virtualbox – Create a serial port between two virtual machines both running ubuntu 18.04 while using a Windows operating system

So I am trying to debug a kernel which was respected on one of my virtual machines and which is now waiting for kgdb because I am now trying to socat the other VM, but it does not work . I know the two VMS speak to each other like I tested it using a serial port terminal. Any help.

enter description of image here

enter description of image here

networking – The proxy menu option is not present in the Windows virtual machine under Settings> Network and Internet> Proxy

The proxy menu option is not present in a Windows 10 Virtual Box virtual machine under Settings> Network & Internet> Proxy. The proxy settings have been adjusted by a VPN client but can no longer be changed / deleted.

Selecting proxy settings from the Start menu will also not display the proxy settings page.

The picture illustrates this problem, the host machine is on the right and the virtual machine is on the left

Windows 10 (build 10.0.18363)

javascript – When you try to start the Docker container from an error: unable to start the virtual machine because a required functionality has not been installed

Hello people. Well I did the docker installation on my machine. and I am trying to configure the Mongo however trying to start the image of the following message: It was not possible to start the virtual machine because a necessary functionality was not installed .

NOTE: I am using Windows 10 PRO, yes this virtualization is already activated both on the system and on the BIOs and the processor has the virtualization function.

Has anyone had this problem or does he know how to solve it? Thank you and bor codar :]

nao robot – NAO – Access and use of Virtual Nao

I am currently working with virtual nao on Choregraphe, I know that it is possible to connect and access the representation of virtual nao on Choregraphe but is there a way to work with Robot View (or a similar app) as a standalone app?

For example, is it possible to run a python script and open only Robot View of Virtual Nao (or similar app) to simply track Nao?

I have tried using V-rep and Webots. Virtual nao connected to the two mentioned applications, but I could not detach the virtual nao as a standalone application.

If my development machine is slow and has low end specifications, why can't I just rent a virtual machine on Azure?

I need 16 GB of RAM on my development machine to do Android programming, but I can't really afford to buy a new one. So, what prevents me from creating a virtual machine on Azure, from using it only a few hours a day (since it is billed per second) and saving a lot of costs? If I use ad-hoc instances of Azure, I realize substantial savings, because I don't care about 24/7 deployment.

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Formula to calculate the virtual size of a transaction (SegWit address)

Cross-publication of:

This tutorial:

Provides the following formula:

v = (42 + 272×(number of inputs) + 128×(number of outputs))/4

However, the calculation of a transaction with 1 input and 2 outputs:

v = (42 + 272×(number of inputs) + 128×(number of outputs))/4
v = (42 + 272×(1) + 128×(3))/4
v = 174.5

Which does not correspond to either of these two tools:


In addition, the formula does not take into account different types of exit transactions:

  • P2SH
  • P2WPKH
  • P2PKH

Anyone have a formula for approximating v_size?

Networking – Put a virtual machine in a different subnet than the host

In our organization, we have one subnet for the employee workstation and the other for testing virtual machines.
The two subnets are isolated. Only RDP is allowed between them.
I would like to create a Hyper-V test virtual machine on my workstation but make it part of the test subnet.
How can I do this given that I am a regular employee, not an IT administrator.

What is an efficient way (in terms of bandwidth and time) to add additional RPMs to a virtual machine based on a minimal CentOS7 image?

Looking for suggestions on an effective way to add some additional RPMs that are otherwise available on the “ All & # 39; & # 39; '' image CentOS, because I have to do it on several nodes (5) and my Internet connectivity at home (for the homelab) is not & # 39; & # 39; t stellar.

magento2 – Magento 2 Replaces a type used in a virtual type

So, I'm trying to replace a class that is used to create a virtual type, which is used as a preference for another class (see Core di.xml below). I also posted the excerpt from my di.xml. Everything compiles well, but it never seems to take over my ruling class. Since this is a preference for a class used as a type for a virtual type used as a preference for another class, I know I am just missing something, but I have never dealt with this complex implementation. Any idea would be appreciated.

My di.xml module

Core di.xml