Implications of UK visa extensions beyond July 31?

I have asked a separate question on this forum, but this one pertains more to the situation in the UK for stranded visa customers. To sum up, my wife is from Kazakhstan and has been visiting me on a Standard Visitor Visa. Her visa originally lasted until 21 July but she was recently granted an extension to 31 July.

It’s still very difficult for her to get from the UK to Kazakhstan, who have entered a second full lockdown. There remain no direct flights, and indirect flights come with a lot of risk. We’ve ascertained that transiting through Istanbul is an option – but she will be in a world of bother if she were to fly to Istanbul only to find that her connecting flight to Kazakhstan has been cancelled due to lack of demand (understandable, the country is in lockdown again!).

What is she to do if she can’t travel before 31 July? We have tried emailing the Home Office “Coronavirus Immigration Helpline”, but after one working day, they sent back what seemed to be an automated response providing information about switching to a different visa category – this does not help us. I’m out of ideas here. I hope she’ll be able to depart before July 31 for the sake of her future visa applications, but I really don’t know if it’ll be possible for her to do so.

Ideally, the UK will extend visas further, but it’s impossible to know at this point if they’ll do so since, in theory, they seem to believe they’re now in a “post-Covid” phase.

BI/B2 Visa status covid-19 – Travel Stack Exchange

US Visas are a little different to those from many other countries.

You must enter the country before the expiry date on your visa – which is likely at least 1 year after the visa was issued (possibly 5 years or more).

When you enter the country you will be given a time period that you can stay for, which is generally 6 months from the date that you enter. This time is not related to the date on which your visa was issued.

However expecting to visit the US as a tourist in August or even September of 2020 is simply crazy. There is ZERO chance that COVID-19 will be under control by then, and visiting puts you and others at risk. Stay home, and re-plan your holiday for (at least) the latter half of 2021.

UK Visitor Visa Application

I am a student currently studying in Hungary, and will like to visit a family-friend in the Uk for summer holidays for a period of 2 weeks.

The documents I will be providing are:
I] My uncles Bank Statements
II] Permission letter from School
III] Bank statements and sponsorship letter from my uncle
IV] Translated Letters
V] Residence Permit and Passport

Is there anything i will need?

Thank you

Criminal REcord and getting a Visa

I have a class b misdemeanor from about 25 years ago, does anyone know if it will keep me from getting a work visa in countries such as Austria, Germany, or France?

Seeking feedback on my cover letter for UK standard visitor visa application

I am scheduled to apply for a UK visitor visa on 13 July and have stated that I plan to stay for the whole six months. I’ve decided to include a cover letter to explain the circumstances of my request. I’d appreciate it if you could provide feedback on the below text:

## Heading ##

enter image description here

customs and immigration – Is Schengen National Visa type D is same as Resident Permit?

I am stranded in my home country (India) and trying to go back to my workplace in Poland. I have long term National Visa Type D along with work permit. Most of the rules given on Airline and Embassy websites say people with permanent or temporary Resident Permit are allowed to board the flights or enter the Schengen area.

Is National Visa type D considered as resident permit or not?

I know there are dedicated resident permits which we have to apply (like Karta Pobytu in Poland). However, I am confused with this condition. I have contacted Airlines, they said ONLY resident permit holders are allowed. Polish border guards say Resident Permit or Work Permit holders are allowed.

… the foreigners possessing a right to work on the territory of the Republic of Poland i.e. the foreigners entitled to work on the same grounds as Polish citizens, the foreigners possessing work permits, work permits for a seasonal work …. are able to present documents which confirms that they will start work shortly after entry to Poland,…

But none of them confirmed or denied whether I will be allowed. Can anyone help me with this matter?

Just extra information, I have already applied for a temporary resident permit (Karta Pobytu) last year which is already approved last month (I have scanned decision letter). However, to get the card, I have to personally go to their office in Poland and provide my fingerprints.

Australian Visa date – confused – arrival date

I got a Visa of 18 months for Australia I have but,
Visa dates are confusing me as it says,

Granting date is 07 February 2020 ;

First arrival by 07 August 2020 ;

Must not arrive after 07 August 2020.

and in the note it is shown as the visa of 18 months starts calculated from the date of first arrival.

My questions are,

  1. From beginning what date my visa starts for 18 months?
  2. As in the note of the visa it is said that the visa of 18 months would started after the first arrival
    in the country, but would it be calculated for 18 months after my arrival date 07 August 2020?

Please explain me with full clarity.

passports – Why does multiple entry visa take longer to process than single entry visa?

Generally, long term visas and multi-entry visas do receive greater scrutiny, as the country would need to assess not only your trustworthiness for one trip but also the future ones. A multi-entry visa also requires additional justification.

In particular, I believe in general Indonesia requires a specific purpose and an Indonesian sponsor for multi-entry visas, which is an additional check that needs to be performed. The checking of sponsors can be better done in Indonesia than by representations abroad.

Canada tourism visa – any chance for me?

I live in Morocco and I have been in Europe 3 times as a tourist. I have been thinking to visit Canada for a short tour of one week or 10 days but my bank I have only 6415.69 Euro I’m not married is there any chance to apply for a visa for Canada?

paperwork – Refused Schengen visa with new passport

Refusals happen for a variety of reasons and each case is assessed individually. You state that you were refused a tourist Schengen visa as a businessman. Did you intend to do business whilst on a tourist visa? That would be grounds for refusal.

Subsequent to that you then made an application in a France consulate for business which was refused too. Many people change their passports in order to make fresh applications and they forget vital concepts. Firstly, biometrics. When they take your biometrics, they share them in all Schengen countries and that’s why they already knew about your refusal in France even before you made the application.

One thing I have found out over the years and I’m not judging you is been honest. Make your application and supply all documents that are needed. The fact that you applied for a tourist visa at the Netherlands consulate intending to travel there for business, then you lost your passport with the refusal, leaves a lot of discretion for the visa officer to poke your application and make a decision on whatever loophole he finds.

For future applications, you need to review the reasons they gave for the refusal and act on them accordingly before you submit another application.