sharepoint online – Column not visible in new settings and library views

I have created a site column with a field definition containing Hidden is equal to true and I have added this site column to the content type of the document. Now, I've created some content types that inherit from the Document content type and from the content types used by libraries. Now, I have a situation where I need to show this particular site column in the library views.

So, to achieve this, I get the field from the document's content type and set it to false and update the field.

By this, I am able to add the column in the library views, but the problem is that when I create a new library, this column is not visible to add it in a view.

Field field = clientContext.Web.GetContentTypeByName(contentType).Fields.GetFieldByInternalName(siteColumn);
field.Hidden = false;
clientContext.ExecuteQueryRetry(ConfigHelper.ThrottleRetryCount, ConfigHelper.ThrottleDelay);

and also tried

Field field = clientContext.Site.RootWeb.Fields.GetFieldByInternalName(siteColumn);
field.Hidden = false;
clientContext.ExecuteQueryRetry(ConfigHelper.ThrottleRetryCount, ConfigHelper.ThrottleDelay);

views – Drupal 7: Ajax loaded block with form do not save values

I have a page with several lines. I used a global view field to incorporate a view as a field. This integrated view has several modifiable fields (exposed forms).

When I display more than 30 lines, the global field of view will break my site. I decided to delete the global field of view and load only the block with the modifiable fields for a specific clicked line.

It works with the following jQuery code:

$(document).ready(function () {

var row = $(this).closest('.delivery-main');
var target_div = $(row).find('.ajax_content_edit_block');
var arg_div = $(target_div).attr("id"); 
    url: Drupal.settings.basePath + '/views/ajax',
    type: 'POST',   
    data: {
        view_name: 'content_edit', //view name
        view_display_id: 'block', //view display
        view_args: arg_div,   //view contextual filter
    dataType: 'json',
    success: function(response) {
      var output = response(1).data;      
    error: function(target_div) {
        alert('An error occured!');

The code loads the block with the form, but when submitting the form, the entry is not saved and only reloads the page.

views – Count the number of nodes updated per user

I am using Drupal 8.

I have been trying to find out how many nodes (number) have been created by each user of my drupal site.

After some excellent (albeit quite old) sons here and here among other sources, I have managed to create a View who answers this question. I added a criterion to filter the date. I expose the filter to be able to play with it. The results are a table like:

User     Nodes Created
 A           20
 B           10
 C           5

However, I also want something a little more subtle, for which I couldn't find any help.

I would like to know how many node updates a user has made. Something like a table:

    User     Updates
     A        100
     B        90
     C        80


I have no idea if this is possible and I have found no relevant information. I haven't really used revisions on my site, if that's relevant.

I hope it makes sense,

Thanks in advance for your help.

vue.js – The same original policy prevents reading of the remote resource, with local and couchdb views

I get an error: the same original policy (same original policy) prevents reading of the remote resource.
I make a publication request via the vuejs resource, to create a document on couchdb, activated the corns on couchdb with *, left the bank activated for the admin user and created the following code:

var csrfmiddlewaretoken = document.getElementsByName (& # 39; csrfmiddlewaretoken & # 39;) (0) .value;
var cred_ = btoa (& # 39; admin: admin & # 39;)

var form: {
name: "So-and-so"
this. $ (& # 39; http: // 53984 / formulario / data
{headers: {
"X-CSRFToken": csrfmiddlewaretoken,
"Authorization": "Basic" + cred_,
}). then (function (response) {
console.log (response)
} function (response) {
console.log (response)

How can I find the number of page views of all articles in a Wikipedia category?

I'm trying to find the most popular pages in the category of requested logos and add them.

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views – How do I display a result counter in the page menu link?

I have a navigation menu on my site, each menu link corresponds to a page of views.

I want to display in front of each menu link, a badge with the number of results of the corresponding page views.

How to display a result counter in the page menu link?

enter description of image here

views – How can I grant access permissions to the custom text field plug-in?

I want to grant permissions to access the custom text field manager in views to display the field based on user permissions.

This is my mentioned custom field of view manager:

This is my custom link = & # 39; / group / {{raw_arguments.gid}} / admin / title / {{nid}} / assets & # 39; which uses the Arguments template argument value.

 public function render(ResultRow $values) {
    $path = $this->options('alter')('path');
    $url = Url::fromUserInput($path);    
   //return ViewsRenderPipelineMarkup::create(Xss::filterAdmin($this->options('link_title')));
    $url = Url::fromUserInput($path);
    if($url->access(Drupal::currentUser())) {
      return ViewsRenderPipelineMarkup::create(Xss::filterAdmin($this->options('link_title')));
    //return Link::fromTextAndUrl($this->options('link_title'), Url::fromUserInput($path, $options))->toString();


In the above code I get some output but it fails to check the access permission due to a custom argument which could not have the actual URL path

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7 – How to display the active filter values ​​in the views of the exposed filter?

I have an obligation to display the selected filter values ​​from the views of the exposed filter.

For example: when I select OptionA of filter-1(select the list) and OptionB of filter-2(selection list), the results will be filtered for sure, but with that I want to display something like,

Active Filters: OptionA, OptionB, Reset

I tried to use the display form as a block and another option available in the views, but I did not respond to the wait. Could someone help me?