconds. The Linux computer script will upload a new file if a change in message is needed, and then the Android device will display the new message the next time the 10-second refresh is run.

NOTE: The Android 2.1 device browser cannot be upgraded further, and it cannot log into Microsoft 365’s account, so it needs to be able to read the file from SharePoint/similar storage without logging in.

Is there somewhere within Microsoft tools where I can both (1) upload a file via BASH to be stored in the Microsoft tools (e.g. SharePoint or OneDrive or similar) and (2) that is viewable without requiring a password, from the old Android device?

code – Make order notes field at woocommerce checkout only viewable on front end by Admin level user role

I have a snippet of code that allows me to hide the order notes field at checkout for all users (logged in or not) but wanted to ask if someone has written a snippet that hides the same field from everyone, except Administrators.

Essentially, I want site administrator-level users to be able to add order notes when checking out, but no one else.

The current snippet is:

// Removes Order Notes Title - Additional Information & Notes Field

add_filter( ‘woocommerce_enable_order_notes_field’, ‘__return_false’, 9999 );
// Remove Order Notes Field
add_filter( ‘woocommerce_checkout_fields’ , ‘remove_order_notes’ );
function remove_order_notes( $fields ) {
return $fields;

authentication – User associated email address viewable in it’s personal settings

Some applications tend to hide completely the user associated email address or just showing a part of it (e.g. f***o@foo.com) in the user’s personal settings. Other applications don’t mind showing the full email address.

What are the security implications of knowing the email address of a possible compromised account? Why some applications hide it, especially in username and password based authentication?

Facebook – Relationship Status showing on my timeline but not viewable to all friends

I updated my relationship status to in a relationship the evening of 12/7. I made sure to update who could view the status change from “only me” to “my friends” and clicked save. I was able to then see the status on my timeline. I have a screen shot. It was not visible to friends for 12+ hours but rather became visible sometime later as only then the post began to receive activity from friends. On 12/8 I added a new friend, but this in a relationship status update was not visible when they went to view my page. All other posts were showing. I added another friend on 12/10 and this friend also wasn’t able to view this timeline post showing in a relationship but could see all others. How? Why? I did not touch, edit, update or change anything and this wasn’t showing for multiple friends. I triple checked everything selected to ensure this post was selected to show to my friends on Facebook and it still wasn’t visible. Why did this happen? I need to know why the system wouldn’t show this post as visible to all friends as I had selected. Thank you

Can you make an event viewable only by group members in Mobilizon?

Mobilizon is a FOSS app for finding, creating, and organizing events.

They have the ability to create groups but as far as I can tell events are all public by default.

Are groups just a way of organizing events or can they be used for small groups to have private details too?

I’m imagining a situation of a hiking club not wanting to share the meeting point to people who have not joined their club.

javascript – Need to make large JSON files viewable online

I have a collection of JSON files. The file size is about 2 to 4 MB. However, each file contains an array of 1 to 2,000 complex objects.

For a leisure project, I want to create a website to search for these files. The search can be as simple as specifying an object attribute and providing a string for partial matching. The main goal is to do research as quickly as possible.

I do not want to reinvent the wheel, but I have a hard time finding libraries in which I can simply drop JSON files and have a search API. Is there anything that can give me a length of time? The preference is for Java / Javascript.