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I’m the owner of and I decided to sell Reason behind it is because covid19 hit too hard on me and my bills so i won’t be able to fund it anymore.
Domain Price & Info:
Domain Name:
Registered With: namecheap (currently in moving to njall)
Expires: setember 2021
Price or Starting Bid: 150$
Methods of Payment: PayPal only
BIN (Buy It Now) Price: 200$
Proof of ownership:
– Files, Design, Scripts
Price: 250$ (non exclusive copy), exclusive is 999$
Servers: 8TB of uploaded content }
Discord server with 1400 members }
Price for both are 200$
Site ownership


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I’m the owner of FastAnime
The reason of putting it on sale is because of recent events and lack of site fundings.
Current price is 300$ (can be negotiable) per copy or 1,200$ for exclusive (exclusive includes 8TB of anime, 6k users, domain, 1400 members discord server.) – (domain can be bought seperatly for 150$)
Anyone interested can contact me though discord or email (
Discord: Wei Yi Yi#7256
Site domain is

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Google Analytics Traffic Visitors To Your Websites CPA Affiliate Marketing Referral URL Keywords

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[FREE] WSO 827466 From ZERO To 2456 Visitors A Day In 9 Days. No SEO. No Backlinks

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Direct Download Page:

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user behavior – First page of a commercial service web site – explain what you offer or win the visitor’s trust?

If you have a web site describing some type of a commercial service, where customer trust is a deal-breaker (e.g. construction work company), which perception model is more common among visitors:

a) see what they offer first >> decide if I would trust them or not/ decide if they match my personalty so that their work would fit my taste


b) decide if I would trust them or not/ decide if they match my personalty so that their work would fit my taste >> check whether they offer what I am interested in?

The answer of this question would imply what should be in a web site’s first page – content focused on credibility and lifestyle fit or content focused on what services are being offered, at what price, in which locations, etc.

How to i get more visitors to my site in organic SEO?

Hello everyone,
How can I increase the visitor’s list to my website? 

Free Traffic(2020) The most important ways to bring visitors!!

The importance of bringing in visitors comes from the importance of the success of every website, so what is the benefit of having a site without visitors?

Whatever the purpose of creating a website, you definitely want to get visits to your website.

The more visits to your site, the better you can make a profit from your website.

In fact, there are many ways to bring visitors, and there are also many aspects through which the types of visitors can be classified.

In this article, I will try to include for you the most important ways to get visits, with an explanation of each method.

You should note here that most of the time I will give you links to explain each method of attracting visitors in detail.

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google – How can I find sites with 1 to 3 million visitors per month?

For some reasons, I need to find sites that have 1 to 3 million monthly visitors, I use a Similar web plugin to find these types of sites. But this plugin only gives you information when you know the website

I need a way to filter the list of sites that have between 1 and 3 million visitors a month in the United States, for example.

❓ASK – What is the best idea to get visitors from social media? | NewProxyLists

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seo – Why do I get so many visitors from Germany?

I study this kind of traffic as part of my research.

Simply put, these are bot visits. You know this because of the hit and run nature of most bots that are not scrapers. This is evident in the number of pages and the bounce rate. Bots, including scrapers, often result in a %100 bounce rate. But without further data, I cannot tell you much about your specific scenario.

I am not a big fan of Google Analytics for one simple reason. It does not give the entire view of traffic to your site and can be overly complicated. It is excellent to mine data that only Google can provide so I always recommend it.

But only after a log file analysis tool or other traffic analysis tool has been installed. (one of the best I have seen – free) (fairly basic but popular – free) (fairly basic but popular – free)

These will give you the information you need including GEOIP data (what country they come from).

What you want to do is to find all the domain names and IP addresses that abuse your site regardless of where they come from. You will want to block them. You will need to research each and every access and determine if these accesses are wanted or not. Some, while increasing your bounce rate, may actually be good for you. So do your research and make up your own mind on what accesses are useful.

I am assuming Apache here:

You can block them using .htaccess:

RewriteCond %{REMOTE_HOST}
RewriteRule .* - (F,L)


RewriteCond %{REMOTE_ADDR} (NC)
RewriteRule .* - (F,L)

Obviously, replace the domain name/IP address with the offending domain or IP.

What you have to keep in mind is that it does take a while to figure out who the good guys are and who the bad guy are. It will become clear to you based upon your traffic over time. If you ever have any questions, post them here with enough data and we will try and tell you who they are and whether you may want to block them.