How to issue a UK travel visa for Ukrainian?

Can someone with relative experience give me information about contracts in the UK? I am a software engineer, I have just started my own LTD and will soon issue my first invoice. What do I need to be aware of getting the most out of outsourcing? Pitfalls that I must avoid?

Will Indian citizens holding US H1B and H4 visas get a Dubai visa upon arrival?

I checked the UAE government visa website:

In this, the visa requirements upon arrival for the Indians are mentioned as follows:

Indian citizens holding a normal passport and either

- a visit visa issued by the USA or
- a green card issued by the USA or
- a residence visa issued by the UK or
- a residence visa issued by the EU

can obtain a visa on arrival for a maximum stay of 14 days provided that the visas or the green card is valid for at least six months from the date of arrival into the UAE.

He says he has a visa issued by the United States. I have an H1B visa and my wife is under H4 visa. Can we get an entry visa to Dubai with these visas or not?

Does the brother-in-law count as a member of the immediate family for a British visa?

In the online visit visa application for the UK, I have to add members of the immediate family. My sister's family lives there. Should I also add her husband as a member of the immediate family?

canada – My US student visa has been canceled. Now I am applying for a British student visa. Is there a problem with the previous cancellation

I have a student visa denial Canada, a student visa denial Australia.
American student visa Canceled to immigration. is there a problem created for the UK student visa if I apply? Please help me.
my profile
SSC 88%
Intermediate – 97%
BTech 80% civil engineering 2017 passout
From 2017 to today, work experience related to the civil industry.

can i apply for a british student visa and is there a problem creating my previous student visa refusals ??

When can I apply for a second visa when the 6-month visa is valid until Nov. 30, 2019

My 6-month visitor visa is valid until November 30 and when can I apply for a 2-year visa, can I apply now on October 25 or have to apply by November 30th? ?

Is it necessary to obtain a letter of reference from where I work to re-enter Japan while I am on a work visa?

Is it necessary to obtain a letter of reference from where I work to re-enter Japan while I am on a work visa? because I am going to my home country.

Germany – Enter the Schengen area of ​​the EU with a D type visa

Yes, transit purposes you can

  • for a week holiday in Spain before would probably do not to be considered a transit

but changing a plane in Spain to Germany would not pose any problem with a D-Visa.

Border Code, Article 6

  • Conditions of entry for third-country nationals
    1. By way of derogation from paragraph 1:
      [a] third-country nationals who do not fulfill all the conditions set out in paragraph 1 but who hold a residence permit or a long stay visa are allowed to enter the territory of the other Member States for transit purposes in order to reach the territory of the Member State that issued the residence permit or long-stay visaunless their names appear on the national list of alerts of the Member State from which they seek to cross the external borders and if the signal in question is accompanied by instructions for refusal of entry or transit ;

transit – 144 Hours Visa for Beijing – Turkish Stamp and High Speed ​​Train to Hong Kong

In a few days, I should take the plane to Bejjing, then I would like to take the 8 hour train that connects Bejjing to Hong Kong with 144 TWOV.

The problem is that I have read a lot of articles and online discussions about the fact that people are denied access to a Turkish passport.

The second problem is that I would like to take the high speed train from Bejjing West to Hong Kong, but I also read that this train did not qualify and that only the slow 24 hour train was eligible.

Third number that does not help these two previous ones are Hong Kong's final destination, since the growing anti-China protests in Hong Kong.

Should I drop the flight ticket and continue or risk leaving?

Thank you

Can I enter Norway with an Iceland visa while it was not in my itinerary

I have received a visa for Iceland, but I now have the feeling of also reaching Norway, although I have not included it in my itinerary as a second country to visit. Can this cause me problems at the borders of Norway since it is not in my itinerary?

Can I leave the UK for a few days without my wife (she has a family visa eea)

My wife and I are currently in the UK. I am a national of the European Union and she is a non-citizen of the European Union with a family visa EEE Can I leave without her for a few days, leaving her alone in the UK? My job will require that.