I will be your virtual assistant websites hiring secretary for $80

I will be your virtual assistant websites hiring secretary

About This Gig

I can manage my time for you work just inform me to my mail details instruction , i would do complete as much as possible during my time.

I can handle your

1..official Data entry

2. WordPress website setup

3.Any service online base,

4.Youtube Chanel setup and maintain

5.Google analytics code setup in website or blog

6.Upload video in youtube Chanel

7.Upload products e commerce site,

8.Maintain your website

9.Website domain setup and hosting integration

10.website php coding integration

11.database update

12. Create Facebook page and maintain,

many more as clients requirements .


unreal 4 – How can I add these bones to my meta human? Or is there a way I can make virtual bones count when retargetting?

Paid for animations thinking they would be fine and they mostly are but… the hands are using these IK bones that I do not have. Is there a way I can add the bones to my meta skeleton within unreal? I tried creating virtual bones but they dont seem to come up in the retarget manager 🙁 Also, I can only seem to add one virtual bone to the root whereas both the foot and hand IK root bones are parented to the root bone here.

enter image description here

Any help would be massively appreciated!

I will be your professional and reliable virtual assistant for $10

I will be your professional and reliable virtual assistant

Hi People!Are you searching for someone to support you remotely?You’ve come to the right spot. I’m a virtual assistant with a lot of experience. Have a look at my Gig and the services I provide. Please contact me if you believe I am the right person to assist you with your job.

Services I Offer:

  • MS Office
  • Data Analysis
  • Google Form Filling
  • PDF Conversion
  • Internet Research
  • Data Scraping
  • Data Collection
  • Copy Paste Work
  • Image to Excel/Word
  • Slides in PowerPoint
  • Data Entry (Online or Offline)
  • Contact Details from Websites
  • Manually Typing Work to Excel or Word Document
  • Any type of Admin Support or Repetitive works

Why Me?

  1. 100% accuracy
  2. Best Quality Work
  3. Maintaining 100% confidentiality
  4. Guarantee 100% & customer satisfaction
  5. 24/7 service online
  6. Quick, Efficient and Reliable online worker

Note: Please feel free to contact me. If I offline just leave a message with your work details.


Program mouse/keyboard events in virtual box

I’m running an Android virtual machine, and I want to send a predefined series of mouse clicks (and possibly also keyboard presses) to the machine without having to actually sit there and do it myself. Is there a way to do this?

linux – pg_restore: error: could not read from input file (DBeaver for PostGreSQL in Oracle Virtual Machine), for .tar file

Using DBeaver21.0.3 for PostGreSQL13.2, on Oracle Virtual Machine on Oracle VirtualBox with Oracle linux7.9, in MacOS Catalina: (Did not install PgAdmin):

Trying to restore dvdrental.tar with following Restore Settings:

Format: custom
Backup File: /home/oracle/Downloads/dvdrental.tar
local client: /usr/bin

Getting error:

pg_restore: error: could not read from input file

Virtual or physical servers: what should I choose? 8 arguments in favor of clouds | NewProxyLists


Virtual or physical servers: what should I choose? 8 arguments in favor of clouds​

The days when a significant part of office space was occupied by physical servers go to the past. Fewer companies want to clutter their offices with hardware. However, this has not completely become a part of history yet. Since the myths about clouds are hovering around, some users are still in the arms of physical servers. If you are also in doubt about whether to choose a virtual server in the cloud or a physical server in the office, we recommend you familiarize yourself with the specifics of each approach. https://tucha.cloud/en/blog/busines…what-should-i-choose-8-arguments-favor-clouds

And we will be glad to solve your most interesting cloud problems! Write to the address sales@tucha.ua or call +380 44 583-5-583. Tucha is always in touch.

camera settings – How do I enable the virtual horizon option for Nikon D7500 when it is disabled

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azure Virtual Machine for SPFX Development

as my personal laptop is too slow, is it possible to setup dev environment using Azure Virtual machine for SPFX Development.

Kindly provide your advice on the same.

Multi step popup tracking using Google tag Manager virtual page url

I’m tracking multi-step popup but stuck. Let me explain requirement:

I have a website example.com and there is a popup with 3 steps(I can open it from any page of the site). I want to track each step because in every step there is a multiselect option(for this I’m using custom dimension.

I created tag with trigger in GTM and setup Goal/funnel in GA. It is not working properly.

Virtual urls are like:


According to me, When I complete first step it should show me /virtual/step1 in real time GA tracking but it doesn’t

I can only see the /virtual/step1 when I complete the 3 steps and there I believe I should see /virtual/success instead of /virtual/step1

Hope I’m able to explain my problem.

Can anyone please suggestion me where I’m wrong?

graphql – Customizable options for Virtual Products

I am trying to access the customizable options of a virtual product whose visibility is set to ‘Not Visible Individually’ through the GQL query,

  products(filter: { sku: { eq: "sample_sku" } } ) {
    items {
      ... on CustomizableProductInterface {
        options {
          ... on CustomizableFieldOption {

But the custom options are not being fetched. But if the visibility is set to ‘Catalog&Search’ the options are being fetched.
Are there any ways to fetch the custom options information for a virtual product without having it’s visibility changed from ‘not visible individually’?