US Visa B1-B2 after one (or more) rejection (s)

I know that investigating the reasons for this subject may differ from one case to another and I think that no one can explain the answer accurately unless he / she works / worked as an officer in an american embassy πŸ™‚

Therefore, instead of asking or investigating more and more possible causes of my case (rejection of B1-B2 US Visa) or other similar cases, I would like to know if any of you have received a successful US B1-B2 visa after one (or more) rejection? I would like to know a statistical (approximate) point of view to convince me after a rejection of a year ago (see my case above).

You may be able to simply write your answer by "Yes or no", how many times the rejection, and please also write your nationality (if possible).

Thank you.

Can I attend two consecutive conferences in two EU countries with a single Shengen visa?

I am attending twice in a row in two different European countries. I have time to apply for a single visa. Is it possible to travel without a problem from one Shengen country to another?

Can I book a Schengen visa for Germany at another consulate if the consulates assigned to my state do not have an appointment?

I am a non-resident alien (and not a permanent resident) residing in Seattle, Washington, USA.

The German consulate assigned to my state is San Francisco. The first available appointment is in 2.5 months.

However, I have to make a business trip to Germany in 2 months. My wife will accompany me with a tourist visa.

I was able to make an appointment in Washington DC in a month. However, I do not want to fly from Seattle to Washington DC to be rejected for that reason.

Has anyone ever done that? What can I do to make sure that my appointment is not canceled or that the application is rejected for this reason?

I am also open to traveling to another country for a longer duration because my business trip is only two days. Will Germany be considered my main destination since I am applying for a business visa in this country or can I apply for a main destination in another country if I stay longer in this country?

esta – Ineligible for a b1 / b2 visa, and then?

I am a British citizen and I plan to make a long trip of 6 months around the United States. My b1 / b2 visa has been settled, but my girlfriend (British citizen like me) has problems with his. During her interview, she was deemed "ineligible". We think this was due to some discrepancies between his candidacy and his interview. For example, when she originally applied, she did not have a job, but since then she has had one that will probably resume her after our trip. So we took another appointment at the embassy, ​​with his request updated, but as soon as possible is only two weeks before our flights. Suffice to say that we are a little panicked.

What I want to know is what would be our safest bet at this point? Are we still trying to embassy for a b1 / b2 as planned? Or do we cancel this appointment and just apply online to ESTA. I've heard that you can stay up to 90 days at a time on an ESTA, but this can be increased to 180 days a year as long as it's not all at once? Leaving the country for a few days is a bit more complicated, but we are ready to do it if that is our best option.

I have attached the letter that she received after her interview. Any help would be massively appreciated thanks.

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Can I apply for an American visa under my maiden name even if my name is changed after the wedding?

I am recently married but my passport is my maiden name. Can I apply for an American visa under my maiden name even though my last name is changed after the wedding?
Thank you for your time !

international travel – As a Burundian, can I "spend the night" in Brussels, from Romania to Burundi (East Africa) without a Schengen visa?

I am Burundian, I have a short stay Romanian visa. I bought a round trip ticket at Brussels Airlines in Burundi-Romania / Romania-Burundi. The second route is operated halfway by Tarom RO (Brussels Transit) and Brussels Airlines. This situation will require me to pick up my luggage once in Brussels (that is to say to go through immigration) and to register (again through the l & # 39; immigration) to be able to wait for my connection fight. Since I will not have a Schengen visa (Romania is not yet part of the Schengen zone):
1. Will I have the right to claim my luggage and check-in?
2. Will I be allowed to spend the night at the airport?
3. Tarom Airlines will not check my luggage up to the final destination because the waiting time is greater than 45 minutes … but since I bought it I go – back with Brussels Airlines, is there no way for these 2 companies to coordinate the entire trip?

Indian citizens – Do I need a visa for Singapore if I have an Australian RP?

Assuming you have a single connecting ticket via Singapore, you are eligible for the VFTF and do not need a Singaporean visa.

ICA is the official website of Singapore Immigration and is authoritative here. VFS is a commercial visa service and their page does not directly contradict the ICA website, they simply do not mention the VFTF.

Note: The VFTF is not guaranteed, but in the worst case, you spend 10 hours on the airside Changi. It would be helpful to have a plan easily explainable for what you will do for 10 hours in SG.

US Visa was rejected for the first time and want to apply again

From my title, you probably think that my problem is similar or a duplicate of some cases. But I do not think so. So, please share your thoughts πŸ™‚

I am Indonesian and live in Germany for 4 years. I'm doing my doctorate for 4 years (with a scholarship BUT not as employee as most PhD students do in Germany) and will have my defense in September 2019. My residence permit in Germany is temporarily valid until January 2020. In May 2018, I applied for a visa American for the first time (combination) B1-B2. The reason I applied at that time was to attend one (unscientific), so it has nothing to do with my doctorate. I met all the conditions and I was able to demonstrate (in my written application that was submitted to the system) that I was receiving a monthly scholarship with an amount (greater than) sufficient to live here. During the interview, everything seemed to be going well until the officer asked me questions about (1) my doctoral subject and (2) my plan at the end of the interview. my doctorate. I replied that (1) my topic was to develop a specific computer system (as it is what I do here) and (2) I will return to Germany after my trip to the United States, and then Indonesia after my doctorate. . But all of a sudden, the policeman looked unhappy and said, "Well, I think there is no such system in Indonesia yet and that you can not develop it there. " I only replied that he was right, but the applications of such a computer system can be used to develop a risk management system in Indonesia. However, before explaining more in depth, the policeman said: "I'm sorry, we can not issue you a visa." I received (as usual) a letter from section 214 (b), which indicated

  • "… you have not been able to demonstrate that your intended activities would be consistent with the classification of the nonimmigrant visa you have requested".
  • It was also written in the letter (as I also think in most cases) that I do not have strong links with the foreign country and no link requires me to return to my home country after the trip to the United States..

Before submitting a new application this month for the same non-scientific conference, I would like to hear your opinion:

  1. Would it be rejected again because there is currently no significant improvement in my application unless the date of my thesis defense?
  2. Did I misapply at that time to apply only B1 instead of a combination of B1-B2? I asked this because it's involved with the first point above.
  3. Did I explain the subject of my doctoral dissertation wrongly as though it was too sophisticated for a country like Indonesia, whose technology is becoming technological, so that even though I am not sure what to do with it? go back, it does not make sense, that 's why the manager does not trust me? I asked this because he's involved from the second point above.
  4. I still do not understand why it is written on the letter that there is no strong link between me and the foreign country (which I suppose here to be Germany, nor is it do not you? I have explained it, I am doing my PhD here and it shows the close links that unite Germany and me. Am I wrong?

I only fear that if I reapply this time and this request is rejected, it will become more and more difficult for me in the future. In other words, should it be better for me to wait and apply when I am in Indonesia?

PS: A friend of mine, originally from China and also a PhD student with a scholarship (even with a slightly lower amount than mine), also applied the US visa for the same conference at that time and his application was accepted.

Thank you so much.

emirates – Do airlines compensate passengers if they allow them to board with an invalid Visa card?

No, it's the opposite.

It is always the responsibility of the passenger to ensure that he has all the required documents (passport, visa, etc., with the appropriate validities, etc.).

Airlines do not check these documents before boarding for passenger comfort, but because the country of destination requires it, directly or indirectly: it turns out that the passenger is not eligible to enter for lack of proper documentation, this is usually the case. airline is required to return them at their expense, and they may also be fined.

The transportation conditions of most airlines are very explicit about this and may even indicate that they may charge you fines / penalties because of you.

United States – American visa with good track record?

Are you more likely to be approved a new non-immigrant American Visa if, over the years, you have entered and exited the United States repeatedly legally, correctly and on time?

For example, if you have already entered the United States via the J1 visa once, you will have a greater chance of getting a new J1 provided you have respectfully entered and exited the United States at least once. time the last time you had the J1?