What Visual Cue Is Available To Show Safari 14.1’s Tab Bar Is Scrollable?

What visual cue is available to show that Safari 14.1’s tab bar is scrollable?

I understand that I can scroll it when there are too many tabs to fit. Other than trying to scroll it and looking to see whether or not it scrolls, how can I tell whether it is scrollable?

In some cases, the last visible tab may be partially covered, so that’s a tiny cue. In other cases, if the windows size is “just wrong”, all visible tabs are fully rendered.

Is there a cue I’m missing? Is there a cue I can enable? Is there an extension that would provide a cue?

.net – Problema em compilar um projeto com VB.NET usando o DotNet 5 no Visual Studio 2019 Community

Gravidade Código Descrição Projeto Arquivo Linha Estado de Supressão
Erro MC6000 o arquivo de propriedade deve incluir o assembly .NET Framework ‘PresentationCore, PresentationFramework’ na lista de referência. C:Program Filesdotnetsdk5.0.301SdksMicrosoft.NET.Sdk.WindowsDesktoptargetsMicrosoft.WinFX.targets 240

Como faço pra resolver essa bomba? Pro favor!

Visual Studio suddenly asking for password. but works in ubuntu buy not in windows

I had Visual studio with ssh keys added to connect to few of the hosts.

It used to work before in both of my machines (Ubuntu and Windows 10)

But today, suddenly the windows machines VS studion prompts for password?

sign_and_send_pubkey: no mutual signature supported
root@hostxxxx's password:

any idea how to fix this.

The same key in ubuntu machine is working fine when i connect via visual studion code.

applications – How to edit Visual Studio Code settings on macOS Big Sur

applications – How to edit Visual Studio Code settings on macOS Big Sur – Ask Different

All In One Addons for WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer)

Admin submitted a new resource:

All In One Addons for WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer) – All In One Addons for WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer)

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Timeline Card…

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file management – Is there a free visual similarity image local hard drive search?

I’ve been using visipics which i found out about on lifehacker which works very well.

This is the excerpt from the site

I recommend VisiPics (pictured above). It scans the actual photo
content of each image file, and so can take some time to tally up its
findings if you’ve got a huge, huge database, but you can fairly
easily let it run in the background and do your normal browsing and
work. Matches are shown together, a sliding scale of matching
looseness is offered, and while it’s a shareware app with some locked
features, it offers enough as a freeware app to do some serious

How do you get started with VisiPics? Choose your photo folder from
the list in the top-middle row, hit the right-facing arrow with the
“+” sign to add it to VisiPics’ queue, then hit the Play-style button
in the middle to start scanning for duplicates.

Note: If you’ve previously used Picasa, iPhoto, or other photo
management suites to organize and edit your photos, you may find lots
and lots of photo duplicates. That’s because those applications create
folders of “Originals” to allow you to undo changes you make to
photos, along with caches of thumbnail images for fast browsing. If
you’re not using these apps anymore, and you’re sure you won’t want to
undo those changes, go ahead and remove those folders and duplicates.
Otherwise, keep them, and remove their folders from your searches.

Speaking of Picasa, Google’s photo manager has a “Show Duplicate
Photos” option in its Experimental menu, but that’s exactly what it
is—very experimental, and not all that clear about what you’re
deleting. You’re better off going with an app that makes its findings

Then there’s also dupeguru from this answer on superuser

how can I find the sql server object explore in visual studio

I m using the visual studio 2019 on MacBook Air. I could not find the sql server object exploer in visual studio even I download Microsoft.Data.Sqlclient anybody please help me????

visual studio – Error: System Null Reference Exception con IEnumerable y LINQ

Estoy haciendo un programa con clases en dónde no sé la cantidad de campos que vendrán en la forma, por lo que para controlar los campos a insertar en la base de datos, utilizo la propiedad de tag para enumerarlos. Ahora estoy haciendo el control de errores, el problema es que el programa me da error cuando un combobox no tiene tag y no sé cómo hacer para arreglarlo, ya que si necesito saber cuando no le coloque el tag al componente.

Este es el error que me da.

introducir la descripción de la imagen aquí

Este es mi código

public IEnumerable<Control> Contador(Control control, Type type)
        var controls = control.Controls.Cast<Control>();

        return controls.SelectMany(ctrl => Contador(ctrl, type))
                                  .Where(c => c.GetType() == type);

    public void Verificaciones(Form forma)
        int campos_vacios = 0, campos_sinTag = 0;

                    var textboxesVacios = Contador(forma, typeof(TextBox))
          .Where(textBox => textBox.Text == "" && textBox.Tag.ToString() != "").Count();
        campos_vacios = textboxesVacios;

        var fechasVacias = Contador(forma, typeof(DateTimePicker))
          .Where(DateTimePicker => DateTimePicker.Text == "" && DateTimePicker.Tag.ToString() != "").Count();
        campos_vacios += fechasVacias;

        var cmbVacios = Contador(forma, typeof(ComboBox))
          .Where(ComboBox => ComboBox.Text == "" && ComboBox.Tag.ToString() != "").Count();

        campos_vacios += cmbVacios;

        var textboxesSinTag = Contador(forma, typeof(TextBox))
          .Where(textBox => textBox.Text != "" && textBox.Tag.ToString() == null).Count();
        campos_sinTag = textboxesSinTag;

        var fechassinTag = Contador(forma, typeof(DateTimePicker))
          .Where(DateTimePicker => DateTimePicker.Text != "" && DateTimePicker.Tag.ToString() == null).Count();
        campos_sinTag += fechassinTag;

        var cmbsinTag = Contador(forma, typeof(ComboBox))
          .Where(ComboBox => ComboBox.Text != "" && ComboBox.Tag.ToString() == null).Count();
        cmbsinTag += fechassinTag;

        if (campos_sinTag > 0) {
            MessageBox.Show("Existen componentes sin ID dentro de la forma");
        if (campos_vacios > 0)
            MessageBox.Show("Existen campos sin llenar, por favor asegurese de llenar todos los campos necesarios");


La razón por la que estoy usando LINQ y no un ciclo para comprobar, es porque cuando los componentes están dentro de Groupbox o Panels no los toma en cuenta, por lo que estoy intentando con IEnumerable, aunque soy una total principiante usando LINQ!

Por favor no asocien mi pregunta a otra, ya leí el contenido de la otra pregunta y no me ayuda a solucionar mi problema.

visual studio code – vscode markdown preview not supporting some math commands

I’m writing markdown on vscode. But some math latex commands are not supported on vscode built-in preview. E.g.

$$ ket{psi} $$

cannot be properly rendered. How do I fix this? How do I add support to a bigger set of commands? Are there any extension that does this for me?

I installed markdown + math extension, but still not working for ket command. Also for some reason, markdown + math‘s official example for equation numbers supporting is not working. I don’t understand why.

visual studio – Erro no VS Code

Opa gente,

Seguinte, fui entrar no meu visual studio e me deparei com esse erro. É uma mensagem clicável e quando eu clico, aparece a mensagem “command ‘missing’ not found” no canto inferior direito e não sai de jeito nenhum essa desgraça. Tentei procurar pela internet algo que me ajudasse mas não achei nada. Se alguém me ajudar ou me der alguma dica de como resolver esse problema, ficarei grato.

inserir a descrição da imagem aqui

inserir a descrição da imagem aqui

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