Is vlookup appropriate?

I am having trouble explaining what I really want…here is another try… On sheet The digits in range a5:a is multiply by 12,13,37,101,111 using the formula arrayformula(if(a5:a="",,a5*{12,13,37,101,111})).. the results are distributed across b5:f which is then conditionally formatted to highlight duplicates when compared to the list of digits in i5:I and k5:k.. This is working great…. But I to advance this setup….

I actually want the following…

Once a duplicate is detected….. state’s name and duplicate number (h5:I or j5:k) generated in the range B5:f or even A5:f .. thus displaying the state and exact number drawn in that specific state…

And in the case where there are no duplicates….results from the arrayformula(if(a5:a="",,a5*{12,13,37,101,111}))
Remains the same….until a duplicate is generated ….it is important to note that foundation of these data is scrapped from a webpage…I have got several help from persons online with the creation of formula as I develop the sheet

formulas – Google Sheets VLookup Help

So, I am trying to use the VLookup function to find the value of a cell that corresponds with todays date and return that cell information. However, if there is no date given for todays date, then I want it to find the next closest date before today’s date. Right now, my simple sheet looks like the picture below:

enter image description here

I want to use a VLookup function in C2 to return the value of the cell in Column B that corresponds to todays date. However, if it returns N/A, then I want it to return today()-1. If that is N/A, then it should return today()-2, and so on and so forth until it hits a date that last had a lesson.

Right now, the formula I have in C2 is =IF(ISNA(VLOOKUP(TODAY(),A2:B1000,2,FALSE)),VLOOKUP(TODAY()-1,A2:B1000,2,FALSE),VLOOKUP(TODAY(),A2:B1000,2,FALSE))

This function only goes back one day if it returns N/A and I can’t figure out a formula to get it to lookup the value that’s closest to today’s date. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If there’s another easier way to make this work, then I’d be open to that as well.

duplicate – How could I use vlookup and countifs function to match data in google sheets?

I am scraping a webpage that contains digits and associated states…I have have broken those digits to it lowest common multiple…in the first sheet of this spreadsheet…and in sheet I have filter those result and applied a series of calcution using eg array(if(a:a=””,,a:a*{12,13,37,101,111}))…the result are in ranges A5:f of that sheet. Subsequently I conditionally formatted the digits in columns I and k respectfully to highlight duplicates in the range a5:f. I would like to have the names and corresponding digits appear in or be generated and highlighed in the range a5:f ..(possibly m5:q also) could someone assist? Thanks in advance

Google Sheets data autofill issue =Query? =Vlookup?

I’m attempting to autofill a budget spreadsheet, based on a paychecks paydate, filling the bills due that pay period.

Bills 1-30
Pay Dates ranging from 1-30

I’m hoping to be able to plug in the Pay Date, and have the bills autofill.

I have tried something like =QUERY(B2:D10,”select B,C,D where D> ‘”&G31&”‘”), which completes but shows no value.

I also realize that I would need to be able to decide whether it is less than or greater than the Cell value, based on the date provided.

Surely there is a simple function or small data table I can create to make this a possibility. Thank you for your time.

enter image description here

I’m attempting to take the DATE cell and enter a value, then pull from the list of bills, based on the number, and auto populate the Bill name, cost, and Dates. So I only need to enter the paycheck balance, and the paycheck date, to update my budget to see how much money I have/will have.

VLOOKUP (PROCV) It’s not returning the same value in the next line!

sorry I’ve been over this, but I have a specific “ORDER NUMBER” that shows up around 10 times with different “MONEY VALUE”, so I did a dynamic table to group up all the “MONEY VALUES” for that “ORDER NUMBER”.
I managed to sum all the “MONEY VALEY” and get the result I want in the dynamic table for that “ORDER NUMBER”.
The issue is, I want the sum of the “ORDEM NUMBER” to show up back again in a new column in my first page.
This is what I did:
=PROCV(T55;’Tabela dinâmica 5′!A:D;4;0)

It shows up the sum result, no problem right?
but I have 10 lines of the same “order value”.
so, next line is:
=PROCV(T56;’Tabela dinâmica 5′!A:D;4;0)

For me, its simple:
on T56, its still the same “ORDER NUMBER” as t55, however, the result doesn’t show up.
The cell it’s just invisible, not even an error. if I put my mouse over it, it shows the sum of the “ORDER NUMBER” it’s just not adding on the cell I did the formula.

Pic1 is the working PROCV from dynamic table, pic2 is the 2nd line not working with the exact same code and trying to get the same result.

enter image description here
enter image description here

google sheets – Using VLOOKUP with pivot table – OR – another way to aggregate data

You don’t need the pivot table at all (i.e., you can delete it altogether).

Delete everything in Column C (including the header) and place the following formula in C1:


This reads, in plain English, as follows: “Process an entire array, not just one cell. First, put the header. Under that (as indicated by the semicolon), if any row is blank in Column B, leave it null in Column C. Otherwise, look up whatever is in that row of Column B within a two-column array of the family paired with the contact date, sorted upside-down by contact date, and return the contact date (which will be the most recent, because the highest/most recent dates will be found first when sorted upside-down).”

Google Sheets: VLOOKUP formula for a multi line cells range

I have here a sample project, where columns A to C are in FORM RESPONSES TAB/SHEET and columns D and E are in RECORDS TAB/SHEET.

In the RECORDS I have a list of names, in alphabetical order, and a column for BATCHES(E9).

What I wish to have as an output is to AUTOMATICALLY bring/distribute the batches from RESPONSES!B4:B to the respective attendees in RECORD TAB (E10:E).

NOTE: The names are already available in the Google Form(Checkbox type), so the list of names in RECORD TAB are just the same as in the Google Form.

But the problem is, there are responses in C4:C that has multiple names in a single cell, and I don’t know what to do anymore. hehe. I have already tried the INDEX and MATCH formulas based on how I understood it as a total beginner in Google Sheet, but it only works on the first name.

I hope that someone could help me achieve the output that I wanted to achieve.

Thank you so much and may God bless everyone! 🙂

Here’s the screenshot of my sample project:

Here's the screenshot of my sample project:

google sheets – Complex VLOOKUP, Checkboxes and Pivots

I have a situation where room reservations can be managed by checkboxes. You can see an example in the screenshot below. I’ve consolidated several sheets into one to provide visualization but the data lives in separate sheets in the actual document…

 1. Columns A-L are a "Manage Reservations" sheet.
 2. Columns N-O are a "Pricing" sheet.
 3. Columns Q-R would be the output on a "Reservation
    Calendar" sheet.

Example Data Consolidated

I have two questions:

1. Is there a better way to calculate revenue in column L?

The method I’m using is working but it’s a beast to manage, doesn’t feel efficient and I’m sure there’s some swankier way to do a lookup and SUM of the checkboxes / room number -> room rate.

2. How can I output the data in columns B-K (that represents the reservations) into what is shown in column Q-R?

I can’t seem to figure out a way to QUERY or PIVOT the checkboxes and dates they represent into individual rows in another sheet. I had first tried some PIVOT tables but was running into issues with, what I gather is the source data formatting.

I’d like to keep the formatting of columns A-L, if possible. It’s easy to manage and visualize. That said, if it needs to change to optimize the calculations and allow for me to get the output of columns O-P on another sheet… I’ll take that as a lesson in better spreadsheet architecting.

Any help would be appreciated!

excel – BuscarV o Vlookup aplicado en R

Quisiera pedir su ayuda para saber como utilizar una función similar a BuscarV o Vlookup, pero en R. Tengo una matriz de valores únicos de nx1 (donde la columna es mi cliente) y quiero ponerle una segunda columna (en esa misma matriz), con su alias. El cruce es con base en una matriz de n+3000 x 10. Ya lo he intentado con “merge” y “join”, pero en lugar de dejarme mi matriz de nx1 (rellenando los valores únicos con su alias), me da una matriz de n +3000 x 10.
Ojalá alguien pudiera orientarme, muchas gracias!!
introducir la descripción de la imagen aquí

How to include VLOOKUP with a loop for a list of data on Google Scripts?

I have a list of data on Sheet1 columns A-N, and a list of updates on Sheet2, columns A-N. I have a code that imports data to Sheet2, and I would like to add to my code a similar function to VLOOKUP. In essence, I want the code to check the values in Column C on Sheet1 within my list of updated data in Column B on Sheet2. If it finds a match, I want the code to copy/paste the updates in the corresponding columns for that found value in that row in Sheet 1. If it doesn’t find a match, I want it to copy/paste the whole row from Sheet2 to the bottom of the list in Sheet1.

In my example file, I have two yellow cells on Sheet 2 highlighted to show what I want the code to find. Essentially, the script should look up the value in Column C on Sheet 1, search for the same value in Column B on Sheet2, and if it finds it, to pull in the updated cells and copy/paste to the corresponding cell on Sheet1. I also have a new set of data in row 5 of Sheet 2, and the code should copy/paste this whole row to Sheet 1.
I have the start of a code, but I know it needs much more:

function TEST() {
  var sh = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSheet();
  var ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet();
  var last=ss.getLastRow();
  var data=sh.getRange(1,1,last,2).getValues();

    if (data(nn)(1)==valB){break} ;
    //Copy/pastes updates if a value is found
    //Copy/pastes whole row if value isn't found


Example Sheet