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cognito forms – Is there a way to only allow visitors to select specific days of the week from the Date field?

I have a form for booking testing appointments. Testing dates are limited to Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 10am-2pm. I would like the ability to only allow visitors to select those days from the calendar in the Date field. If possible, I would also like the ability to only allow visitors to select 10am-2pm from the Time field. I have searched for a solution but have been unable to find any for my dilemma. Thank you.

data structures – Algorithm for Estimating Number of Unique Monthly Visitors

Is there a way to estimate the number of unique monthly visitors to a site based on a sample of, say, one week of data? This isn’t as simple as just multiplying the number of unique visitors the first week by 4, due to the hotel problem. If 10 people visit your site the first week and the same people are the only visitors to your site the second, third, and fourth week, the total number of monthly unique visitors to your site is only 10.

I know you can use HLL to estimate the number of unique visitors to a site in O(1) space. I’m wondering if there’s a similar approach to estimate how many unique visitors there will be after a month.

90 180 visa rules – I stayed on the Schengen area for 180 days with a visitor’s residence permit. Can I leave an re-enter as a tourist within a day?

I entered the Schengen area on March 25 and before the 90-day period expired I applied for a visitor’s residenced permit that allowed me 90 extra days. If I go to the UK before August 23 for a week and come back, will they see it as a new 180-day period since I actually entered on March 25 or does the fact that I got those extra 90 days with a visitor residence permit change the 180-day period rule?

How do I use Google Analytics to see the ability of my visitors about “JavaScript ES6 support” and “Retina Screen support”?

Is it possible to directly know how many of my users support JavaScript ES6 and whether are on a Retina Display?

I know there are ways to check this by writing JavaScript codes, but do Google Analytics provide the direct feature in its report dashboards?

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statistics – Robots visitors to my home page inflating Google Analytics stats

As @StephenOstermiller points out, this is likely spam traffic which doesn’t ever come anywhere near your website. People are simply sending data to Analytics using your tracking ID. The idea is that you become interested in what this traffic is and look at the referrer or hostname of it. Google has been doing better at blocking some of this traffic over the last few years, but they’re careful to not block traffic that might actually be genuine so some still gets through.

Easiest way to see if this is the case: Go to Behaviour > Site Content > All Pages, click your home page (probably indicated by /) and then add Hostname as a secondary dimension. If one of the hostnames shown isn’t your website’s then it’s junk and not actually traffic to your website.

You can block this junk traffic at View level by adding a hostname filter. Here’s Google’s own instructions on filters at view level:

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From Analytics data, easy way to get % of visitors with a screen resolution of X or larger

Is there any easy way to use the Analytics data of a website, for example on google analytics, and query it to get the % of users with a browser resolution of X or larger?

It’s good to know the top used resolutions but for example I want to know if I can drop support for very small resolutions so it would be nice to know the % of users using 1024 or smaller for example.

I was wondering if there was an easy way to achieve this somewhere in G-Analytics or an external tool. Right now I’m parsing the raw data and doing this on a custom program I did.

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