vlc media player – Control of streaming channels on VLC TV

I've tried broadcasting a digital TV channel with VLC on an HTTP address, but I do not know how to choose the channel?

I can see the list of channels on >> Reading >> Programs (There are 34 channels here)
But I want to choose a specific channel to broadcast.

At each turn, I restart the streaming, VLC strat to broadcast a random channel.

I have not made any special settings yet:
Capture mode: Digital TV /
Tuner card: 0 /
Delivery system: DVB-T /
Transponder / multiplex frequency: 578000kHz /
Bandwidth: automatic

Thank you

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nvidia – VLC can not play UHD video from my phone?

When I try to play a video filmed from my phone in 4K, the player stops at one of the first images.

The My Samsung Note 9 rear camera shoots in UHD 16: 9 at 60 frames per second and uses the HEVC codec.

When I transfer it to my computer, the first frames are played, and the video stream freezes, but the track counter continues.

Hardware decoding is set to automatic.
Hardware decoding

The specifications of my hardware on my computer are correct, so I would expect to be able to use the UHD format at 60 frames per second.

Hardware Specifications:


How can I get VLC to play this type of media?

vlc media player – VLC playlist with random selection in folders

I would like to make a simple playlist in VLC where the first file is loaded randomly from the "A" folder, then the second randomly from the "B" folder, then looped from the beginning and load different files from folders. The problem is that VLC develops the folders and reads all the files they contain. How can I make such a playlist?

vlc media player – Display the title number on screen in PotPlayer or VLC

I want to display the title number of the track currently playing in PotPlayer or VLC. Currently, I click on a series of drop-down menus to access this information.

Is it possible to display the title number when the track starts playing? Or an easier way to find it?



linux – VLC Player: ignore items from the defective playlist ("the main input error: your entry can not be opened" locks the application)

When a malformed URL is passed to VLC via the "Open Network Flow" interface, the "–open" option or the Lua CLI "add" command, the interface is locks and the console generates the error message.

[00007f31355cea20]    file system flow error: can not open file / home / paul / c (no such file or directory)
[00007f313c000c40] main entry error: your entry can not be opened
[00007f313c000c40] main entry error: VLC can not open the MRL file: /// home / paul / c. Check the log for more details.

at a rate of several (one hundred) repetitions per second.

I guess the defective item is added to the playlist and VLC continues to try to read it again and again.

How can I make him ignore this error?

My current ideas are anchored in the error to remove the last added item or to allow a preprocessor to check if VLC can actually open the obtained playlist item. How would I do that? Maybe it's only a configuration problem after all?

Thank you.

How to * import * VLC settings?

The question of how export VLC parameters are answered here and in VLC documents.

What the two answers omit, however, is how import settings.

My first hypothesis would simply be cp vlcrc ~ / Library / Preferences / org.videolan.vlc / vlcrc but I would like to ask before eventually losing the settings of a new installation of VLC.

How can I play a video in the earpiece with VLC?

By default, videos are played in the speaker with VLC. How can I play a video in the earpiece with VLC?

I do not see any options:

enter the description of the image here

python – vlc module python3 – no audio

I'm running python3 with vlc module version python-vlc == 3.0.4106. Ubuntu 18.04

When I run the following python3 script, I receive no sound

import vlc

p = vlc.MediaPlayer ("/ path / to / music.mp3")

p.play ()

When I run this script, I get no output, no error, no sound.

When I play mp3 on the command line using cvlc, it's going well.

I have tried different files and formats audio, wav, flac, etc.

Someone on the stack exchange group tried the code and it worked for him.

Someone knows what I'm doing wrong?