Is the concept of virtual memory about memory isolation or the ability to exchange? Or both?

Most of the readings I've found on virtual memory, such as or wiki / Virtual_memory always indicate that virtual memory is a concept that allows the operating system to make it "appear as if you have more memory than you really have".

But is not that the over-commitment is about? Is not the concept of virtual memory as a whole primarily concerned that each process has an isolated virtual memory pool, thus preventing the reading or modification of the memory of another process?

If not, how is this memory isolation technology called within its own virtual memory pools?

Virtual Reality – Prevent detaching objects from the hand when the controller trigger is released in Unity SteamVR

I use SteamVR's Player Prefab for Unity.
To pick up objects, I use the Throwable script that uses the controller trigger to pick it up and exit it to launch it.

Is there a way to prevent object detachment when the controller trigger is released?

If so, how can I force detachment with code?

litecoin – Buy a small amount of bitcoin with a virtual card

I want to buy mass ads on The total amount is accumulated at $ 1 (excluding transaction fees), but they do not accept cards as direct payment. Now, I know that I obviously can not use Bitcoin to make micro-payments, but I can use Litcoin, but even then, how can I buy such a small amount with a card as if I wanted to spend $ 5? but the minimum is $ 50 on most sites, The only way I think is to buy a very unpopular altcoin, then exchange it for a change of shape, but even to buy Dogecoin, I need $ 50. How are micro-payments by cryptocurrency possible?

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Virtual Machines – Azure Virtual Machine Scale Set – Scale Entry During Task

This seems like a basic question, but I could not find an answer on Google.

How do sets of flip-flops know that a particular virtual computer has completed its work and can be replenished?

In the FAQ, virtual machines with the highest IDs are removed first. He does not say anything if it's mid-task or not.

This is important for my application because my tasks are long (about 30 minutes on a machine 1CPU / 4GB).

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Network – How to Join a Homegroup in a VMware Virtual Windows 7?

I am using VMware 6.0.0 build-45731. Windows 7 runs in the virtual machine. 100G reader with 3G RAM. The network is set to Bridged via VMnet0. The homegroup name calls MyHome and uses a password to allow access. I have multiple computers accessing the same homegroup and they all need the password to join MyHome. Until then, it worked like a charm with all computers. This virtual machine has access to the Internet and I can ping the virtual machine from the host and vice versa.

The problem is when I try to join MyHome within the virtual machine. I do it like any other computer:

Control Panel / Network and Sharing Center / Choose a Home Group
and share options / click on the button (Join now) / choose what I want.
Share and click (Next) / "Type the password" and click (Next)

Then I get this bar running for several seconds and finally, I get this error message:

Home Group Windows can not configure a homegroup on this computer

enter the description of the image here
I tried to run the troubleshooter and I got the expected result, that is to say: nothing constructive.
Windows suggests running the troubleshooter from the computer initiator of the workgroup, identical result.
VMware enthusiasts pointed out that network access should be "bridged" so that the virtual machine has its own network address instead of the NAT configuration. That's what my configuration is. In addition, I can access (read and write) to my host files and folders via the VMware "Shared Folder" tool. When you use the network path of Windows Explorer on the virtual machine, I can see all my networked computers, but I can not access any files. I receive this error message:

Windows can not access Hostpc d

the actual reader d: on the host, which is totally shared, in reading and writing, for everyone ..
enter the description of the image here

I am however able to access all the files of the actual virtual machine via the network path of the Windows Explorer.

The question: How can I fix this homegroup login problem in my virtual machine?

Thank you for your help. Cheers

Networking – Filter / Analyze Virtual Machine Traffic on Another Physical Machine

Consider a host machine running multiple virtual machines. Hypervisor is probably KVM with libvirt. The host machine must be connected to a firewall or switch to filter / analyze traffic. Is there a way to configure the host or virtual machines so that I can see which traffic comes from which virtual machine?

The MAC address is not an option as it will strip on the host. I could use a network card per virtual machine, but it would require additional hardware. Any other ideas? Maybe some kind of marking that is not stripped by the host and does not interfere with networking?

virtual machine – I can not find the directory structure

I have installed the latest version of DrupalVM. Everything works well. I can access Drupal on both my local dashboard and DrupalVM, but I can not locate the Drupal directory structure.

After using vagrant sshI am able to see the Drupal directory structure but not in Windows Explorer.

Please help me on this point.