Is Live IP support a legitimate company to get get rid of virus

I was working on my computer when suddenly everything stopped. The message I saw that my computer was infected with a virus and to call “Microsoft” at an 855 toll-free number. I did and got Live IP support telling me they could get rid of the virus, the Rundll32 virus and to get a Firewall. After panicking, that call ended up costing me $518. I was not able to even move my mouse. They also said I didn’t have a firewall. I have Microsoft products and thought I did have a firewall. A quick search told me that it doesn’t expire.

virus – a very small hidden window appeared

i`m new to this comunity, but a have an interesting question.

some time ago i noticed, that i have a strange cpu refresh rate caused by nothing (withou load basic Ghz was around 2.2, but now its allways around 3.8 – 4). first of all i thought about hidden miner or smth but today i noticed an interesting hidden window. at first i just closed it by Alt + F4, cause i cant close it another way and load dissapeared. but then it started to disappear randomly, even if that strange window is open. so i just want to know what it dis, mb some of you saw smth similar before..

P.S as of course id like to know how to find an isue and delete it.

P.S.S i have a black background, so it was hard to find, but i did, here is how it looks both open and “hidden” ways.hidden way
opened way

virus – Can you make your host machine appear as a virtual machine?

I keep seeing how people are working to make virtual machines look more like real machines, but I have been wondering about the reverse. I have noticed a trend where viruses will automatically shut off if they think that they are in a virtual machine. Using that train of thought, couldn’t you attack this from both ends and make the virtual machine look more like the host and the host more like the guest?

How did first virus spread and types of malware

I have done a lot of searches online and have done a few different courses which cover malware but I’m still unsure about some things.

  1. As I understand, a virus attaches itself to another existing file and spreads through things like email. I am confused about how the first ever virus code was spread. I don’t know how virus code is attached to files, but say for instance it is added to the beginning of a file. Did the creator of the first virus attach the code to a file they already had on their device and then transmit it or did they send the virus code on its own and it then attached itself to the first appropriate file it came across on the receiving device and things started from there?

  2. What differentiates a virus from a Trojan Horse? A Trojan is bad code disguised as a useful file but doesn’t spread itself, am I right in thinking? Does the Trojan refer to the whole program or just the bad code inside the legitimate program? Does a Trojan infected file still carry out the intended action of the file, for example an infected calculator application will let the user add and multiply numbers etc? Is this the same as a virus infected calculator application?

  3. A worm is self-contained code that propagates itself, so I guess it doesn’t come as part of a usable file or program? Do other malware types, like spyware and ransomware, need a host file to spread and/or execute?

Where can I find Windows Vista and Windows XP genuine virus free downloads?

Where can I find Windows Vista and Windows XP genuine virus free downloads? – Super User

Can there be a virus that uninstall itself?

Is there possible situation where a file contains malicious codes and after the code is excuted, the virus attach itself to another file and delete the malicious code from the file where it comes from?

Can scripts execute virus on its own if we only open it in an IDE or Notepad?

If you download scripts such as file with extension such as .py, .java, .cs, .cpp, etc and if you don’t run it but only open it in an IDE or notepad then will the virus get executed or is this possible for me to get infected just by doing that?

system apps – What Is “Font Server”? And is it a virus?

I’ve been doing malware scans for my phone pretty often recently, along with browsing and searching up apps/ files on my internal storage. I found one called “Font Server” which has a blue guy with a smile face as the image. I searched it up and found people saying it was a virus, it says it was installed in 2008 even though I got my phone in 2018 so 10 years later. I’m timid to imediently try anything so I want to make sure if anyone know what the app is/ if it is harmful/ if I should remove it or not before I do anything. Thank you!

macos – How can I remove this type of virus from my MacBook Air? No solution in Google

I don’t know why a have this virus. Recently I was trying update mi MacBook Air to BigSur, but 3 hours later this MessageBox appear to me, I was trying to find solution on Google but I didn’t find it. I trying to install several Antivirus but literally I can’t, perhaps is the virus that don’t allow me do that. At this time I turn off the wifi. Someone knows where can I find that file? What can I do?
enter image description here

enter image description here

security – Can you get virus from “save image as…” option?

So what I want to know is when you use this option then does chrome compress the image to a different file from its original one and then download it?

Extra information: So I was on this dating site and I want to download a few pics to check them with Tineye to see if they were legit so although the site was legit but the uploader was not( and I was also pretty sure that they are just bot) so I was wondering when I download these picture then can I get virus from that?

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