How has COVID-19 impacted religious visas for travel to the U.S.? [closed]

How has COVID-19 travel restrictions impacted religious visas for foreign religious workers to work in the U.S.? Has it become more difficult to get religious visas in the U.S.? Or do travel restrictions not correlate with ease of obtaining a religious visa?

visas – There are no open seats available for selected center – The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, New Delhi

The website of the German embassy in India currently displays this notice:

No visa queries are being addressed at the moment. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the German Embassy New Delhi is open for emergencies only. All visa related activities are on hold including decisions/issuing/extension of visas, long term national visas, Schengen visas and visa stamping. The Visa Section of the German missions as well as the offices of our service provider, VFS Global, remain closed until further notice.

In short, no visa applications can be made “until further notice”.

This answer is unfortunate in your circumstances, but clear. You can’t apply at this time, and there’s no public information about when that will change. All you can do is keep checking the website for any updates.

h1b visas – Leaving the US on an H1B, after the latest 2020 suspension. Anything major I should worry about?

I’m currently on my first 3 years of H1B in the US, with the expiration date of Oct 31st in 2020. A month or so ago, my company applied for my H1B extension for another 3 years.

Due to family reasons, I plan on leaving the country in August and stay out until the extension is approved. My company allows me to work 100% remotely during that time so my job is unaffected.

I’m prepared to stay in Europe for however long it takes for the extension to be approved.

Are there any major issues of why I shouldn’t do this? Anything that could effect my return to US in a permanent-ish manner?


visas – Who can enter USA now?

Airlines go by the TIMATIC database, which states:

–Passengers who have transited or have been in Austria, Belgium, Brazil, China (People’s Rep.), Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Iran, Ireland (Rep.), Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland or in the United Kingdom (excluding overseas territories outside of Europe), in the past 14 days are not allowed to enter the USA.

(followed by exceptions)

So you’re allowed to enter the USA.

visas – The definition of 6 months in the UK entry stamp

I am a Brazilian citizen currently working in a university in the Netherlands. Me and my girlfriend, who is British had a 20 day trip planned back in April. As I came to visit her (for us to go together), our flight was cancelled due to the covid-19 crisis. Moreover, my flight back to the Netherlands was also cancelled, therefore I was not able to leave the UK on the date I planned. I have been doing home office from her house since, now that things seem to be going back to normal, I want to book my flight back to the Netherlands, however, if possible, I would like to avoid for a bit longer to enter in a plane as corona is still a risk.

In the stamp they put on my passport when I arrived it says I can stay for 6 months. I never had to worry about this definition before now, however, how does the 6 months limit work?

  1. Are the 6 months renewed every time I come in? Which I find very unlikely, as I mean, seems far too easy to exploit.
  2. Are the 6 months renewed on a calendar year basis?
  3. Are the 6 months renewed on a 12 month rolling basis?
  4. Something else?

I specifically remember that, a couple years ago, a immigration officer at passport control telling me option 2 was the correct. I wanted to confirm this information now, so I called both covid-19 helpline for immigration, and the “general immigration advice” at 0300 123 2241, however, they told me the correct option was 1.

The email I found for immigration queries specific for covid-19 specific did not answer this question, as is not directly related to covid. But I did not manage to find a general email for immigration queries, does anyone know one?

I would be okay with that if I had managed to have it written, but I am worried whether this was just a bad luck of having two officers who did not have the right information. What if later this year I come back to visit her and another officer at passport control also claims option 2 is correct, I would not be able to use the calls as proof that I got the information from an official source.

Should I just assume a worst case scenario and go back as soon as possible?

How strict are the requirements for extensions of UK visas due to COVID-19?

This is a followup to my question originally asked here:
UK Standard Visitor Visa implications during travel restrictions as a result of COVID-19 outbreak?

As stated there, I am a British national, and my Kazakh wife is visiting me and our family here in the UK. She has a Standard Visitor Visa, good for six months. She has been here since February 1st, and her visa lasts until July 21st.

The UK are offering extensions to visa customers who are unable to leave the UK due to COVID-19. Here’s the specific instruction from the website:

Your visa will be extended to 31 July 2020 if you cannot leave the UK because of travel restrictions or self-isolation related to coronavirus (COVID-19).

You must request an extension by updating your records with the
Coronavirus Immigration Team (CIT) if your visa is expiring and you
cannot leave the UK at present but are not planning to stay in the UK
in the long term.
If you’ve already had your visa extended to 31 May 2020, your visa
will be extended automatically to 31 July 2020.

You are expected to take all reasonable steps to leave the UK before
this date where it is possible to do so.

No individual of any nationality whose leave has expired or is due to expire between 24 January 2020 and 31 July 2020, and who cannot leave the UK because of COVID-19, will be regarded as an overstayer or suffer any detriment in the future.

So here’s the situation for my wife. She has been unable to leave since March, as KZ closed their borders and stopped all flights from coming in. There were no flights available at all. We were aware of the visa extensions before but since her visa lasts until late July in any case, we’d hoped that applying wouldn’t be necessary, that the situation would improve and she’d be able to leave on time. This is becoming increasingly unlikely. Since late June, KZ has slowly been opening up and allowing flights to and from CERTAIN countries, but not the UK. For example, Turkish Airlines are flying to KZ via Turkey. My wife would need to fly to Turkey for a layover before flying on to KZ.

However, the COVID situation is becoming increasingly bad in KZ, and we are worried about my wife’s safety and the safety of her family. We’d want her to get a direct flight where possible, and avoid layovers as they would only increase the risk.
Looking at the UK specifications for the extension, it is for individuals who “cannot leave the UK” – how literal is this? She can technically leave before July 31st (via Turkey), but it’s very difficult and, moreover, dangerous. What’s more, “You are expected to take all reasonable steps to leave the UK before this date where it is possible to do so.” Again, what is reasonable here? Is expecting her to fly an indirect route with few available flights to a country with a slowly deteriorating situation “reasonable?”

To sum up, based on her situation, does she have reasonable grounds to apply and be granted the visa extension?

visas – Travel to Bermuda for non-US,CA and UK citizenship

I live in Iran and I am going to take a summer course in Bermuda(for one month). It seems Bermuda does not need a visa and I want to know that getting a UK transit visa will allow me to enter to Bermuda? Also, there are two kind of UK transit visa (Airside and visitor in transit), could I change my airport with the visitor in transit UK visa to catch my onward flight?

visas – Do requests for UK home office passenger subject data get recorded with the rest of the data?

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visas – is it possible to remarry the same person without a divorce for the sake of immigration

This might be a weird question, and everything I search on google just gives me a list of celebrities that have remarried.

So I’m a U.K. citizen, married to a U.S citizen, living apart in our respective countries.

He was talking with a friend who said that if we get remarried in a more liberal state, like California or Colorado, it will be easier for me to get a temporary visa to then adjust to a permanent one later down the line.

Firstly, I’d like to know if there’s any basis to that theory, is there any truth behind it being easier to get a temporary visa dependent on what state you do it through?

Secondly, is it possible to remarry the same person in these states without getting a divorce first? We got originally got married in Texas, coming up to 2 years ago.

The wording in the question makes it sound like I married for a visa, I promise you that’s not the case. I just want to explore all options in making the process easier.

visas – Apostille two times of the same document with a translation added

I don’t know what is exactly meant by the these document requirements:

1- certified copy of the high school diploma with apostille;

2- translation of the high school diploma into Italian performed by an official translator (sworn at the Court) and equipped with apostille;

Now, am I required to do two apostilles, this is impossible, because Apostille is issued for a single unique document, either as original or legalized, not translation.

What is meant?