Extend tourist visa stay in the United States due to Corona virus and fee waiver I-539

Is deposit I-539 the easiest way to extend your stay right now?

Yes. It is also the most difficult way. This is the only solution.

More seriously, there could be some sort of amnesty or other program offered to non-immigrants to the United States who are affected by the pandemic. If this happens, it could save you a few hundred dollars.

But I wouldn't count on it. I certainly haven't heard of it, and the current administration is deeply anti-immigrant, so it's unlikely to happen without political pressure.

In terms of risk analysis, the application fees will be well spent.

If so, is it possible to waive fees due to the plight of the Corona virus?

Asking for a fee waiver will make it look like someone with financial problems, which will have a negative impact on their application as well as on future applications for admission to the United States. I wouldn’t do that.

After filing I-539, should she wait for approval to continue her stay? Or is the receipt sufficient?

Once the application is filed, it can remain until it is refused or, if granted, until the end of the extended stay period granted to it.

US visa waiver program – Can I continue to do my current UK job in the US with an ESTA?

I currently work a 9-5 job in the UK, but since I work remotely, I could do this job from anywhere, so my question is – am I allowed to travel to the US in the part of the VWP and continue to do my current job, on my current salary, continues to be paid into a UK bank account, with no intention of staying more than 90 days than the VWP allows? Or would I still need a work visa to do this?
Thanks in advance

Visa – Is it safe for my 94 year old father to fly from the United States to Germany in late April 2020?

I think the question is which option is safer. Of course, being on an airplane close to others is problematic, but it is important to consider the comparative level of security in the United States and Germany.

For example, in the United States, at least 3,921 people died (around 12 per million), while in Germany, it was 732 (around 9 per million). However, these numbers change daily and are not the best indicator of our direction. In the same sources, however, you will find these graphics:

New cases in Germany per day (orange are updates, so you can just see the sum of blue and orange like the known known cases)

New cases in the United States per day

This implies that the turning point between exponential growth and saturation is already in the past in Germany (however, it can revert to exponential growth, if for example people resume their pre-corona habits), but not in the United States.

A measure often used is also the number of hospital beds per capita. Wikipedia lists a higher number for Germany, however, ICU beds are fewer per capita in Germany than in the United States. Additionally, I couldn't find any reliable data on the fans, which may be another important measure.

visa refusal – Consulate requesting PR

do embassies usually ask a person applying for a visa for their PR in the country in which they are currently applying for a visa (i.e. the country where the embassy is based) or a possible other visa for the country in which she & # 39; & # 39; are you currently in order to verify their legal presence there?

Example: My name is A, I am an Egyptian citizen living in France. Once I go to an American establishment there to apply for a visa (I guess my passport is completely empty) and once I have shown that I have enough funds to support myself needs and meet them, would he ask a French PR for myself to be finally issued a visa or are they just worried about their entry conditions in the country?

Staying in Canada for three months, will this affect the UK student visa application?

Britain and Canada share information on immigration under the Five Eyes Treaty (with the United States, Australia and New Zealand). You must assume that the UK authorities are aware of your extended stay.

Therefore, if asked, you must declare it. Don't be tempted to try to cover it. If the UK authorities know about it and you don't mention it, you will likely receive a long ban on deception.

This will have an effect on any UK visa application. The magnitude of the effect will depend, among other things, on the details of the extended stay and the nature of your request.

The only way to find out is to apply.

uk – Visa or non visa in 2020 (type)

As I understand it, during the "transition period", free movement still applies, so until the end of the year you can in principle move to the UK and take a employment without visa. You can then apply under the European regulations to stay in the UK after the end of the transition period.

The big joker here, however, is the covid-19 situation. At the moment, face-to-face education in the UK is practically closed and schools are struggling to figure out how to teach from a distance. People are told not to travel unless it is essential. Frankly at the moment, no one knows how the situation will have developed by August.

virus covid 19 – What to do when the visa expires during the lock? Malaysia

You must contact Malaysian Immigration to inquire about extending the stay. This is a circumstance beyond your control, they should be able to help you when extending your stay. The Embassy of Indonesia has limits to involvement in host country visa policies. If you are looking to return home, the Embassy of Indonesia can assist you in the form of an evacuation flight (unlikely in this scenario) or the like.

If you just want to extend the stay, assuming you are in KL, here are the contact details.

Jabatan Imigresen Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Aras LG, 1,2 & 5,
Kompleks Kementerian Dalam Negeri (KDN), no 69, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1,
Off Jalan Duta, 50550, Kuala Lumpur

Phone: 03-62057400

Fax: 03-62011191

You can find other contact details on the following websites.

Let us know the solution you found and update the answer.

covid 19 virus – USA Tourist Visa Extension due to coronavirus

Given the current situation of covid-19 where the country of origin (India) has interrupted all international flights, how can one (65 years and over) extend their B2 visa or stay after? # 39; extension of I-94? Any help is appreciated.

I called USCIS about this and they told me that it usually takes about 6 months to process these requests. My main concern is that if the application is rejected and the applicant has already passed the expiration date of his original VISA, will it be considered illegal? What happens if it is considered illegal?

reservations – Do I need a transit visa for a stopover in the Shengen area, I am a Cameroonian and permanent resident of Canada

Citizens of Cameroon generally do not need visas for airside transit to change planes in the Schengen area, as long as you do not need to go through them ;immigration.

However, if your airside transit is in France, Greece or Spain, these countries make require airside transit visas for Cameroonian citizens. If your transit is in one of these countries, your permanent residence in Canada should nevertheless exempt you from the visa requirement.

usa – Data on US visa problems before 1987?

I can see a count of non-immigrant visas issued by classification on the Department of Consular Affairs website since 1987, but the H-1 visa was established in 1952.

Does anyone know where I can get the number of visas issued before 1987? All visa data is appreciated, but I am most interested in non-immigrant visas and H-1 visa data in particular.

Please let me know if there is a better SE subsite for this type of policy research question. I notice this question on the US visa on this SE, but I also asked the question at policy.stackexchange.com.