linux – Strange visual glitchery on KDE Plasma, driver reinstall fixes it temporarily

I’m having a very strange visual issue in Kubuntu 20.10 on my Lenovo Yoga 13″. I get visual artifacts which take the form of white and black lines about 0.1″ long strewn across the screen. They tend to appear near spots with a lot of visual updates. The artifacts only show up in Plasma, not in a tty or Windows, so I know this is a software issue.

Reinstalling my video driver (sudo apt purge xserver-xorg-video-intel && sudo apt install xserver-xorg-video-intel followed by a restart) solves the problem for about a week or two before the artifacts start again. Once they start, they become more prevalent over the course of a few hours until the computer is pretty much unusable.

I have no idea why this is happening, any advice is appreciated.

In a visual novel game with optional sidequests, how to encourage the sidequests without requiring them?


I’m working on a small visual novel-style game, telling the story of a defense attorney and investigator. The story is split into chapters, with each chapter being a new case, and there are also recurring characters who develop throughout the story. It’s a mini Phoenix Wright-style experience, with some point-and-click detective work mixed in.

As part of the game, you can embark on optional character-based sidequests, each of which focus on a different character and showcase some development between them and the protagonist. A few of these sidequests unlock after completing each case, and are usually related to the case that just happened. For example, after finishing a case involving a video game convention, you unlock an optional sidequest where you can take one of the supporting characters (the “tough guy who’s secretly a dork on the inside”, of course) to the convention before it leaves town.

I want to make these sidequests optional, and not force the player to do all of them or make them feel like they have to say “yes” to all of them – that is, I want to establish that they’re free to decline an invitation if they don’t like a particular character as much as the others and would rather not take them out for ice cream. However, I still want to make sure the player does some of them, because I feel many of them, if missed, would cause the player to miss out on really neat parts of the game. (If it helps, the game doesn’t have a “completion percentage” or anything, just small achievements for doing certain things.)

My question

Given this design, I have a conundrum. I want the player to do at least some of the optional sidequests, but I don’t want to force it or make them feel like it’s necessary to see every single one of them. I don’t want to place an arbitrary “you must do 3 sidequests to proceed” roadblock, but I also don’t want the player to skip all of them and do the entire story without developing any of the characters. That obviously defeats the point of a heavily character-based visual novel! So, this is my dilemma:

What game mechanics in a visual novel are best to encourage optional sidequesting, but not require it for story progression or completion?

I have a couple ideas for this, since a lot of games have offered solid solutions for this problem already:

  • Making the sidequests optional, but having rewards for doing them. This is the approach that most games take nowadays. You don’t have to do the sidequests, but maybe if you do one, it unlocks a palette swap, an item, or a hint coin.
  • Affinity mechanics. Maybe if you do enough sidequests for your prosecutor buddy, he gets closer to you and gives important hints in a later cases. This would work similarly to “friendship” in other games, where there’s a number that keeps track of how good your relationships with different characters are and doing quests increases that number. At the same time, I think this encourages too much of a “metagame” approach, where players will just do every sidequest for a character all at once to unlock their bonus. It also makes the difficulty curve of the game wonky, since I want the cases to start easy and get progressively harder, and giving substantial bonuses in the late game might mess with that design.
  • Requiring the player to do at least X of them. This is the roadblock approach – blocking the progression of the story until the player does at least 1, 2, or 3 of the available sidequests. I dislike this because it feels like I’m being arbitrary and might frustrate the player if they don’t like the current sidequest options and really want to do the next case.

Ideas and other suggestions are welcome!

user centered design – Visual Indicators for editable content and non editable content

Brief Product Description:
So I have been working on a digital project where the product is an online presentation software where the user(Teacher) has presentation slides to select and conducts presentations to the students.

Problem: The user buys slides from the marketplace which will be added to the library of the software. The user must be able to distinguish between Guides(collection of slides)bought from the marketplace and his custom-made slides because the slides in the guides can be dragged and dropped when making a custom guide but the content in them cannot be edited and the user must know this. So I was thinking a kind of indicator which helps user to see that. But dont know if this is the best way. Please help. Thank youenter image description hereenter image description here

how to make a sharepoint form and connect it to azure devops (visual studio)

I would like to make a form of some sort in sharepoint so users can report bugs wich will then be sent directly to our backlog in azure devops (visual studio). Could anybody tell me how i can make this connection in sharepoint as i haven’t found any information about this online, maybe my google skills aren’t great i don’t know ūüėČ

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visual studio – Help (How do I avoid repeating a statement when I need a certain one)? C#

My professor wants us to mirror this image using loops, decision making statements… etc. The only thing I do not get is how I managed to duplicate the word ‘Buzz’ under ‘BuzzLightYear’ when it should not be there at all.enter image description here

Here is my code:

        int variable = 25;

        while (variable <= 50)
            if (variable % 2 == 0 && variable % 3 == 0 && variable % 7 == 0)

            if (variable % 2 == 0)

            if (variable % 3 == 0 && variable % 2 != 0 && variable % 7 != 0)

            if (variable % 7 == 0 && variable % 2 != 0 && variable % 3 != 0)

            if (variable % 2 != 0 && variable % 3 != 0 && variable % 7 != 0)



        Console.Write("nPress any key to continue to infinity and beyond...");

Visual Studio Custom Component with Enum Property

Good Day,
long story short I’ve created many custom components for VisualStudio2005 with enum properties, and the IDE was working fine.

When I’ve passed the solution in VisualStudio2012 the custom components doesn’t show correctly becauseof those properties.

It seems that custom controls with enum properties aren’t supported in any Visual Studio after 2008, and I’ve sent many email to Microsoft about it with obviously no ansver.

Anyone have experienced a similar issue?

Thanks to all.

visual studio – cargar contenido de un sitio web en C#

amigos, tengo el siguiente problema:
estoy realizando un programa que obtiene información desde una página web, en este caso:
direccion del trabajo

el código que estoy usando es el siguiente:

string html = string.Empty;
            string url = URL;

            HttpWebRequest request = (HttpWebRequest)WebRequest.Create(url);
            request.UserAgent = "C# console client";

            using (HttpWebResponse response = (HttpWebResponse)request.GetResponse())
            using (Stream stream = response.GetResponseStream())
            using (StreamReader reader = new StreamReader(stream))
                html = reader.ReadToEnd();


también probé con webClient.
Tecnicamente el programa no arroja error y me carga el contenido de la p√°gina pero sin resultados.
si lo hago por el sitio web la respuesta es distinta y me carga el listado de documentos.

necesito ayuda para poder cargar la pagina con los resultados de la b√ļsqueda.
desde ya muchas gracias.


api – Django and visual code Problem

Good day for all, i have been working with django and visual code how my prefer editor, but from a time to here it works bad. while i execute django server for test api i edit code in VSCode, well, now there comes a moment when django server doesnt recognize some models, serializers, or views. In the worst case django server recharge the system but the models file goes blank, note: This file has been saved, but its information is erased as if the file were replaced by a new one. what’s happening here? Thanks.. XD

¬ŅAlguien me podr√≠a echar una mano para implementar un filtro en visual studio?

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