8 – Adding a “Like” operator via views query alter for taxonomy term name

I am trying to add a “Like” operator via views query alter for my taxonomy term name. My view is a block setup with a contextual filter set to show all results as shown below.

enter image description here

Then within given pages, I’d like my content editors to be able to input parts of a term name (thus the SQL “Like” operator) to filter a view via the paragraphs view field contextual options field. For example part of a term name would be “Creative Commons” as shown below.

enter image description here

The code I have so far derived from Xdebug is:

use DrupalviewsPluginviewsqueryQueryPluginBase;
use DrupalviewsViewExecutable;

* Implements hook_views_query_alter().
function mymodule_custom_views_query_alter(ViewExecutable $view, QueryPluginBase $query) {
  // Define the view display.
  if ($view->current_display === 'remix_icons_nf_block') {
    // Define the taxonomy term name.
    $name = $view->argument("name")->query->fields("taxonomy_term_field_data_name")("field");
    // Add a like operator.
    $view->query->where(1)("conditions")(0)("operator") = 'LIKE';
    // Now query the name using the condition above.
    $view->query->where(1)('conditions')(0)('value') = '%' . $name . '%';

However, this does not seem to be working and I am not sure what I am doing wrong.

views – Choose location on a map and add to webform submission details – drupal 8

We’d like to be able to allow a user to pin point a location on a map and then be able store that information with lat and long in a webform submission.

I’ve looked into the add on’s on webform drupal 8 but there doesn’t seem to be any direct integrations to allow this to happen.

Looked into the geofield module with leaflet integration and it does what we want within a content type and allows content managers to choose a location, however, we’d like to get this working for drupal 8 webform. Any leads would be helpful.

views – How do I set filters to reset automatically on new search?

I have a search and some filters on a drupal 7 site. If I search a term, for example “stuff”, and there are 30 results, I can click a checkbox filter (let’s call it FilterA) on the side and narrow my results down. But now if I type “things” in the search bar and submit it, FilterA is still clicked when the results come up. I need for all the filters to be unchecked when I perform a new search. I’ve gone through I feel every setting in the view and all the search and filter settings and still nothing. Thank you for any help you can provide.

8 – Where are the (oEmbed) field formatter settings in Views?

When I’m managing a display for an entity and select a field formatter, some formatters have options available (see screenshot 1).

However, when I use that same field formatter in Views, there’s no way to set my options. How can I set my options?

enter image description here
This works.

enter image description here
This doesn’t have a way to select options.

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sharepoint online – Default views for list folders isn’t working in new experience lists

I’m trying to set up a folder based list where the top level of the list will only contain folders of a custom type “Incident” and the incident folders will contain other types such as “Action” etc.

I have this set up but the automatic view selection isn’t working. I have created two views:

  • Incidents – set to show in “Top-level” and is set as the default view
  • Actions – set to show in folders of type “Incident” and is also set as the default view

I want it to automatically switch between those views when I go from the top level to the “Incident” level but it doesn’t. It just stays at whatever I last set it to and both views are available in both the top level folder and the incident folders.

Our site is configured to use the “new experience” and if I change the list to use the “classic experience” instead of the default one then this part works.

I don’t want to use the classic experience because other parts of it don’t work well for what we want and also we need to be able to use the list from Teams which seems to use the new experience regardless of the setting in the list.

Is there something that I am doing wrong or is it a fault in Sharepoint?

Views exposed date filter against >= "today" fails until 6pm Mountain time

  • I added a Date only date field named expires to the user profile.
  • The expires field has the value 2021-01-08 for a certain user (I checked the database; it has no time component).
  • In a view, I have an exposed filter that tests the expires field using Operator=Is greater than or equal to with Value type=An offset from the current time and Value=today.
  • On 2021-01-09 up until 6pm Mountain time, the user with expires = 2021-01-08 is improperly included in the view.
  • When I refresh the view at 6pm Mountain time or thereafter, the user is dropped from the view.
  • I tried switching to Value type=A date in any machine readable format and Value=today. This also has a problem, but in this case users aren’t included sometimes when they should be (the problem is sort of reversed).
  • If, as a test, I edit the exposed filter and use Value type=A date in any machine readable format and Value=2021-01-09 (i.e. hardcode the date) then the user with expires=2021-01-08 is not included in the view at any time, as expected.

It appears that today isn’t giving me today’s date until 6pm Mountain Time. What am I missing?

7 – Previous week is calculated wrongly in Views

I have a view with 1 contextual filter. This filter using a field of type: Date.

Configuration of this contextual filter:

  • When the filter value is NOT available: Provide default value -> Current Date
  • Granularity: Week

In same view, I also use Pager by date, so I’ve links in the view to the previous and next week.

As of Today (2021-01-09), the link to “Previous week” in the view is pointing to “2020-W04″ (❌), not sure why!!
The link to “Next week” is showing correct value, i.e. 2021-W04 (✅)

I’ve struggling since fist day with the year with Year/Week numbers. Any idea why this is happening?


  • Site is using Drupal v7.69, Views module v7.x-3.24, Date module v7.x-2.10
  • Site Regional settings -> First day of week: Saturday

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