How up to date do bank statements need to be for a UK Visa reapplication?

So a month ago I applied for a UK visa, I was declined due to a simple mistake that I have now rectified around an invitation letter not specifying the dates. All my forms and supporting documents are in order however I noticed that my bank statement for my savings account is now not as recent.

When I applied last time my last transaction on said statement was October 21st, only one transaction has happened since then in the savings account however from the date of my new application (November 9th) obviously some time has passed.

The question is will the officer in charge consider the statement too old now as 19 days have passed? Will I need to travel to get another set of statements from my home branch that will provide only one very small transaction?

south korea – Purpose of travel for past trips on a d-2-8 visa

I’m applying for a D-2-8 visa (Summer school/short term study visa) to go South Korea.

One of the questions is what the purpose of visit was for my past travel history. I’ve been to England, France, Germany and The Netherlands on a school trip. I also frequently go on holidays to Germany.

So the question is: can I put ‘school trip’ as the ‘purpose of visit’ or should I put ‘tourism’?

Also since I went to Germany more than once during the last 5 years, should I put more than one date or the most recent date? And should I put ‘school trip + tourism’ under ‘purpose of visit’ for this country?

Another question is: I put ‘D-2-8 SHORT TERM STUDY VISA’ in the ‘2.2 Status of Stay’ section. Is that correct?

Is it allowed to look for a job (not work) while I’m in the US under Visa Waiver Program


  1. I know there are similar questions here already but the answers are a bit conflicting and I didn’t find quite the same question I have. Most were also quite old.
  2. I know that during current COVID-19 times getting work VISA is pretty much impossible for foreigners but let’s please focus on the case when the country opens up more.


I have been thinking about working in the US (among couple of other options) in the near future (when COVID permits hehe) but would like to also make a round trip for couple of months to see the country before. If I do decide for the US as my next work destination then can I continue using my free time during tourism as a time to also research job offers?

So, is it allowed to look for job (NOT WORK) while visiting the US under the Visa Waiver Program? What I mean is that a person has a ticket to fly back home bought and is planning to switch to work VISA before starting.

I’d imagine no-one can prohibit the person to explore the positions while searching the internet as it isn’t different from researching positions online from anywhere else? How about interviews? Online? In person?

Additional question:
If the case above is allowed then is it possible to switch from using VISA Waiver Program to work visa while being abroad? Not really seeing this case happening even if possible but would give a better picture of possibilities.

Thanks! 😊

Is it futile to apply for UK Visitor Visa if country is added to red list

Does it make sense to apply for a UK visitor visa if your resident country has been added to the red-list?

What are the chances for getting a visa in such cases? Has anyone here applied in such situation and successfully received a visa?

US citizen traveling to China on Q2 visa – COVID19

I’m in a similar situation, but unfortunately, it is not possible to visit relatives in China at the moment absent compelling reasons (e.g. very ill close relatives).

Are there any additional restrictions for traveling to China with a valid visa?

Yes. A valid visa is only an entry authorization,
vaccination at the moment does not allow exemption from other applicable procedures.

You still need to have negative test results and green health code. And you still need follow local public health protocols which involve mandatory testing and quarantine measures that can be very long, expensive and somewhat invasive. At least a week of quarantine at designated hotel at own expenses is required (the minimum policy for people first entering Shanghai with Shanghai addresses, otherwise it’s two weeks), depending on your destination you may also face up to four weeks of follow-up supervised quarantine.

Meanwhile, the airline boarding requirements by China for Certificates of Negative Nucleic Acid and Anti-Body Blood Tests Results remain unchanged. After entering China, please abide by China’s regulations on quarantine and observation.

Is it possible to go with an non-Chinese vaccine (Pfizer, Moderna, etc.) as I don’t think it is possible to get the Chinese vaccine in the US.


The “relaxation” measure is mostly a political statement with respect to Chinese-produced vaccines. It also facilitates return to China of foreign citizens already in China (who can get Chinese vaccines) who visit other countries temporarily.

It does not apply to Western vaccines and it is not likely that Western vaccines would be accepted before some sort of reciprocal recognition of Chinese vaccines.

Also, I need a visa for my 2-year old daughter. Are toddlers also required to take the vaccine?

“Yes”, but toddlers cannot legally get Chinese vaccines anywhere as they are not approved for that age category. Although “urgent humanitarian reasons” might be enough to exempt her from the requirement if you are vaccinated, that’s for the consulate to decide.

For English summaries of Chinese policies, I find to be fairly comprehensive. But it is still better to read original Chinese policies on consulates’ websites or call them (if your local consulate is nice enough).

Traveling to china on Q2 visa (US citizen) – COVID19

My Q2 visa (for visiting relatives in China) dates from 2015 and will be valid until 2025. At the start of the COVID19 pandemic, every visa that had been issued before a certain date in 2021 became invalid, but it seems like the travel restrictions have relaxed and it is now possible to use older, valid visas.

Are there any additional restrictions for traveling to China with a valid visa? The Department of Foreign Affairs mentions that one needs to get the Chinese vaccine in order to travel. Is it possible to go with an non-Chinese vaccine (Pfizer, Moderna, etc.) as I don’t think it is possible to get the Chinese vaccine in the US.

Also, I need a visa for my 2-year old daughter. Are toddlers also required to take the vaccine?
Thank you

Recent experience applying for a UK Fiance visa from South Africa

Just wanting to know how long between ‘Your visa application has been sent to the Decision Making Centre for processing.’ status to ‘application received by DMC’ to ‘application transferred to VAC’. At which stage are you informed of the decision? I know guide processing time is 12 weeks but just trying to establish how accurate this is?

covid 19 – Applying for a US visa interview at another country as a non-resident

I am an international PhD student at a US university. Due to COVID-19 embassy closure, my spouse can not apply for an F-2 dependent visa at the local embassy to travel to the US. However, it is possible for her to apply for a visa at the US embassy in another country. She will have to apply for a visa for our 3 years old child. However, she would like to travel alone to the other country to attend the visa appointment. My question is: can she apply for the visa for him without him being present? Since his passport will not be stamped at the airport (since he won’t leave my home country as my spouse travels abroad to attend the interview), will this pose any problem at the airport when they both travel to the US?

Thank you

london – Why you need UK Immigration Visa?

In today’s world we go anywhere in the world we need an immigration visa if we weather do work or
go for visiting a country to see the view and for study we all need an immigration visa. In same we
need an immigration visa in UK as same as best solicitor in London but applying procedure may be
different but same happens in the UK if you have to do JOB in uk so, job visa is different from other
visa like student visa, visiting visa etc. but why?

southeast asia – How to apply for Vietnam tourist visa

Unfortunately, the government of Vietnam does not appear to host an (English) website listing all their official embassy sites. However, if your nation hosts a list of official missions, you may be able to find it there. Beyond that, searching for “Vietnamese Embassy ” normally finds some viable candidates. Real embassy sites seem to always refer to “The Socialist Republic of Vietnam”, and the front page will normally list announcements by Vietnamese officials, trade deals, etc.

In the case of Japan, it would appear all Visas are handled by the main embassy in Tokyo, hence your problems with the Osaka consulate. However, as the process seems to involve only posting off your passport, the exact location is unimportant. The process involves filling out a form, and sending, it, your passport, and the fee off together. See application page on the Vietnamese embassy site.

It is also possible to acquire a “Pre-approved Visa on Arrival” for Vietnam, provided your are entering by air to Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi or Da Nang airports. This tends to be cheaper than getting a visa through embassies, but has less flexibility and involves joining a queue at the airport. It also requires that the pre-approval is negotiated by a Vietnamese private agency. You can find a fairly detailed description fo the process in a TripAdvisor FAQ. Roughly speaking it works like this:

  1. Find a suitable agency, send the details they require and their fee off to them.
  2. The agency will send you a scan of a letter with your name (and possibly several others) on it, and an official Vietnamese government stamp.
  3. On arrival at the airport, you find the appropriate desk. You show your letter, hand over your passport, and pay another fee (the amount of this keeps changing and depends on your visa type), and the Visa is added to your passport. You can now proceed to immigration

Only limited types of visa are available on the pre-approved visa on arrival scheme. If you want another type of visa, or are arriving at a land border, sea border, or an airport not on the approved list, you will need a visa (or to be entitled to visa-free entry)