europe – Tuscany, best medieval village?

I’m planning a trip to Tuscany next year (covid permitting). I’ve been there several times and I’ve visited all the famous places there. This time I’d like to visit less known medieval villages, can you help me? Besides San Gimignano, Volterra, Siena which are the medieval villages that are worth a visit?

Where can I selling my clash of clans village

Hello. I have a 179 level TH12 acoount and I want to selling this for 90 dollars . Where can I sell Quickest? Please help me. How do you think the price I gave you – 4L / Name of the village in Spain. Registered since 2005


Pronounceable & Brandable 4L,

Aged ultra-premium domain,

Registered since 2005,

Ajuy : is the name of the village in Spain,

Ajuy : is the name of the municipality in the Philippines,

Estimated value of Godaddy: [IMG] Estimated value: $ 3,225


procedural generation – How does Minecraft know where the village buildings are if the village is not yet generated?

I am trying to understand how deep song generation works and all the information I have found does not explain how villages are generated correctly without visual problems during generation.

I mean, if you're in an area where you should see buildings from a village, how does Minecraft know they need to be rendered?
Minecraft generates villages from a main "structure" which is probably not yet generated.

This video correctly explains the generation of the village.

So with that, what should happen is that you can see constructions appear from time to time when the "village center" of a village is generated in a newly generated block.

Here you have a visual representation of the circumstances that I am describing. Buildings inside the loaded area should not be displayed if the village is not yet generated:

Diagram showing village center building outside player's loaded limits

The only explanation I can think of is that Minecraft generates a lot more songs than the ones that are visually loaded to avoid this problem.

If this is happening, what is the generation area compared to the visually charged area?

gm techniques – How can I suggest that a seemingly carefree gnome village is secretly evil?

In my experience, if you are too subtle with clues to this sort of thing, your players may miss them completely. They probably have another goal in mind and may be paying only half the attention to your narration of what they assume to be a quick replenishment opportunity. This is especially true if you are playing this story over multiple sessions or over breaks for food and other activities; players are likely to forget the little details that their characters have noticed recently in the game.

Instead, when I launch situations like this, I like to hint extremely aggressive to my players who Something is in progress, but withhold information from their characters. So, for example, when you describe the village for the first time, really make your story go up in the way that everything seems peaceful. Maybe even consider saying something like "everything seems perfect … too perfect?" to really bring the point home. Your players are probably gender sensitive and like to understand things, so they will be engaged and pay close attention to future details. But their characters still know nothing and have no reason to actively investigate or avoid the village. Repeat this basic technique by describing interactions with villagers, exploring particular spaces, etc.

Once your players are engaged in the mystery, there are now two potential winnings. The first occurs when the characters are wise and realize what the players have always known, that something is wrong. This can be surprisingly satisfying for a player and GM – it's a bit like watching a character in a horror movie slowly realizing the situation he is in. Second, once the characters are actively investigating, they have yet to discover the real details of the situation, which will also surprise the players.

As an MD, I often use variations of this technique when players and characters have to solve a mystery, and I find that it is generally much more effective and fun than trying to make things really difficult for players to understand. In my current campaign, one of my players is playing on a particularly stupid and inattentive PC. I have often let her discover crucial information related to the plot, which she usually fails to convey properly to the rest of the party. This provides plenty of fun role-playing opportunities for everyone, while giving players certain details that their characters don't fully understand yet.

As a player, I was once in a situation very similar to the one you present, where the DM accidentally revealed part of the surprise. We were investigating a mysterious city that we thought was somehow linked to other magical events, so our characters were already expecting something strange. Towards the start of the investigation, the DM showed us something on his laptop and we all immediately noticed that all of its other tabs were statistics blocks for Yuan-Ti. We all laughed well, but the accidental revelation actually made the rest of the investigation more fun; Since none of our characters could have known the Yuan-Ti, we made them pursue wildly incorrect assumptions while inadvertently falling into more and more danger. And when the revelation finally came into play, there were still many other elements that still surprised the players.

Of course, this technique will depend on a certain degree of buy-in from your players. If you have problems with aggressive metagames, it probably won't work. But if they are more invested in collaborative storytelling than in "victory", I found that it works really well.

Launch of the mixed development of Holland Village Residences

Holland Village Residences is a new exciting mixed development nestled in the heart of the lifestyle of Singapore's famed Holland Village. Holland Village Residences is directed by renowned developer Far East Organization, Sino Group and Sekisui House.

One Holland Village Residences as its name is a unique concept with 3 different thematic areas in residential blocks; Sereen, Leven and Quincy. A total of 296 residential units divided mainly over 2 towers. Residents can enjoy the convenience right on the doorstep, with serviced apartments, offices, shops and community spaces in its development.

Holland Village Residences prices are attractive with 1 bedroom rates starting at $ 1.35M, 2 bedroom prices starting at $ 2.05M, 3 bedrooms starting at $ 2.67M and up . Prices are approximately $ 2.8k.

The Holland Village Residences Showflat is close to its development, on the famous Holland Village open-air car park. His address is at 9A Holland Drive.

Contact the new Singapore 2020 launch at 61003447 or send us a note below at…age-residences/ for this exciting Holland Village Condo.

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Van Holland Freehold at Holland Village

Van Holland is a freehold development nestled in the famed Holland Village. Van Holland Condo is from Koh Brothers who was the former Toho Mansion.

Van Holland, with its privileged Freehold status in a prestigious location, should take center stage. People who enjoy exclusive living with connectivity to a favorite lifestyle will love this development.

The Van Holland prices are not yet published, but they would expect very attractive and attractive prices. An analyst says it could be as low as 3,000 psf for this development.

The location of Van Holland Showflat is off site, a 5 minute drive, on Commonwealth Avenue. Those who take public transport can get off at the Commonwealth MRT.

Contact the new Singapore 2020 launch at 61003447 or send us a note below at for Van Holland by Koh Brothers.

[APP][FREE] Plum Village: Zen meditation

The Plum Village app can help us cultivate mindfulness, compassion and joy through guided meditations, deep relaxation, poem practices, mindfulness bells and many other practices.

Mindfulness is the energy of being aware and awake in the present moment. It's the practice of continuing to touch life deeply in every moment of everyday life. Being attentive means being really alive, present and doing one with those around you and with what you do. We harmonize our body and mind while we do the dishes, drive the car or take our morning shower.

————————————————– ——

————————————————– ——
– Plum Village is totally free and always will be!
– 12 mindfulness practices for everyday life, ranging from anger management to walking meditation
– More than 50 guided meditations in 10 categories
– meditations from a few minutes to a few hours
– Enjoy short, simple meditations or deep relaxation sessions
– Learn new prayers, songs, poems and trainings in the resources section
– Use the attention bell to sensitize your body and your breathing
– Learn from Thich Nhat Hanh with over 100 questions covering a wide range of topics
– Download any meditation, practice or resource to use offline anytime, anywhere!

Download link:…n/id127371919339


What would be the good starting dates in a village to launch a campaign? [on hold]

The following things are in the village area,
a forest, many farms, a tavern, in the forest is an old battlefield.

The PCs are green (Niv1, Novice, …). Players like Dark Fantasy.

150-word essay on village life of electricity

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150-word essay on village life of electricity
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