Google Docs: how to selectively make section visible to certain users?

I would like to make a section of a Google document only visible to certain users. However the means to do this is non-intuitive; the primary collaboration controls are an all-or-nothing affair. How can visibility be applied within a google doc?

2013 – SharePoint search refiners are visible only for Site collection administrators

We have a SharePoint search results page and it has a refiners webpart

It only has “Created” property as a refiner, but it is visible only to Site collection administrators

When other users search, they only see the search results and the refiners are not appearing

It does not have any target audiences too.

Not sure why it is not appearing for other users, any advice is appreciated


ubuntu – Hay alguna manera de hacer el GRUB invisible y que solo sea visible al tocar una combinacion de teclas?

Estoy configurando una PC para mi madre, ella es un desastre con las computadoras, no sabe lo que hace o siquiera lee, así que quiero que el grub esté oculto, pero también poder usarlo en caso de ser necesario.
Busqué en internet como hacer esto, por lo que encontré esto se haría agregando la linea:


Y en caso de que funcionara podría hacer visible el grub apretando la tecla Shift derecho pero no funcionó.

PD: NO quiero deshabilitar el grub por completo, esto se haría bajando el tiempo de espera a 0:


Así que alguna manera que conoscan de hacer esto?


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input fields – Accessibility – SC 1.4.4 – Placeholder text not visible when browser zoom is set to 200%

I have a question regarding SC 1.4.4 Resize Text for Placeholders for inputs. I am not for the design we currently have, but have to work a solution with whatever design I have.

The first row in the table has inputs to filter text in the table. In normal view without zoom, the complete placeholder text is visible. But when we zoom to 200%, the placeholder just shows “Filter” and the remaining text is cut off. My first question is whether this violates 1.4.4?

If so, the solution I recommended is to provide a title attribute for the input field, which is not ideal. It only satisfies people with low vision who can use a mouse to hover. But, users with motor disabilities using keyboard will still not be able to see, even though they can visually see the table and relate the column name with the input.

Is there a better way to address this issue without changing the designs? Attaching a screenshot for your reference.

Table without zoom

Table with Zoom

Windows Server: scheduled backup not visible in Scheduled Tasks?

I have set Windows Server 2016 Standard to perform a local backup to a usb drive on a nightly basis at 9pm. The last several runs failed because the destination was disconnected. I’ve since reconnected it and want to test to make sure it will resume working tonight, as well just get a known-good backup as soon as possible. How do I manually trigger the scheduled backup? I can’t find it Task Scheduler.

Under Computer Management >> Task Scheduler >> Task Status, Last 24 Hours I see an item called “Microsoft-Windows-WindowsBackup”. Double-clicking on it and right-click context menu don’t offer anything. I also can’t find a similarily named item under “Active Tasks”.

Digging further down in the expanding left hand navigation tree there is no “Windows Backup” or “Backup” or other similar word combination that I’ve been able to find.

wbadmin screenshot showing last failed and next scheduled backup for 9pm

Task Scheduler screenshot showing Windows Backup ran, but is not in Active Tasks

Backup not in table of contents

Keeping the totals row always visible in Google Sheets

The easiest solution would be to move the totals to the very first row in the sheet, like this:

  1. Choose View > Freeze > 1 row.
  2. Click cell A1 and choose Insert > Row above.
  3. Use cut (Control-X) and paste (Control+V) to move the summary formula cells from row 70 to row 1.

When the totals are at the top of the sheet, and the first row is in the frozen section, it will remain visible in the web version of Google Sheets as well as the Sheets iOS app.

forms – Add State visible on tableselect

I try to add state “visible” on tableselect in a drupal 8 form

public function buildForm(array $form, FormStateInterface $form_state) {
$form('monselect') = (
   '#type' => 'select',
   '#title' => $this
     ->t('Select element'),
   '#attributes' => (
     //define static name and id so we can easier select it
//         'id' => 'monselect',
     'name' => 'monselect',
   '#options' => (
     '1' => $this
     '2' => $this
 $form('table_article') = array(
   '#type' => 'tableselect',
   '#header' => $header,
   '#options' => $options,
   '#attributes' => (
     'id' => 'table_article',
   '#empty' => $this
     ->t('No users found'),
   '#states' => array(
     'visible' => array(
       ':input(name="monselect")' => array('value' => '1'),

I have try with email input and i have not problem

$form('example') = (
      '#type' => 'email',
      '#title' => $this->t('Example'),
      '#default_value' => $this->config('projetfinal.settings')->get('example'),

      '#states' => array(
        'visible' => array(
          ':input(name="monselect")' => array('value' => "1"),

Do you know if it’s possible to add state visible to a tableselect input form ?

Memory card is not visible

I was zipping a file on the memory card, but the process of zipping hangs, then the whole Android phone hangs, and I had to remove the battery. Now the memory card is not visible, I tried it on any other phone and there is the same problem.

the memory card is not visible

I was zipping a file on the memory card, but the process of zipping hangs, then the whole android phone hangs, and I had to remove the battery. Now the memory card is not visible, I tried it on any other phone and there is the same problem.