Drupal 8 Views: Show different items with each render

I have a Drupal 8 view that contains several items, but I have it set to display only one. What I want to do now is browse through the elements of each page rendering so that each item gets the same number of impressions as visitors to my website. How would I do that?

mysql – Writes a query that returns the viewer_ids and the number of associated views (view_count) of users with the most views per video type

Write a query that returns viewer_ids and the number of associated views (view_count) of users with the most views per video type.
If there are four types of video: food, music, games and sports, the query will return:

enter the description of the image here

Where view_count is the number of views each user has for that type of video

Do long titles affect the number of views of a video? | NewProxyLists

I do not know if it is true or not, but I have always had the idea that videos (on youtube of course) with long titles do not attract people, unlike videos with short titles, for example:
we have two videos with the same content but with different titles:
Title of the 1st video: how to increase your FPS in CS GO and remove the delays | working 100%
2nd title of the video: CS GO FPS INCREASE
for me, I'm sure the second video will get more views since the title is short and explains what's inside the video in very few words, when the second will take more milliseconds to read too, in this case, the youtube user go for the vid with a shorter title as he is in a hurry.
What do you think of that? am I wrong or am I right? let us know more about this in the comments as well.
have a good day :RE!

postgresql – Postgres permission issues for new views

I have a postgres RDS database that uses only the public schema.

I'm waiting for it webservice user to access all newly created views. When I create a view using the master user, I see all the grants as planned.

Here are the default privileges I've configured.


When the user rormigration creates a view in the public schema, I find that this one belongs to rormigration and that none of the default privileges is present. I have to change the owner to master and grant rights.

What can I do to solve these licensing issues?

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7 – Sorting Manager Views with Relationship

I added 2 fields of views to make the height and height of the images available using the information provided by the file_entity module. It works and I can show the values.

Now, I want to make the two fields sortable, and I've finished with this code for the sort manager:

 * Field handler to sort by the width of an image.
 * @ingroup views_field_handlers
class views_handler_sort_width extends views_handler_sort {

   * Called to add the sort to a query.
  public function query() {
    // Add the relation to the file_metada table and sort by width.
    $join = new views_join();
    $join->table = 'file_metadata';
    $join->field = 'fid';
    $join->left_table = $this->table_alias;
    $join->left_field = $this->real_field;
    $join->type = 'left';
    // Add the join the the view query.
    $this->query->add_relationship('file_metadata', $join, $this->table_alias);
    $this->query->add_where('file_metadata', 'name', 'width', '=');
    $this->query->add_field('file_metadata', 'value');
    // Add the order by.
    $this->query->add_orderby('file_metadata', 'value', $this->options('order'));


It does not work No sorting occurs and the order is the same, even if I select ASC or DESC. Any ideas on what I could do wrong here?

P.S .: I know that metadata is stored serially.

views – Drupal 8 Add multiple line attributes as total

I have several attributes in the content as a number and I try to summarize these attributes consecutively.

When I use aggregation, the attribute is displayed as a string when I use it (REWRITE RESULTS
Replace the output of this field with a custom text)

{{field_attr1 | number_format}} + {{field_att2 | number_format}} + {{field_attr3 | number_format}}

Can any one help me how to sum up in total column

views – Add a field in the registration page that should now create a team – APIGEE DRUPAL 8

I am quite new to the concept of rules and actions.

I use the Drupal 8 – Apigee Kickstart distribution. I have several requirements. Initially, starting with the first

Use_case_1: I need a field named "Team_Name" in the registration form. This is when a user logs in that he fills out the created field and submits it. He must then create (automatically) a team with the name indicated. in APIGEE_TEAMS and add as a member.

Use_case_2: If the team already exists, the user must be added to the team.

Use_case_3: If the user is present in two or more teams, create both teams and add it.

Now the question is how am I going to start with these use cases? Where can I find the files to edit?
Can any one help me to solve this use_cases?